20 February 2024

JAKARTA 2024 : Asian International Stamp Exhibition



JAKARTA 2024 with a capacity of 1200 display frames, is organized by the Indonesian Philatelic Exhibitors Association (IPEA) under the Patronage of FIAP from July 3 to 7, 2024 at the Pos Bloc Jakarta, (ex Jakarta Philatelic Building), Jl. Pos No. 2, Jakarta Pusat 10710.

Classes available for participation are: 

Competitive classes : 

FIAP Championship, 

Traditional, Postal History, 

Postal Stationery, 






Modern Philately, 

Picture Post Card, 

Open Philately, Youth Philately, 

One-Frame Exhibit  


Detailed rules of the exhibition (IREX) and Exhibit Application Forms are available for download at https://jakarta2024fiap.com/irex/

The duly filled Form along with a copy of the first page of the exhibit should be submitted by Feb 28,2024 to the National Commissioner, Parvesh Kumar Gupta, Email:  maachis001@gmail.com WhatsApp +919810628387 



to the Apprentice National Commissioner, Anil Reddy, Email anilreddy.stamps@gmail.com WhatsApp +919841022884

17 February 2024

Club News : EIPEX 2024 Update


EIPEX 2024 

New Pictorial Cancellation: Pride of Nation 
17 February 2024

Glimpses of  EIPEX 2024  

16 February 2024

Club News : Eastern India Philatelists' Association


EIPEX - 2024

16-18 February 2024, Bhubaneswar

EIPA Team Efforts

Sri Ajit Kumar Dash - DESIGN OF POSTCARD

Sri Ajit Kumar Raut - Released Cancellation 

Sri C.R.Das  -  T-Shirt

Sri Debasish Mitra and Sri Ajit Kumar Raut - designing
 Poster and Banner

Sri Kasinath Sahoo - arrangements of frames from DOP
Sri Gangadhar Tripathy  - receiving exhibit

Sri Durgadutta Rautray and Sri Shanti Swarup Rath - overall Coordination

13 February 2024

Club News : Orissa Philatelic Association



OPAPEX-2024.  A two-day Philatelic Exhibition was held in Cuttack Philatelic Bureauer from  9-10 February 2024. It was organized by Orissa Philatelic Association. philatelic activities like Stamp drawing and letter writing competitions among school children were organized during the exhibition.  Prof.Sahadeva Sahoo, president OPA, SSRM (Dept. of Posts) Shri Aparajit Patnaik & Shri I. Mohanty, Sr.Post Master Cuttack GPO were guests at the inauguration of the exhibition.   Philatelists and members of OPA made the show.  Mr.Shakil Ahmed, Hon.Sec OPA gave the vote of thanks.

OPAPEX-2024. On the second and last day of the Philatelic Exhibition, Orissa Philatelic Association organized a workshop on Philatey followed by  Philatelic Quiz Competition among school children. The workshop and quiz were conducted by Shakil Ahmed (Hon.Sec.OPA) at the Computer Training Centre, Cuttack G.P.O. 

07 February 2024

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News February 2024

Dear Reader, 

I am pleased to release the February 2024 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available at the following link :

03 February 2024

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