30 September 2011

New Stamp from India



The Trained Nurses Association of India


Date of Issue : 30 September 2011

Screenshot_3  : Mansoor Bolar - Mangalore

India Post issued today, a commemorative postage stamp on The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) .


Headquarters of The Trained Nurses' Association of India,
New Delhi


The Association had its beginning in the Association of Nursing Superintendents which was founded in 1905, at Lucknow. The organisation was composed of nine European Nurses holding administrative posts in hospitals.

Like their counterparts in other countries, this small band of women was imbued with vision and a pioneering spirit. They saw the need to develop Nursing as a profession and also to provide a forum where professional Nurses could meet and plan to achieve these ends.

The Association of Nursing Superintendents, therefore, sought the help and co-operation of Nurses throughout the country. At the Annual Conference held in Bombay in 1908, a decision was taken to establish Trained Nurses Association. The Association was inaugurated in 1909. The two organisations shared the same officers until 1910 when, at the first Trained Nurses Association (TNA) Conference, held at Banaras (UP), the TNA members elected their own officers.

In 1922, the Association of Nursing Superintendents and Trained Nurses Association were amalgamated and called The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI).

In 1912 the TNAI got affiliated with the International Council of Nurses (ICN). The TNAI along with various responsibilities as a member had participated in the ICN Nursing Abroad Programme since 1950. Under this scheme a number of TNAI members had been placed in institutions abroad to obtain clinical experience on an "earn and learn" basis. In 1974 the TNAI became a member of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation (CNF).

Indian theme on foreign stamps

- Kenneth Sequeira

Guyana Post issued a Miniature sheet during INDIPEX 2011.  featuring Taj Mahal, the  most beautiful monument of India and a world heritage site declared by UNESCO.


Taj Mahal – The Pride of India

29 September 2011

Cyprus Post wins EUROPA 2011 Jury Prize Competition





Above stamp issued by Cyprus Post for EUROPA 2011   was adjudged the best stamp of this year by a panel of jury . Cyprus Post wins the Jury Prize competition held in Brussels on 24th September 2011. This year’s Europa theme is Forests.Cyprus Post issued a set of two stamps this year on EUROPA 2011 theme. The other stamp of this set is shown below.


Cyprus Post winner of the EUROPA 2011 Jury Prize Competition

Cyprus Post EUROPA Stamp entry was named the winner of PostEurop‘s first ever EUROPA Jury Prize Competition which was held at the prestigious Brussels Town Hall, where an expert jury met and voted through closed ballot.


On 24 September in Brussels, PostEurop held its first ever EUROPA Jury Competition at the famous Brussels Town Hall. Seven experts were invited to join the jury and judge the EUROPA Stamps based on their expert opinion. 56 entries were displayed before the jury and after much deliberation, the jurors casted their closed ballots followed by a round of voting and discussion. Having reached a consensus, Mr. David E. Failor, Chief of the United Nations Postal Administration, proudly announced Cyprus Post as the winner of the 2011 Europa stamp Jury Prize to be the EUROPA Stamp.


The Jury Composed of:

David E. Failor, United States
Marc Taraskoff, Designer, Belgium
Dr Guy Coutant, Philatelist expert, Belgium
Jan Sertons, PostNL, The Netherlands
Jurgen Haepers, www.europa-stamps.blogspot.com,
Switzerland Olaf Neumann, Designer, Germany
Stefan Klein, Designer, Germany

"There were so many beautiful entries and judging was difficult due to the high quality of entries. We finally reached a consensus on the Cyprus Post Europa Stamp. The design in particular was very strong: modern, visually powerful but the interesting part was the integration of the white in the green of the stamp which created a light effect and contrast across the stamp. This stamp was in our opinion best illustrates our interpretation of what a forest should represent for the people and the young generation" said Mr. Failor.

The Jury Prize competition is held separate from the public online competition which took place earlier this year. This means that there are two separate prizes for Europa stamps: one coming from the results of the public online competition and other from this expert Jury competition.

The prize for the Jury Prize competition will be handed out during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly in Istanbul on the 12th October, prior to announcement of the winners of the public online competition.



EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/enterprises and bears the official EUROPA logo, a PostEurop registered trademark under the aegis of PostEurop in which Europe is the central theme.

EUROPA stamps underlines cooperation in the posts domain, taking into account promotion of philately. They also build awareness of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals.

As such, EUROPA stamp issues are among the most collected and most popular stamps in the world.

Since the first issue in 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a tangible symbol of Europe’s desire for closer integration and cooperation. In 1993, PostEurop became responsible for issuing EUROPA stamps. 

- Post Europe 

View Europa 2011 stamps

28 September 2011

New Stamp on Christmas..



Date of Issue : 1 November 2011


Christmas – Stained Glass

The art of creating coloured glass is ancient, and was originally practiced by both the Egyptians and the Romans. Stained glass, or sometimes thin slices of alabaster set in wooden frames to create a similar effect, has been used in churches and other stately buildings the world over since the Middle Ages. At a time when much of Europe was illiterate, churches in particular took advantage of the use of stained glass—frequently depicting vivid and expressive scenes from the Bible—to visually reinforce their teachings. An art-form in itself, stained glass is often referred to as ‘pictorial art’ or described as ‘illuminated wall decorations.’

Three of this year’s Christmas commemorative stamps from Canada Post  showcase scenes from the magnificent stained-glass windows of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Kingston, ON, which was built nearly a century and a half ago. The windows were originally imported from England. Over the years, several installation projects, additions and changes have been undertaken. This work includes a complete restoration of the windows, which began in 1993, done on site by glass and installation artist Mark Thompson, using much the same methods employed for the past thousand years.

The scenes for the stamps are chosen to depict the story of Jesus’ birth.

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Spl cover on floating post office, Biscoe School released during CHINAR 2011


Srinagar, Sep 27: The second day function of Chinar 2011 J &K Philatelic Exhibition organized by Department of Posts, J &K Circle, continued and special cover on Floating Post Office, Kesar (Saffron) were released by Chief guest  Lt. Gen. K T Parnaik (GOC northern command).

John Samuel, Chief Postmaster General while releasing the special cover on Tyndale Biscoe School said that department of posts is opening two more post offices, one at Changla Pass in Leh and other at Khardongla Leh (world`s highest point of motorable road).

Special covers  on Kesar , floating post office andTyndale Bisco were releasedAround 450 Students from various schools participated in the Letter Writing Competition arranged by the Department on the theme of “Letter to my mother”. Workshop on Philately for students was conducted in the afternoon followed by Group Discussion on  topic ‘Future of Post Offices’.

Today special covers on Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Dal lake were  released and Quiz Contest for students was held besides workshop for students .



 Sacred Stamp Award award for Croatian Post

Croatian Post received a special award this week for a stamp entitled "400 years of the Capuchins in Croatia" by Ariane Norsic. The 29th International philatelic awards which includes as category for sacred art on postage stamps known as "San Gabriel", was held in Legnago, Italy.


The competition saw Croatian Post singled out as among the best in the world for stamps containing religious messages. Philatelic award Winners are selected annually, by an international jury composed of eleven philatelists.

Danilo Bogon, the main organizer and coordinator of the international philatelic awards, highlighted the exceptional quality of Croatian postage stamps in their visual communication. The stamp found favour with the jury, who admired the way in which the Capuchin Order and the importance and role of Leopold Mandic had been depicted.

New stamps from Czech Republic…


World Post Day


Date of Issue : 5 October 2011

The Czech Post will issue a commemorative postage stamp on  5 October on World Post Day.


World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October, the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in the Swiss capital, Bern. It was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969.


World Post Day Poster : UPU

The purpose of World Post Day is to create awareness of the role of the postal sector in people’s and businesses’ everyday lives and its contribution to the social and economic development of countries. The celebration encourages member countries to undertake programme activities aimed at generating a broader awareness of their Post’s role and activities among the public and media on a national scale.

The original name was General Postal Union.The main goal of the UPU has been and continues to be to safeguard development of the international postal communication network and create uniform conditions for international mail exchange.

The UPU has now 191 member countries. It covers more than 5 million staff at more than 660 thousand postal branches. The global network of the postal sector may help it become an important player on the way to an information society. Postal branches in many countries have been transformed from places where you can merely post or pick up your mail into sites offering modern electronic and financial services. Governments, international organizations and private businesses in a number of developing countries have been using postal sector as a suitable channel for providing public access to new information and communication technologies, such as the Internet or email.

Czech Film Posters - Une femme douce


Date of Issue : 5 October 2011

Author of a poster for the film Une femme douce (1970, France) directed by Robert Bresson, painter and graphic artist Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová was born on August 8th, 1944 in Hradec Králové. She took a course of private studies with leading Czech textile artist Antonín Kybal (1963) and finished studies at an art school (1968) and Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (1968-69; Karel Svolinský).

The author of an overall seventy-six film posters (1969-89), Poláčková-Vyleťalová has been exhibiting her works at collective (since 1974) and solo (since 1980) shows. Her design of the Une femme douce poster became an icon of the Czechoslovak film poster art. A poetic harmony, dreamy lightness and imagination are the typical features of all of her works.

Her film posters won a number of prestigious international awards, such as the Cannes International Film Festival 1973 - Grand Prix for the Best Poster (Une femme douce); Cannes International Film Festival 1974 - International Critic's Prize (Mládí a láska, Youth and Love in English); Chicago International Film Festival 1979 - Gold Hugo (Zrcadlení, Mirroring in English). Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová's latest exhibition of film posters was the 2008 sole event at Prague's cinema Světozor.

Pat & Mat -  Stamp booklet


Date of Issue : 5 October 2011

Figures depicted on this new stamp are from a popular TV series of bedtime stories for children - the tinkers Pat and Mat in their brotherly embrace. Pat and Mat first appeared in 1976 in the film "Tinkers." The couple changed a T-shirt and donned a beret and bobble hat for the next "Pat&Mat... and that's it" series. Designed as adult entertainment, the buddies have successfully used their charm and tricks to please all generations.



However, they had to wait until 1989 to get their names. Mat was also allowed to dress his red T-shirt again to mark the occasion. The key inspiration for their stories is the extreme clumsiness of the two. But fun is not all - what matters is the optimistic attitude of Pat and Mat towards life. They never give up, even if everything is lost, and are always proud of their own solution. Both stars were continuously shining until 1995. The new millennium brought Pat and Mat back to the stage with their new stories.

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Chinar 2011

Srinagar, Sep 26: The much awaited 4-day mega philatelic exhibition “Chinar 2011” was Monday inaugurated by Governor NN Vohra at SKICC on the Dal banks.   On the occasion the Governor released a Special Cover on “Chinar 2011” and launched the first ever “My Stamp in the country by which the people will get personalized stamps with their photographs on it.”
The exhibition put on display “world’s first postage stamp, Penny Black and India’s first postage stamp.” “The stamps carrying many interesting topics including Harry Potter, Princess Diana, magnificent cars, Hollywood, Railways, and Environment, Stamps on Fauna of Kashmir, Defence Services, Animal Kingdom, Beautiful Birds and many more exciting things will be on display”, Chief Postmaster General, Jammu and Kashmir Circle John Samuel told reporters on sidelines of the event.

To attract more and more youngsters the department, Samuel said,  is holding a competition among students. “The competition will be held in different categories including Letter Writing, Stamp Designing and Quiz”.  “The competition will be held among school and college students, and General group. The fourth group will take part as non-competitors. Winners of first three best letters will get cash award for Rs.10,000, Rs.5,000 and Rs.2,500 respectively”, Samuel said.


Issue of ` 10/- Banknotes with incorporation of Rupee symbol

The Reserve Bank of India will shortly issue `10/- denomination Banknotes without inset letter, in the Mahatma Gandhi Series with the signature of Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, Reserve Bank of India, with the year of printing 2011 printed on the back of the Banknote, with incorporation of "`" symbol.

The design of these notes to be issued now is similar in all respects to the Banknotes in Mahatma Gandhi Series 2005 issued earlier except for the ` symbol.

Screenshot_3 : Kenneth Sequeira – Dubai; Ashwani Dubey – Gorakhpur ;Vishal Sanganeria - Guwhati

27 September 2011

New Stamp from India..



Jaimalji Maharaj

Date of Issue : 25 September 2011

India Post issued a commemorative   stamp on Jain saint Jaimalji Maharaj on 25th September 2011.JaimalJi Maharaj was born in Lambiya, Merta in Rajasthan.At the age of 23 Years he decided for dixa that was just six months after his marriage .His renunciation Guru was Achrya Samrat Sri Bhudarji Maharaj Sahab. 

Indian theme on foreign stamps

- Kenneth Sequeira


2010 visit by President Obama

In November 2010 Obama became the second U.S. President after Richard Nixon (in 1969) to undertake a visit to India in his first term in office. On November 8 Obama became the 2nd U.S. President ever to address a joint session of the Parliament of India. In a major policy shift Obama declared U.S. support for India's permanent membership of United Nations Security Council. Calling India-U.S. relationship a defining partnership of 21st century he also announced removal of export control restrictions on several Indian companies and concluded trade deals worth $10 billion which are expected to create/support 50,000 jobs in the U.S. during this visit.


Nevis -2



Screenshot_1 Mansoor B. – Mangalore, Kenneth Sequeira – Dubai (UAE)

World Tourism Day



Today is World Tourism Day . 27 September is celebrated every year all over the globe as World Tourism Day. This year’s World Tourism Day will be celebrated under the theme of ‘Tourism - Linking Cultures’ set by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The main focus of this year’s theme is to foster awareness among the international community of the value of tourism and its cultural impact and to gain experience in understanding cultural diversity.


Taj Mahal – The Pride of India

image image

World Tourism Day (WTD) 2011 is being held under the theme Tourism – Linking Cultures.

Sri Lanka Post  issues postcards and stamps to celebrate WTD 2011


This year’s World Tourism Day will be celebrated under the theme of ‘Tourism – Linking Cultures’ set by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The main focus of this year’s theme is to foster awareness among the international community of the value of tourism and its cultural impact and to gain experience in understanding cultural diversity.

The main function will be held on September 27 with arrangements to release ten new stamps and picture postcards covering this year’s promotional themes of Sri Lanka tourism including Pristine, Heritage, Bliss, Wild, Scenic, Thrills, Festive and Essence and Scenic.

The stamps will bear the value of rupees five (4 stamps) and fifteen (2 stamps). Also four Airmail stamps valuing Rs 30, 35, 40 and 45 will also be released with this.

A Tourism Zone will be declared from Uttarananda Mw to Perahera Mawatha named as ‘Road to Paradise’ where the main activities are scheduled to take place from September 25 to 28.

Two thousand schoolchildren from 110 different schools in the Western province will participate in a competition to draw a 1 km long painting in this area named as ‘Colombo Wall’. The painting will showcase the Colombo city in the future as seen through the eyes of these children.

26 September 2011

Supply Ships…



Date of Issue : 31 August 2011

Pitcairn Islands Post issued  a set of four stamps on 31 August 2011 featuring supply Ships.The supply ships are a part of Pitcairn’s history and the Pitcairners have much to be thankful for with the service provided by the Southern Salvor; Claymore II; Braveheart; Taporo VIII and all their crews, for whom this issue is dedicated.


Pitcairn’s remoteness means it is dependent on small supply ships to provide a lifeline to the community. Since the withdrawal of the Blue Star Line in 2003, the residents have relied on the smaller vessels that ply their way from Mangareva in French Polynesia, some 500 km away.

Loading and unloading can be a difficult business. Depending on the weather and sea conditions, the decision is made which side of the Island to carry out this tricky operation involving all hands and a good understanding between winch operators and the longboat crews. Sometimes the weather and sea conditions win out, with some items not able to be landed.

My Recent Cover

Picture 010

Thanks to Andrzej, Poland for this nice cover with Europa 2011 stamp and special cancellation of  Zubr - European bison.


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Mr Mahesh Reddiar fom Kerala has created a new website on Indian Philately . It also features Stamp Quiz and newsletter Thapal News. See links below :

It can be viewed at :  www.PhilaIndia.info

Monthly Stamp Quiz -
New Letter - Thapal News - www.PhilaIndia.info/news.html

Joint Issue from Belarus and Iran



Date of Issue : 28 September 2011

Belarus Post and Iran Post will jointly issue a postage stamp on 28 September. Belarus miniature sheet features Famous Mir castle of Belarus and  Karimkhani Citadel of Shiraz .


The Mir Castle is a unique monument of Belarusian architecture of the 16th century.Its construction was initiated by the Belarusian magnate Yuri Ilinich in 1520-ies.Being one of the best examples of the Belarusian fortress building engineering of the 16th century the Mir Castle had for many centuries been used as a residence for Belarusian magnates. Now the Mir Castle is a branch of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.In 2000 the Mir Castle was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Karimkhani Citadel in Shiraz is one of the most prominent architectural monuments of Iran. It was built in 1766 under Karim Khan Zend the ruler of Iran at that time. For its construction Karim Khan invited the most skilful architects, masons and painters. They used the best building materials. The fortress served as a royal palace and a military garrison. From 2008 the historical monuments of the Zends epoch in Shiraz are among the candidates for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Special Cover

Andhra Pradesh



Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad : 16 December 1976





International  Paediatrics  Update : 16 December 1987


: Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur

25 September 2011

New stamps from Ukraine..



“The 70th Anniversary of the Babyn Yar Tragedy”


Date of Issue : 29 September 2011

"Tetiana Markus. 1921-1943. Hero of Ukraine"


Date of Issue : 21 September 2011


“The 90th Anniversary of the Postage Stamps of Ukrainian People’s Republic” 



Date of Issue : 12 September 2011

“ХІІ National Philatelic Exhibition “Ukrphilexp”. Odesa”


Date of Issue : 9 September 2011

“World of Fairy-tale” “The Snow Queen” fairy tale : Hans Christian Andersen


Date of Issue : 1 September 2011


Stamps are Part of our Historical Patrimony

PHILANEWS_Belgium Post



Autumn 2003. The phone rings. Its the secretary of the Belgian Post Philately Commission. In a few words, he asks me to sit on the Commission. I accept enthusiastically, not only due to my personal connection with the postal service as the daughter of a postman, but mainly because of my profession as historian. As a specialist in matters of identity, I know the importance of the postage stamp. When a nation state is born, the postage stamps, along with the flag, the national anthem and the banknotes, are one of the factors by which it affirms itself. Every item of correspondence being sent from any country in the world must carry a stamp which has been issued by that country and identifies it as such.

Thanks to its stamps, a nation becomes a reality, not just in the eyes of its own people, but also to everybody else. With this in mind, I went to my first meeting of the Philately Commission. Of considerable impor­tance among the subject areas put forward for 2005 was that of the 175 years of Belgium. I felt this theme was an excellent opportunity to draw attention to some of the major issues in our history. In actual fact, if people knew the symbolic value of the image of the monarchs shown on the stamps, wouldn't the 175th anniversary be the ideal occasion to remind them about the social issues, the education battles, the two world wars, federalism?

Apart from its normal purpose, a stamp can - and should - help us to learn that little bit extra. We might like a particular stamp, or not, but it can also generate discussion. Questions associated with history are not always easy to evoke by just a postage stamp. How can the question of Congolese independence be brought up without treading on someone's toes, how can the persecution of the Jews be "depicted", how can we make choices which reflect certain commitments while always bearing in mind the necessary diversity and balance?

The totality of the stamps issued by the Belgian State constitute a re­markable legacy. The events we select, the phenomena we want to be remembered, constitute one way of writing the history of Belgium, with her choices, her commitments, her identity and her diversity!

Chantal Kesteloot, member of the Philately Commission since 2004, Researcher with the 'War and Contemporary Society' (www.cegesoma.be) Research and Documentation Centre.

Published in Phila News of  Belgiam Post

Screenshot_3 Pradip Jain - Patna

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