28 February 2020

RED NOSES : Clowndoctors

Red Noses

Date of issue : 25 February 2020

Here is a beautiful stamp issued by Austria Post on 25 February 2020 featuring 'Red Noses', the Clown doctors who make people laugh even when times are difficult ! It is world’s largest association of healthcare clowns.

Making people laugh even when times are difficult

For over 25 years now the RED NOSES clown doctors have been bringing laughter where it is most needed and Austrian Post has honoured this fabulous commitment with a RED NOSES special stamp.

“RED NOSES is an artistic organisation bringing humour and laughter to people in need of joy”, says the mission statement of this charitable organisation. The clown doctors visit children and young people in hospitals and in other special educational and therapeutic institutions as well as adults and senior citizens in care and rehabilitation centres. They provide psychological support to help people get well again and find renewed pleasure in life.

The RED NOSES clown doctors are professional artists who have undergone special training. When they are ill, children are subject to all kind of stresses: anxiety, pain, separation from their parents, treatments – and a nosy, clumsy clown can become an important ally who has the sensitivity necessary not only to ensure that there is fun to be had, but also to distract patients and to help reduce anxiety levels.

Adults also benefit from the healthcare clowns: clowns improve their mood, motivate people and provide a few lighter moments in an otherwise difficult situation. For senior citizens, visits from clowns provide variety and help raise their spirits.

RED NOSES Clown doctors

Founded by Monika Culen and Giora Seeliger in 1994, after the first visits from clowndoctors to sick children it quickly became clear what positive effects these special “visits”can have. Since 2000 the clown doctors have also been visiting senior citizens in care facilities, and projects such as “Clowns Unterwegs” (“Clowns on the Go”), supporting people through therapy in rehabilitation clinics, a circus workshop for long-term paediatric patients or the clown theatre for children and young people with mental and multiple disabilities followed. Since 2013 the RED NOSES have been working in crisis and catastrophe zones with “Emergency Smile”. RED NOSES Clown doctors International was set up in 2003 and today has partner organisations in ten different countries. This makes the RED NOSES group the world’s largest association of healthcare clowns.

25 February 2020

New Sping stamps from Canada Post


Date of issue : 2 March 2020

Canada Post will issue two beautiful stamps featuring Dahalia on March 2 to welcome spring season.Found mostly in Mexico, where it has been that country’s national flower since 1963, as well as Central America, dahlias are also grown in gardens around the world.

Club News

3rd EIPA Stamp & Coin Mela 2020
13-15 March 2020

Eastern India Philatelists's Association will organise a Stamp and Coin  Mela  from 13th-15th March 2020, at Hotel Keshari, Bhubanehwar. 

New Stamp from India : Industrial City Jamshedpur

Industrial City : Jamshedpur

Date of Issue : 17 February 2020

14 February 2020

New Stamp from India

4th Battalion (Outram's) The Rajputana Rifles

Date of Issue : 12 February 2020

My recent covers..

Ganga Yatra, Prayagraj Commemorative Cover

Thanks to Rahul Ganguli, Prayag Philatelic Society, Allahabad.

Chauri Cahura Incident, Gorakhpur

Thanks to Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

Palindrome date 02-02-2020

Thanks to Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

Happy Valentine's Day

Made of Hearts

Greetings to all on Valentine's Day

USPS offers special Valentine’s Day pictorial postmark for your loved one....

Add an extra “I love you” to that special Valentine’s Day greeting card this year with the new Made of Hearts Forever Stamp. It's the latest stamp in the U.S. Postal Service’s Love series, and a customized postmark, courtesy of the United States Postal Service.
Traditionally, customized pictorial postmark cancellations are selected from a design contest held each year with local school children.This year’s winning design was drawn by Erick Ramirez, a student of the Valentine Independent School District.The practice of sending cards with special Valentine, Texas pictorial postmarks goes back more than 30 years.
A mail-in request is simple. Address the card to that special person, affix a First-Class Mail postage stamp (this year’s Made of Hearts Forever Stamp will work) and put it into a larger envelope, also with appropriate postage. Address the larger envelope to:
VALENTINE, TX 79854-9998
With Love

13 February 2020

Glimpses of Vintage Bengaluru

Book Review

Glimpses of Vintage Bengaluru

Collection of Picture Post Cards

By Sushil Mehra

Glimpses of Vintage Bengaluru,Collection of Picture Post Cards, By Sushil Mehra : Hardbound  Coffee Table Book with excellent layout and printing : Pages  105 :  showcasing 160 vintage postcards and other interesting collectibles like Match Box Labels, Railway Tickets, Bills etc.  depicting Monuments, heritage buildings and many other important places of Bangalore of the Past. : Price : Rs 550.00 :The book is available at Select Book shop No.71, Brigade Road, Shanthala Nagar, Bengaluru-560001. Also available at https://www.collectorbazar.com/

Glimpses of Vintage Bengaluru,Collection of Picture Post Cards is a beautiful Coffee Table Book showcasing the Picture Postcards featuring beautiful Bangalore of the past its monuments, heritage buildings, temples, churches, General Post Office, hospitals, High Court, Race Course,Gardens Railway station and many more places of interest. Besides Postcards the book depicts old Bangalore beauty with other philatelic items like stamps, First day covers,special covers, post marks, meter cancellations , interesting collectible items like Railway Tickets, Match box labels,Bills, Cheque leaf, Calendar, electricity bill, receipts, advertisements etc. This makes the book more interesting . The book will be cherished by one and all specially those who love to travel and like to visit different places. Philatelists will find it very interesting as post card collection is also a part of philately. 

The book gives details of the every building and place .The book also gives QR Codes for all the interesting places depicted through the Postcards. One can explore the past of beautiful Bangalore through this  book which preserves the history and life of Old Bangalore.  People of every age group would love to go through this book and for Bangloreans it is the most lovable asset !

About the author

 Sushil Mehra is a noted philatelist of Bangalore and writes regularly on stamps . His FB philatelic posts on Pan India Pictorial Place cancellation  Group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/panindiapostal/) are very popular among philatelists with interesting stories of everyday life and its association with stamps. He is a member of Karnataka Numismatic Society and  Karnataka Philatelic Society. Karnataka Postal Circle has released Postcards on his collection and two books on special Covers of Karnataka to which he has contributed. Mr Sushil Mehra may be contacted at email : gaureshmehra@gmail.com

12 February 2020

Colors of Friendship...Love stamps 2020

Colors of Friendship from Finland

Date of Issue : 22 January 2020

Finnish Post issued a beautiful set of stamps featuring "Colors of Friendship". The stamps are beautiful and very colorful showing fun and friendship.

The stamp year in Finland begins with the cheerful and colorful Valentine’s Day stamps designed by Samuli Siirala that present the shared moments, joys and memories of a friendship over the years. Siirala has made the retro-style illustrations of the stamps look like they would belong on a poster by removing details. The Colors of Friendship stamp booklet contains six different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs.

11 February 2020

Love is all around....Love stamps 2020

Symbol of Love....

Date of Issue : 7 February 2020

Love is all around....Beautiful stamp issued for Valentine's Day 2020 by Thailand Post featuring Teddy Bear and hearts... the symbol of Love !

10 February 2020

New special Covers from Gujarat

National Salt Satyagrah Memorial, Dandi : 30 January 2020

Folk Dances of Gujarat : 11 January 2020

International Kite Festival : 7 January 2020

- Timir Shah, Vadodara

Love is in the air....

The Love We Deserve....

Date of Issue : 6 February 2020

Here are four beautiful stamps issued by PHL Post for this year's Valentine's day featuring universality of Love.

PHLPost promotes universal love with new heart shaped Valentine’s Day Stamps

MANILA – The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) releases stamps featuring the digital art rendition of “Valentine’s Day 2020 – The Love We Deserve” special stamps using the popular character of the human heart that signify emotions, including love.

We see the familiar symbol of love everywhere — from eating heart-shaped chocolates to sending text messages to a special someone with the iconic heart of the popular “emoji” or symbols.

Entitled “The Love We Deserve”, the four heart-shaped designs show the values important to contemporary society, focusing on current issues.

It presents the idea that love transcends romance, taking on the many other definitions of love with an open mindset.

Each of the four topics represents a creed: Love Nature, Love for Country, Love Knows No Gender, and Love Yourself. This issue deviates from the usual way Valentine’s Day stamps are depicted and is intended to touch on subjects the public – especially the youth – can both relate to and reflect on.

The four heart-shaped stamp designs such as the environment themed “Love Nature” takes on the color green, with a background of a tree that symbolizes life; the nationalistic themed “Love of Country” where the color and design of the Philippine flag and map are reflected in the background while little doves fly around to symbolize peace and love; the “Love Knows No Gender” stamp theme indicates that Love has no sexuality, race, skin tone, color or gender and lastly; the stamp giving emphasis on “Loving Yourself”, inspiring people to have self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance.

The magenta/purple inspired color illustrates a person holding one’s head high.

Considered as one of the most awaited Philatelic releases, this year’s Valentine’s Day stamps were designed by PHLPost in-house graphic artist Irma Jane Junio, deviating from the usual romance theme but focused more on the universality of love.

Kocham Cie.....I Love you...

I Love you.....

Date of Issue : 14 February 2020

Love is in the air as the Valentine's day approaches...Here is a beautiful stamp to be issued by Polish Post on 14th February 2020 featuring two mugs together making a heart with the caption " Kocham cie " (meaning 'I love you' in english)...

08 February 2020

New Meghdoot Postcard and Special Cover

Consecration Ceremony of The Brihadeeswara Temple, Thanjavur

A Meghdoot Postcard was issued on 5th February.2020 at Thanjavur H.O. to commemorate Consecration Ceremony of The Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur. The last Consecration Ceremony took place in the year 1997, 23 years ago.

The Meghdoot Postcard issued by Mr. Thomas Lourduraj, DPM. Mr. Elangovan, AGM, Thanjavur and other staff present at the function.

Few philatelists and general public got the Permanent Pictorial Postmark depicting The Brihadeeswara Temple available at Thanjavur H.O.

This commemorative cover prepared by Mr. R. Kasinath, Philatelist at Thanjavur..The cards are available at Kumbakonam H.O.

- Kasinath R- Thanjavur

New Special Cover

Diamond Jubilee year IIT Kanpur

A special cover was released in Kanpur to commemorate Diamond Jubilee Year of IIT Kanpur.

- Raman Kumar Mandal, Gorakhpur

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