31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year !

Hi ! Now the time has come to say Goodbye to year 2008. Philatelically it was a wonderful year, we saw beautiful stamps released by various philatelic administrations of the world as well as from India. I want to mention here the stamps on 2008 Europa theme ' Writing Letters' were wonderful specially issued by Gibraltar and Aland.On the last day of this year I just welcome you to join hands globally and extend philatelic fraternity in all parts of the world. I wish you all a very happy, prosperous,wonderful & philatelically rich New Year. As Rainbow always fascinates me I have these beautiful real 'Rainbow Lorikeets' for today's special post to welcome you all in this New Year which were photographed in Sydney, Australia by noted Wildlife photographer Mr. Sanat Shodhan of Ahmedabad.

Sanat Shodhan : One of India's leading wildlife photographer of International repute. Selected as India's " Super Six" wildlife photographer by Fuji International and Jindal photo For the year 2008. Govt. of Gujarat has also awarded "lalitkala Gaurav Puraskar" award for his outstanding achievments in field of photography in 2008 having won 39 national and International awards.

Some Most Beautiful Stamps of year 2008....

30 December 2008

Film honoured on stamp - The Castle

Hi ! The time has come to say goobye to year 2008 and welcome 2009. It is just peeping through the window. Well it's time to celebrate New Year which is about to knock our door ! In today's Post a film 'The Castle' announced as Australia’s favourite film & honoured by Australia Post. To celebrate the award of The Castle as being Australia’s favourite film of all time, Australia Post released a special stamp sheetlet pack in honour of this classic Australian film. The Castle was announced as Australia’s favourite film at the L’Oreal AFI Awards recently. It won the award ahead of four short listed Australian films – Gallipoli, Lantana, Muriel’s Wedding and The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. In the second part of the Post new coins on Cricket for coin collectors issued by Sri Lanka. This is all for Today !.....Have a Nice Time !.....

'The Castle'...
The Castle takes a humorous look at an Aussie battler’s attachment to his suburban family home and his triumph over powerful corporate interests. This is the Kerrigan family’s story of their battle with the airport to keep their beloved house. The Castle is a Working Dog production and the cast included Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Eric Bana and Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell. In 1997 The Castle won ‘Best Original Screenplay’ at the AFI Awards and the ‘Australian Movie of the Year’ at the Australian Box Office Achievement Awards (1998). It received another 11 nominations at various Award events around the world.

For more details about these coins Mr. Pradip Jain can be contacted E-mail : philapradip@gmail.com

28 December 2008

New Issues from Germany and Aland

Hi ! I am back with a new Post. Here are some stamps to be issued by German Post in 2009. It is interesting to note that German stamps are issued on eleven specific days a year only. In these issues threre is a stamp on Rainbow too which is one of my favourite subjects. It will be issued on 2nd January 2009. In addition to it there are stamps on Astronomy, Personlities, Monuments, Sports etc. covering various topics. This is all about German stamps to be issued in year 2009. Another stamp issued by Aland on January 22, 2009 to commemorate the events in 1808 and 1809 and a Miniature sheet on 'Climate friendly electricity'. In next part of the Post some nice FDCs from the collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh depicting a beautiful variety. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Parikh for his big contribution to Rainbow Stamp Club. This is all for today !.....Till Next Post ! ......Have a Nice Time.!....

New border, new times
Åland became part of the Russian Empire as a result of occurrences 200 years ago and, on 22 January, the Post will be issuing a stamp commemorating the events in Åland in 1808 and 1809.The stamp motif is that of a boundary post placed on the islet of Flöjtan in the Sea of Åland at the new border between Sweden and Russia in 1810. This boundary post made from wood can now be seen at Åland’s Museum and is one of only a few objects telling about the separation of Åland and Finland from Sweden. The boundary pole is embossed on the stamp. In addition, part of the stamp has been foiled with silver. The stamp is square-shaped.
Finland and Sweden also issues stamps to commemorate the memorable year 1809. Finland’s miniature sheet will be issued on the same day as the Åland stamp, 22 January, whereas the Swedish stamp will be issued on 26 March. To emphasize the common history of Finland, Sweden and Åland, a joint pack will also be produced.

Climate friendly electricity to celebrate anniversary
On 22 January 2009, Åland Post will issue a miniature sheet as part of the joint stamp series ‘Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers’ in which more than 40 posts from around the world take part. It features a wind turbine, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the introduction of electricity in Åland.The Åland miniature sheet features a wind turbine with a flash of lightning in the background. The symbol of this joint issue, an ice crystal, can be seen in the upper left corner. The wind turbine is embossed and the rest of the sheet is supplied with Metal FX effect.

A Journey to Indian Stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

GAIL (India) Limited - 19 November 2008

FDCs with Gutter Pairs showing 3 different marginal designs

26 December 2008

Joy of Christmas !

Hi ! The festive season is going on . Christmas - the festival of joy and happiness continues till New Year. In today's Post the beautiful Christmas cards issued by India Post and one more recent Indian stamp issued on 21 December in the denomination of Rs 5 to commemorate the birth centenary of T V Ramasubbaiyer, the founder of Tamil daily 'Dinamalar' . A beautiful set of two stamps issued by Poland on 27 November to celebrate both Christmas and New year. The dominating element of the graphic design of the stamps and the FDC is the Star of Bethlehem placed on the background of a winter landscape, with snowflakes glimmering in the starry sky. As always these stamps have unique and a special beautiful designs. Hope today's items will add some colours to your enjoyment.This is all for Today!....... Have a Wonderful Festive Time !.....

Christmas cards by India Post

The Star of Bethlehem
Known to everyone, the star which is thought to have guided the three Magi on their way to find the newborn Messiah was not, as artists have for centuries depicted, a flaming comet. Such a spectacular phenomenon would surely be visible to everybody, not just wise men, and a comet sighting was commonly taken as a sign of a coming disaster, rather than glorious news. So what could the Star of Bethlehem have been? Many scientists have long puzzled over this question. Eastern scholars seem to point to astrologers, since it is that region where the knowledge comes from and they were the only ones who knew how to read and decipher the mysterious signs in the sky, but what was the star exactly? Unfortunately, astrology is an obscure art, and it accounts for celestial phenomena in ambiguous ways. Perhaps Kepler was right to claim it was merely a conjunction (close encounter) of Saturn and Jupiter, and maybe it was the ones who think it was Venus, rather than Saturn, that were closer to discovering the truth - who knows? Whatever the case might be, it has for centuries been our unshakable tradition to look for it in the first star that shines after dusk, for it is not the celestial body that is important, but the event it heralds.
Courtesy - Polish Post

Recent Indian Stamp

Date of Issue - 21 December 2008

25 December 2008

Jingle All The Way !

Happy Christmas !

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

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Merry Christmas - 8 December 2008

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hi ! Its the Christmas time ! Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. The day is very special so we wish all of you A Merry Christmas !.. In many parts of the world there must be white Christmas with lot of snow around. Today special items will add some joy to your celebrations ! Have a wonderful Time with your Family, Friends and Relatives ! HAPPY CHRISTMAS !

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

Festivals of India - 7 October 2008

III Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 - 12 October 2008

Note the changing position of stamps.

22 December 2008

Polish Comedy Show

Kabaret Starszych Panów comedy show

Hi ! Today's post is depicting a beautiful polish stamp which was issued on 30 October 2008 to celebrate 50th anniversary of famous Polish Kabaret Starszych Panów comedy show . It was so popular that Polish Post commemorated this show on its postage stamp. The stamp & FDC both are so beautifully designed.The stamp and the cover of the Kabaret Starszych Panów cabaret are designed in the same style as the setting of the show - the studio decorations were not precise, but rather implied, simplified, outlined with a single straight line. The stamp presents the creators, Jeremi Przybora and Jerzy Wasowski, and the FDC contains images of the head performers: Barbara Krafftówna, Irena Kwiatkowska, Wiesław Michnikowski, Mieczysław Czechowicz, Wiesław Gołas, Edward Dziewoński, and Kalina In the second part a special cover for cricket lovers which is going to be issued on 5th january 2009 to commemorate 75th anniversary of England’s first Test match in India . A very nice cover sure to be liked by sports lovers in India & abroad. In our regular series some nice FDCs of se-tenant stamps from the collection of our distinguished member Mr. Shrikant Parikh. This is all for today !........Till Next Post.....Have a Wonderful Time !....

Date of Issue - 30 October 2008

The 50th anniversary of the "Kabaret Starszych Panów" comedy series

Two Aging Gentlemen!

Although the Kabaret Starszych Panów comedy show was established at a time when television wasn't common in Polish homes, the unique nature of the series certainly made it an unforgettable one and though some of the recorded material was lost irretrievably. It was so popular that its 50th anniversary of the creation of this outstanding work of musical and literary wit was commemorated on Polish stamps issued on 30 october 2008 . Its founders: Jeremi Przybora (1915 - 2004) and Jerzy Wasowski (1913 - 1984) met in 1939 in a radio studio, where Przybora worked as a presenter and Wasowski was responsible for sound engineering. After the war they joined forces and started the "Eterek" radio theatre (1948-1958). Przybora was primarily a poet, a writer of song lyrics and a radio director. On the other hand, although Jerzy Wasowski originally wanted to become a physicist, he turned out to be an outstanding composer. He wrote music with great ease even though he didn't really treat it as a serious occupation.

Both artists shared a unique sense of humour and a great talent for acting. When in 1958 Jeremi Przybora was forced to comply with an agreement he had with the television, he wrote the first episode of the Kabaret Starszych Panów comedy show. Merely 16 episodes were made by 1966. Although in the beginnings of the project the "ageing gentlemen" - Gentleman A and Gentleman B - were both just a little over forty, their opening song went "Though our hair is turning grey, and our health is withering away - we are still young at heart!" The gentlemen used to appear on stage in smart evening clothes, which didn't match the Polish reality of the communist regime. The plot of each of the episodes was intertwined with songs, whose lyrics used to be perverse, absurd, and charmingly frivolous but sometimes also lyrical.An array of best Polish actors, whom the creators knew from the theatre and radio, appeared from time to time on this unique show. Laborious efforts produced outstanding and expressive performances. As Wojciech Młynarski once said, Kabaret Starszych Panów was "a wonder of mass culture of the 1960s; an exclusive, elevated programme requiring sophistication and using a pastiche of styles and genres, but at the same time reaching not only the intellectuals, but simply everyone."

Couresy - Polish Post

M.C.C. and Cricket Association of Bengal put a joint stamp on history

In association with the Cricket Association of Bengal the M.C.C. will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of England’s first Test match in India on January 5th 2009. It will issue 1000 commemorative envelopes bearing a unique stamp and postmark. Each specially designed envelope features the scorecard and match day images from 1934. Inside will be a replica of the scorecard for the four-day match that took place in January 1934 between England led by Douglas Jardine and India led by CK Nayadu.

To be issued on 5th January 2009

The M.C.C. is the world’s oldest cricket club and “Keeper of the Laws”. Its base at Lord’s Cricket Ground, St John’s Wood, London being revered worldwide as “The home of cricket”. The Cricket Association of Bengal has its base at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, home to India’s oldest cricket club. Also the venue where the greatest number of Test matches in India has been played. Jardine and Nayadu feature on the limited edition stamp that will be cancelled with an MCC postmark on 5th January, the day the match started. Each cover will be individually numbered in a presentation pack as a limited edition of just 1000. Issue price will be £10 plus post and packing. It is being offered to MCC members first through an advance mailing this week and demand in both England and India for the issue is expected to be very high. The cover can only be ordered through Chapman and Mitchell Covers at Bletchley Park Post Office, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB, Tel: 01908 272690/631797. Or from the MCC section of the website at www.bletchleycovers.com

- Terry Mitchell

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

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Indian Coast Guard - 12 August 2008

Stamps in four different positions

21 December 2008

Famous Schools of Malaysia

Hi ! Today's Post is related with famous Premier Schools of Malaysia.These Premier Schools are over 100 years old which have been selected and awarded as cluster schools due to their achievements in the academic and co-curriculum fields. These schools have produced many national leaders, corporate figures, professionals, sportsman and scholars of Malaysia who have contributed significantly to the growth of Malaysia in this era of globalisation. These beautiful stamps with specific architectural designs were issued by Malaysia Post on 16 Dcember 2008.These schools will take you down memory lane and you will remember your shool where you studied as a child. Well the memories of schools are always immemorable for everyone. It is the sacred place of education where we start learning and develop our eductaional skills. Meet our new member from Doha .In our regular series some nice FDCs from collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. This is all for today !....... Have a Great Time !.....

SMK St. Thomas
SMK St. Thomas is the oldest school in Sarawak. Founded in 1948 by Reverend Francis Thomas Mcdougall, St Thomas. This school was originally located at Sungei Sarawak. It subsequently moved to its present location known as College Hill situated in the center of Kuching City.

SMK Victoria
SMK Victoria, better known as Victoria Institution was officiated on 14th August 1893 .SMK Victoria is today a five-star smart school and its 115 years of excellence has resulted in the school being selected as a cluster school in 2007.

SMK Convent Bukit Nanas
SMK Convent Bukit Nanas is a well-known premier girl’s school in Kuala Lumpur. Built in 1899, this school with its English Gothic architecture is situated on a two-acre site near the peak of Bukit nanas Forest Reserve.

SM All Saints
SM All Saints was established as King Edward VII School on 22nd December 1903.SM All Saints has played a major role in the growth of education in Sabah and has been awarded as a premier school.

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A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

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XXIX th Olympics Beijing 2008 - 8 August 2008

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