31 August 2012

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Rainbow Stamp News  September 2012

Hi ! I have just posted September 2012 issue on Blog. It can be viewed at following link :



New Stamp from India

Husain Ahmad Madani


India Post issued a commemorative stamp on Husain Ahmad Madani on 29th August 2012 .

 Screenshot_3 : Mansoor B., Mangalore - Blog : http://mbstamps.blogspot.in/

29 August 2012

2012 Summer Paralympics start in London...

Date of issue : 29 August 2012

Royal Mail will issue today a set of 4 stamps and a miniature sheet to commemorate  fourteenth Paralympic Games which start in London today. Four special souvenir stamp cards will also be issued on this occasion.

The 2012 Summer Paralympic Games will be the fourteenth Paralympics and will take place between 29 August and 9 September, as governed by the International Paralympic Committee. They will be held in London,  after the city was successful with its bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics. It is the second largest multi-sport event ever held within the United Kingdom after the 2012 Summer Olympics.The Games are expected to be the largest and most commercially successful Paralympics ever: The Games will officially be opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Stamp cards

28 August 2012

Mushrooms on new Polish stamps…


Mushrooms in Polish Forests



Hi !

Here is a beautiful miniature sheet to be issued by Polish Post on 31st August 2012 featuring Mushrooms in Polish Forests. The stamps are in se-tenant form giving a beautiful view of forests. The FDC will be issued in two different beautiful designs . Besides beautiful design of the cover Polish Post has selected a wonderful design for the First Day cancellation which also features mushrooms in lovely basket. Kudos to the designer of stamps covers and cancellations. Its lovely and  beyond compare !! Just Magnificent !! I would certainly like to have these beautiful stamps in my collection !!


Date of Issue : 31 August 2012

The Pine forests of Poland are full of flora and fauna, wild mushrooms, fruits and berries much of which is dried and or preserved and harvested annually by local polish families as essential homemade food supplies for the cold and often harsh long winters ahead.


These highly sort after mushrooms really are a blessing to so many Polish families in Poland. They are a magical source of wild food and income. These mushrooms appear as if by magic early in the mornings when most of us are still asleep all except the avid mushroom hunters who wrap up in layers upon layers of wooly clothes and a jacket topped of with a knitted woolen hat. To Search for the world best tasting mushrooms known as Borowki in Poland and highly regarding by top chefs around the world.


These mushrooms are lovingly collected preserving the natural environment in which they are found and air dried on strings to preserve the flavor and texture. Once the mushrooms have thoroughly dried the often elderly and female mushroom hunters proceed to the local markets or roadsides and wait for hours just to sell the string mushrooms to passers by. This money is used by the families to buy much needed fuel and food for the harsh winter months to follow. A truly magical tradition preserved and maintained in this truly romantic region of eastern Poland.


Some interesting facts about mushrooms


Mushrooms are one of the most mysterious kingdoms of living organisms. Once in the past they were referred to the lower plant-forms, but it is proved today: mushroom combines both the plant and the animal characteristics. Consistence of chitin, urea formation, sexual reproduction and heterotrophic exchange type rank mushrooms to animals.

There are lots of mushroom species: their amount exceeds 100 of thousands, and biologists regularly discover new ones. The most mushroom places of the world are the Europe and the Northern America, and the majority of species, especially edible, is represented on the territory of Russia.

The whole science - mycology makes the study of mushrooms and the application sphere of each species is very wide. Mouldy mushrooms are used in microbiological and pharmaceutical industries for production of vitamins, antibiotics and enzymes.

Edible mushrooms having relatively big fruit body are used in cookery for cooking of nourishing, protein-rich dishes. Palatability of some rare species is so good, that they are sold by the piece on European auctions. It first of all concerns white truffles.

Boletus (Borowiki) mushroom is considered to be the king of all forest mushrooms in Europe not only by its size, but also by amazing flavor.It is interesting, that lots of mushrooms in Russia are named according to places of their habitat; it seems to be for search simplification. Boletus grows in the piny wood, Aspen mushroom under the aspen, Birch mushroom under the birch, Honey Fungus on the stub and so on.

These names reveal that mushrooms were very popular even in the Ancient Europe and they were one of the food sources. It is not surprising, because mushrooms stand on the second place after meat on protein consistence, it apparently can be explained by their characteristic. Among other things, one more special property of mushrooms is widely used today they can accumulate radiation and remove it out from the organism.

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27 August 2012

Gaubodenfest – Festival of Germany


The German Post has issued a stamp commemorating the 200th anniversary of Gaubodenfest festival in Straubing. The Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing is the second largest genuine folk festival in Bavaria, Germany, after the Munich Oktoberfest.

The Gäubodenvolksfest is a modern and family friendly festival with about 120 carousels, roller coasters and six big beer tents with 25.000 seats at an area of about 90.000 m²., but it has upheld its traditional character. Many of the about 1.2 million visitors wear Bavarian costume ("Trachten").


The festival combines Bavarian tradition with progress and vitality. It is one of Bavaria's oldest and most popular festivals and it has increased to one of the biggest events in Germany. Beer plays a central role in the fair. The beer is specially brewed. Only breweries from Straubing or the district Straubing-Bogen are allowed to serve beer there.

On 12 of October 1812, thousands of people from all over the town of Straubing in Lower Bavaria participated for the first time in the "agricultural festival." The aim was to improve the backward agriculture in Bavaria and the stimulate peasants to produce more products by awarding their livestock.

During the 19th century the agricultural festivals took place in all the Bavarian administrative districts, getting more and more carnival-like traits. Represented only by the horse racing in the beginning, it was supplemented by shooting competitions, parades, fireworks, lottery, wine and beer sampling, food stalls, shows and rides.

The Straubing agricultural festival became the second largest agricultural festival in Bavaria, which attracts over 1.2 million visitors annually.

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The meeting AHIMSAPEX-12 was held  on 26-08-12 at the residence of Secretory, Lucknow Philatelic Society, Shri.S.A.M.Zaidi. All issues related with the exhibition were discussed .Most of the  memebers of the society were present and few  came from other cities like Shri Vinod Sabbarwal from Delhi, Himanshu Singh from Deoria, Shri R.C.Bhatia from Mathura, Mritunjay Mishra and D.D.shukla from Kanpur.Sri Niyaz Ahmed C.P.M.GPO was the chief guest and he assured to help with full effort.


26 August 2012

Tributes to the First Man on Moon..


Picture 016 (1)Picture 016 (2)

Neil Armstrong

US astronaut Neil Armstrong, who took a giant leap for mankind when he became the first person to walk on the moon, has died yesterday at the age of 82 on 25th August 2012. The moon and Armstrong will always be remembered  together by the generations to come !! This Post is a philatelic tribute to the ‘First Man on Moon ‘ !!

As commander of the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. As he stepped on the dusty surface, Armstrong said, "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”


Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) was an astronaut from the United States, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor and United States Naval Aviator.

Before becoming an astronaut, Armstrong was a United States Navy officer and had served in the Korean War. After the war, he served as a test pilot at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics High-Speed Flight Station, now known as the Dryden Flight Research Center, where he logged over 900 flights. He graduated from Purdue University and the University of Southern California.


A participant in the U.S. Air Force’s Man In Space Soonest and X-20 Dyna-Soar human spaceflight programs, Armstrong joined the NASA Astronaut Corps in 1962. His first spaceflight was the NASA Gemini 8 mission in 1966, for which he was the command pilot, becoming one of the first U.S. civilians in space.On this mission, he performed the first manned docking of two spacecraft with pilot David Scott.


Armstrong's second and last spaceflight was as mission commander of the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. On this mission, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to the lunar surface and spent 2½ hours exploring, while Michael Collins remained in orbit in the Command Module. Armstrong was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon along with Collins and Aldrin, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2009.

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25 August 2012

International year of Cooperatives…



Hi !

Here are some nice stamps issued for International year of Cooperatives. The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 2012 as International Year of Cooperatives and highlighted the contribution of cooperatives to economic and social development, especially its impact on poverty reduction, job creation and social integration.The stamps are very special in rainbow colors and of course one showing the rainbow.Just beautiful !! and I wish to have these  in my rainbow collection !

This is all in this Post more in Next..Have a Nice Time !!


International Year of Cooperatives - stamps by Costa Rica

Correos de Costa Rica has issued a set of two postage stamps commemorating the 2012 year declared by the United Nations International year of Cooperatives.

Cooperatives are dedicated to the values of openness, social responsibility and caring for others. They are typically based on the cooperative values of "self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and equality, equity and solidarity" and the seven cooperative principles:

1.Voluntary and open membership
2.Democratic member control
3.Economic participation by members
4.Autonomy and independence
5.Education, training and information
6.Cooperation among cooperatives
7.Concern for community


kanpur 2

The Correo Argentino has issued a stamp to commemorate the year 2012 proclaimed International year of Cooperatives.

This year is celebrated under the theme of "Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World," and is focused on the concept of cooperatives putting people first, innovating to meet members' needs, and providing local service while being part of a global network. The stamp features representatives of different industries cooperating on a joint work.



The Correos Uruguayio has issued a stamp commemorating the year 2012 as International year of Cooperatives.

Under the theme "Cooperative enterprises help build a better world", the International Year of Cooperatives has three main objectives: 1) Increase Awareness to the socio-economic impact of cooperatives; 2) Promote growth of cooperatives; 3) Establish appropriate policies to strengthen cooperative communities, democracy and peace.

24 August 2012

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The creator of Tarzan




Date of Issue : 17 August 2012

Hi !

Here is a beautiful stamp issued by US Postal Service on  Edgar Rice Burroughs the creator of Tarzan the famous comic character . Tarzan used to be teenager’s famous character and I remember that also made a big scrap book with daily comic strips of Tarzan published in newspaper those days !! It is making me nostalgic now….A beautiful stamp…..  Go down memory lane….when you were a child !! 

My Thanks to Dr Eli Moallem, Jerusalem - Israel for the images of  some more Tarzan stamps and cover from other counties. .

Have a Great time ….!!   Happy collecting ….!!

Tarzan - Liberia

Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) was an American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter, although he produced works in many genres.

When he published his first story in 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs was thirty-six years old, had two small children, and was selling pencil sharpeners. For him, writing was a way to provide for his family after everything else had failed. In fact, he joked that he published his stories in popular fiction magazines because his writing was “just as rotten” as the rest of the stories in them, but more entertaining.

That first short story was called “Under the Moons of Mars.” Burroughs’s second, published the same year, was even more popular. "Tarzan of the Apes" and its iconic jungle man captured the public imagination. A hundred years — and countless adaptations as graphic novels, movies, and television series — later, Tarzan is a ubiquitous part of American popular culture.

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Tarzan - Romania

Tarzan was a cultural sensation when introduced. Burroughs was determined to capitalize on Tarzan's popularity in every way possible. He planned to exploit Tarzan through several different media including a syndicated Tarzan comic strip, movies and merchandise. Experts in the field advised against this course of action, stating that the different media would just end up competing against each other. Burroughs went ahead, however, and proved the experts wrong—the public wanted Tarzan in whatever fashion he was offered. Tarzan remains one of the most successful fictional characters to this day and is a cultural icon.

Tarzan Tarzan

In either 1915 or 1919, Burroughs purchased a large ranch north of Los Angeles, California, which he named "Tarzana." The citizens of the community that sprang up around the ranch voted to adopt that name when their community, Tarzana, California was formed in 1927.  Also the unincorporated community of Tarzan, Texas, was formally named in 1927 when the US Postal Service accepted the name, reputedly coming from the popularity of the first (silent) Tarzan of the Apes film, starring Elmo Lincoln, and an early "Tarzan" comic strip.

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Independence day special 5-frame exhibit at Philatelic Bureau, Tiruchirapalli /  Trichy, Tamilnadu.

Stamp exhibition in Trichi..

The expo by Tiruchi Philatelist’s Association, one of the oldest surviving in the country, chronicles the ‘saga of India’s freedom struggle though Indian postage stamps’, to quote from the display. Right from the heroes of the First War of Indian Independence like Nana Saheb, Tantya Tope, Rani Lakshmi Bai and Mangal Pandey to Dadabai Naroji, the ‘old man of India’, Tilak who famously uttered ‘Swaraj is my birthright and India’s first prime minster Jawaharlal Nehru, the collection spans a hundred years. Not to forget are milestone events including Vellore Mutiny, the Satyagraha and Jallian walla bagh massacre that changed the face of the movement.

Displayed in five frames, the exhibition features the collection of three young hobbyists. An impressive award-winning collection by R.Susendran, a Class VIII student from Vasavi Vidyalalya, is followed by a single frame display by Irin Princy, B.A. student, Holy Cross College and engineering student, K.Sivachidambaram Pillai.

The expo is on till Septemeber 5 at the Philatelic Bureau, Head Post Office from 10 am to 6 p.m.

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Screenshot_3- Kasinath R.
Blog -


23 August 2012

Stamp for the Emilian areas struck by earthquake



Date of Issue : 30 August 2012

This issue by San Marino - print run 150.000 sets - will be presented on the 30th of August and the net proceeds will be given for the rebuilding of the damaged area.

"Let's reach our hands, give new blood to Emilian lands", so says the text for the stamp.

The stamp features a plant that grows near the tower of Finale Emilia and leaves like fingers reaching the sky with a rebuilding brick.

This issue is born by an idea of the Direct of Azienda Autonoma Filatelia e Numismatica, Marino Manuzzi and the President Pier Orazio Pignatta. The aim is to create a union between philatelic art and solidarity.

From 0ur Readers…

‘New Definitive series (i.e. 10th. Series,’ Builders of modern India’) combo First Day Cover


I want to collect ‘New Definitive series (i.e. 10th. Series,’ Builders of modern India’) combo First Day Covers from different Postal circles.

I am ready to exchange other circle's FDC with my combo FDC of M.P.circle.

- Hemant Jain Mandla (MP) -  email id.:- jainhk60@gmail.com Mob.+919425484703

28th Asian International Stamp Exhibition, Sharjah




The Emirates Philatelic Association is going to organize the 28th FIAP Asian International Stamp Exhibition (Sharjah 2012). The Exhibition will be held at Mega Mall, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates from 20 - 25 November.  It will be a 6-day exhibition includes all FIP/FIAP classes.

The Exhibition has endorsed by FIAP at their executive committee meeting held on 27 April 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It carries with the FIAP Patronage.

Mr Rajan Motiram Jayakar (email :  rajanjayakar@yahoo.com ) is the National Commissioner for India . Mr V S Dsatur is member of Jury and Mr Rajesh Kr Bagri is member of Apprentice Jury from India.

1.1 SHARJAH 2012, 28th  Asian International Stamp Exhibition 2012) is organized with the following objectives:
- to expand and develop friendly relations and close cooperation among FIAP members and
- to promote every aspect of philately in the FIAP region
2.1 SHARJAH 2012 is organized by Emirates Philatelic Association.
2.2 SHARJAH 2012 will be held at the Mega Mall, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
2.3 SHARJAH 2012 will open on 20 November 2012 and close on 25 November 2012, totally 6 days.


3.1 SHARJAH 2012 (28th  Asian International Stamp Exhibition) will be organized under the patronage of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP).

3.2 Mr Michael Ho is the FIAP Co-ordinator of SHARJAH 2012.
4.1 SHARJAH 2012 (28th  Asian International Stamp Exhibition) will be governed by the following Regulations:
- The General Regulations of the FIP for Exhibitions (GREX)
- The General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV)
- The Special Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (SREVs)
- The Individual Regulations for SHARJAH 2012 (28th Asian International Stamp Exhibition)
5.1 The Regulations governing the conditions of participation of exhibitions are stated in the articles 9-18 of the GREX.
5.2 Participation in the Competitive Classes is opened to all collectors who are members of the societies affiliated to member federations of FIAP.
5.3 Participation in the Non-Competitive Class will be  by invitation, solely at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
5.4 All exhibits except Literature must have been the property of the exhibitors for at least two years before the Exhibition.
5.5 The exhibitors may exhibit using a pseudonym provided that his true name and identity are known to the Organizing Committee and to the Jury.
6.1 The Regulations governing the conditions of the application and acceptance are stated in the articles 10, 11 and 12 of the GREX.
6.2 Exhibitors must obtain their Exhibit Application Forms from their  Commissioners.  A separate Exhibit Application Form should be used for each exhibit.
6.3 When submitting the  Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor shall attach  a copy of the introductory page, describing the exhibit (in English).
6.4 Duly filled Exhibit Application Forms should be sent through their Commissioners to reach the Organizing Committee by 10 August 2012.
6.5 Notification of acceptance from the Organizing Committee, together with the number of frames allocated to exhibitors, will be sent to their Commissioners by 18 September 2012.
6.6 Exhibitors cannot withdraw their applications without valid reasons once their participation has been accepted by the Organizing Committee.
6.7 The Commissioners will collect all the frame fees from their exhibitors, and remit the full amount to the following bank account.
ACCOUNT NO : 1011022769501 
IBAN NO. : AE57 0260 0010 1102 2769 501
6.8 There is only ONE ENTRY FORM.  There are no preliminary and final entry forms.
SHARJAH 2012 (28th Asian International Stamp Exhibition) is a General Asian International Stamp
The Classification of the Exhibition Classes is as follows:
7.1 Competitive Classes
Class 1  FIAP Championship Class for collections that have been awarded 
   three FIP / FIAP large gold medals at the exhibitions patronized
by FIP / FIAP over the past 10 years (2003-2012)
Class 2  Traditional Philately
1) Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC)
2) Asia and Australasia
3) The Rest of the World
Class 3  Postal History
1) Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC)
2) Asia and Australasia
3) The Rest of the World
Class 4  Postal Stationery
Class 5  Aerophilately
Class 6  Astrophilately
Class 7  Thematic Philately
  Exhibits will be classified under:
A) Nature
B) Culture
C) Technology
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (A, B
or C) the exhibit is entering.
- 2 – Class 8  Maximaphily
Class 9  Revenue
Class 10 Youth Philately
1) Collectors aged 10 to 15 years
2) Collectors aged 16 – 18 years
3) Collectors aged 19 – 21 years
(As of January 01, 2012)
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (1, 2
or 3) the exhibit is entering.
Class 11 Literature
1) Philatelic books, pamphlets and studies (issued after January 01, 2007)
2) Philatelic journals, periodicals (issued after January 01, 2010)
3) Stamp catalogues (issued after January 01, 2010)
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (1, 2
or 3) the exhibit is entering.
Class 12 One-Frame Exhibit
  Exhibits in this Class should not be One Frame extracted from a
multiple frame exhibit and should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One Frame.  Exhibits are also welcome from novice exhibitors who are developing a subject which is capable of expanding to more than One Frame in the near future. 
Awards are represented by CERTIFICATES only.  Certificate of Participation will be given to exhibits attaining less than 60 points.
Exhibits will be classified under:
A) Traditional
B) Postal History
C) Postal Stationery
D) Aerophilately
E) Astrophilately
F) Thematic
G) Maximaphily
H) Revenue
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (A -
H) the exhibit is entering.
Class 13 Promotional Class
The objectives of the Promotional Class are to encourage collectors of Modern
Philatelic materials to exhibit at the highest level and to demonstrate to Postal
Administrations that there are an extensive body of philatelists who collect and study materials issued by them in the past 20 years (1993-2012).
The organizing committee is making this class available for exhibits complying with the special regulations for Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery,
Aerophilately, Thematic and Revenue classes.
Qualifying exhibits for the promotional class must contain philatelic materials issued by Postal authorities within the last 20 years.  Stamp series or philatelic topics chosen for this class which were substantially issued after 1993 are qualified as topics for the promotional class.
Promotional class exhibits will be judged according to the respective SREVs currently in force for the above-mentioned classes with the points awarded as follow:
- 3 – Presentation      10 points
Treatment      30 points
Knowledge & Research    35 points
Condition & Rarity          25 points
Condition    (10 points)
Rarity    (10 points)
Difficulty of Acquisition    (5 points)  
   Total       100 points
The distribution of points available recognize that Modern Philatelic material is
worthy of study and in many instances is difficult to acquire, treat and present while the short passage of time since their issue has not provided an accurate indication of importance or rarity.
The promotional class will be treated as experimental and medals will not be
provided, nor will they be recognized in the FIP/FIAP records. Awards are
represented by CERTIFICATES only.  Certificate of Participation will be given to
exhibits attaining less than 60 points.
Acceptance of entry into the promotional class for SHARJAH 2012 will be based on the recommendation of national commissioners and at the discretion of the
SHARJAH 2012 Organizing Committee.  Exhibitors are entitled to apply for 3 frames per exhibit.  Acceptance of any entries in the promotional class will not preclude acceptances of entries in any other class.  All other requirements of the IREX will apply.
7.2 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit applications without assigning any reason for such rejection.
8.1 The display frames will have a capacity for 16 (4 x 4) standard size sheets of 23cm x 29cm.
8.2 Sheets larger than 23cm x 29cm as well as black or dark colored sheets will not be accepted.
8.3 Exhibits in the Competitive Classes will be allocated the following number of frames:
Class  1       8 frames
Class  2 – 9  Previously awarded
a) FIP / FIAP Large Vermeil and above 8 frames
b) FIP / FIAP Vermeil and below  5 frames
Class 10.1       2 – 4 frames
            10.2       3 – 5 frames
            10.3       4 – 5 frames
Class  11 Literature Exhibits must be sent to the Organizing Committee in 
Class 12 One Frame Exhibit    1 frame
Class 13 Promotional Class    3 frames
8.4 Exhibitors cannot change the number of frames allocated by the Organizing Committee.
9.1 The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Class 10, 11 & 12) will be US$40 per frame
9.2 There is no participation fee for Youth Philately Class.
9.3 The fee for participation in Literature (Class 11) is US$40 per exhibit
9.4 The fee for participation in One-Frame Exhibit (Class 12) is US$80 per exhibit.  
10.1 The Organizing Committee will take reasonable precautions to ensure that adequate security is provided to protect the exhibits during the Exhibition period. However, the Organizers shall not bear any liability for loss or damage that might occur during the transportation, mounting, dismounting during the exhibition and return of the exhibits.
10.2 Every exhibitor shall insure the exhibits at his or her own expenses.
11.1 Exhibits delivered by Commissioners must reach the Organizing Committee by 18th  November 2012
11.2 Exhibits (other than Literature) arriving by mail must reach the Organizing Committee by 1st November 2012
11.3 Exhibits of Literature (in duplicate) must reach the Organizing Committee by 1st  November 2012. 
The address of the Organizing Committee is stated under article 15.1.  The exhibits will not be returned.  One set each of the exhibits will be donated to the Organizing Committee and FIAP respectively, at the end of the Exhibition.
11.4 Exhibits arriving later than the date stipulated above will not be judged.  Participation fee will not be refunded in case of late or non-arrival of exhibits.
11.5 Each exhibit sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover.  The sheets shall be numbered on each page at the lower left-hand corner.  All sheets shall be kept in envelopes supplied by the Organizing Committee.
11.6 The exhibits received will be duly acknowledged with proper receipt.  Exhibits will be returned in exchange for their receipt after the exhibition if  delivered personally by the Commissioners.  Otherwise, exhibits will be returned by the same manner of transportation as they were submitted.
12.1 The Jury for SHARJAH 2012 (28th  Asian International Stamp Exhibition) will be appointed by the Organizing Committee in consultation with the FIAP Co-ordinator.  Members of the Jury will be FIP / FIAP accredited Jury members.
12.2 A number of Apprentice Jury Members may also be appointed with the consultation of the FIAP Coordinator and with the recommendation of the FIAP Member Federations from where the Apprentice is invited.

12.3 For Competitive Classes (other than Class 12 One-Frame Exhibit and Class 13 Promotional Class),
the awards are as follows:
1) Large Gold medals
2) Gold medals
3) Large Vermeil medals
4) Vermeil medals
5) Large Silver medals
6) Silver medals
7) Silver Bronze medals
8) Bronze medals
All medals will be awarded with appropriate certificates.

12.4 The only award in Championship Class is the Grand Prix d’Honneur.  Exhibits in the Championship Class not receiving the Grand Prix d’Honneur will receive a Large Gold medal.
12.5 There are two Grand Prizes for the Exhibition on SHARJAH 2012 (28
th  Asian International Stamp Exhibition): the Grand Prix International and the Grand Prix National.
12.6 The Jury’s decision will be final, hence, objections will not be considered.
12.7 Special Prizes provided by the Organizing Committee and donated by the organizations and people of participating countries and regions, will be placed at the disposal of the Jury.  Any particular wish expressed by a donor should be observed in making awards, if possible.
12.8 The Jury may express felicitations for those exhibits demonstrating outstanding philatelic research or originality.
12.9 Expert Group
An Expert Group will be appointed by the SHARJAH 2012 Organizing Committee in consultation
with the FIAP Co-ordinator.  The philatelic materials chosen by the Expert Group will be examined through the relevant equipment including a high power microscope and color scanner or any other equipment considered necessary by the Expert Group.
13.1 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the IREX, in consultation with the FIAP Co-ordinator.
13.2 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide on any questions not covered by the FIAP and FIP Regulations or by the IREX, and its decisions shall be final.

14.1 By signing the Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor is deemed to have accepted all provisions stated in the IREX for SHARJAH 2012.
15.1 The address of the Organizing Committee of SHARJAH 2012 is:
SHARJAH 2012 Organizing Committee
Post Box 33333 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 3538383 
Fax: + 971 4 3479981
Email: epa@epa.ae

15.2 The address of the Commissioner General of SHARJAH 2012 is:
Post Box 33333 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 50 6246494 
Fax + 971 4 3479981
Email: epa@epa.ae

15.3 The address of the FIAP Co-ordinator is:
Mr Michael Ho
PO Box 5-74 Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
Tel +886 933 649990
Fax +886 7 8716863
Email: mike350822@yahoo.com.tw

For entry forms : http://www.sharjah2012.com/images/Entry%20form%20Sharjah2012.pdf

Website : http://www.sharjah2012.com/index.html

Though the last date of submitting forms to the national commissioners was 10 August 2012 but readers may contact National Commissioners and get further info about the exhibition.

22 August 2012

International competition for Best Maximum Card



Best Maximum Card Competition (created during 2011)

Maximaphily is the most beautiful and exiting way in stamp collecting. It is one of the eleven recognized classifications of Philately. All types of visitors in the F.I.P. exhibitions find it very attractive, because of the beautiful illustrations on postcards and because the purpose of Maximaphily is to collect exclusively Maximum cards.

A Maximum card is made up of three elements:

1. The postage stamp. 2. The picture postcard. 3. The postmark.

The three elements are joined together in a fascinating way conforming to the following very precise regulations adopted by the International Philatelic Federation (F.I.P.). The meeting of the above three elements having a close visual relation constitutes the Maximum card .

The postage stamp

- It must be in perfect condition.

- Only one postage stamp should be affixed on the view side of the picture postcard. Before 1978, when the “International statute of Maximaphily” was approved, maximum cards showing several postage stamps are tolerated, if one or more of those are concordant with the picture on the postcard.

- In the case where a postage stamp has multiple, secondary or partial subjects, each subject must as far as possible, be dealt with separately.

- The postage stamp (or the souvenir sheet it belongs to, if it is stuck on the postcard) must not exceed a quarter of the postcard area.

- When the same subject is spread out on several se-tenant stamps making a panorama, the set can appear on a single postcard. However, when a subject is isolated on one of the se-tenant stamps only the one on which the treated subject is illustrated should be affixed to the postcard.

- The use of an illustrated postal prepayment impression dispensed by automatic vending machines, affixed on the view side of the postcard, is allowed.

- In general, abstract or symbolic subjects do not suit Maximaphily and are excluded from its field.

The picture postcard

• The picture postcard must be, if possible, on sale before the issue of the stamps or if it has been specially published, it must reproduce an existing document.

• Its size must conform to dimensions accepted by the “Universal Postal Convention”. However, postcards of square or rectangular shape available on the market are accepted, provided that their size allows them to be laid out on a sheet to the A4 format (210 x 297 mm) at a rate of two per sheet. Out of respect for its designer, it is strictly prohibited to reduce the size of a postcard by cutting it.

• The picture must offer the best possible concordance with the subject of the postage stamp or with one of them, if there are several. Mere reproduction of stamp design on a picture post card should be avoided.

• The picture must emphasize the subject of the postage stamp.

• The postcards on the market are accepted as they are. They can have margins and a text directly connected with the subject. Old postcards can have on the view side an area for correspondence. With the exception of these old postcards, the larger the picture is, the better the quality of the maximum card is considered to be.

• All postcards fully reproducing the postage stamp, that is to say with perforation, face value, country name, are forbidden.

• Postcards with multiple pictures as well as ones with holograms are forbidden.

What about the postmark and the time of cancellation?

The pictorial design of the cancellation and the place of cancellation (name of the post office) should have a close and direct connection with the subject of the stamp and of the picture postcard, and its date should be within the validity of the stamp and as close as possible to the date of its issue.

What is "appropriate material"?

The Maximaphily items should conform to the principle of maximum possible "visual" concordance between: The postage stamp, the picture postcard and the postmark. Special attention must be paid to the observance of the three concordances: of subject, of place and of time.

• The concordance of subject is the most important condition to characterise a Maximum card, e.g. the best concordance between the subject of the stamp and the illustration of the picture postcard.

• The concordance of place requires a connection between the name of the place or the locality written in the postmark and the subject of the stamp and the card.

• The "first day cancellation" can only be used when it is in accordance with the above mentioned condition

• For monuments, landscapes and sites the only place giving the required concordance is the one where the monument, the landscape or the site is located.

What is not appropriate material ?

Any other material which does not conform to the above mentioned regulations is considered as not appropriate material for this classification of Philately.

Furthermore, the following items cannot be used for maximum cards: collages, cut-outs, private photographs on photo paper, colour or black and white photocopies, photo-montages, drawings, documents specially devised for the stamp issue to be printed privately on photo paper thanks to a computer, digital printouts, illegible postmarks, bigger size or different shapes of postcards: only square and rectangular formats are allowed; all others are excluded.

World Competition Best Maximum Card created in  2011

FIP Maximaphily Commission organizes a Best Maximum Card Competition every year. We at India are also participating this year in this competition.

For Indian participation

All those interested in participation are requested to send their entries to me by email at ajaymittal1957@gmail.com at an earliest possible and by post also at my address given below.

Last Date for sending entries : 15 September 2012

Best three cards will be selected by an expert group and send for participation in the world competition. A small information about the printing process used quantity printed and concordance between the three aspects of maximum card (i.e. Picture Post Card, Stamp and Cancellation) may also be sent along with the card. All entries sent for competition will not be returned.

We are compiling a catalogue of the Indian Maximum Cards issued by Individual collectors. Kindly send me details with scans by email of the cards issued on Indian stamps by any society or individual collectors.

All are requested to kindly send a high resolution scan of the cards issued by them till date with a small information about the card and quantity printed. If available for sale the price of the card may also be mentioned.

As it is not yet decided the location of the Next Competition of the Best MC. There is a possibility that the FIP Maximaphily Commission can first publish all the National Selections for this Competition at their FIP Maximaphily Commission website and then request all National Delegates to submit their votes by email or letter.

Any clarifications and/or suggestions regarding FIP Rules and regulations of Maximaphily are also welcome.

- Ajay Kumar Mittal

FIP Maximaphily Representative from India

email : ajaymittal1957@gmail.com

Postal address : D-57 South Extension part-1 New Delhi-110049.

Phone : +91- 9811032311

21 August 2012

New Stamps on Birds..



Monaco Post issued a stamp featuring bird to commemorate LPO which is one of the most important  associations for the protection of Nature in France.

Today, with its 45,000 members, the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) is one of the main associations for the protection of Nature in France. Its members work daily towards the conservation of biodiversity,through its vocation for the protection of birds. Its activity is structured around three primary missions : protection of species, conservation of areas, education and awareness.
The stamp shows the wood chat shrike(Lanius senator),a species protected through out France.

Threatened Birds from Jersey


Date of issue : 14 August 2012

The latest stamps by Jersey Post feature a selection of birds which are classed as 'threatened' in Jersey. This is the sixth and final set of stamps in the 'Jersey Birdlife' series. Previous issues featured garden, migrating, song, woodland, and summer visiting birds.

20 August 2012

Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition



Thailand Post will issue a set of 8 stamps in October 2012 to commemorate Thailand 2013.

Thailand - 2013

Thailand Post Co., Ltd. will organize Thailand 2013 - World Stamp Exhibition under the concept "Arts and Happiness" to promote value of Thai artisans' works. In this regards, the company has launched a new stamp collection to display Thai artisans' works from various branches.

It consists of 4 series including 1) Thai folk arts and crafts (current issue), 2) Traditional arts and crafts, 3) Contemporary arts and 4) Royal arts.

The 1st series displays unique arts from each region including:

Bo-sang umbrella and Yee Peng from northern region
Pottery and court doll from central region
Lao reed mouth-organ and rocket from northeastern region
Jambul bird cage and Kolek Boat from southern region




My recent Covers…


From  Neil Patel, CA – USA



 Grand Teton National Park is a United States National Park in northwestern Wyoming. Approximately 310,000 acres (130,000 ha) in size, the park includes the major peaks of the 40-mile (64 km) long Teton Range as well as most of the northern sections of the valley known as Jackson Hole. Only 10 miles (16 km) south of Yellowstone National Park, the two parks are connected by the National Park Service managed John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. These three protected areas in conjunction with surrounding National Forests constitute the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which at almost 18,000,000 acres (7,300,000 ha), is one of the largest intact mid-latitude temperate ecosystems in the world. Read More…


Thanks Neil for this beautiful Cover with nice  golden cancellation http://usapostman.blogspot.in/

From Charlie Jensen – Florida (USA)

Picture 043

Picture 044

Thanks Mr Jensen for the cover with nice Souvenir sheet of Civil War 1861.

Picture 044

 Copy of thanks

19 August 2012

Greetings on Eid…



Eid Mubarak !!

It is festive time all over the world for Muslims !! Greetings to all my readers on this festive occasion.

Eid-ul-Fitr, "often abbreviated to Eid, is a big festival of Muslims  that marks the end of Ramazan, the Islamic holy month of fasting . The religious Eid is a single day, but it is usually celebrated for 3 days. Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "breaking the fast". The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramazan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal. This is a day where Muslims around the world try to show a common goal of unity.

This  Eid stamp shown above was issued by US Postal service on 12 August 2011 features the Arabic phrase Eid Mubarak in gold calligraphy on a reddish background. Eid mubarak translates literally as “blessed festival,”

18 August 2012

New stamps from Sri Lanka….


National Archeological week

Sri Lanka 2012- page3

Date of Issue – 16 July 2012

Agro - Technological Park

Sri Lanka 2012- page3

Date of Issue : 22 July 2012

100 Years of The Ceylon  school for deaf and Blind Ratamalana

Sri Lanka 2012- page3

Date of Issue : 17 June 2012

Asgir Maha Viharays – 700th Anniversry

Sri Lanka 2012- page3

Date of Issue : 6 June 2012


Screenshot_3 : Pradip Jain, Patna

Club News

International seminar on Philately at Malmo

- Report by Markand Dave

I have attended the International Seminar from  27 to 29 April at Malmo.The main purpose to conduct the Seminar was to educate Collectors & Juries with Exhibiting Techniques.

We had 7 different Speakers and they all are collectors as well and achieved Gold, Large Gold or Grand pre in their exhibiting area....All together it was wonderful time with mostly all of the Veteran and Internationally well known philatelic personalities.

It was my pleasure that I was allowed to attend the Seminar . There were  2 Indians my self and a young beginner from Chennai,  Vijay Ananad.

From Left-Chris.King-Markand.Dave-Brian.Trotter

With Chris King - FRPSL, Secretary of Royal Philatelic Society & Brian Trotter - President of Royal Philatelic Society


With Frank Walton - Editor of London Philatelists ( Published by Royal Philatelic Society )


With Vivi-Ann-President of Philatelic Federation - SWEDEN


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