23 April 2023

New stamps from India

75 Years of Indian Army

 Date of Issue : 19 April 2023

Dayanand Saraswati

Date of Issue : 7 April 2023

Platinum Jubilee of Gauhati High Court

Date of Issue : 5 April 2023

Diamond Jubilee of CBI

Date of Issue : April 2023

19 April 2023

Club News


Sri Shri Prakash Agarwal, The President of The Hyderabad Philatelic and Hobbies Society passed away on 18th April 2023 at his residence. He was 74 years old. He was the editor of ‘The Hyderabad Philatelist Journal & The Hyderabad Hobby Magazine He was also the GC member of PCI. Our Heartfelt condolences! May his soul Rest in Peace!

New Pictorial Cancellation

 18 April 2023: World Heritage Day

- Nitin Kumar Adka

16 April 2023

New Special Covers

 Capital Foundation Day : 15 April 2023 : Bhubaneshwar

50 Years of Project Tiger : 6 April 2023 : Bandipur

15 April 2023

Odisha Philatelist's name in Guinness Book World of Records


Largest Collection Of Items Featuring Butterflies

Hardik Bhammar is a philatelist from Balangir, Odisha, his name has just entered into the Guinness Book of World Records (2023) for having the Largest Collection Of Items Featuring Butterflies ( 6055 items). He is a Hotelier by Profession, and a Butterfly Collector by Passion. 

Heartiest Congratulations !!

Hardik Bhammar reveals his journey of Butterfly collection....

My Childhood Fascination has become my Lifelong Hobby. Butterflies have fascinated people for centuries! I was spellbound by butterflies at a very young age. Of all insects, butterflies are probably the most popular, because they are renowned for their beautiful colors and graceful flight. They create positive emotions, improve mood and so heal by their beauty. What started out as a childhood charm, the study of butterflies and collecting them soon became something more. It’s my feeling that all childhood experience, good and bad, resonates forever. I stopped collecting at some point, but I never forgot what collecting meant to me. For me, butterflies form a mesmerizing study and several sub-themes to be chosen with the theme. Hence my collection comprises of a wide range of subjects which includes Philately (postage stamps and postage history), Numismatics (coins and paper money, Phillumeny (matchboxes and labels), Vitolphilia (cigar bands), Cartophily (cigarette cards and tea cards), and many other collectibles. Why butterflies? The reason is the interest, curiosity, the captivation towards the natural world. Through my collection, I would like to let children explore the natural world and learn about it. And make them go outside to let that curiosity run its course, or we won’t have any naturalists or scientists. Children need to see natural beauty, the beauty of butterflies.

 I have entered the Guinness Book of World Records (2023), Limca Book of Records (2023), Credence World Records (2021), World Genius Records (2021), OMG Book Of Records (2021) & Champions Book Of World Records (2020) for The Largest Collection of butterfly-related items. Also have been awarded “National Champion” Of the National Collectors Championship Organized By National Human Welfare Board Trust, Bhubaneshwar (2020).  And also I have been Awarded Bronze Medal in Balangirpex, District Level Philatelic Exhibition (2018).

Hardik Bhammar may be contacted at email:  hardik_bhammar@yahoo.com  Whatsapp No. 8763158406

Glimpses of  Butterfly collection

14 April 2023

Club News

 New Special Cover

The Salt Law is broken: Navsari : 6 April 2023

A small stamp exhibition on Gandhi theme was held at National Salt Satyagrah Memoria; Dandi Navsari . During the exhibition, a special cover was released 'The Salt Law is Broken" Navsari Postal Division felicitated the philatelist, Mrs Sujata Chavda for exhibiting her collection on Gandhi theme.

PHILAUCTIONS Auction No. 12 is now ONLINE

You can register and bid online at www.philauctions.com  

There are hundreds of Rare lots ranging from Hanstruck Postage Stamps of India, 1854 lithographs, India Used Abroad, British India, Aerophilately, Independent India Stamps and Errors, FDCs & Folders, Postal Stationery, Mahatma Gandhi Philately, Postal History, Special Postmarks, and Cinderellas.  

Online Pre-bidding on the website closes - 5.00 pm, 28 April 2023

Live Zoom auction will be held in New Delhi at 12.00pm, Sunday, 30 April 2023

For any inquiry, contact us on this email at contact@philauctions.com or whats app at 83 83 85 9325

-Mrs. Ritu Talwar

07 April 2023

Book Review

Princely States of India -A Philatelic Review

By Rolands Nelson

Princely States of India - A Philatelic Overview by Rolands Nelson : Pages : 270 : Type : Hard bound Price : Rs 695/- : Published by Caroline Books, Chennai : Available with the Author : Roland Nelson Mob. 9940681750 e-mail: rolandsnelson8@gmail.com

The book Princely States of India – A philatelic Overview by Rolands Nelson is a very informative book for the collectors of Postal History and those collecting on Princely States of India. There were over 650 states. After the introduction of postage stamp in the world in 1840 and in India in 1854, some of the native states – to be 43, as known today- issued their own stamps and along with these 43, many more had their own postal services within their state. The book is about forty-three Indian Princely States which had their own Postal Services and issued Postage stamps and stationery and some had tie up with Imperial Postal Services to carry on its postal services.

The author has given details about the geography and history of each Princely State with the details of its postage stamps and postal stationery. The illustration of state flag, coat of Arms and location map of each state have also been given in the book. These Princely States are further subdivided and separately listed as Convention States and Feudatory States .The author has given a detailed account of the Convention and Feudatory States so that a reader could clearly understand the difference between the two. The details about the postal rates, stamps, postal stationery and cancellations about each state have been given. Philatelic details are quite informative regarding varieties of surcharges, overprint colours, printing methods, papers and colour of the  stationery and the name of the press where printed.

The book is very comprehensive with the finer philatelic details of the stamps and postal stationery used by the Indian Princely States. The collectors of Indian Princely States would find it very useful. All the illustrations are in colour. The printing and layout of the book are very good on fine glossy paper. The Foreword of the book has been written by Shri Charles Lobo a noted philatelist, Member (Operations) Retd., Postal Services Board.

Through this book a curious collector would find wide scope for study and research in the stamps and postal stationery used by different Princely States. The different dimensions of the surcharges, spelling errors, difference between the originals, reprints and overprints open a wide range for the exhibit/collection to be formed with these items.

In the Appendix, the details of stamps of Indian Princely States in Pakistan, Bahawalpur and Las Bela have also been given. Bahawalpur and Las Bela were Indian states before the partition.

The book is recommended for all philatelists, postal historians, Students and especially those collecting stamps and postal stationery of Indian Princely States. It is an excellent reference book for all stamp lovers and Postal historians. The book will be an asset for libraries of School, colleges and Philatelic Societies and Stamp Clubs.




About the author

Rolands Nelson is a noted philatelist from Chennai and is a life member of South India Philatelists’ Association. He is an IIT Post Graduate and retired as Chief Engineer from the Government of Tamilnadu.  He has been collecting stamps since childhood and participating regularly in several Philatelic exhibitions. He has a special interest in Postal history. He edited SIPA bulletin for more than 15 years. Now he is Vice President of SIPA, a Prestigious Philatelic Association of India.

-Jeevan Jyoti

Behavioural Diversity Among Birds

By Capt. Vijay Wadhwa

Behavioural Diversity Among Birds By Capt. Vijay Wadhwa: Pages: 344 : Type: e–book -  Kindle edition: Available on Amazon.com: For more details contact  Author: Capt. Vijay Wadhwa email: vicks552000@gmail.com WhatsApp No. 89511 66141

Birds are a group of warm-blooded vertebrates constituting the class Aves characterised by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, the laying of eggs, a four-chambered heart, a strong yet lightweight skeleton, and keen vision, the major sense they rely on for information about the environment. Bird behaviour refers to the actions of a bird in response to environmental situations. Some bird behaviour is instinctive, whilst other behaviour is learned. Behaviour includes caring for itself, feeding and interaction with others (birds, humans, and other animals). The diversity of birds is important in many ways. They keep the climate stable, oxygenate the air and transform pollutants into nutrients. Birds play an important role in the effective functioning of these systems.

The book “Behavioural Diversity Among Birds” by Capt. Vijay Wadhwa gives a detailed explanation of the diversity among birds due to several reasons and conditions that have been explained in comprehensive 15 chapters of the book. ‘Bird’ is a very popular theme among thematic philatelists these days. The book is very useful for lovers of Birds as well as thematic stamp collectors who love to collect stamps on birds. The author has given illustrations of bird stamps with the year of the issue. It would be a good reference book for Avian stamp collectors. This book will be an asset for every nature lover and those collecting stamps on birds.

 About the author

Capt. Vijay Wadhwa is a noted philatelist from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He has won many awards in different National and International Philatelic Exhibitions. His special interest is in Bird Philately and has prepared excellent exhibits of different bird themes. He has brought out 3 e-books on birds. The first two ones “Birdlife on Stamps” and “The Beak” both being eBOOKs and awarded on debut at India’s National Philatelic Exhibition- “AMRITPEX2023

-     - Jeevan Jyoti

05 April 2023

Club News

 Rainbow Stamp News April 2023

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release  April 2023 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available on the following link : 

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