30 May 2008

Our New Members

10. Dr Pradeep Jain, Balod (Chhattisgarh)

I am Dr Pradeep Jain from Balod in new state of Chhattisgarh.I am a physician by profession.Since schooltime I have started collecting philatelic material and I procured a good collection from my uncle on "INDIA AND PAKISTAN TOGETHER". I am collecting this material on Pakistan overprint on British India stamps.Recently in INPEX2008, held at Chennai it was awarded a Silver medal.My thematic collections are on JAINISM, AIDS, CHILDREN and ENVIORNMENT.
E-Mail : jain_pradeep2000@yahoo.com. Contact no is 09425554530.

11. Prakash Mody, Canada

Prakash Mody completed his school education in Rangoon and his university studies in Calcutta. He lived in Mumbai before immigrating to Toronto in 1988. He recently retired after working for 40 years in the accounting field and continues to be active in Jainism and interfaith activities. He has edited and published books and contributes articles in Gujarati and English on a variety of subjects, including stamps and coins. He has been awarded for his voluntary services by the Ontario government and multifaith and Jain organizations. Mr. Mody also collects autographs of famous Indian people besides stamps. He wants widespread cultural diversity to appear regularly on Canadian stamps. As a Canadian citizen he would prefer Canada Post to vary its subject matter instead of issuing 6-10 stamps on one subject such as hockey or tourist attraction and wants the postal agency to issue a single stamp on each subject and open the rest to other more culturally diverse subjects. Mr. Mody is member of different philatelic societies in India and is closely associated with Indian stamps.

Dear Friends (individuals as well as representatives of the organizations),

I introduce myself as a philatelist and recently I studied the commemorative stamps issued by the Royal Mail (UK).

I notice that within last 37 years, about 750 new stamps are issued covering about 150 topics under 25 broad subjects! I find that very few, rather it is rare that a stamp is issued for diversity, greetings, multiculturalism or multifaith, even though the British public include a substantial number of people of mixed cultural backgrounds. I find that annually, since 1971, six or even more, Christmas stamps of the Christian religion is issued every year. Surprisingly, not a single stamp is issued in last 37 years of any other religion though it is not a restricted subject!

Let us request to the Royal Mail for a series of stamps for the important occasions like Diwali (Hindus, Jains, Sikhs), Id, (Islam - Muslims), Hanukkah (Jewish), and Kwanzaa (Aboriginals - Natives) and others. It may be mentioned that emphasis here is not of religion but it is of culture. Remaining within the 'British Way of Life', one would like to continue to maintain our cultural heritage that includes religion, food and dress.

Keeping this in mind, I am giving a DRAFT of a letter that I suggest you to send to the Royal Mail (they want in writing, mailed no emails) with your or organization belonging to you, name and address (on a letterhead). Please modify the text, as you may find suitable or treat this draft as a sample only and you may write in your own.

In case, if you do not like this idea, you may forward this message to any other person who may be interested or who may represent your organization. It will be more effective, if many more letters are sent. You may even publish in your publication, put on notice board, put on your website or may issue a media release of such suggestion having been made.

Please feel free, if you have any question or concern or you may send a copy of your letter to this writer.

With best wishes for seeing such stamp being issued in the near future.

Sincerely with kind regards,

Prakash Mody

On the letterhead of the organization sending
Please note to fit on a single page

May 30, 2008

Stamp Programme Manager,
Royal Mail House, 48 Old Street

Subject: Stamp for Diwali Festival by the Royal Mail

We, the persons of an Indian origin, who have come from the diverse parts of the globe and have adopted Britain as our mother land. We are part of the British way of life. Cultural Freedom is a hallmark of England. The Royal Mail can befittingly honour various communities by issuing commemorative stamps depicting their festivals.

Since long we celebrate Deepawali or Diwali. This ancient and joyous Festival of Lights that is celebrated by people of several cultures, reflecting the unity and multi-cultural rich diversity of the people of United Kingdom. Deepawali constitutes a medium to express gratitude and appreciation for the extraordinary diversity that is our nation’s greatest strength. Diwali is considered a time for communal gatherings and spiritual upliftment. The rich culture and spirit of Diwali has survived political, economic and social vicissitudes throughout history, while always carrying the universal symbolism of the triumph of light, goodness, knowledge and truth. Deepawali symbolizes our incessant prayers and endeavor to be led from darkness - ignorance to light - knowledge. It is celebrated to signify the victory of truth and righteousness over evil.

Deepawali presents all of us with an opportunity to reflect on the many ways, the talent, the history and the traditions of the people who have contributed to the national life and cultural heritage. Her Majesty the Queen even joins in celebrations of the Deepawali in the Parliament and even sends her personal greetings and felicitations to the community.

We have noted your guidelines and criteria for an issue of a new stamp. Our request squarely falls in the celebrations of an event of a single big group of national importance. It takes two years for an issue of a new stamp, so, your decision now can make possible for the Diwali stamp to be issued on November 6, 2010, the Diwali Day.

We are requesting you for an issue a postal stamp commemorating the festival of lights known as Deepawali. This request for Diwali stamp has come from the widespread support of British communities. This surely will be very much appreciated by the British public at large - people of several cultural backgrounds in general and Indo-British group in particular. As the Stamp Advisory Committee continues its plan for issuing new stamps, we hope that it will also consider issuing a Diwali stamp to honor this culturally important holiday of the significant population of Britain.

We hope and wish that your early favorable action would be highly encouraging to everyone.

Sincerely thanking you in advance.

(Name & Designation of the Signatory)

29 May 2008

Happy Birthday Stamp

29 th May, 2008 is a happy day for all those who collect cartoon characters on stamps as France has added a beautiful Souvenir sheet to their collection by issuing a souvenir sheet of five stamps picturing “Oui-oui”. This is a “Happy birthday” stamp. Oui-oui is the French name of Noddy a character created by the British children’s author Enid Blyton in 1943 and who has appeared since then in various TV animated series. Noddy is a little wooden boy who lives in his own little house in Toyland. Noddy was carved by a woodsman but ran away after the man began to make a wooden lion, which Noddy was scared of. He then meets Big Ears, a friendly gnome. Big Ears decides that Noddy is a toy and takes him to live in Toyland. He provides Noddy with a set of clothing and buys a build-it-yourself house for him. This is the beginning of a lot of adventures that have filled the childhood of a lot of kids .French post issues annually such “Happy birthday” stamp picturing a character taken from literature for children. Have a look and show it to your children and grand children too !Many of you might have not come across Aga Khan Miniature Sheet which was also issued on 17 May 2008 with other two stamps of Rs 5 & Rs 15 as it was not available at most of the Philatelic Bureaus of India. Here it is for you. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Vinod Sabharwal of New Delhi who has sent the scan to us. This is all for today till next Post have a Nice Time !

28 May 2008

Writing Letters

Recently I wrote here about Taj Stamp to be issued by Gibraltar on 1st June . Here is one more set to be issued by Gibraltar on Europa 2008 'Writing Letters" which depicts our father of nation Mahatama Gandhi and three other most famous world personalities . Gandhi is a very popular theme among philatelists all over the world. The set to be issued on June 1, 2008 consists of four stamps along with sheetlets of 10, the stamps feature historical figures and how significant their letters were. Through correspondence John F. Kennedy resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis with his Russian counterpart Nikita Krushchev; Churchill’s correspondence with Roosevelt during World War II and specifically over Operation Torch is fascinating, especially for people in Gibraltar as they were directly involved; in a moving letter he wrote from a Birmingham jail Gandhi said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"; Nelson wrote for the first time with his left arm (as depicted on the stamp) to Admiral of the Fleet John Jervis, 1st Earl of St. Vincent saying “A left-handed admiral will never again be considered as useful; therefore the sooner I get to a very humble cottage the better..." no comment necessary we're sure you agree!

26 May 2008

Different facets of Philately !

Now the Philately is not just participating in exhibitions or spending high amount to purchase philatelic items. One can have the pleasure of this hobby by having a collectionn on Blog too. While I was planning to start this Rainbow Stamp Club Blog I went on searching blogs on philately and found that many philatelists have made attractive blogs of philatelic collections by collecting images of stamps and other philatelic items availalable on line on their favourite subjects. In this advance age of science and technology we have the oppertunity of expressing ourselves through various mediums. Stamp lovers all over the world are coming up on Blogosphere to express themselves.These blogs show that philately is no longer the hobby of kings but the hobby of intellectuals. One can have an online collection too and share it with others. One can also prepare it in an autobiographical way as writing everyday with the refernce of philatelic items coming across or may show giving the finer details of the subject with the images of philatelic items.Moreover enjoying the hobby this way may be quite satisfying as sometimes participating in exhibitions is time taking, money involving and stressful specially when you don't get the positive results.There is nothing beautiful in the world than the sweetest melody to our ears and a picturesque view that refreshes our mind. The philatelic Collections if displayed beautifully is the delight for the eyes. So take up this new way of expressing yourself and enjoy its qualitative benefits. It will be a lifetime pleasure and also give you a sense of achievement.

All Indians who participated in World Stamp Championship 2008 recently held at Tel Aviv, Israel have come up with flying colours. Heartiest Congratulations to all of them.This is all for today ! Have a look to this recent issue and add it in your list of unique and unusual stamps !

World’s most expensive stamp ever made

Austrian postal operator Post.at, has released what is thought to be the most expensive stamp ever made - a revolutionary lenticular stamp to celebrate the UEFA EURO 2008. The new stamp went on sale on 5 May 2008 and the issue is with a matching special postmark.According to Post.at, 48 images of a TV recording are superimposed on the stamp. To the viewer, the optical effect is that of a film sequence of approx. 3 minutes. The stamp features the legendary goal scored by Andi Herzog, Austria's record-breaking international player. With this dream goal against Sweden scored in the 76th minute on 6 September 1997, Andi Herzog paved the way for the Austrian national team to enter the main draw of the World Championships 1998 in France. On the stamp, the goal and its setup from three different perspectives are shown.Austrian Post aimed to bring the legendary team spirit of the 90s back to the hearts and minds of today's players and to football enthusiasts in Austria. The Andi Herzog stamp is the technologically most sophisticated stamp of all time. It is also the largest one, measuring 6.5 by 4.7 cm. In addition to that, it is also the most expensive stamp ever made, its nominal value being 5.45 euro. An exclusive picture postcard produced with lenticular technology to match the special-issue stamp has also been issued.

25 May 2008

Cine Media hits Philately by fake news

To give spicy news about film personalities by Cine Media is a common affair. We come to know sensational news about the personal life of film stars time to time by print and electronic media . But this time the media has given a fake news about the issue of postage stamp on Manoj Tiwari. Recently this hot news was published in leading Indian Dalies and many Bollywood Websites including a Philatelic Website. I was surprised to know about this stamp on Manoj Tiwari. It was not surprising if it would have been on Big B or Shahurkh Khan. I gave the news after going through several websites. Thanks to Mr. Suraj Jaitly , Editor ITS Stamp News for forarding the e-mail of Maxim from Netherlands which I am giving here.This clarifies the reumour about the issue.

"I am sorry to tell you the Netherlands is not issuing a postage stam for Tiwari. According to the Dutch website hindulife.nl the article in the Times of india is fake. the magazine "den Haag" that has put the stamp on its cover does not exist. Furthermore, the author of hindulife.nl reports that nine of ten Hindoestanen has never heard of Tiwari. Also dutch stamps are not issued by the government, but by TNT post ( the former PTT). It is possible that someone ordered a 'personal stamp'. these stamps can be ordered from TNT Post in sheets of ten stamps. You can send in your own photo or illustration to be printed on the stamp."

Maxim Van Ooeijen, Netherlands



24 May 2008

Meet our new members.

8. Farrokh Magra, Mumbai

I am Farrokh Magra from Mumbai.I collect only Indian stamps. In Pre Independence era, I have stamps from very first issue of 1854 till 1940 except for some high value stamps which are beyond my reach.From 1941, I have the entire collection in mint upto date. I have also some official stamp booklets issued by the British Govt. issued as souvenir for different occasions.I like to collect any unique item pertaining to British period, and would welcome any enquiry.
I can be reached at E-mail : magra@godrej.com

9. Purushottam Das Heda ,Hyderabad

My Name is Purushottam Das Heda aged about 63 years. I collect India Post Independence Block of 4 as well as mint sheets. Block of 4, I collect are with traffic lights (Registration markings) on all four sides. i.e. A, B, C and D or some people call it 1, 2, 3 and 4. Further I collect complete stationery including Advertisement stationery (Post Independence India). I will be very happy to contact with philatelists having the similar interest.
My Postal Address is : 3-12-12/C, Ganeshnagar Colony, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad - 500013 E-mail : pdheda@hotmail.com

23 May 2008

News from Members -

Mr. Shrikant Parikh from Ahmedabad -

We are well aware of the unprecedential scarsity of Madhubala stamps. Here are the scans of FDCs of Madhubala issue The stamps on the FDC are Imperf from one and two sides of the stamp.

Imperf on two sides

Imperf on one side

Vinod Sabharwal from New Delhi

latest Indian Issues

Aga Khan Foundation FDC issued on 17 May 2008

22 May 2008

After Manoj Tiwari, Taj on Gibraltar stamp we have brought for you one more interesting news from Stamp World while surfing on net. Please have a look ! Let us know too if you come across any eye catching news of the Philatelic World to share with others.

Collector's Delight- First Beaded Stamp By Singapore

Here is a good news for those who collect unusual stamps. Singapore becomes the first country to issue first beaded stamp of the world on April 8, 2008. It will become a fancy and novel item for stamp lovers all over the world. It's a philatelic treat for collectors of unique stamps. This beautiful souvenir sheet is in the shape of a purse where the stamp is beaded. The beads are stuck the stamp manually. The souvenir sheet is part of the set consisting of eight stamps which depict the items from the Peranakan Museum Collection. This is produced by the latest designing and printing technique with the use of special material.The word Peranakan means 'local born' in Malay. It refers to the Peranakan Chinese as well as other Peranakan communities which developed in South-east Asia. Peranakans are known for the beauty of their crafted furniture, jewellery, embroidery, beadwork, textiles, garments and porcelain. The Peranakan Museum houses the best collection of Peranakan artifacts in the world. The first four stamps of the set show embroidered items. The other four stamps depict details of porcelain work. Earlier in the year 2001 Switzerland had issued a stamp which when rubbed on released the rich smell of chocolate. They had issued this to commemorate the chocolate industry. Last year they had a stamp which had letters in Braille language.Every year since 2000 they come out with a unique stamp. Scented, wood touch, metallic, plastic, Grammophone record Stamp, personalized stamps and stamps in unusual shapes have already been issued by some postal administrations. Now Singapore deserves the credit to be the first country to issue this beautiful unusual beaded souvenir sheet.

Stamp with the flavour of chocolate

20 May 2008

7.Shrikant Parikh, Ahmedabad

Mr. Shrikant Parikh is a renowned philatelist from Gujrat and known for his detailed listings of Indian Aerogrammes, Se-tenant Stamps, Sheetlets as well as Miniature Sheets. He has complete collection of UMM Block of 4 since 1947 till date including Definitive and Military Overprints. Recently he has completed collection of Combinations of Se-tenant stamps from 1974 till date and has also prepared a CD of it. He has also prepared complete collection of Aerogramme (Normal & with Advt.), Inland Letter card (Normal & with Advt.) and Sheetlets of India. He has published 2 albums for Se-tenant stamps, and Miniature sheets. Mr. Parikh has been writing articles on various subjects of philately for GPA News and other philatelic magazine since a long time. Recently he was awarded ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ by Michel a well known stamp catalogue publishing company of Germany for his unfailing services of 30 years to them.
E-Mail : shrikantparikh@rediffmail.com

News from Tel Aviv

Now the World's biggest philatelic show " World Stamp Championship 2008" is going on at Tel Aviv, Israel from May 12 - 22 May 2008. It's the Olympics of stamps. Once every four years the collectors with the world's largest and most expensive stamp collections gather and display their wares.This year it's a beautiful solid silver trophy donated by Shimon Pires, The President of The State of Israel for the winner.The World Stamp Championships is an exclusive club. It's estimated you'll need a minimum $5m to compete for the trophy.With over $500million worth of rare stamps in the exhibition hall the World Stamp Championships are proving to be quite an attraction.Up to 60,000 people are expected to visit the city of Tel Aviv for this exhibition from all over the world which is quite a big figure as compared to the population of Tel Aviv which is about 390,400. Four years ago the World Stamp Championships were held in Singapore.The last Bangkok stamp exhibition attracted over 650,000 visitors. In forthcoming World Stamp Exhibition at China, the organisers expect 700,000 visitors.

News from our member

Col. Suresh Bagga writes from Panchkula.....

I have two frames displayed at Chandigarh Philatelic Bureau, and I keep changing the exhibit in one frame every month. At present one frame is for 'Vintage Collection' It has postcards and covers as old as over a hundred years; and the latest being well over 50 years old. Later ones are addressed to my father and some have my name on the address but all of them are unique for cancellation marks or postal stationery used. This frame will have new exhibit this month. The other frame 'Our Neighbours' has on row each from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Now I am preparing exhibits from Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar for the frame to complete the theme. Bhutan sheets will have CD-ROM stamps, Talking Stamps (Gramophone records), Steel Stamps and first 3-D stamps issued on Space Exploration. Myanmar collection has two stamps issued by Japan during occupation of Burma in 1942. Nepal will include 1935 issues of Shri Pashupati stamps.

19 May 2008

Taj Mahal on Gibraltar Stamp

Taj Mahal the pride of India will appear once again on a foreign issue very soon. After it has become one of the Seven Wonders of the World its beauty has attracted several postal administrations. Gibraltar is going to issue a set of seven stamps on recently selected Seven Wonders of the World by voting. These are The Christ redeemer in Brazil, The Coliseum in Rome, Italy, Petra in Jordan, The great wall in China, The Machu Pichu in Peru, Chichén Itza in Mexico and the Taj Mahal in India. The date of the issue is yet to be decided by the Gibraltar postal Administration.

Bhojpuri Star Manoj Tiwari, on Dutch stamp
Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari is on cloud nine as he has piped maestro Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia to be the Indian face on a Dutch postage stamp.The government of Netherlands has issued a postage stamp in Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari’s honour.The actor is both dazed and delighted. Says Tiwari, “Two names were put forward for the honour — Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia and mine. That I was chosen over a man of such stature and seniority fills me with both pride and humility.”There’s also also a sense of disbelief. “This has come as a huge surprise,” he says. “There’s a special event in my honour on May 21,” he informs. The honor was conferred on him last March but was made public only last week when Tiwari received an e-mail from the Dutch government notifying him about the 44-cent (Euro) stamp in recognition of his soaring popularity in Holland that has a large population of migrant people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.. This is for the first time a postage stamp of Holland has been issued in the name of a foreigner. Tiwari, who recently moved out of Mumbai after being targeted by anti-Bihari extremists like Bal Thackeray of Shiv Sena and his nephew and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray, engaged in an act of 'Gandhigiri' on March 24 when he handed out red roses to passengers at Patna Junction leaving for Mumbai to spread brotherhood and regional harmony between Bihar and Maharashtra.

6. Varad P. Dhaky , Ahmedabad

I am introducing myself Varad.P. Dhaky , did post graduation in Electronics in the year 1973 and having business of Industrial Export- Import Consultancy . I am collecting stamps and coins for more than last 40 years . I am a thematic collector mainly collecting Fiscal stamps of Princely States of India and Court Fee Stamp Papers , Stamps of Indian theme on Foreign Stamps , Novelty /Unique Stamps , Jainism , Export/Exhibition . Currently I am active as a Secretary General of Gujrat Philatelists’ Association Ahmedabad for the last 12 years and Ex- Honorary Secretary and Editor of the Newsletter of Gujrat Coin Society , Ahmedabad . My E-mail ids are altoexim@yahoo.co.in , vpdhaky@vsnl.net & vdhaky@gmail.com

04 May 2008


1. Praful Thakkar, Ahmedabad

I am Praful Thakkar, IAS (Retd.) and has retired from Govt of Gujarat as Secretary to the Government. I am a collector of Stamps, Coins, Tokens, Medals and Autographs since last more than 40 years.I have hosted my 2 websites as mentioned below.It will be my pleasure to be associated with Rainbow Club.


Thematic Gallery of Indian Autographs


Classic Gallery of Indian Numismatics

2. Col.Suresh Bagga, Panchkula

Graduate in Architecture from the University of Bombay, joined Indian Army and was in thick of action in 1971, in now Bangladesh. A stint in Bhutan motivated me to my own Bhutan Collection of fascinating stamps. Completed MBA, for a second career in civvies after hanging the OG uniforms. Have been an ardent collector of Stamps, Coins and Paper Money since school days. First exhibition of Stamps - I participated in my school in 1954 and in 1955 my brief article on Stamp Collection published in school magazine. In 1956 a discussion on Stamps Collecting aired from AIR in the children’s programme. I have my webpage which have 21 albums containing images of all the stamps issued since 1947. I am proud to be associated with Rainbow Stamp Club. The link is - http://community.webshots.com/user/baggasuresh

Collecting Interests : Philately & Numismatics

3. Jyotirmay Bareria, Bangalore

This is Jyotirmay Bareria, basically from Patna but now sort of settled in Bangalore. I have been working in IT industry for last 8 years. Basically a software engineer by profession but philatelist by heart. I collect stamps on India, Australia and USA country wise. But for last couple of years, I am passionate on my theme "World War 2 and its effect on society". I have been collecting stamps since my school days but actively got involved since 2000. It's pleasure to associate with Rainblow stamp club.

E-mail : jbareria@gmail.com

4. Vipan Kumar Thakur, chandigarh

I am Vipan Kumar Thakur from Chandigarh. I am in Govt Service. I collect stamps on India theme wise. I also collect special covers issued by Indian Army Postal Service. I have been collecting stamps since my school days. I have prepared a slide show on Stamp Collecting, which can be downloaded from www.stampsofindia.com under the head Instant Delivery. It's a pleasure to be associated with Rainbow Stamp Club.

E-mail : philavpnthakur@rediffmail.com

5. Anurag Verma, Jalandhar
I am Anurag Verma from Jalandhar, I collect stamps. I would say for me stamp collection is not a hobby but a passion. I have a complete collection of India Mint Stamps from 1947 upto 2007, along with military issues, definitive series and Miniature Sheets. Apart from India Stamps I also collect mint Miniature sheets, mint sets on Endangered animals and I am trying to collect stamps on Beetles & Insects from round the world. I am also a keen reader of monthly newsletter Rainbow Stamp News. I find Rainbow Stamp club Blog & Magazine quite interesting .
My E-mail id is : anuragverma@rrkabel.com

Recent Premature Issues in the market - Yet to be officially issued

Your artwork could be on a stamp

By Aditya Ghosh

It can bring them out of obscure villages, where they mix colors on canvas to express their creative urge, to centre stage. Their art now has a chance of reaching millions across the world on postage stamps. The Deptt. Of Posts and the Ministry of Women and Child Development have come together to invite young artists to create artworks themed on children’s issues, which will be reproduced on postage stamps.” Though just a pilot project, it promises to be a new medium for the artists and provide them the encouragement they rarely receive,” said Ajit Vahadane, of the Indian Artists’ Network, who has been asked by the ministry to spread the word. The stamps will be released in September. The brainchild of Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhary, the artists will have to submit their work to the department for selection. ”Because the postal department takes at least six months to print the stamps, we need the entries quickly.” said the ministry’s undersecretary C.K. Reejonia. Though Vahadane is wary of Politics that might go into the eventual selection of paintings, he said it would encourage artists who have no platform to showcase their works. “ Artists from rural areas are so creative and sincere, but no one wants to see their work. It is a challenge, and an opportunity, to create an impression in postage stamp size. We are circulating a mail to inform all artists in our network” he said.

To Put Your Painting on a Postage Stamp

E-mail Ajit Vahadane, at admin@indianfinearts.com . You can also contact C.K. Reejonia, Undersecretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.

Published in The Hindustan Times April 2, 2008

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