30 June 2010

Club News

Hi ! I have posted July Issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. It can be viewed at :


Just enjoy the bulletin with current news and articles on stamps. This is all for Today...Till Next Post .....Have a Nice Time !

29 June 2010

My Recent Covers...

Hi ! Here are the covers which I just received from my friends, Edmund – Singapore & Limanski – Riga, Latvia. Thanks to both of you for these nice Covers ! I have also received a complete set of recent stamps issued on Common Trees of Singapore. The set is very beautiful. Thanks Edmund for selecting such a nice set for me. Limanski has sent two wonderful FDCs issued on Birds. My Sincere thanks for these nice covers & stamps ! This is all for Today….Till Next Post …Have a Nice Time !

Picture 009

Picture 009

Picture 009

Picture 009

Picture 009

Thanks to Edmund , Singapore

Read details about these trees …



For the Nice Covers !

Picture 010

Picture 011

Thanks to Limanski E N, Riga - Latvia

26 June 2010

Musical Instruments of the Middle East…

Picture 007

Here is a beautiful Registered cover sent by my friend Dr Eli Moallem from Israel featuring Musical Instruments of the middle East. The stamps are so beautiful with special tabs featuring rugs from Middle East & Central Asia. Thanks Eli for the cover with stamps on Music. I found one more stamp on reverse side of the cover that is very special for me as it features a Rainbow on the stamp. I have shown that stamp below. It is a wonderful addition to my Rainbow collection. I am so pleased Eli ! Thanks a lot for this wonderful stamp.

Stamp with a Rainbow

Picture 008

thanks Eli !

Musical Instruments of the Middle East


Date of Issue – 14 June 2010

The main theme in each of the five stamps is an ancient Eastern instrument accompanied by a modern Western instrument whose roots may be traced back to that Eastern instrument.

The stamps feature: Darbuka and Drum ; Zurna and Oboe ; Qanun and Piano ; Oud and Guitar ; Rabbaba and Violin

The stamp tabs and lower sections feature Oriental rugs from the Middle East and Central Asia.

Max Cards on Astrological Signs Set 3…..II Part

Hi ! This is the second part of Max Cards on Astro Signs set No 3, prepared by Mr Hemant Kumar Jain of Jabalpur MP. One card on Capricorn is missing due to non availability of the stamp and will be prepared soon as the stamp arrives. Mr Jain may be contacted for these cards. This is all in this Post…Till next Post …have a Nice Time !

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030008

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030007

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030009

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030011

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030012

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 03 (Reverse)

25 June 2010

New Max. Cards on Astrological Signs - Set 3

Hi ! Here is the first part of Set No.3 of Max. Cards on Astrological Signs prepared by Mr Hemant Kumar Jain of Jabalpur (MP). There are 3 different types of sets of total 36 Max. Cards prepared by Mr Jain . This set is in different colors for each specific sign with a new look. The special traits of the astrological signs are also mentioned on these cards. These cards looking very nice ! It’s Soccer time I have some nice items on Football to share with all of you…Just go through the Club News. This is all for Today….Till Next Post …Have a Great Time !

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030001

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030002

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030003

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030004

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030005

Astro. Signs M.C.Set 030006

Mr Hemant Kumar Jain may be contacted for these cards at e-mail : jainhk60@gmail.com

Club News

It’s Soccer Time ….

World Cup Soccer (1)

World Cup Soccer (1)

World Cup Soccer (1)

1994 World Cup Soccer Held In USA Fleetwood FDCs

1994 World Cup Soccer Held In USA Fleetwood FDCs

1994 World Cup Soccer Held In USA Fleetwood FDCs

Some nice covers on Soccer from the collection of our distinguished member Dr Hemant V. Kulkarni, Milwaukee - USA

News from our Members ..

Vijay Seth writes from New Delhi….

We have with the support of Hotel le Meridien displayed a collection of stamps on the sport of Football for the fourth time, first in 1998, second in 2002, third in 2006 and now again in 2010, the display of Mr Aalok Jaggi is one of the most outstanding collections on the game of Football, a total of eight frames with 16, A4 size sheet in each frame are proudly displayed in the atrium lobby outside the Nero Bar.

WCF 2010 d

The collection was open for public display from 11th June the inauguration of World Cup Football in South Africa and shall be open till 11th of July the final match of the World Cup Football.

WCF 2010 a

This is the eleventh exhibition on sports being put on display at the Hotel Le Meridien since 1998, The sports of Cricket and Olympic Games have also been mounted during the world cups and games, the last one was on Hockey during the FIH World Cup in March 2010.

23 June 2010

Se-tenant on two great Humanitarians..



Date of Issue – 17 June 2010

Hi ! Here is a wonderful se-tenant pair of stamps issued by An Post (Ireland Post) to commemorate two great Humanitarians of all times, Mother Teresa and founder of Red Cross, Henry Dunant. It’s a wonderful combination of great world Personalities. Both the stamps are very nice with profile of each in an appealing background…This pair will become a high demanding philatelic item as I think it’s a rare combination of two great personalities….If anyone knows such more combinations please write …I wish to thank Mr Prashnt Pandya of Vadodara who sent me info about this se-tenant. I have some EUROPA stamps and a nice cover to share with all, send by my good friend David from Dijon - France…The Cover bears Mother Teresa Stamp issued by La Poste (France). Thanks David for these wonderful items ! I am so pleased….This is all for Today….Till Next Post ….Have a Nice Time !…


International Humanitarians is the theme for An Post’s new stamp series featuring Henry Dunant (1828 - 1910), founder of the International Red Cross and Blessed (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta (1910 – 1997).

The First stamp shows Mother Teresa against an image of the Missionary of Charity which she founded in Calcutta in 1950 and the other stamp shows the portrait of Henry Dunant with the 1859 Battle of Solferino in the background, the horrors of which spurred him to develop plans for a neutral organisation to care for wounded soldiers

My Recent Cover

Picture 006

Picture 006

Picture 006

Picture 006 Picture 006

All the stamps on EUROPA 2010 are fantastic especially the stamp from Andorra shown here…It’s sparkling silver colored which is appearing here black in the scan Thank u very much David for these awesome items!


David !!

22 June 2010

Miss World 2009 on stamp…



Date of Issue – 30 June 2010

Hi ! Here is an exclusive commemorative Miniature Sheet to be issued by Gibraltar Post on 30th June 2010, in honour of Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino. Well, all issues from Gibraltar are superb but this one is to be very special. This beautiful MS will become favourite of many including some non philatelists too..As Miss World event is a hot favourite event , all over the world. People are quite enthusiastic about this event….I am giving here some nice pics of Aldorino. This is all for Today…Enjoy the Pics…..Till Next Post……Have a Happy Time !



Kaiane Aldorino is a Gibraltarian beauty pageant title holder who was crowned Miss Gibraltar 2009 and Miss World the same year in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was the first Miss Gibraltar to ever reach the semifinals of the Miss World beauty pageant.




Aldorino was born in Gibraltar ( 8 July, 1986) where she still resides. Prior to becoming Miss Gibraltar 2009, she had been working as a human resources clerk at St Bernard's Hospital in Gibraltar for five years. As with most Gibraltarians she is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.


miss world


She has been a dancer since the age of 14 with Urban Dance Group, and has experience performing locally and abroad. She has performed in Gibraltar and Spain, and has trained in Modern, Hiphop, Contemporary and Commercial .




Aldorino made history on the 12 December 2009 by becoming the first ever Miss Gibraltar to be crowned Miss World.She was also the first Gibraltarian contestant to have reached the beauty pageant's semifinals after receiving the title of Miss World Beach Beauty.

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