15 April 2023

Odisha Philatelist's name in Guinness Book World of Records


Largest Collection Of Items Featuring Butterflies

Hardik Bhammar is a philatelist from Balangir, Odisha, his name has just entered into the Guinness Book of World Records (2023) for having the Largest Collection Of Items Featuring Butterflies ( 6055 items). He is a Hotelier by Profession, and a Butterfly Collector by Passion. 

Heartiest Congratulations !!

Hardik Bhammar reveals his journey of Butterfly collection....

My Childhood Fascination has become my Lifelong Hobby. Butterflies have fascinated people for centuries! I was spellbound by butterflies at a very young age. Of all insects, butterflies are probably the most popular, because they are renowned for their beautiful colors and graceful flight. They create positive emotions, improve mood and so heal by their beauty. What started out as a childhood charm, the study of butterflies and collecting them soon became something more. It’s my feeling that all childhood experience, good and bad, resonates forever. I stopped collecting at some point, but I never forgot what collecting meant to me. For me, butterflies form a mesmerizing study and several sub-themes to be chosen with the theme. Hence my collection comprises of a wide range of subjects which includes Philately (postage stamps and postage history), Numismatics (coins and paper money, Phillumeny (matchboxes and labels), Vitolphilia (cigar bands), Cartophily (cigarette cards and tea cards), and many other collectibles. Why butterflies? The reason is the interest, curiosity, the captivation towards the natural world. Through my collection, I would like to let children explore the natural world and learn about it. And make them go outside to let that curiosity run its course, or we won’t have any naturalists or scientists. Children need to see natural beauty, the beauty of butterflies.

 I have entered the Guinness Book of World Records (2023), Limca Book of Records (2023), Credence World Records (2021), World Genius Records (2021), OMG Book Of Records (2021) & Champions Book Of World Records (2020) for The Largest Collection of butterfly-related items. Also have been awarded “National Champion” Of the National Collectors Championship Organized By National Human Welfare Board Trust, Bhubaneshwar (2020).  And also I have been Awarded Bronze Medal in Balangirpex, District Level Philatelic Exhibition (2018).

Hardik Bhammar may be contacted at email:  hardik_bhammar@yahoo.com  Whatsapp No. 8763158406

Glimpses of  Butterfly collection

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