28 February 2012

Stamp exhibition on Science and Technology in Bangalore



Science Greats

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Date of Issue : 25 February 2010


The Royal Society is the world's oldest science organisation. To celebrate its 350th birthday, a set of 10 commemorative stamps were issued in 2010 featuring its most illustrious members.The split-design stamps feature the luminaries' portraits paired with dramatic and colorful 'brainstorming' imagery representing their achievements.

Picture Gallery : Stamps Honour Science Greats

“Science and Technology” Stamp exhibition , Bangalore ( 28-29 February 2012)

Venue : 1st Floor of the General Post Office

Timings : 28 – 29 Feb 2012  10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


The Karnataka Philatelic Society and Karnataka postal circle organized a philatelic exhibition on the theme, “Science and Technology” in collaboration with India Post, on the occasion of Science Day which is celebrated throughout the country on February 28th .

The exhibition was organized by KPS at the Philately Museum, 1Floor, Bangalore, General Post Office.The aim of this exhibition is to showcase “Science and Technology” through stamps and motivate the children in pursuing philately as a hobby.


Photo0073  Photo0067

The 50 frames were displayed with exhibits on topics such as Astronomy, Lunar Mission, Halley's Comet, orbital space stations, atom for peace, solar system, scientists, communication, minerals, medicine and Nobel laureates.

India Post  invited philatelists, public interested in philately and school students, especially those in the seventh standard, to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition would be kept open between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. until February 29th.

Entry is free. Children will also get an opportunity to visit the philately museum on the 1st Floor of the General Post Office and understand philately,

- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore


27 February 2012

Golden Katar Stamp Exhibition



- by Paritri Upadhyay , Rajkot

GOLDEN KATAR PHILATELIC EXHIBITION  was held from 24 – 25 February 2012. The exhibition was inaugurated  by the Convener FWO – Miss. M.R. Pant . This philatelic exhibition was organized by 11 Inf div Postal unit, The venue of this event was Repair Bay of 812 Fd Wksp , Ahmadabad Military Garrison.

clip_image001 clip_image002 clip_image003

This Exhibition was organized in a Grand way with the active participation of officials of India Post under the patronage of the 11 Inf div Postal unit, 56 APO; Mil 2570 and the co-operation of the Post Master General, Gujarat Circle & eminent philatelists. The main objective of the exhibition was to create awareness amongst defense personnel, their families & particularly School Children.

The chief guest was the Chief Post Master Mr. P.H. Panchal. During the exhibition MY STAMP was an additional attraction. Customized My Stamps depicting 18 different pictures were made available during the exhibition.

There were  large number  of exhibits on display. In competition classes most of the exhibits were on Thematics  .


 clip_image005       clip_image006


There were several exhibits exhibited in invitee class. The thematic exhibits of Shri. Anil Rastogi, Shri. Mainak Kathria, Shri. Ashok Bayanwala, shri. H C Mehta, & Dr.Paresh Upadhyay, were displayed in invitee class. Some rare philatelic artifact were also displayed.

A Work shop on Stamp collection, Power point presentation on Stamp collecting & News Clippings of Rainbow Stamp News were shown to School Children by Rajkot Philatelic Society. For School Children Stamp design, Letter Writing and Dance Competitions were also organized.

Winning entries of  Stamp Design Contest 





Closing ceremony and prize distribution function along with the launching of ‘FPO on Wheels ‘ was held on 25th February 2012, by Brigadier M. R. Pant. The success is judged on the basis of how many visitors take the advantage of such philatelic exhibitions & we were happy that large numbers of visitors spent hours and enjoyed the exhibition. All concerned officers & staff worked hard to make this event  memorable .


Vadophil Auction

The Last date of  Vadophil Auction is 15th March 2012 instead of 28  February 2012.


View all lots in Vadophil

Visit to Azerbaijan….


Europa 2012 stamps from Azerbaijan


To be issued in March 2012

Hi ! Here is an awesome souvenir sheet to be issued by Azerbaijan Post in March on this year’s Europa 2012 theme “ Visit “. The set includes two stamps (0.20 & 0.60 AZN) & one souvenir-sheet (1.- AZN). The souvenir sheet is just wonderful in design and I wish if i could get this beautiful sheet for my collection. It’s lovely and probably to me it is one  the most beautiful souvenir sheets ever issued on Tourism theme ! The stamps in the set   have exquisite designs featuring the “ Tourism " theme in best possible beautiful way. Any one would love to possess these nice stamps !!  I  wish to share here another set of stamps on Europa 2012 to be issued by Netherlands. All the stamps in this series are full of thrill and fun as their deigns show ….and take you to a dreamland…..This is all for this Morning…Till Next Post….Have a Great Time !!


image image

Azerbaijan or Republic of Azerbaijan is an important country of the Eurasian continent and it is the largest as well as the most populated region in South Caucasus. Whilst the capital, Baku, has rapidly transformed itself into a highly developed modern city, the surrounding villages still remain untouched and archaic.  Read More….

From the time Azerbaijan gained its independence from Soviet Union in 1991 and the petroleum boom in the country, the region has been developing as a major tourist centre. Every city has got its own unique history and related testimonials which tell interesting stories about the country’s ancient history. Also with time, new constructions with improved technology are coming up which provide a wonderful spectacle of ancient Azerbaijan and upcoming Azerbaijan in the 21st century.


Places of Interest in Azerbaijan



EUROPA 2012 stamps from Netherlands


Date of Issue : 26 March 2012

View all :  Europa stamps

26 February 2012

New Stamp from India..


Employee’s State Insurance Corporation


Date of Issue : 24 February 2012

Image : Stamps of India





India Post issued a commemorative postage stamp  on 24 February 2012 at the concluding function of Diamond Jubilee Year of Employees’ State Insurance Corporation.

Indian Themes on Foreign Stamps…

HW 2

The history of writing

The history of writing records the development of expressing language by letters or other marks. Hindi is a standardised and sanskritised register of the Hindi-Urdu language derived from the Khariboli dialect of Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh. It is an official language of India.

HW 1

The Constitution of India, adopted in 1950, declares Hindi in the Devanagari script as the official language of India. English continues to be used as an Official language of India along with Hindi. The Constitution of India has stipulated the usage of Hindi and English to be the two languages of communication for the Central Government. Most of government documentation is prepared in three languages: English, Hindi, and the official state language.

The dialect upon which Standard Hindi is based is khariboli, the vernacular of Delhi and the surrounding western Uttar Pradesh and southern Uttarakhand region. This dialect acquired linguistic prestige in the Mughal Empire (17th century) and became known as Urdu, "the language of the court." After independence, the Government of India set about standardising Hindi as a separate language from Urdu.


Venda was a bantustan, a territory set aside for black inhabitants of South Africa as part of the policy of apartheid. It was founded as a homeland for the Venda people, speakers of the Venda language. In 1979, it was declared independent by the South African government and its residents lost their South African citizenship. Its independence was not recognized by the international community. The sovereign nation of Venda didn't practice apartheid, leading to relationships across the racial divide. Venda was re-absorbed into South Africa on 27 April 1994.

Venda issued stamps only from 1979 - 1989. These stamps were released in 1988

- Kenneth Sequeira, email : kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Club News

Bihar Stamp Expo 2012….


Read More…

: Pradeep Kumar Malik, Patna

25 February 2012

Stamp exhibition on Beethoven


Special exhibition : Beethoven on Postage Stamps

A collection from Japan on Beethoven and his lifetime

19th March until 24th June 2012


The Beethoven-Haus presents in a new special exhibition a prize-winning collection from Japan of postage stamps relating to Beethoven and his lifetime.

19th March until 24th June 2012

From 19th March the Beethoven-Haus invites its visitors on an unusual journey back to Beethoven's era. A special exhibition named "Ludwig van Beethoven – His Life and Times" presents a collection from Japan which concentrates entirely on Beethoven and his lifetime.

image  image   image

In Wikipedia postage stamps are described as being "small pieces of paper that are purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment of postage". As can be seen in the exhibition, they are much more than that. They are contemporary historical documents, sometimes even genuine works of art and, most particularly, they can tell a story or illustrate a particular topic.

image  image image

The Japanese stamp collector Yukio Onuma, president of the Music Philately Group within the Japan Philatelic Society, has concentrated for many years on the topic of Beethoven and from his many collections he has put together a Beethoven exhibition which has won many prizes, the most recent being the gold medal at the World Stamp Exhibition PhilaNippon in 2011. Onuma continues to develop his exhibition with the aim of presenting the most comprehensive picture possible of Beethoven and the prevailing circumstances which surrounded, influenced and formed him. The story of his life is told kaleidoscopically with the greatest possible variety of philatelic exhibits. In addition to elaborately designed postage stamps the exhibition also contains such rarities as the original master drawings, die proofs, colour trials and printing errors. Meter stamps and postal stationery, i.e. stamped and franked postcards and special postmarks, provide additional variety.


The exhibition begins with Beethoven's adolescence in Bonn, and an illustration of his birthplace in the series of definitive stamps "Places of Interest" reflects Bonn's conception of itself as the Beethoven city. His later homes in the Vienna area, for instance in Heiligenstadt, adorn stamps from all over the world (the Maldives, Togo). Several stamps show examples of architecture in the magnificent and mighty centre of music which was Vienna as Beethoven found it in 1792. There are also stamps which commemorate his Viennese teachers Haydn, Salieri und Albrechtsberger. A great many interesting exhibits address the topic of Beethoven and his most important works. On display, for instance, are the "Moonlight Sonata" from Dahomey (now Benin), the "Appassionata" from the Soviet Union, the Fifth Symphony from the German Democratic Republic, "Egmont" from Belgium, the "Eroica" from Senegal and the Ninth, of course as the Anthem of Europe but also in the context of its first performance in the prisoner-of-war camp in Bando in 1918.

df image Beeth

Numerous stamps depict Beethoven and are based on portraits which as originals are in the collection of the Beethoven-Haus. Thus the visitor to the exhibition has a unique opportunity to compare the original portraits with interpretations "en miniature", some of them more artistically successful than others.


Special exhibition : Beethoven on Postage Stamps

A collection from Japan on Beethoven and his lifetime

19th March until 24th June 2012


Beethoven-Haus Bonn (Germany)

Ursula Timmer-Fontani  Tel. 0049 228 98175-16

email :     ursula.timmer@beethoven-haus-bonn.de

Yukio Onuma  (Japan, in English only) Tel. 0081 3 3414 6258

email : y-onuma@sage.ocn.ne.jp

Source : World Stamp News

View :

Beetoven on Phone Cards

Musicians and Composers on stamps

24 February 2012

New Special Cover..



Bareilly District level exhibition


Date of Issue : 9 February 2012


Bareilly College, Bareilly

Screenshot_3 : Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur

23 February 2012

Native Trees of New Zealand..



2012 New Zealand Native Trees



Date of Issue : 1 February 2012

Hi !

Here is a beautiful set of stamps issued by  New Zealand Post on February 1, 2012  featuring  five iconic native New Zealand trees. Each of the beautiful species is depicted in a detailed illustrative style and the scientific name of each species is included in the design . This is an awesome set of stamps on Flora ! Each stamp design has a very cool light color background that contrasts with the color of the flower giving a very attractive look to the stamps. The special feature of the stamps is that they give botanical details of the plant. This set is sure to be liked by Flora theme collectors as well as a general plant lover !! Kudos to the designer of this beautiful set !! This is all for Today….Till Next Post…Have a Great Time !!




New Zealand’s isolation from the rest of the world has allowed its unique flora to evolve and flourish, resulting in the distinctive array of native trees present today. This high degree of endemism makes New Zealand’s native trees truly special, so much so that Conservation International has recognised New Zealand as a world biodiversity hotspot. Almost all of New Zealand’s native species of conifers, flowering trees and tree ferns occur nowhere else – resulting in native forests like no other on Earth.


Miniature Sheet

The individual stamps in this issue are as follows:


60c - Pōhutukawa

The pōhutukawa is a species of Metrosideros, and is often referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree due to its display of bright red, pollen-producing stamens in summer. The undersides of the leaves and flower buds are densely furry with white hairs. Although it is widely cultivated throughout the country, in nature it is restricted to the northern North Island, mostly in costal habitats.


$1.20 - Cabbage Tree

The cabbage tree (Cordyline australis) or tï kouka is found throughout New Zealand in moist soils and swamps. It is a tall, much-branched tree, and has long, narrow leaves with many parallel veins. The abundant small white flowers are attached to the branching stems of large inflorescences, and the fruits are white to purple berries.


  $1.90 - Kōwhai

The vibrant kōwhai tree is most conspicuous in spring, with its large golden-yellow flowers. Its flowers are bird pollinated and the petals are arranged in a sort of tube to contain a sufficient quantity of nectar. Sophora microphylla is widespread and grows near streams and at lake edges.


$2.40 - Nīkau

The nīkau (Rhopalostylis) is the furthest south palm in the Southern Hemisphere. It is impressive in height, and the top of the trunk is crowned by a spreading cluster of enormous leaves divided into leaflets. Flower clusters arise below the crown of leaves and form bright red berries. Where the nīkau is plentiful it gives the feeling of a tropical forest.


$2.90 - Mānuka

The mānuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is a widespread shrub that sometimes grows to a small tree. Its leaves are very small and quite sharply pointed, and it is abundant with small white flowers (although pink and red varieties are cultivated). The mānuka is well known for the dark, strong flavoured honey it produces.

: New Zealand Post

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