18 September 2018

Nature Identities of Finland

 Date of Issue : 12 September 2018

Finnish Post has issued a beautiful set of five stamps with five signs featuring Finland's wildlife photogallery. The main themes are Finnish Brown Bear, National Bird Swan, National Dog Finnish Spitz, National Insect Ladybird and National Flower,.Lily of the valley.

17 September 2018

New Stamp from India : India - Serbia Joint Issue

70 Years of  Diplomatic Relations between India and Serbia

Date of Issue : 15 September 2018

India Post issued  a miniature sheet commemorating  70 Years of Diplomatic Relations between India and Serbia. It is a joint issue between India and Serbia.

Image Source - Tiruchirappalli Philatelic Club

World of Dinosaurs

Date of Issue : 3 September 2018


Magyar Posta  issued a miniature sheet about the world of dinosaurs, once the rulers of the Earth’s biosphere. This miniature sheet takes us back 85 million years in the history of the Earth right to the Late Cretaceous epoch. In these prehistoric times our planet looked entirely different. The continents had different shapes, the climate was not the same, and the plants and animals inhabiting the land and the seas were most unlike today’s flora and fauna. People did not live yet, so no drawing or photograph could be made of these creatures and everything that we know about these animals is based on the scientific study of fossils found in rocks.
Every geological period has its characteristic organisms. In the epoch visited with the stamps, dinosaurs and their close relatives were the dominant animals. The word dinosaur means fearfully great or terrible lizard or reptile. When in the middle of the 19th century scientists started using this name, they knew far less than we do today as this expression is not entirely accurate. Some of these beings were in fact giant animals with a frightening appearance, which caught the imagination of many people, but most of them were the size of a human or smaller, so not all were terrible. Not to mention the fact that dinosaurs are only distant relations of today’s lizards. They are much closer to today’s birds, which their similar habits of making a nest among other things suggest.
The miniature sheet presents a few of the dinosaurs and ancient reptiles together with their habitat whose fossils have been found in the Bakony hills in Hungary. The top row of the miniature sheet of six different stamps consists of the quadrupedal herbivorous Ajkaceratopskozmai, the small, at most turkey-sized, probably pack-hunting Pneumatoraptorfodori, and the dragon of the Bakony, the omnivorous flying reptile with a wingspan of about 3.5 to 4 metres named Bakonydracogalaczi. In the bottom row, the 4 to 4.5 metre long, quadrupedal herbivorous armoured dinosaur Hungarosaurustormai, the at most 1 metre long short-nosed Iharkutosuchusmakadii, which taxonomically can be placed among modern crocodiles, and the aquatic apex predator at the time, a mosasaurus that adapted to a freshwater environment, Pannoniasaurusinexpectatus, can be seen. The special postmark shows the beak of the 1.5 metre long, herbivorous Ajkaceratopskozmai with a small horn and characteristic parrot-like bill.
 Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 175 million years before all their species went extinct, except for birds, 66 million years ago. Between their disappearance and the appearance of man, over three hundred times as much time passed than between the appearance of man and the present day. Apart from scientific works, they are the subject of many books, films and games, and they continue to be as popular as ever.
Source : Magyar Posta

16 September 2018

New stamps from Malaysia

Malaysia Day 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) has unveiled its Malaysia Day 2018 stamp series which highlights the art collection of renowned local artist Syed Thajudeen.

The set of 20 pieces of stamps worth RM12 showed two images from Syed Thajudeen's artwork featuring two women with KLCC, and two men with the Malaysian flag and Putrajaya as the background.

The miniature sheet (MS) features the Malaysian flag and the word ‘Merdeka’ and comes with special features such as the invisible ink (visible under UV lights) on its Half Moon, Star and Malaysian Map. It’s priced at RM5 apiece.

New Special Cover - Monti Fest

Monti Fest - 8 Sepember 2018, Bangalore

Every year on 8th September Mangalorean Catholics world over celebrate the nativity of Mary, mother of Jesus. The festival which originated at Mangaluru in 1763 is known as Monti Fest. Children bring flowers to worship mother Mary. New paddy (novem) is blessed and eaten on this day. This is also celebrated as harvest festival. This is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Mangaluru. 

- Suresh R. - Bangalore

13 September 2018

World Sepsis Day 2018

13 September - World Sepsis Day 2018

Sepsis is a life threatening organ dysfunction due to dysregulated patient's response to infection caused by bacteria or virus. Sepsis is one of the three leading causes of death globally ahead of cancer, diabetes, road traffic accidents and other medical conditions. Sepsis has to be emergently recognized and treated in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to prevent worsening of organ dysfunction and avoid deaths. World Sepsis Day is held on 13th September as an initiative by the Global Sepsis Alliance. Micro Labs in association with Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM), Bangalore Chapter and Deccan Critical Care Educational Trust (DCCET) issued special postal cover to commemorate and create awareness of World Sepsis Day. 

Dignitaries on Stage: L to R  Dr. Shri T Sandananda Vice Chancellor Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences , Shri N.K Raja AVP Microlabs, Shri. Shivaji Kapade Sr.VP - HR Microlabs , Shri Col. Arvind Varma PMG - Bengaluru Region , Dr. Shri Jose Chacko HOD ICU Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Whitefield, Dr. Shri  Pradeep Rangappa Critical Care Specialist, Columbia Asia Hospital.

: Suresh R. - Bangalore

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