31 October 2013

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New stamps from Croatia


Explorers and world travellers

Seljan Brothers


Date of Issue  : 15 October 2013

Croatian Post issued a  commemorative postage stamp dedicated to brothers Mirko and Stevo Seljan.

The names of Mirko and Stevo Seljan, explorers and world travellers have been preserved not only in literature and in titles of museum collections but also in the names of streets, schools, associations as well as in the name of one military station in Ethiopia, which they founded while they were in service of the Emperor Menelic II. The Seljan brothers grew up in Karlovac, a town which has also earlier seen world travellers, and their fondness of adventures was expressed already at an early age. Especially distinguished was Mirko, who after serving the military service in Romania worked as land surveyor in the basins of the rivers Danube and Neva. He travelled through Europe and spoke all major languages and in 1898 won the title Champion of Globetrotter – in only 110 days he walked the whole way from St. Petersburg to Paris.

440th Anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt


Date of Issue : 11 October 2013

On 11 October 2013 Croatian Post issued a souvenir sheet to commemorate the 440th Anniversary of the Peasant’s Revolt. The souvenir sheet and the stamp depict the motif of the monument to Peasants’ Revolt, a work by the sculptor Antun Augustinčić.



Day when candles and paraffin lamps were replaced by gas light

Commemorative Postage Stamp 150th Anniversary of the Introduction of Gas Network System in Zagreb issued by Croatian Post.  The motif of the stamp is a gas lamp in Zagreb Upper Town.


Best friends of numerous yachtsmen



Date of Issue : 26 September 2013

Croatian Post issued three new postage stamps from the set Lighthouses on 26 September 2013 .

Pločica (stamp of face value of 4.60 HRK) is situated six nautical miles south from the island Hvar. The position of the islet was ideal for navigation signalling in the sea corridor which connects the channel of Pelješac and the channel of Korčula.

Stončica (stamp of face value of 5.80 HRK) is a huge lighthouse building in the north-east promontory of the island of Vis adorned by one of the tallest towers of the Adriatic.

Sućuraj (stamp of face value of 7.60 HRK) was built in the most eastern promontory of the island of Hvar.  In the twilight the silhouette of the today automated lighthouse vanishes in a hundred years old pine tree wood in its background.

30 October 2013

Animated cartoons on new stamps from Belarus..



On November 1, 2013 the Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Belarus will issue 8 stamps from the series “Belarusian animated cartoons”. The cartoons are from  following animated films . The stamps will appear in a beautiful sheetlet . The design of FDC is very nice with a magnificent cancellation.

No. 987 The Wolf and the Ram No. 988 Adventures of Nesterka

No. 989 About the Girl Zhenya No. 990 A Small Fish Named Impossible

No. 991  Pilipka  No. 992 Snow White and Rose Red

No. 993 Adventures of the Reactive Piglet No. 994 The Centipede


Face value “N”  shown on the stamps is equal to the surface tariff of a postcard abroad.

National Film Studio "Belarusfilm" is one of the leading studios in Eastern Europe with a complete production cycle. Its history dates back to 1924.

"Belarusfilm" regularly participates in many international film festivals. At the 53rd International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín (Czechia, 2013) the film "Pilipka" by Tatyana Kublitskaya was awarded the highest prize of the festival "Golden Slipper" in the category "The Best Animated Cartoon". Elena Petkevich’s film "Snow White and Rose Red" won the Prize for Master at the 16th International Animated Film Festival "Animaevka 2013" (Mogilev).

There is the emblem of National Film Studio "Belarusfilm" on the stamps.



An animated cartoon is a film for the cinema, television or computer screen, which is made using sequential drawings, as opposed to animations in general, which include films made using clay, puppet and other means.

Early examples of attempts to capture the phenomenon of motion into a still drawing can be found in paleolithic cave paintings, where animals are often depicted with multiple legs in superimposed positions, clearly attempting to convey the perception of motion.

The phenakistoscope (1832), zoetrope (1834) and praxinoscope (1877), as well as the common flip book, were early animation devices to produce movement from sequential drawings using technological means, but animation did not develop further until the advent of motion picture film.

Marine Biodiversity…



The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) issued stamps to highlight the Philippines as one of the world’s center of marine biodiversity. The country boosts an abundant coral reef showcasing the vast variety of marine life.The Philippine Marine Biodiversity stamps features eight (8) unique designs in triangular format which will be the first of its kind in the Philippines.

The marine species featured in the stamps are the Lemon Goby, Dragon Wrasse, Spotted Puffer, the three-spot Angelfish, the white –tailed Damsel fish, the Orange Sea Perch, the Lemonpeel Angelfish, and the electric-blue Damsel.

50th Fish Conservation Week


Date of Issue : 14 October 2013

The Philippine Postal Corporation  issued a set of stamps to commemorate the 50th Fish Conservation Week, featuring endangered and/or threatened marine species. These designs were taken from the winning entries of the last year BFAR’s Fish on the Red List Painting Competition.

Stamp designs :

Stamp 1  The Last stand- Jaylord G. Agliway, Green Sea Turtle with  Giant Manta Ray, Hammerhead  Shark

Stamp 2  Small things are Big  Jon Carlos A. Tabios. Dwarf pygmy goby (Tabios)

Stamp 3  Deep Blue Sea  Bernardino V. Vergara Jr .Whale Shark  Butanding  



Date of Issue : 14 October 2013

The first stamp features a painting of a Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)with a Giant Manta Ray(Manta birostris) and silhouettes of four Scalloped Hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) behind it. One of the five marine turtles found in the Philippines, Green Sea Turtle or pawikan swims in sub-tropical and tropical seas. This species is Endangered under the IUCN Red List and included in Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Appendix I because of illegal trades and poaching.

The second stamp is inspired by the painting of a Dwarf Pygmy Goby (Pandaka pygmaea). Tabiosand bia in vernacular tongue, Dwarf Pygmy Goby is the smallest fish in the world by mass and are endemic in the Philippines. However its population vanished or became extinct due to heavy pollution and land reclamation projects. Dwarf Pygmy Goby is listed as €œCritically Endangered€ under International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN Red List.

The third stamp employs the painting depicting the largest fish in the world known as Whale Shark or €œbutanding€. Scientifically named as Rhincodon typus, Whale Shark is a migratory filter feeder that lives in all tropical and warm-temperate seas.

29 October 2013

New Joint issues…

Spain – Japan Joint Issue


Date of Issue : 14 November 2013

As a token of appreciation for the floriculture and plant species are grown as far afield as Spain and Japan, the Post put into circulation two countries share a broadcast dedicated to Geranium and Lespedeza thunbergii. The two stamps are issued together in the teeth.


The cultivation of plants and flowers in particular, is considered an art in most cultures. Since time immemorial are pictures showing man's attraction for the care of flowers and gardens. China, Babylon, Persia and subsequently many other cultures have left evidence of it in everyday life.

In Spain, one of the most common plants is the Geranium family of Geraniaceae. It is cultivated in gardens, terraces or balconies and produces vivid flowers of different colors. There are several varieties, the most popular common geranium, the gypsy or ivy leaf, the pelargonium geraniums and aromatic leaves. They need lots of light and sun to bloom. It withstands high temperatures, but not frost or cold. The plant appears to touch a characteristic odor and is easy to grow. Generally reproduced by cuttings.

Lespedeza is a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae. It's commonly known as bush or Japanese clover comes from temperate and subtropical regions of eastern North America and eastern and southern Asia and Australia. It is just one of the 30 species of legumes that exist, such as peas and beans. Some varieties are grown as ornamental plants in gardens and others are used as fodder. Its roots enrich the soil and prevent erosion.

Israel – Greenland Joint Issue


Issued in June 2013

Israel – Uruguay Joint Issue



The postal administrations of Israel and Uruguay have issued stamps jointly to mark their diplomatic relations. In 2013 the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Uruguay and Israelis celebrated.The year of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, 1948, marked the beginning of a long shared journey of deep-rooted friendship between the two countries.

The South American and Israeli postal companies chose a drawing by the artist Jose Gurevich of the Matriarch Sarah when she was told by angels that she would have a son. The Jewish-Uruguayan artist had created a series of biblical drawings in honor of his mother who contracted cancer. The image on the NIS 2 stamp designed by Rinat Gilboa testifies to the deep cultural and religious roots of the Jewish People.

Spain – Belgium joint stamp issue – 150 Years of the Red Cross

image  image

Date of Issue : 28 October 2013


The postal administrations of Spain and Belgium have come together to jointly issue stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Red Cross. The two countries illustrate their respective stamps with motives allusive to the organization.

The idea of founding an international society for humanitarian aid arises from the Swiss Henry Dunant (Geneva, 1828-1909) after witnessing the Battle of Solferino in 1859 between the Austrian army against the French and Piedmonts leaving in a single day on both sides, 40,000 soldiers dead or wounded on the battle field. Jean-Henri Dunant was shocked by the terrible aftermath of the battle, the suffering of the wounded soldiers and the near-total lack of medical attendance and basic care. Impressed by the tragedy he conceived the idea of creating a neutral aid organization to provide humanitarian aid regardless of races, nationalities and beliefs.

Back in Geneva his proposal was backed up by another four Swiss citizens subsequently been referred to as the “Committee of the Five,” This committee founded in 1863 the International Committee of the Red Cross, whom, with the support of the Swiss government, held a year later the first diplomatic conference attended by 16 European countries including Spain and the United States.

The Red Cross is a global humanitarian movement headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland). In Muslim countries it is known as the Red Crescent. The fundamental principles governing the Red Cross and Red Crescent are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. The emblems identifying the organization -a Red Cross or Red Crescent on a white background- are recognized by all countries.

Zubin Mehta...




Zubin Mehta is an Indian Parsi conductor of Western classical music. He is the Music Director for Life of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Main Conductor for Valencia's opera house. He is also the chief conductor of Florence, Italy's Maggio Musicale festival.

Mehta was born into a Parsi family in Bombay. He initially intended to study medicine, but eventually became a music student in Vienna at the age of 18, under Hans Swarowsky.


Overs the years,he has been the Music Director and Principal Conductor at various Philharmonic including Liverpool, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv, Florence, Munich, Vienna, Valencia and London.

On 26 Dec 2005, the first anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Mehta and the Bavarian State Orchestra performed for the first time in Chennai at the Madras Music Academy. On 7 Sep 2013, Zubin Mehta appeared with Bavarian State Orchestra at a Special concert named Ehsaas- e- Kashmir organized by German Embassy in India, at historic Mughal Gardens, Srinagar, Kashmir.

He has been the recipient of the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Tagore Award, Lifetime Achievement Peace and Tolerance Award of the United Nations & Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mehta is an honorary citizen of Italy & Israel, permanent resident of US but retains his Indian citizenship.

In 2007, Austria Post released a stamp honouring him, while in 2006, Croatia released a postmark for his concert. 

- Kenneth Sequeira , Dubai (UAE)

email : kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

Club News

image_thumbHonour for philatelist

The Limca Book of Records have recognized three of following collections of noted philatelist & numismatist, Cdr G.Sriramarao of Vishakhapatnam as National Record for 2014 and will be included in their book to be published on 30 June 2014.


1. Musical Post Offices 2. Musical coins 3. Musical currency

They have recognized the three categories separately and issued 3 certificates to Cdr G. Sriramarao.

Musical Post Offices Collection of Shri Ramarao could be viewed at following links :

Musical Post Office Part I

Musical Post Office Part II

28 October 2013

New Christmas stamps..



Date of Issue : 21 October 2013

Greenland Post issued a set of two beautiful stamps with nice FDC and magnificent Maxim Card for this year’s Christmas.




Macao Post and Greenland Post also jointly issue a presentation pack with the above stamp theme, this pack includes the respective stamps issued by the two administrations, with total face values at 8.50 patacas and 19.50 Danish krone respectively; and a joint first day cover affixed with a set of Macao’s stamp and a set of Greenland’s stamp of the same issue and cancelled with the postmarks of the respective administrations.

27 October 2013

Endangered species on new UN stamps..



Date of Issue : 10 October 2013

On 10 October 2013, the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA)  issued a set of 12 stamps depicting endangered species. These will be the twenty-first set of stamps in UNPA's multi-year series Endangered Species. The series was launched in 1993 to highlight the need for the protection of endangered species throughout the world. For this year's Endangered Species stamps, UNPA has featured the wonder of nocturnal animals.

US$ 1.30 block shown above

1.Asian tapir 2.Mongoose lemur 3.Flat-headed cat 4.Aye-aye


F.s. 1.40 m block 

1.Ground pangolin 2.Potto 3.Philippine tarsier 4.Livingstone’s flying fox


€ 0.70 block

1.Banded civet 2.Pharaoh eagle-owl 3.Greater slow loris  4.Long-beaked echidna



On 10 October 2013, first day cancellations for the Endangered Species stamps were provided at United Nations Headquarters in New York; the Palais des Nations, Geneva; and the Vienna International Centre. The cancellations are illustrated below :


A set of UNPA's maximum cards were also  issued on 10 October 2013. Three different cards have  been produced to accommodate the three different se-tenant blocks of four stamps .

image image image

New stamp with a Rainbow..


Guru Padmasambhavaon


Date of Issue : 18 June 2013

Here is a Miniature Sheet issued by Bhutan Post with a Rainbow in its design. The MS was issued to commemorate   the Birth Anniversary of Guru Padmasambhavaon 18th June 2013. Padmasambhava , also known as the Second Buddha, was a  sage guru from Oddiyana,  Padmasambhava is said to have transmitted   Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet,Bhutan   and neighboring countries in the 8th century AD. In those lands, he is better known as Guru Rinpoche  or Lopon Rinpoche, or as Padum in Tibet, where followers of the Nyingma   school regard him as the second Buddha  .

This beautiful MS covers the themes Rainbow, Mythology and Buddhism.

New Stamps from Ukraine


Date of Issue : 14 October 2013

Ukrpochta has issued a beautiful  souvenir sheet  “Generous Ukraine. Autumn” featuring fruits, flowers, mushrooms, birds and many more ...

It is is a continuation of the series “Generous Ukraine. Spring”and “Generous Ukraine. Summer” by the artist Natalia Kokhal. She had this artistic vision to portray Ukraine as women who symbolize seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The s/s “Generous Ukraine. Autumn” consists of four stamps depicting autumn generosities of the Ukrainian land: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), watermelon (Sitrullus lanatus), dahlia (Dahlia) and penny bun (Boletus edulis).


Fruits on stamp


Ukrainian post issued a new definitive stamp within the series Leaves and Fruits. The stamp depicts Common Pear (Pyrus communis). Pyrus communis, also known as common pear, is a species of pear native to central and eastern Europe and southwest Asia. It is one of the most important fruits of temperate regions, being the species from which most orchard pear cultivars grown in Europe, North America, and Australia have been developed.

26 October 2013

New stamps from Tunisia



Parental Love


A stamp on the theme “Parental Love” was issued by the Tunisian Post ON 18th October  2013.


This issue is part of the general awareness about the importance of parents’ place in the Tunisian family and duty to surround and support them to ensure their dignity and well-being in the family and in society.

The stamp depicts some aspects of parental love, like affection, solidarity and communication, as well as the value of family relationships in order to preserve the principles and values of solidarity and mutual support between generations.

Lighthouses of Tunisia



image image

Date of Issue : 20 September 2013

A set of four stamps featuring Light Houses of Tunisia by Tunisia Post was issued on 20th September 2013.





Stamp on Harvey Milk by USPS in 2014


The Harvey Milk Foundation confirmed  that the U.S. Postal Service would honor gay rights icon Harvey Milk with a stamp in honor of his memory and legacy.

Milk, the first openly gay man to hold political office in California, will break new ground once again as the first openly LGBT political official to be featured on a postage stamp, which will be released in 2014.

25 October 2013

Gingerbread Houses stamps from USPS



Date of Issue : November 6, 2013

Here are the most beautiful stamps to be issued by USPS featuring colorful gingerbread houses. These stamps are sure to be loved by all especially the children.

These four new, cheerful holiday stamps capture the delicious tradition and childlike nostalgia of making gingerbread houses. Stumbling across a magical cottage made of cake and candy, Hansel and Gretel knew just how special gingerbread houses could be—but no witches will jump out of these confectionery domiciles. Instead, the Gingerbread Houses stamps will add a touch of whimsy to  holiday mail.


These stamps feature four different gingerbread houses set against a bright blue background. Made with gingerbread and royal icing, each house has sugary fruit slices for shingles, peppermint sticks for support beams, and round, candy-coated chocolate for doorknobs and holly berries, and yet each is unique.


Sally Andersen-Bruce photographed the houses, created by baker Teresa Layman. Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamps.The Gingerbread Houses stamps are being issued as Forever® stamps. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce rate.

Source : United States Postal Service


Travel in Taiwan…Greeting stamps



Date of Issue : 27 September 2013

Taiwan Post issued a set of 10 beautiful stamps featuring famous tourist attractions of Taiwan.

With the release of the “Personal Greeting Stamps – Travel in Taiwan” on September 27, 2011, Chunghwa Post continues the legacy and is issuing a new set of personal greeting stamps, featuring Taiwan’s most famed tourism spots. The designs follow:

1. The Presidential Office Building (NT$5): The building is a five-story, post-reconnaisance architecture. On national holidays, it is festooned with celebratory decorations and diamond-studded with lights, as glorious as a diadem.

2. National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (NT$5): The Hall is a nod to the corniced architecture of the Tang Dynasty. Majestic and awe-inspiring, the Hall sits on the luxuriant green grass and vibrant flower shrubs of Chung Shan Park.

3. The National Palace Museum (NT$5): The Museum’s main building is a Chinese palatial structure. Built with turquoise-green tiles and trimmed with yellow ridges, the museum houses near 700,000 prized artifacts. It encapsulates more than five thousand years of Chinese cultural essence.


4. The Taipei 101 (NT$5): At 508 meters in total height, this skyscraper is built in the likeness of an erect bamboo that soars into the sky, symbolizing growth and prosperity. The building is one of Taipei’s most prominent landmarks.

5. National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (NT$5): Styled after the top of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and structurally inspired by the Egyptian pyramid, the monument is bracketed by the National Theater and National Concert Hall on the left and right, respectively. The spacious Memorial Hall is an internationally popular tourist attraction.

6. Jiufen (NT$5): Nostalgic and evocative, the seasonal allures in Jiufen are one of a kind. The small town is a well-loved tourism bright spot.


The design of the top most stamps are as follows :

7. Alishan (NT$12): At an elevation of 2,216 meters, Alishan is framed by tall mountains all around, with majestic gorges and roaring waterfalls. The sunrise, the sea of clouds, the enchanting glow of sunset, the unbroken forest and the alpine railway are collectively called, the Five Wonders of Alishan.

8. Qingshui Cliff (NT$12): The cliff is situated in the stretch between Heping and Chongde on the Su-Hua Highway, and a geological marvel on Taiwan’s east coast. Rising at over 1,000 meters above sea level, the cliff nestles against the Pacific Ocean at a near right angle. A steep precipice on one side and an expanse of blue ocean on the other, the sight is breathtaking.

9. The Queen’s Head (NT$12): Yeliu is an extension of Mt. Datun that reaches into the ocean to form a cape. The cape is noted for its quaint geological landscape defined by the constant erosion of ocean waves, the weathering of rocks and crustal movement. Among which, the Queen’s Head – a mushroom rock – is an internationally celebrated attraction.

10. Sun Moon Lake (NT$12): Located at an elevation of 748 meters, the Lake is cloaked by layers of mist, fog, and contrasted by the distinctively outlined mountain scape, making it a classical piece of ink art.

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