11 December 2012

Singapore - Brunei Joint Issue


Singapore – Brunei Joint Issue

45th Anniversary of Currency Interchangeability

Singapore - Brunei MS 

Date of Issue: Nov 27, 2012

Brunei Darussalam and Singapore have excellent relations and a strong historical bond. As small countries, they share many common perspectives and work closely together bilaterally and in ASEAN.  An enduring symbol of close friendship between both countries is the Currency Interchangeability Agreement (CIA) which took effect on 12 June 1967. Under the Agreement, each country undertakes to accept the currency issued by the other, and to exchange it at par and without charge, into its own currency. Forty five years on, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore remain fully committed to this longstanding Agreement. The CIA is a testament to the high degree of confidence and trust that Brunei Darussalam and Singapore have in one another.

Singapore - Brunei FDC

This issue comprises a set of 2 stamps - the first depicts the iconic elements from past and present Singapore currency notes to showcase the evolution of our currency, and the other features the back of the 40th CIA anniversary commemorative note to highlight the milestones achieved in the CIA. The designs of the Brunei stamps depict the hallmark symbols of Brunei main attractions.


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