31 March 2010

Club News

Hi ! I have just posted April Issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. It can be viewed at : http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.com/

Today India Post issued a commemorative stamp on Vallal Pachaiyappa. Here is the stamp.This is all for Today...Till Next Post....Have a Nice Time !

30 March 2010

New Stamps from India

Date of Issue - 30 March 2010

Hi ! Here are the 2 new stamps issued by India Post today. The first depicted above feature Special Protection Group. The other one commemorates Shri Muthuramlinga Sethupathy. This is all for Today ....Till Next Post...Have a Nice Time !


Special Protection Group



Muthuramlingam Sethupathi







29 March 2010

My New Rainbow collection…

Hi ! I am pleased to share herewith some nice items related with Rainbow. These wonderful items have been sent by my friend Zeljko Vasilik from Croatia. Thanks Zeljko for nice set of ducks from Pakistan with a beautiful Rainbow and a wonderful official postcard with a Rainbow from Croatia. Zeljko has also sent me some other cards shown below. Thanks a lot for all these items.I have an info related with Rainbow sent by our distinguished member Mr Shekhar Chakraborty from Kolkata. Thanks Mr Chakraborty for sharing this nice info . This is all for Today…Till Next Post…Have a Nice Time !

Picture 050

Official Postcard with a Rainbow from Croatia

An anecdote on Rainbow

Did you know why is the 'Republic of South Africa' refer to as a Rainbow Nation'?

V.K.Handa of Kolkata writes in The Times of India, dated Nov 4, 2007 that South Africa is referred to as a Rainbow Nation to describe the unity of various cultural, racial or ethnic groups in the country during the post-apartheid era (after 1994) compared to the earlier divisiveness based on skin colour. This phrase was coined by the then Arch bishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu, and later used by Nelson Mandela, the first President of the South Africa elected in the first polls conducted after apartheid rule officially ended. In some South African cultures, Rainbow is always associated with hope and a bright future. Incidentally, the South African flag also has six rainbow-like colours.

- Sekhar Chakraborty, Kolkata

Picture 050

Picture 051

Tourism: commemorative cancel "110 yrs of tourism on Island Rab". on View card from Rab.

Picture 052

Yugoslav commemorative card "Int. Flower Exhibition in Zagreb"

thanks2 to my friend Zeljko Vasilik, Croatia

28 March 2010

New Max Cards..

Here are some nice Maxim Cards prepared by our distinguished member Mr Hemant Kumar Jain of Mandla, (MP).Mr Jain may be contacted at hemantkumar.jn@gmail.com

Rare Fauna of the North East

Max. Card-Phayre's Leaf Monkey

Max. Card -Red Panda

Indo Philippines Joint Issue

Max. Card-Ganges River Dolphin

Max. Card-Butanding

Haritage Jain Temples of India

Max. Card-Dilwara Jain Temple

Max. Card-Ranakpur Jain Temple

Silent Valley

Max. Card-Silent Valley

Club News


Leeza Padhi writes from Cuttack…

A stamp was issued in 2006 in England (sounds of Britain! 1st class stamp ) featuring Sitar Vadan by Shri Ravishankar, and a bollywood dancer.Can any of our friends identify the dancer/ filmstar for me?

27 March 2010

Romantic Vanuatu..


Date of Issue - 28 January 2009

Hi! In today’s Post here are the most Romantic Postage stamps ever issued by a country . The stamps are in heart shape and look very unusual from the normal postage stamps. These have been issued to promote tourism in the country. This is Vanuatu Post’s first stamp series of 2009 – “Romantic Vanuatu”. The stamp series launched on 28th January showcases Vanuatu’s romantic locations and Vanuatu’s growing status as the premier wedding and honeymoon destination. So these are some of the most beautiful and unique postage stamps issued for special occasion, issued this year. I have just received a beautiful Post card from my Blogger friend Ada from Poland ! Thanks Ada ! Please accept my Greetings for a very Happy Easter ! This is all for today….Till Next Post …Have a Nice Time !

image image image

image image

Romantic destinations do not come much better than Vanuatu. Long walks on white sandy beaches, aquamarine water splashing at the shore as the sun sets on the horizon – this is not a postcard, but a reality for those lucky enough to visit this magical country. Add to that unique culture and stunning terrain and you have possibly the world’s most romantic destination. Vanuatu’s uniqueness is in its blend of ancient culture, breath-taking scenery, fine dining and adventure-filled activities. That is if you want adventure. Your kind of adventure could be lazing in a hammock on deserted Champagne Beach in Santo, swimming in the crystal clear waters of Erakor Lagoon or climbing the world’s most active and accessible volcano, Mount Yasur on Tanna. Honeymooners have long been flocking to Vanuatu for its unspoiled beauty. In recent years couples have begun choosing Vanuatu as their wedding location. Beautiful resorts, private beaches, even active volcanoes are on offer for an unforgettable wedding day.

My first Easter Card

Picture 049

Picture 050

thanks2[8] Ada

Club News

Bamboo Year



Madhya Pradesh Government is celebrating 2010 as "Bamboo Year". Above are some stamps on bamboos.

- Dr. M.C. Sharma, Sagar (MP)

26 March 2010

My first Covers from Argentina…

Hi ! Here are my first covers from the beautiful country – Argentina, sent by my blogger friend Viviana ! I am so happy to receive these wonderful covers from Argentina. Thanks a lot Viviana for adding these nice philatelic items to my collection. I hope you received my cover too. These are the first covers that I received from Argentina so I am thrilled and very happy ! It's the time of philatelic exhibitions in Himachal Pradesh. After exhibitions in Shimla & Kullu , a stamp exhibition is being held in Dhramshala from today. I will put the special cover, issued for this exhibition on my blog as I get it in my hand. This is all for Today…..Till Next Post….Have a Great Time !

thanks2 Viviana !

Picture 048

Picture 048

Picture 047

Stop Tuberculosis !

Picture 047

Thanks to Cernjul Viviana , Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club News

A District level Stamp exhibition KANGRAPEX 2010 is being held in Dharamshala from 26 to 28 March 2010. During the exhibition a special cover was brought out on Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, (C S K H P Agriculture University) . Palampur.

Kamal Chakraborty writes from Balangir, Orissa

I wish to bring to your kind notice that 2010 is the 100th Birth Anniversary of Mother Teresa. Unfortunately the Dept of Post has completely forgotten this fact while finalizing the stamp issue programme for this year. Many other countries have included Mother Teresa in their 2010 Stamp issue programmes. It will be highly unfair if India Post does not bring out a commemorative Postage stamp or Souvenir Sheet to commemorate the 100 Birthday of the Noble Laureate Mother Teresa.

The philatelic community of this country would be very happy if necessary steps are taken by India Post to bring out a stamp on Mother Teresa.

25 March 2010

My recent Stamps and Cover…

Hi ! I am back to my Blog. I had been busy here with recent Kullu exhibition. Though the exhibition was small but it was well organized by Department of Posts. The Department gave fabulous prizes to the participants for the encouragement and promotion of this hobby. The great effort of SSP, Mandi Division and the postal staff of Kullu and Mandi is highly appreciated for organizing a successful Philatelic Exhibition in small city of Kullu. The exhibition was attended by large number of students & teachers of the local schools. A workshop was also conducted during the exhibition. I had a nice time during the exhibition. Here are some beautiful philatelic items received by my Blogger friends, The first one shown below by Mr EN Limansky from Riga, Latvia & the other one ia nice sheetlet of Taj Mahal sent by Mr K. Veeraraghavan from Pattukkottai. Thank you very much Mr Limanski & Mr Veeraraghavan for these nice philatelic items ! This i all for Today….More in Next…Till then…Have a Nice Time !

Picture 045

Thanks to Mr EN Limanski, Riga – Latvia


Taj Mahal – The Pride of India

Picture 044

Thanks to Mr K. Veeraraghvan

24 March 2010

Glimpses of Kullupex 2010

Hi ! The first District level Philatelic Exhibition, KULLUPEX 2010 was concluded here with Prize Distribution Ceremony. Here are the glimpses of the exhibition. It was the first stamp exhibition organized in Kullu. The exhibition was very well organized by the postal staff of Kullu & Mandi. The SSP, Mandi Diviion, Mr S R Chaudhary said that a special cover is proposed to be brought out during Kullu Dussehra and he also said that Postal Department will also organize a State level Philatelic Exhibition in Shimla very soon. This is the latest philatelic update from Kullu…….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !


SSP, Mandi Division Shri S R Chaudhary awarding the prizes to the Winners


Ist Prize (Junior Group) – Shikhkar Deep, OLS School, Kullu ( Exhibit – Sports)


2nd Prize ( Junior Group) Ayushi Pathania, OLS School, Kullu (Exhibit – Animal World)


3rd Prize ( Junior Group) - Akshat Sharma ( Award received by his father on his behalf)

HPIM2809 HPIM2810

Winners of Stamp designing competition ( Subject - Environment)


Ist Prize (Senior Group) – Ms Suvina Thakur


2nd Prize (Senior Group) - Sh. Vijay Verma


3rd Prize (Senior Group) – Sh. S.C. Kaura

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