21 October 2021

New special Covers and cancellation

75 Years of Vadodara Jila Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan : Vadodara 21 October 2021

: Timir Shah, Vadodara

Allahabad Surkh Guava : Allahabad : 13 October 2021

-Rahul Ganguli, Allahabad

 60th Foundation Day : Humanitarian Service during COVID 19 Pandemic : 3 September 2021 Bengaluru 

Kalbelia Dance : 27 September 2021 : Jaipur 

- R Suresh : Bangalore

New Special Cancellation from Patna

Gokhale and Gandhi :125 years of first meeting : 13 October 2021 : Patna 

- Lalit K. Mishra, Patna

20 October 2021

Bangla Blues 2021: One Page Virtual Philatelic Exhibition

 Bangla Blues 2021

Philatelic Society of Bangladesh has arranged a One Page Virtual Philatelic Exhibition (Bangla Blues 2021) to be held from 16th December till 31st December 2021. Aim of the exhibition is to encourage young people to engage themselves into creative activity, while all amateur and professional philatelists are welcomed to participate in the show.

INDIVIDUAL REGULATIONS (IREX) FOR BANGLA BLUES 2021: BANGLA BLUES 2021 – Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (mypsb.org)

 APPLY APPLICATION NOW: ONLINE APPLICATION FORM FOR BANGLA BLUES 2021 – Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (mypsb.org)





Philately is all about passion. Some major aspects of philately are gathering knowledge through pleasure and boost creativity among collectors.

At some of the most prestigious institutions in the world the “Blues” are awarded to those who represent the highest level of excellence in their field. This year, we, Philatelic Society of Bangladesh, are awarding these to the philatelic collectors who can take us on a journey by showcasing the story of an issue.

“Bangla Blues” is a unique opportunity for collectors to stretch their creative mind with pleasure. You need not to posse huge philatelic materials, you need not to posse archival items or gem collectables. Pick any single stamp or philatelic stationary, set of stamps or philatelic items to elaborate your thinking about it in an A4 (23cm X 29cm maximum) sized paper. Yes, one-page entry on a subject of their choice.

Philatelists around the world regularly enter competitions, often of five or even eight frames – that’s pages upon pages of philatelic material and knowledge. To keep things a little simpler and to encourage everyone to enter, whatever your experience of exhibiting or collecting, we are inviting just one page from you.


This is really up to you, it’s your chance to showcase your favorite philatelic material, to tell a brief story using some of your stamps, explain a particular aspect of stamps, stamp collecting, production or design. The Story told in a One Page Exhibit must be entirely contained on one page and should be one that cannot easily be expanded to a larger exhibit, i.e. one frame or more.

Choose such an idea that is not suitable or cannot be stretched to one frame or multiple frames. For example, you cannot pick “Scouting movement in Bangladesh” as your subject and put a few randomly selected scout stamps in a sheet. Rather, you can pick “Scout Oath” as your subject and then show your items in a sheet.

Some other examples of one page exhibit can be “First Stamp of Independent Bangladesh”. It is the 20P postage stamp issued on 21st February 1972. You can show mint and commercial uses of the issue.

You can also show a specific bird (say, parrot, magpie robin etc.) related stamps and explain it’s life in a nutshell.

The competition is open to every stamp collector. The exhibit may include stamps, covers and other recognized philatelic material from the established Exhibiting Classes with written text as necessary to relate a “Philatelic Story”. The story should be evident from the accompanying text or the general arrangement of the Philatelic Story

The single most important aspect of a One Page Exhibit is the Story it relates. The story can be related with stamps alone or with stamps, covers, appropriate collateral material and text or captions. Where collateral material is used, it must not overshadow the philatelic material. The story can be in several forms. A story relating to:

– A particular Philatelic Item or Items

– The issue or use of a particular stamp

– To Postal History or Postal Markings

– Philatelic Research of some kind.

– An unusual or specific event

– A story which is Topical or Thematic.


Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (PSB), the only philatelic organization of Bangladesh that is registered with Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies (Reg. No.: S-13693/2021), has been organizing the One Page Virtual Philatelic Exhibition BANGLA BLUES 2021.

Philatelic Society of Bangladesh acts independently to promote philately. PSB is not member of any philatelic group or federation in the world. Although, Philatelic Society of Bangladesh does not eliminate the scope of collaborative philatelic programmes to promote philately.

One Page Virtual Philatelic Exhibition (Bangla Blues 2021) shall be held from 16th December till 31st December 2021.


  1. Express your interest to participate through Google Form at [link]
  2. Use separate form for each exhibit.
  • Prepare your exhibit in one-page. Maximum size of the sheet shall be 23cm X 29cm.
  1. All exhibits must be prepared on white or light-colored pages
  2. Exhibitors may submit more than one exhibit, but multiple submissions should be independent of each other in content.
  3. Scan or photograph at a resolution of at least 300 dpi or higher
  • Submit your entry by online within 30 November 2021
  • Email your entry to banglablues2021@gmail.com with the subject line: ‘Bangla Blues Competition Entry’


All participants shall be divided into two classes. Each class shall further be divided into several classes as below:

  1. Competitive Class
    1. Junior Group (Age up to 18 years as of 16-Dec-2021)
    2. Senior Group
  2. Non-competitive Class
    1. Jury Group
    2. Organizer Group
    3. Invitation Group




All exhibits shall be displayed in website of Philatelic Society of Bangladesh (www.mypsb.org). PSB nominated Jury panel shall observe uniqueness of your creative thinking, the way you present your thinking, completeness and quality of storytelling, how a new aspect of philately is revealed, and of course the philatelic material itself.


  • All entries shall receive participation certificate.
  • Top three entries of each group in competitive class shall be awarded
  • More prizes shall be awarded in popular category
  • Critics’ Award shall be declared


Bangla Blues 2021 may accept exhibits of other languages (other than Bengali and English). Exhibits prepared in other languages would be non-judgmental.


The exhibit images shall remain on public display on PSB exhibition website. With the submission of the entry form, exhibitors accept the fact that any organization or individual may reserve the rights to copy or downloaded images from the exhibition website


A.Z.M Akhlaqur Rahman

Exhibition Coordinator

Md Zahidul Islam (Echo)

Assistant Exhibition Coordinator

Email: banglablues2021@gmail.com


MOBILE: +880 1711505526

18 October 2021

Club News

Bangbandhu 2021 Update

BANGABANDHU 2021, FIAP 1st Virtual International Stamp Exhibition to commemorate the Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman & celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh Independence 1971-2021. 

For more information visit : www.bangabandhu2021.com

Last date for submitting entry form extended upto 31st October 2021

Mr Umesh Kakkeri has been appointed as the National Commissioner for this exhibition from India. For participation, he may be contacted at Mob. +91 9969571767 email : umesh_kakkeri@hotmail.com 


• Exhibitors shall submit one Exhibit Application Form for each exhibit applied for through the National Commissioner of their respective countries via online through exhibition website www.bangabandhu2021.com

• National Commissioners will notify the OC after the application had been submitted to the organizing committee through the online platform.

• Exhibit online Application form duly filled shall be submitted, together with a copy of the introductory page, in English languages, by October 31, 2021.


• There is no fee for Non-Competitive Class entries.

• The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Classes 10, 11 and 12) is US$25 per frame.

• The participation fee for Youth Philately Class (Class 10) US$10 per frame

• The participation fee for One Frame Exhibit (Class 11) is US$ 40

• The participation fee for Philatelic Literature (Class 12) is US$25 per exhibit.


Visit : Exhibition

SIMPEX 2021, 3 day district level virtual stamp exhibition was held in Shimla. During the exhibition 4 special covers were released by HP Postal Circle.

Award List :

Congratulations to all winners !

Dr Ritu Kalra and Smriti Rana won 1st and 2nd prize with Gold and Silver medal respectively

New Special Cover from Vadodara

100 Year Celebration of Division Railway Manager's Office-Vadodara Division , Western Railway : Vadodara : 7 October 2021


- Timir Shah, Vadodara

16 October 2021

New special Covers

 Byadgi Chilli : 6 September 2021: Byadgi

Naga Mircha : 15 August 2021 : Kohima

GI TAG Special Cover – KTK-43-2021 - BYADGI CHILLI - Geographical Indication No: 129.

The Byadgi Chilli (named after the town Byadgi in Haveri district of Karnataka) belongs to the genus Capsicum under Solanaceae family and species Capsicum annum. There are several types of Byadgi Chilli. The Byadgi Kaddi with negligible pungency is long, deep red in colour and develops wrinkles, while Byadgi Dabbi is medium in length and suitable for green chilli and dry chilli.

GI Tag Special Cover - NE-04-2021 - Naga Mircha

The Naga Mircha or Raja Mircha meaning ~King of Chillies" is a fruit of a plant belonging to the Capsicum species. These chillies are one of the hottest chillies and change its colour from green to red, on maturity. Extensively cultivated chiefly in the four districts of Nagaland: Dimapur, Kohima, Man and Peren. Naga Mircha was recognized with GI tag on 02.12.2008.

- Suresh Rao, Bangalore :  email : suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

Shimla Conference : 15 October 2021 : Shimla

Renowned philatelist Shri Dhanjay Desai : 13 October 2021 : Ahmedabad

Special Cancellation : Philately Day : 13 October 2021 : Pune

A special cancellation was issued at Pune Philatelic Bureau on the occasion of Philately day 13 October 2021. The cancellation is designed by philatelist, Mr Varad Kunte and approved by Hon. PMG, Pune region and Hon. CPMG Maharashtra Postal Circle. 

Source : Deccan Philatelic Society WhatsApp group

14 October 2021

New Special Covers from Himachal Pradesh

 Unsung heroes : 13 October 2021 : Shimla

1. Wazir Ram Singh Pathannia 2. Pt. Padma Dev 3. Bhai Hirda Ram

3 special Covers commemorating unsung heroes, were released by CPMG, H.P. Postal Circle on 13th October 2021 during SIMPEX -2 021, 3 - Day District level Virtual Philatelic Exhibition.

- Major (Dr )Ritu Kalra, Shimla

12 October 2021

Book Review : Jai Hind - The True Spirit of India


Jai Hind - The True Spirit of India 

By Sushil Mehra & Chaitanya Dev

Jai Hind – The True Spirit of India By Sushil Mehra & Chaitanya Dev : Pages 200 : Size 30x30cm Coffee Table Book  :  Type Paper Back : Price Rs 1400 : Published by Sushil Mehra : Available at  Amazon : email : gaureshmehra@gmail.com


Authors : Sushil Mehra & Chaitanya Dev 

Jai Hind - A True Spirit of India is about the Jai Hind postmark issued in 1947. The main section of the book is on India’s first bilingual Pictorial Cancellation – Jai Hind. The second part of the book narrates the history of freedom struggle movement through philately featuring a variety of philatelic items like stamps, covers, postcards and other type of postal stationery.


 To celebrate the attainment of Independence, Indian Posts and Telegraph Department issued a special bilingual duplex cancellation ‘Jai Hind’ in English and Hindi Languages in two lines on 15 August 1947 from post offices of all important big cities of India. Major Post offices of India were provided with the designs of Slogan Postmark and they were allowed to make their own cancellation stamps as per design provided. Though the design provided was the same but still slight difference could be noticed in the cancellations prepared by different places.


The study of the difference in the postmark has been given with detailed analysis in the book through various illustrations and tables. A separate and very clear analysis of frame, text and cancellation has been given in the book. The book gives detailed chapters on Jai Hind- Victory of India, Jai Hind Cancellation, Jai Hind Covers and second half of the books gives history of freedom struggle through various philatelic items.


The book is beautifully designed with excellent printing and the layout completely matches with the spirit of freedom movement. The book is highly recommended for philatelists as well all those who have interest in Indian History. Since the book is on Indian Victory Slogan ‘Jai Hind’, the book will be liked and highly appreciated by one and all. The book is an asset for libraries of schools, colleges and educational institutes and of course for Philatelic Clubs/Societies for the reference of their members. With the help of this book a wonderful collection could be made on different themes related to freedom struggle movement.

 - Jeevan Jyoti

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