28 September 2021

Jubileepex 2021: International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition


28 September - 9 October 2021

View exhibition: https://echosphilahouse.com 


Exhibit List : https://echosphilahouse.com/?page_id=752

Jubileepex 2021, International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition was inaugurated today 28th September 2021 virtually on Zoom . The eminent guests of the inaugural ceremony were :

Chief Guest : Mustafa Jabbar, Honorable Minister, Posts and Telecommunications Division

Special Guest : Md. Siraz Uddin, Director General, Directorate of Posts, Bangladesh Post Office

Special Guest : Biman Chand Mullick, Renowned artist, social activist, marathon runner and writer

Meeting Moderator : Muhammad Akbar Hussain, President, PSB & Retired Additional Secretary

As many as 178 participants from 16 countries of different continents have participated in this International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition. Bangladesh Post Office has released a special cover and a special postmark to commemorate this Very event. Both the special cover and the postmark was officially inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mustafa Jabbar, Honorable Minister, Posts and Telecommunications Division.


Apart from the distinguished guests, several Philatelists from different countries, Bangladesh Post Office officials and Philatelic Organizers of Bangladesh attended the inauguration ceremony over the virtual Zoom platform. 

Glimpses of the virtual inaugural ceremony

 Renowned artist Biman Chand Mullick

26 September 2021

Club News

New book to be released .....

A comprehensive book on Jai Hind cancellation will be released on 2nd October 2021

Jai Hind- The True Spirit of India
By Sushil Mehra and K. Chaitanya Dev

New Special Covers

Eminent Philatelist Dhirubhai Mehta : 25 September 2021 : Mumbai

Geographical Indication (GI) Tags of Assam
Karbi Anglong Ginger (Assam):  31 August 20121 : Diphu

Special Cover - ASM-03-2021 - Karbi Anglong Ginger. (GI Tag No. 435 )

Ginger produced in Assam's Karbi Anglong is known for its quality and medicinal value which also makes it internationally popular. It is a medium-size rhizome with a yellow skin known for its distinctive pungency and heady aroma.

It is grown organically as an important cash crop in Singhasan Hills of Karbi Anglong district using the age-old system of jhum and tila with a shelf-life of 9 months.

- Suresh R., Bangalore : email : suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

 Aplique (Khatwa) : 26 August 2021 : Madhubani

A special cover was issued on 26th  September 2021 at Madhubani ( Bihar ) highlighting the Applique ( Khatwa ), a G I tagged art form. The cover illustration and cancellation depict the Applique (Khatwa) art. The has been approved by the CPMG of Bihar Postal Circle vide No.  BH - 09 / August, 2021.

- Lalit Kumar Mishra, Patna : email : lalit140173@gmail.com

25 September 2021




Heartiest Congratulations to all winners !

1.Sandeep Jaiswal 2.Capt Vijay Wadhawa 3. Jagannath Mani 4. Ghouse Ali Zameer 5. Daniel Monterio 6. Praveen shastry 7. Ms.  Jaagruthi N. Adka 8. Ramu M. Srinivasa 9. K. Sridhar10. Chandrajit Ghose 11. Jayprakash Rao 12. Saket Bajaj 13.Kishore Baglodi14.Sahdev Sharma 15.Bhavana Baglodi16.Gurudath Kamath17.K.C. Gupta 18.M.R. Pavanje

Seattle Philatelic Exhibition SEAPEX 2021 recently concluded  with virtual exhibits. There were large number of entries from Indian philatelists. All of them won medals at this exhibition. 

The complete award list is available at this link : https://seapexshow.org/vexhibits.html

23 September 2021

New Special Covers

Special Covers from Bihar

Katarni Rice : 3 September 2021 : Bhagalpur

Jardalu Mango : 3 September 2021 : Bhagalpur

Two special covers were issued at Bhagalpur on September 03, 2021. Special covers highlighted two G. I. tagged products i.e.  Katarni Rice and Jardalu Mango. Both the products are widely produced in Bhagalpur area of Bihar. 

- Lalit Kumar Mishra ,Patna email : lalitkumarmishra_2007@rediffmail.com

Gayapex 2021, was organised, from 18th September to 19th September, at Hotel Sambodhi retreat, Bodhgaya, Bihar, with much funfair. Only one special cover was released, with the theme Holy Pinddaan at Gayaji Dham.

-Anil Saxena,Gaya : email : saxenaak273@yahoo.co.in

Special Covers from Karnataka

 VK Namma Vijayanagara : 16 August 2021 : Hosapete

Special Cover - KTK-24-2021 - Namma Vijayanagara

Vijayanagara Empire was one of most flourishing, powerful Empires in India between the 13th and 16th Century. Vijay Karnataka, the largest read daily in Karnataka, celebrates the creation of Viajayanagara, the 31st District in the state and dedicates a special daily supplement in the name of 'Namma Vijayanagara'. The daily, hopes to bring back the glory of the Empire to today's Kannadigas. This special cover is released to commemorate the event of "Launch of Namma Viajayanagara supplement".

Appemidi Mango : 31 August 2021 : Shivamogga

Special Cover -KTK-42-2020 APPEMIDI MANGO (Geographical Indication No: 132)

The Appemidi mango is native to the forests of the Western Ghats. Due to its strong fragrance and long lasting freshness (due to the latex that acts like a preservative), this variety is at the heart of the mango pickle industry. A wild appemidi tree can yield several tonnes of Tender Mango.

-Suresh R. Bangalore : email : suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

22 September 2021

New stamp from India : Rao Jaimal Rathore


Rao Jaimal Rathore

Date of Issue : 17 September 2021

21 September 2021

New special covers from Bihar

 Sikki Grass Craft : 24 August 2021 : Darbhanga

Bihar Postal Circle has issued  a set of two covers highlighting 'G I tagged Sikki Grass Products ( Logo ) of Bihar and Sikki Grass Craft. Cover illustrations and cancellations depict different products of Sikki grass,  the kind of stemmed grass found in wet lands of North Bihar. Sikki grass is used as raw materials for these products which command outstanding beauty and cultural heritage value. 

 Sikki Grass Products : 24 August 2021 : Darbhanga

- Lalit K. Mishra, Patna : email : lalitkumarmishra_2007@rediffmail.com

17 September 2021

Special covers from West Bengal Postal Circle

Satyajit Ray : 3 May 2021 : Kolkata

Design : Dipok Dey

Honey and Bee wax collection in Sundarban : 26 February 2021 :Kolkata


Design : Dipok Dey 

15 September 2021

Shubh Diwali stamps from New Zealand


Shubh Diwali

To be issued on : 7 October 2021

Here is a set of beautiful stamps and a miniature sheet featuring Shubh Diwali , the famous Hindu Festival. This issue is expected to be issued on 7th October 2021.The miniature sheet for this issue features a vibrant illustration of the goddess Lakshmi.  The four stamps feature four important parts of Diwali : Diya, Fireworks, Laddu and Rangoli 

Diwali is the most celebrated Hindu festival in New Zealand. It is known as the 'festival of lights', and symbolises the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. For some, it is the end of the harvest season and the start of a new year. Featured here is a Rangoli decoration, and each the four stamps represents one of the ways in which Diwali is celebrated. 

The first of the five days of Diwali is Dhanteras (Dun-te-rus), a day spent shopping for gold or silver, new clothing and gifts. The following day is spent decorating the home to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi (depicted here) who brings good fortune and prosperity. The third and main day of the festival usually includes a feast and fireworks, with prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Day four is dedicated to visiting friends and family, distributing trays of mithai (mee-tay) - sweets – and exchanging gifts. Bhai Dhooj, dedicated solely to the strong bond between a brother and a sister, marks the end of Diwali. 

The true essence of Diwali is in finding positivity in the moment and being grateful for health and happiness. 

$1.50 Diya 

Customarily, houses and shops are decorated with small earthenware oil lamps called diya (dee-aa). Diyas are placed in rows along windowsills and doorways to help guide Lakshmi, the Goddess of luck and prosperity, into their homes.  

$2.80 Fireworks 

During Diwali, friends and family get together and celebrate through worship, lights, festive food and fireworks that symbolically light up the night sky. 

$3.60 Laddu 

This Indian sweet is a favourite treat served during Diwali and often given as an offering to Lakshmi. 

$4.10 Rangoli 

Rangoli (rung-oh-lee), a colourful sand art hand designed on the ground, is used to decorate the home during Diwali. It is believed that a household with a clean entrance and rangoli décor will welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into the home, bringing with her good fortune and prosperity. 

Club News


Capt Vijay Wadhawa participated  with 3 exhibits, in ADVANCE GROUP  at International Virtual Philatelic Exhibition, FILANANIAS-2021.

Heartiest Congratulations !

1. Single Frame

Evolve...A Beak at Evolution - Silver Medal  9 out of 10 Marks, and a Gold Trophy (Highest Voted Exhibit by the Viewers/ Public)

2. Five Frames

Extreme Birds- Silver Medal - 9 out of 10 Marks, and a Silver Trophy

3. Five Frames

Pennywise- Coinage of the World- Bronze Medal, and a Bronze Trophy

View complete:  award list 

At the virtual stamp exhibition “FILANANIAS 2021”, there were 58 participants from India with a total of 110 exhibits, for which 72 gold medals, 28 silver medals and 5 bronze medals were awarded.

The awards list (Palmares) was published on September 3 at https://virtuafil.org/public-expo-palmares-list.aspx?exID=5011

Participants included enthusiasts at all levels, from novices and young children to senior, highly-experienced and world-renowned philatelists. From India, participants included school stamp clubs and even entire families.

The exhibition, “FILANANIAS 2021” this year was in its third edition and was conducted by FILABRAS - Associação dos Filatelistas Brasileiros, the largest virtual philatelic society in  Brazil. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FILABRAS. The exhibition extended an open invitation to stamp collectors from all over the world, without pre-qualifying conditions and totally without costs. The objective was simple: the world-wide promotion of philately without geographical, financial, cultural, political or academic restrictions of any kind.

Honour for Gorakhpur Philatelist

Mr Ashwani Dubey, philatelist from Gorakhpur was awarded 'Certificate of appreciation', by noted environmentalist and Film maker Mr Mike Pandey in a program organized by Gorakhpur Forest Division and Heritage Foundation. He displayed a thematic  exhibit 'Wonderland of Birds'.

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