28 May 2010

New stamps from Israel..

To be issued on 14 June 2010

Hi ! Today I spared sometime from my very busy schedule to write on my Blog. Here are some new and very nice stamps to be issued by Israel Post. The stamps are unique in design and printing technology.The stamps were manufactured with innovative laser etching and lacing technology as well as laser philatelic perforation. It is Israel – Austria Joint issue. I have another lovely souvenir leaf to share here, sent by my friend Dr Eli Moallem of Jerusalem. The sheet was issued on Israel’s Golden Jubilee. It features 50 Red Roses in the shape of Number 50 , a wonderful item in my Greeting Collection. Thank you very much Eli !…… for this beautiful Souvenir Leaf. I am so pleased to have it in my collection.This is all for Today……Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !


Date of Issue - 14 June 2010

These stamps show a portrait of Simon Wiesenthal in a frame in the form of the Star of David, applied using a special printing technology. The technique used in the production of this joint issue is a world premiere! The text elements on the stamp are in both German and Hebrew.

Simon Wiesenthal was an Austrian-Jewish architectural engineer and Holocaust survivor who became famous after World War II for his work as a Nazi hunter who pursued Nazi war criminals. His life motto was Justice not Vengeance.

Picture 005

The stamp depicts the declaration of the establishment of the state of Israel by David Ben-Gurion, Israeli leader and the first Prime Minister. He was a key figure in Israel independence and the establishment of a Jewish nationality and state in Israel after the Holocaust by which the Nazi's killed 6,000,000 Jews in Europe.

26 May 2010

Slogans on Postal Receipts…

Don’t Use Plastic Bags

Hi ! I am back to my Blog…..due to busy schedule I could not write a new Post. As it is tourist season here …so lot of time is spent with the guests. I just received some scans of postal receipts from our Reader Mr Ashwani Dubey with new slogans. A variety of slogans is seen on these computer generated receipts. Thanks to Mr Dubey for these new items of interest. This is all for Today …..Till Next Post…..Have a Great Time !





My New Cover from a friend in France

Picture 006

Thanks David ! for this cover posted from Monaco with lovely stamps and nice FDC of Monaco …I love pets !! It’s nice to see.

Picture 006

thanks2 David Jastrzebski, Dijon - France

25 May 2010

Great Australian Railway Journey….

Hi ! I am very busy these days with the inflow of visiting guests in this tourist season here. It is the peak time for tourists in Kullu & Manali. People come here to get a relief from scorching heat of the Plains. Now temperature is also increasing here as today when I went out had a feeling of heat that was uncomfortable. It is the weather that I feel here these days….Now coming to the philatelic world…… Here are some awesome stamps issued by Australia Post featuring Great Australian Journey.The stamps are very fascinating and are one of the most beautiful stamps issued on Train…Just fantastic !. A journey in train is always very pleasant….This can be experienced from these stamps too….giving a picturesque view of the surrounding. I just love these stamps and wish to get them in my collection ! This is all for this Post……Till Next Post…Have a Nice Time !


Date of Issue – 7 May 2010

Four of Australia's most scenic railway trips are being celebrated by Australia Post with the launch of a new stamp issue titled Great Australian Railway Journeys.

This issue features three 55c stamps - The Ghan, the Indian Pacific, the West Coast Wilderness Railway in Tasmania and one $2.10 international stamp - Kuranda Scenic Railway in Queensland.

au 1

The issue includes a limited edition (10,000) prestige first day cover featuring the Indian Pacific stamp and a reproduction version of the 1917 invitation to the official opening of the Trans-Australian Railway. A prestige booklet comprising mixed blocks of four stamps, minisheet and postcards will also be available.

au 4

Max Cards

au 5

Courtesy – Australia Post

23 May 2010

New Cover from Shimla...

National Academy of Audit & Accounts, Shimla

Here is recent cover issued by HP Postal Circle on National Academy of Audit & Accounts. The cover was released by Vice President of India, Shri Mohammad Hamid Ansari on 18th May during the Diamond Jubilee function of the Academy at Yarrows in Shimla . Thanks to Ms Bhumika Sharma, who sent the scan of the cover from Shimla. But it is highly surprising to see that Rs 10 definitive stamp has been used on the cover, instead of Rs 5 commemorative stamp. In my opinion the issuing authority should take notice of this and use Rs 5 stamp on the cover which may be most relevant .

Archie on US stamp soon....

To be issued on 16 July 2010

The postage stamp features Archie Comics most enduring and iconic image of the fabled romance - eternal teen Archie Andrews sharing a soda with his two favorite girls, brunette heiress Veronica Lodge and blonde girl-next-door Betty Cooper.

Hi !

The US Postal Service is going to feature the famous comic character, Archie on its forthcoming postage stamp to be issued on 16 July 2010 as a part of a new stamp collection titled "Sunday Funnies." . Archie is one of most the favorite comics of teenagers round the world. It’s great to see its 3 famous characters Archie, Betty and Veronica on this beautiful stamp in a very funny style. Of course this stamp will become favorite of many who love to read comics.The United States Postal Service will be honoring the Archie love triangle as part of the "Sunday Funnies" series for "offering an idealized portrait of American adolescence" since 1946, when the comic books expanded to include the newspaper strip. The daily newspaper strip, now written by Craig Boldman and illustrated by Fernando Ruiz, continues to run in newspapers and online publications worldwide. This is all for this Sunday….Till Next Post…..Have a fantastic time !

21 May 2010

Slogans on Postal Receipts……

God Has No Religion

Hi Here are some postal receipts with nice Slogans issued from Gorakhpur. It has been possible by great efforts of Mr Ashwani Dubey, a philatelist from Gorakhpur. He is promoting philately in his own way. Such Slogans can be issued by other post offices of India Post located at different places. There is need to advise the postal staff to issue new slogans in a regular interval in order to provide a message to one and all through these small postal receipts. Thanks to Mr Dubey whose effort has brought delight to the philatelists. This is all for Today…….Till Next Post…….Have a Nice Time !


What We Think We Become


Ahinsa Parmodharma


MK Gandhi Man Of Millenium


Jiyo Aur Jeene Do

Courtesy – Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

19 May 2010

New Stamp from India..

C V Raman Pillai


Date of Issue – 19 May 2010


My recent Cover & Card…

Hi ! Here I share a nice card and covers received by me from Dr Hemant Kulkarni of USA & Viviana of Argentina. I am very happy to receive them and express my gratitude to both of you ! The beautiful Post Card shown above featuring Yosemite National Park, California is a real official pre -stamped Post card issued by USPS and a wonderful Philatelic item for my collection. A nice FDC from Argentina featuring flag of Argentina & Coat of Arms. Thank you very much for these nice philatelic items. This is all for Today…Till next Post…..Have a Nice Time !


Nice Lines on Pansy Flower…

Pansy Pansy in the ground…Dancing in the velvet gown…


Yosemite National Park, California

Real official Post Card issued by USPS

Picture 002

A cover with recent Pansy LOVE Stamps issued by USPS

thanks2 to Dr Hemat Kulakarni, Milwaukee, USA

Picture 003

thanks Viviana

18 May 2010

New Issue by UNPA….

One Planet One Ocean

On 6 May 2010, the United Nations Postal Administration will issue six se-tenant mini-sheets of four stamps each (for a total of 24 commemorative stamps) on the theme "One Planet, One Ocean", on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the International Oceanographic Commission (IOC). Three prestige booklets will also be issued on the same day.


Date of Issue 6 May 2010

image_thumb13.png df

image_thumb23.png yu



Full Set-Prestige Booklets



image53_thumb[2].png 7


Club News

Raising a flag


The history of flags comes alive in philatelist Sekhar Chakrabarti’s rare collection of stamps, says Suktara Ghosh


He made it to the 2009 Limca Book of Records as the owner of the largest collection of stamps featuring the Indian national flag. Yet he feels that his work in the field is “almost rudimentary”. For 64-year-old eminent philatelist-turned-vexillogist (a person who studies flags) Sekhar Chakrabarti, flags have been an enduring passion.

“The flag is a symbol of belongingness. It stands for one’s heritage, aspiration and hope and is therefore very significant,” says Chakrabarti. His knowledge on vexillogy is encyclopedic — he reels off names, dates and incidents effortlessly — and his collection consists of more than 10,000 stamps, along with a formidable collection of paper cuttings. The principal driving force behind his work is an urge to preserve flag history.

“Government bodies and even some scholars furnish the public with incorrect information, and that is what I seek to put right,” he says. For instance, few are aware that the Indian national flag was hoisted on August 16, 1947 from the Red Fort and not on the 15th as believed. Or that it was Sister Nivedita — as Margaret Noble, Swami Vivekananda’s disciple was known in India — who first conceptualised and designed a flag for India. Her flag, depicting the vajra or the thunderbolt with Vande Mataram inscribed on either side, was made by the students of her Calcutta school and displayed at a Congress exhibition in the city in 1906.

Chakrabarti has taken it upon himself to rescue from oblivion such forgotten nuggets of history. “I’ve just started my own blog on http://flagstamps. blogspot. com/ and also have a book in the pipeline,” he says.

Encouraged by Lady Ranu Mukherjee and Dr Triguna Sen, Chakrabarti began collecting stamps at the age of 14. He soon discovered his interest in flags and took it up as his philatelic theme. His first solo exhibition was held in the American Society in 1962 and he followed it up with many more around the world under the patronage of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie.

Chakrabarti was the first Indian member of the Flag Research Centre, US, and he has won various national and international awards and even acted as a jury member at exhibitions organised by India Post and other philatelic societies. He has also actively promoted philately in conferences organised by the Indian postal department and the Dhaka University.

“Authenticity is of prime importance in philately. A philatelic journal should be like one’s personal diary, where one cannot lie or distort facts,” Chakrabarti insists. It is this love for authenticity that drove him to write to and thereby correct misinterpretations in William Crampton’s The Observer’s Book of Flags. On another occasion he wrote to the postal administration of the UN — and received an explanation from them — pointing out the wrong depiction of the Ashok Chakra with 12 spokes instead of 24 in a 1985 Flag Series stamp.

Labour of love

An engineer by profession, Chakrabarti devoted long hours after work to build up his priceless collection, acquiring stamps from dealers or by exchanging them with fellow collectors. More lately, he has taken to purchasing stamps on eBay.

“I worked whenever I had time. Flags are more like an obsession to me and I never tire of them. The work of a philatelist is like a detective. One must have a lot of patience to pursue this hobby fruitfully,” he says. And since retirement he has devoted much time on his book.

Chakrabarti has also built up an enviable library of flag-related books —possibly one of its kind. It’s a collection of “a few hundred” books — a veritable treasure trove for enthusiastic vexillogists.

Rare raves

One of the rarest in Chakrabarti’s collection is the Azad Hind Fauj stamp in which the charkha is replaced by a springing tiger. It was never used but was approved by Subhash Chandra Bose and printed for future use in 1943 at Reichsdruckerei (a printing house) in Berlin. “It is priceless,” Chakrabarti says.

Another is the 1942 cover depicting the Congress flag — then banned in India— circulated by Indian patriots in Malaysia under Japanese occupation during the Quit India Movement. Or take the cover showing the Swadeshi flag — never officially adopted — which was popular in 1921, after Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha. It had the colours white on top, green in the middle and red below. However, saffron replaced red in the Purna Swaraj flag adopted officially in 1931. This flag was similar to the final version of the Indian flag except that it had a charkha in the middle instead of the chakra.

Another eye-catcher is the first day cover issued from Moscow to commemorate Mission Soyuz-T11, which carried Rakesh Sharma into space, with original autographs by the astronauts. Or the very rare stamp issued by Pakistan during the first SAARC summit in Dhaka on December 8, 1985. It showed Kashmir as a separate state between Indian and Pakistan. Rajiv Gandhi, the then prime minister protested and compelled Pakistan to withdraw it the next day.

Another 1969 English stamp depicts Mahatma Gandhi, against the Indian flag. The Mahatma made history by being the first non-British person to be depicted on a UK stamp — it was issued on his birth centenary.

Photographs by Rashbehari Das

Published in The Telegraph 8 May 2010


17 May 2010

Club News

Award List of Indian participants AT LONDON 2010


One of the biggest philatelic shows of this year LONDON 2010 concluded in London on 15th May. All the participants from India came with flying colors.

Gold Medal and best of Class Award came to India, Patna - Mr. Pradip Jain, Aerophilatelist.


Mr. Brian Trotter, Chairman London 2010 presenting the Best of Exhibit award to Mr. Pradip Jain, Aerophilatelist India

There were 75 countries that participated in this grand show and 1000’s of visitor came to see the show everyday. There was much to see (and buy!) at the show, with over 200 stand holders, including many foreign postal administrations, plus numerous societies represented. This innovative approach made it possible for over 2,400 frames of material shown in 8 days.

The first phase 8 to 11 May 2010, entries in Class: Traditional, Revenues, Postal Stationery and One‐ Frame Exhibits (With link to George V) and in the second phase, 12 to 15 May 2010, entries in Class: Postal History, Aerophilately, Thematic and Youth one‐frame were shown.

Gold Medal and best of Class Award came to India (Patna) Mr. Pradip Jain, Aerophilatelist for his one frame exhibit "The Development of Airmail Route between Cairo and India until 1929" as well as his son Mr. Pragya Kothari also awarded LARGE SILVER for his 5 frames exhibit and the other exhibitor from Patna, Mr. Lallan Prasad Singh has also won Silver Medal.

Following participants from India have sent entry in London 2010 and won the awards below :

Pradip Jain, India ( Patna, Bihar) ‐ GOLD MEDAL
The Development of the Airmail Route Cairo‐India 1918‐1929
The exhibit provides the details of the airmail route between Cairo and India until 1929 showing all the relevant and important items.

Mr. Dhananja Desai, Ahmedabad ‐ LARGE VERMEIL MEDAL
Soruth (Indian Feudatory State)
From early postal system to United State of Saurashtra. Typeset stamps, essay, colour trials, currency change and PC up to 1950.

India Pre Independence up to King Edward VII
Scinde‐Dawks, lithographs 1/2an, 1an, 2an & 4an all with various dies & printing, retouches, varieties, also proofs and specimen.

Pragya.jpg comp

Mr. Pragya Kothari, India ( Patna, Bihar) ‐ LARGE SILVER MEDAL
Grey Goose Wings
This collection gives a detailed treatment of archery, its initial development through the ages, and its use in the world of sport.

Lallan Singh

Lallan P. Singh, India ( Patna, Bihar) ‐ SILVER MEDAL
Twin Cobra Overprints of Gwalior (On George V British India Stationery)
The structure of the exhibit follows a chronological pattern covering a mint and used envelope, postcard & postal history items of Gwalior of King George V regal year.


Dinesh C. Sharma, Lucknow - Literature – Bronze


Vikas Singh, Ghaziabad - Literature - Bronze

Heartiest Congratulations to all the Winners !

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