31 January 2022

Give your Car a Day Off !

Green Friday : "Give your Car a Day off"

Here is a beautiful set of stamps and a miniature sheet issued by Romania Post campaigning for the environment protection through these stamps with the theme : " Give your Car a Day Off ". The stamps are wonderful with great idea and can be implemented by countries to save the environment. 

Stop! Today The Car Is Standing Still !


Romfilatelia once again urges responsibility for environmental protection, joining the “Green Friday” campaign, initiated by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, through the postage stamps issue with the theme: “Give your car a day off!”, which were put into circulation on Friday, January 28th 2022.

The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MEWF) initiated and launched the “Green Friday” campaign on the 12th of March 2021 in order to promote alternative means of transportation. The campaign, baring the slogan “Give your car a day off!”, urges employees of the public sector in Romania to use alternative means of transportation instead of cars on Fridays in order to decrease pollution and lower carbon emissions and encourage the use of pedestrian traffic for the benefit of health.

26 January 2022

Happy Republic Day !


Happy Republic Day

26 January 2022

23 January 2022

125th Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose


125th Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose

Special Cover : Tribute to Netaji : 22 January 2022 : New Delhi

Set of six postcards released 

- Ajay Kumar Mittal, New Delhi

Special Cover from Odisha Circle

125th Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose : 23 January 2022 : Cuttack

Special Picture Postcards released

- Shakil Ahmed, Cuttack ( Orissa Philatelic Association)

Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition : Result


Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition 19-23 January 2022

Indian Winners

 1. Rahul Ganguli 2. SS Rath 3. Anup Kr Raut 4. Capt. Vijay Vadhawa 5. Daniel Montario 6. Dinesh Sharma 7. Lokeswara Rao 8. Piyush Khaitan 9. Col Akhil Kumar 1.     10. Biswanath Mishra 11. Pankaj Tyagi 12. Om Prakash Jagati 13. Rajesh Bhura 14.Mahalingam Ramchandran

View complete : Result 

Indian Exhibits at Emirates 2022

Traditional class

Ramachandran Mahalingam : Kingdom of Cochin - 83  V

Rahul Ganguli  : Early Postmarks of Allahabad - 63 B

Shanti Swarup Rath : French India Settlementsm - 85 LV

Postal History Class

Rajesh Bhura : Unpaid and Underpaid Mails of British India - 80 V

Anup Kumar Raut : Early India Cancellations : All India Series (1873-1884) - 87 LV

Thematic Class

Capt Vijay Wadhwa : Extreme Birds - 70 S

Biswanath Mishra : Equidae, the Symbol of Speed - 63 B

Om Prakash Jagati : From Cloud to Ocean: It’s All About Me - 78 LS

Daniel Montario : Waterfowl – A Journey Through Its Life - 75 LS

Col Akhil Kumar : Shaping Civilisation: The Role of the Horse in Human Society - 66 SB

Literature class

Dinesh Sharma : Olympic Flame and Torch Relay- 72 S

Lokeswar Rao Madiraju  : Buddhism on Stamps - 81 V

Kiran Natarajann :  The Long Sea Route – A Remarkable Postal Circuit Between Imperial Russia & British India - 63 B

One Frame

Capt Vijay Wadhwa : Evolve – A Beak at Evolution - 81

Piyush Khaitan : O.A.T. and A.V.2 markings on mails connected with India - 85

Picture Post Cards Class

Pankaj Tyagi : Lucknow Through Picture Postcards - 75 LS

Other international exhibits connected to India

Steven Zwillinger USA

Indian Postage Stamps of Edward VII

90 G SP

Ravindra R Vora USA

India CEF: A Philatelic & Postal History

81 V

Sandeep Jaiswal USA

British India Queen Victoria Postal Stationery

96 LG Candidate for Best International Exhibit + SP

Raj Rajan USA

Mahatma Gandhi: 150 Years of Life and Legacy

75 LS

Sandeep Jaiswal USA

One Frame

The 1904 Provisional Issue of Jaipur


Raj Rajan USA

One Frame

Royal Visit of the Prince of Wales to India: The Start of India’s Large Scale Civil Disobedience Movement


P. C. Ramachandran UAE

Kerala Fiscal Stamps


Syed Nadeem Akhtar Pakistan

WW-II (1939-1945) Censorship & the Mails of British India

80 V

Khalid Darwish Bahrain

One Frame

Postal Cards from Indian to Bahrain from 1945 to 1950



-Ajay Kumar Mittal

Commissioner Emirates-2022

17 January 2022

New stamps from India Post


Indian Council of Medical Research

Department of Health Research

Date of Issue : 16 January 2022

Permanent Commission To Women Officers in Indian Army

Swarnim Vijay Varsh 1971-2021

Date of Issue : 16 December 2021

08 January 2022

Club News



Tamil Nadu State Level Virtual Philatelic Exhibition 


Visit : Exhibition

Special Cover – KTK/63/2021 – Kanara D.C.C Bank Ltd – Centenary  Celebrations

Kanara District Co-Operative Bank, Sirsi. started functioning from 14.06.1920 and has its Head Office at Sirsi of Uttara Kannada District. Since beginning it has been running in profit and completed 100 years of profitable service to the farmers. The centenary celebrations were held at Sirsi on 06,09.2021. KDCC Bank strives for overall development of the district through welfare of farmers and it is thus the Heart and Soul of farmer's financial needs. This special cover Is released to commemorate 100 years of its service.

Suresh R. - Bangalore

Special Cover on 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo

Release of Special Cover by  Sri Manoj Kumar, Postmaster General,  Sambalpur Region,  Sri B.B. Negi, Supdt . of Post offices , Sambalpur  and Sri Ajit Kumar  Dash,  Principal of Sri Aurobindo Intitute of  Integral Education and Research, Matruniwas, Sambalpur on 01.01.2022 at Sambalpur Head Post Office.

06 January 2022

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News January 2022

Dear Reader

I am happy to release January 2022 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. With this issue Rainbow celebrates its 15th Birthday and completes 14 years of long philatelic journey with 169 issues. Thanks to all its readers and contributors ! It is available on the following link. :

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