30 October 2022

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New Special Cover

The Unsung Heroes of Odisha : 13 October 2022 : Bhubaneshwar

Tribute to Saheed Jayi Rajaguru, the First Freedom fighter of Odisha

Jayakrushna Rajaguru Mohapatra (29 October 1739 – 6 December 1806) popularly known as Jayi Rajaguru was a prominent figure of the Indian independence movement in the state of Odisha. A princely priest by profession at the court of the Khurda kingdom, Rajaguru revolted against the British East India Company in the province

Source : EIPA Open Forum

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Shubh Deepawali

Nagpur : 22 October 2022

Source: Prayag Philatelic Society

 New Postal Stationery

Courtesy : Timir Shah - Vadodara; Praveen Shastry- Bangalore

24 October 2022

Greetings on Deepawali


Happy Deepawali

New Special Covers 

Divya Deepotsav at Ram Ki Paidi, Ayodhya

Construction Work, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir, Ayodhya

- M. Gulrez, Allahabad

22 October 2022

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Ambemohar Rice : Pune : 11 October 2022

Purandar Fig : Pune : 11 October 2022

Tomato : Pune : 11 October 2022

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Result : UPHILEX 2022

-Sandeep Chaurasia, Gorakhpur

21 October 2022

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UPHILEX 2022 Glimpses

M.Gulrez, Secretary, Sangam Philatelic Club, Prayagraj receiving Bronze medal from Chief Gust, Sri Alok Sharma, DG India posts, New Delhi and Sri Kaushlendra Kumar Sinha, Chief PMG UP Circle for Sangam Philatelic Club's,  Smarika-2019 in philatelic publications class at Uphilex-2022, Lucknow.

UPHILEX 2022 : Jury Members  1.Prashant Pandya (Vadodara), 2. Kishore Chandak (Sholapur) 3. M.Gulrez (participant) 4. Kishore Kumar Agrawal ( Bangalore)

- M. Gulrez, Allahabad

19 October 2022

Glimpses : UPHILEX 2022, Lucknow



15 - 17 October 2022, Lucknow


Special Covers : UPHILEX 2022

: Image Courtesy - Prashant Pandya, Prayag Philatelic society, Himanshu Singh

18 October 2022

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New e - book on Thematic Philately ( Beaks on Stamps ) - 

The Beak

By Capt. Vijay Wadhawa

Have you ever wondered why birds' beaks look so different? Birds have developed beaks that best suit the environment in which they live. To survive, birds had to be able to eat the available food and drink the water, regardless of where it was found. Their beaks gradually changed over time so that today, they're shaped so that they best help the birds find food. What else are beaks used for?

First of all, is it a beak or a bill? Some say there’s no difference, others say that a beak is short and is for poking and stabbing, whilst a bill is slender for probing and sweeping. We found that there is no universal agreement, so in this post we’ll just use both. Also, the word beak wouldn’t work in one of our favorite dad jokes! What did the duck say to the cashier when it was buying lip balm? Put it on my bill! All birds have a beak. Or is it a bill? Ornithologists (pronounced 'OR-nuh-THOL-oh-jysts') are scientists who study birds. They prefer to call them bills, but most other people call birds' mouthpieces beaks.

In addition to helping birds get food, beaks are used as tools to help birds build their nests. Birds use their beaks almost like we use our hands. They may use their beaks to kill prey or for protection against predators who are trying to eat them. Beaks are also used to care for baby birds.

Because they're so important and used for so many different tasks, bird beaks must be very strong. They're made of keratin, which is the same stuff that your fingernails are made of! The keratin grows on layers over the beak bone, making the beaks both strong and shiny. Just as your fingernails grow, keratin grows, too. As birds wear out the keratin on their beaks, more layers will grow, so their beaks will stay strong throughout their lives. So, beaks are used for many different purposes, but most importantly, for getting food. Let's see how some birds' beaks are shaped to help them do this.

This Book is available on  :  Amazon 

Capt Vijay Wadhwa may be contacted at e-mail : vicks552000@hotmail.com Whatsapp : 8951166141

Lions International Stamp Club LISC October 2022 quarterly newsletter 

- Lion Ajoy : email : lionajoy@yahoo.com whatsapp : 9845355773 

17 October 2022

Book Review : Philatelic Paradise


Philatelic Paradise 

- Major (Dr) Ritu Kalra

Philatelic Paradise by Major (Dr) Ritu Kalra : Pages : 140 : Type - Paper Back : Published By : Minerva Book House, Shimla :  Price - Rs. 399 Available with the author - email :  ritukalra23@yahoo.in & ritukalra32@gmail.com : Mob. Whatsapp  - 9816352225

Philately Paradise by Maj. (Dr) Ritu Kalra is a very informative book for stamp lovers. It gives comprehensive details about the hobby of stamp collecting. It has 16 chapters with special reference to anatomy of postage stamps., Tools and Accessories used in stamp collection, Systematic Handling of stamps and how to participate in a philatelic exhibition.  The book also gives the list of changed country names, country identifier Index and Philatelic Glossary.  

Besides these it has special chapters on First Indian Postage stamp - Sinde Dawks, Rare stamps of the world , Errors on stamps and some more interesting chapters related to philately. The stamp lovers will find this book very interesting and informative. One can start the hobby just by going through this wonderful book. I recommend this  book to all philatelists and stamp collectors as well as to school and college students . One can learn systematically  about the philately through this book . The schools must have this book in the library so that young children may start collecting stamps and acquire knowledge about history, culture, science, Flora and Fauna, personalities and famous places of the world  through the postage stamps. This book will be an asset for every stamp lover . The philatelic clubs and societies must have this book for the refence of young budding collectors as well as philatelists.

About the author

Major (Dr.) Ritu Kalra is a renowned philatelist of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh . She has participated in several Philatelic Exhibitions and won many awards. She is the founder member and President of 'Himachal Philatelic Club' and has conducted philatelic workshops in different schools of Shimla to promote philately. She is life member of Philatelic Congress of India and member of India Study Circle.

She has served the Indian Army in the Army Dental Corps and presently a practising dentist at Shimla . Besides an ardent  philatelist and dentist by profession she is a  wonderful painter and has made many painting on different themes.

-Jeevan Jyoti

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