30 October 2022

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New Special Cover

The Unsung Heroes of Odisha : 13 October 2022 : Bhubaneshwar

Tribute to Saheed Jayi Rajaguru, the First Freedom fighter of Odisha

Jayakrushna Rajaguru Mohapatra (29 October 1739 – 6 December 1806) popularly known as Jayi Rajaguru was a prominent figure of the Indian independence movement in the state of Odisha. A princely priest by profession at the court of the Khurda kingdom, Rajaguru revolted against the British East India Company in the province

Source : EIPA Open Forum

New Pictorial Cancellation

Shubh Deepawali

Nagpur : 22 October 2022

Source: Prayag Philatelic Society

 New Postal Stationery

Courtesy : Timir Shah - Vadodara; Praveen Shastry- Bangalore

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