31 December 2013

New stamp from India



Date of Issue : 31st December 2013

India Post issued today the last stamp of this year on Babu Banarsi Das. Babu Banarasi Das (1912-1985) was a noted politician and a member of Janata Party.During his long political career, he worked as a Minister, Speaker and Member of Parliament (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha). He also held the position of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh from  1979 to 1980.

Stamp Image Credit : Mansoor B. – Mangalore

New Postmark from Patna


Save Water Save Life : Water Conservation Year 2013

imageA special Postmark was provided at Patna on 30 December 2013 : Save Water Save Life : Water Conservation Year 2013.


Courtesy : Pradip Jain – Patna : email : philapradip@gmail.com

image image

Wishing you all a  Very Happy  & Prosperous New Year !!

This is the last Post of this year as the year 2013 is saying Good Bye…In this year  Indi Post issued maximum number of stamps in a single calendar year… The last stamp of this year  released today on Babu Banarsi Das.. With this issue India Post  issued of  about 142 stamps, miniature sheets and sheetlets in the year 2013…Which is a record number.The issuance of Stamp and Miniature sheet on Sachin Tenudlkar was also remarkable as very limited stamps have been issued by India Post on living personalities .  Philatelically it 2013 was a good year with a National stamp show at Mumbai and record number of entries in World Philatelic Exhibition BRASILIANA 2013.  A new website Indian Philately Digest has been launched by Mr Prashant Pandya that proved to be a great help for all the  lovers of Indian Philately with its quick updates. It is a milestone in the field of Indian Philately. In this last Post of The year I  share here some most beautiful  and remarkable stamps of the year 2013…


India Post issued stamps and miniature sheets on 50 iconic personalities of India Cinema.

image sheetlet-093a

India Post Issued stamps, Minature sheet  sheetlet on Sachin Tendulakar’s 200th Test Match.


“The Postman Van” was the theme of EUROPA 2013 stamps.


“Wildlife’ was the theme of SEPAC 2013 stamps.


The Year 2013 was “Lunar Year of Snake”.

30 December 2013

Winter flora from Isle of Man…



Date of Issue : 6 January 2013

Here are some new beautiful stamps to be released by Isle of Man in the New Year. The first issue of 2014 by Isle of Man will  be released on 6th January 2014. It is the Winter Flora Miniature Sheet .  This is a beautiful miniature sheet capturing the flora  seen in the winter months.The next issue by the Isle of Man released on the same day is an issue featuring the Island’s reach culture.


APEX 2014 -  Philatelic Exhibition at Thiruvananthapuram

Ananthapuri Philatelic Association,  is organising a Philatelic Exhibition at Thiruvananthapuram from 28th February to 2nd March 2014.   The venue will be YMCA Hall, Statue, Thiruvananthapuram.  The exhibition will remain open from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm on all days. 

For more details contact V.Balakrishnan Nair, President,( Mobile No.09446028188) / P.Mohanachandran Nair, Secretary (Mobile No.09387801948) Email:apa.tvpm@gmail.com


29 December 2013

New Special Cover



Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi


A New Special Cover was issued on Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences,New Delhi on 16th December 2013 to celebrate 30 yrs of Glorious Service of the Institute.


: Sandeep Chaurasia - Gorakhpur

28 December 2013

50th Anniversary of Japan-Kenya Diplomatic Relationship




Date of Issue : 12 December 2013

Japan Post issued a sheet of five stamps to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Japan-Kenya Diplomatic Relationship since the Republic of Kenya gained its independence in 1963.The stamps of the issue depict animals of Kenya – Zebra  Lion, Giraffe, Cheetah and African Elephant, . The sheet’s background features roses of Kenya and running zebras and wildebeest.


The Embassy of Kenya in Japan celebrated the Kenya’s Golden Jubilee and 50th Anniversary of the Japan-Kenya Diplomatic Relations with pomp and colors. The event was held at Tokyo Marriott Hotel on 12th December, 2013. The occasion was graced by the representative of the Government of Japan, Hon. Hirotaka Ishihara – Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and Hon. Yoshihiko Isozaki, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry. The event was attended by more than five hundred guests including the Government officials, members of Diplomatic Corps, Business practioners, Academicians, among other distinguished guests and friends of Kenya. Ms. Eriko Mukoyama, popularly known by her Kenyan name Anyango, entertained the guests with a live performance of Kenyan traditional music.


New Stamp from India




Date of Issue  : 27 December 2013

India Post issued a commemorative stamp on Eklavya on 27th December 2013.

Ekalavya is a character from the Hindu epic, the Mahābhārata. He was a young prince of the Nishadha, a confederation of jungle tribes in Ancient India. He was son of Vyatraj Hiranyadhanus, a talented soldier in the army of King of Magadha. Magadha was ruled by Jarasandha, who was at odds with the Kingdom of Hastinapura.Ekalavya sincerely sought the mentor of Drona in weaponry and martial art. Ekalavya is called as one of the foremost of kings in the Rajasuya Yagna where he honours Yudhishthira with his shoes. Though he didn't have his right thumb, he was noted as a very powerful archer and charioteer.He was killed in battle by Krishna, who hurled a rock at him.


Ekalvya's Gurudakshina

Guru Gakshina

One day the young Kaurava and Pandava princes from Hastinapur came hunting with their teacher, Drona in the jungle where Ekalavya lived. While the princes were hunting around in the jungle, they camped for the night. It was amavasya and the night was completely dark.

At the same time not far away, Ekalavya was practising archery. He heard a dog barking and fired seven arrows in rapid succession to fill the dog's mouth without injuring it.

image image

Drona and his students stumble across the dog and see its mouth sewn shut by arrows. Amazed at this, Arjuna asked Drona how could this be possible in the dark night to which he replied it was shabda bhedi, aiming at objects by its sound, a skill that Arjuna had not yet learnt. Drona mapped the direction of the shooting arrows and lead his students to the place from they were being shot. There they found a dark young boy practising archery. Drona recognised Ekalavya and asked him if it was he who had shot the wild dog to which Ekalavya replied that it was indeed him. Impressed and curious, Drona asked Ekalavya who his teacher was. The boy bowed to Drona with respect and touched his feet, replied, "Acharya (Sir), it is you who taught me everything I learnt."

Drona was amazed and asked him how could he learn from him in the forest while Drona at the palace with the royal princes. Ekalavya showed them the statue of Drona that he made, explaining that he had accepted the form Drona in the statue as his guru, and with meditation and discipline had trained. Upon hearing this, Drona was impressed but also angered. Fulfilling his dharma to protect the fated superiority of Arjuna, Drona demands him his dakshina. Ekalavya tells Drona that he would pay anything he asked, to which Drona responded that he wanted Ekalavya's right thumb. Without any hesitation, Ekalavya cut off his right hand's thumb and gave it to his guru, thereby crippling himself and ruining his abilities as an archer.

Ekalavya has been lauded by many Indians, including Adivasis, as a paragon of achievement who achieved great heights of accomplishment through his own self-initiative, to which the nobles of the Kuru house could only aspire through formal tutelage. Ultimately, however, the Mahābhārata does not settle these moral ambiguities, and leaves the tale open to speculation and discussion. Ekalavya later learned to shoot again using only four fingers and left-handed and was a mighty warrior hailed in several places in the Mahabharata. On the other hand, Drona has been criticised by some scholars for fulfilling his dharma to protect the fated superiority of Arjuna, and for demanding something that was not his due.

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27 December 2013

It’s Holiday Time…



Date of Issue : 22 November 2013

Estonia Post issue a beautiful set of stamp for Christmas with a lovely FDC and  maximum Card…All these items feature perfect Holiday Time !! It’s Holiday Time all over the world when people enjoying Christmas and waiting for the New year !!


The snow flew in the light of lanterns. I added speed to my sledge and looked at the stars twinkling in the sky. Everyone, both children and grown-ups sped along with lively shouts towards home. Suddenly I noticed two magnificent row deer looking at us peacefully and as if waving their heads in greeting to us. On that also our good guardian, Muki, energetically wagged its tail and gave a merry bark. There was something warm that I couldn’t explain in the air, the starry sky surrounded us and there was a bag of presents waiting for us. This is Christmas, I thought. And it is for everyone.


26 December 2013

My Recent Covers…

11.12.13 Covers


From Stamp Sathi :  www.stampsathi.in

My sincere thanks to Stamp Sathi, Mr Prashant Pandya and Mr Ilyas Patel for sending me these  nice covers.


From Mr.Prashant Pandya - Vadodara


From Mr. Ilyas Patel - Ahmedabad




New Special Cover



A Special Cover was released on 7th December 2013 to commemorate Acharya pad Centenary of Shahsan Samrat Jain Aacharya Shree Vijay Nemisuriji at Ahmedabad.



Acharya Vijay Nemisuri Maharaj (also named Shasan Samrat) is considered to be one of the ablest Suri Chakravarti of 20th century. His activities included renunciation of knowledge, protection religious scriptures, writing of new works and their publication as well as maintenance of whole libraries of scriptures, for which he provided guidance. He founded numerous Jain schools (Pathshalas) all over the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan to spread scholastic knowledge of Jain scriptures and conduct. He also established several Gnanbhandars and libraries to store and protect ancient literature, in religious books. Through his life-time achievements and accomplishments, he made a strong impact in re-energizing and reviving the meaning of Jain Shastras and proper conduct of Jain Shasan. Hence, he is known to the entire Jain Sangh as Shasan Samrat in the true sense. He took birth in the family of Laxmichandbhai and Deewaliben of Mahuva, Gujarat on the auspious New Year Day of the year 1929 V.S. He was named Nemchand, as he was born in the scorpion sign of zodiac.With a view to celebrate his 'Aacharya pad' centenary (1908-2008), Shashan Samrat Bhavan has been constructed in Ahmedabad.

Courtesy : Indian Philately Digest


New Stamp from India..



Date of Issue : 23 December 2013

India Post issued a commemorative stamp on Shaheed Gulab Singh Lodhi on 23rd December 2013.

Gulab Singh Lodhi was a freedom fighter from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. He laid down his life at the historic Jhandewala Park at Aminabad, Lucknow in August 1935 while trying to unfurl the tri-colour flag defying Government order that was unacceptable to freedom fighters during the British regime. He was shot dead by a British Officer when he climbed a tree in the park with the flag.

: Indian Philately Digest

New Special Cover


A Special Cover was released to mark Diamond Jubilee of Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science (SGSITS)(GSTI) on 22nd December 2013 by Shri A. P. Srivastava, Chief Postmaster General at the function organised to celebrate the event in Indore.

The Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science (SGSITS)(GSTI) is an engineering college in Indore. It was established in 1952 as a technical institute offering licentiate and diploma courses in engineering.It is considered as best engineering college in MP after NIT Bhopal.

: OP Kedia, Indore

Formation of new philatelic club at Tiruchirappalli


A new philately club has been started at Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) from Nov 15, 2013 - "Tiruchirappalli Philatelic Club" .


Mr. M. Nassar

53A Jailaniya Mosque 3rd Street,1st Floor, Subramaniapuram,Tiruchirappalli – 620020. Ph: 93451-10420, 84381-18586


Rev. Dr. Daniel Vincent Ph: 99443-51702


Mr. R. Kasinath, Ph:  99941-62516


Mr. G. Satheesh Babu, Ph: 90035-33006

Monthly Meeting Schedule:

Every 4th Sunday of the Month

Venue: Bishop Heber Higher Secondary School

Time: 3 PM onwards


Life Membership - for adults - Rs. 1000, Students - Rs. 500

Annual Membership - Rs. 100

Second month meeting was held on Dec 22, 2013, with about 30+ people attended the meeting.

: Kasinath R. - Tanjore

25 December 2013

Greetings on Christmas




image image

Merry Christmas to all the Readers of Rainbow Stamp Club !!

24 December 2013

New stamps from Malaysia



Pos Malaysia, in collaboration with WWF-Malaysia to raise awareness on Malaysia’s endangered big cats, introduced a new stamp collection of its theme.


The new collection featured four stamp designs of Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni), leopard(Panthera pardus), Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) and clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) which are considered the most endangered species of wild cats in Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.

As this is the first time Pos Malaysia is issuing this kind of theme, the stamps will inspire the public to get involved in efforts to address the conservation needs of not only big cats but other endangered animal species in Malaysia,” said Pos Malaysia stamp and philatelic division head Yasmin Ramli.

23 December 2013

New Special covers..



Princely States of India

During MAPPEX 2013 7 special covers were  issued on Medical, Tourism and Wildlife themes.

1.Cover on Princely states of MP sponsored by India Post

2.Cover on AIIMS sponsored by AIIMS Bhopal

3.Covers sponsored by MP Tourism department.

2.Covers on wildlife sponsored by MP forest department.Cover on Princely states of MP sponsored by India Post





All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal




Mandu : Legends of Love in the City of Joy




Kanha – Call of the wild


Gaur Reintroduction – Active Management

Courtesy : OP Kedia, Indore

22 December 2013

MAPPEX 2013, Bhopal


11th M. P. State Level Philatelic Exhibition

  - Sudhir Jain

After a long gap of ten years, 11th M. P. State Level Philatelic Exhibition MAPPEX 2013 was organized  at Bhopal from 19th to 21st Dec. 2013. Exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Nandan Dube, Director General Police, M. P. on 19th Dec. 2013.

Various events like Philatelic Workshop, Letter writing Competition, Philatelic Quiz, Painting Competition etc. were also organized during MAPPEX – 2013. Prize distribution function was organized at 4 PM on 21stDec. 2013. Mr. Sukhraj Singh, D. G. P. (Lokayukta), M.P. was the Chief Guest and Mr. A. P. Shrivastava, Chief Post Master General, M. P. circle presided the  function. A souvenir was also released.


Approximately 300 frames were exhibited in this exhibition. Jury Committee was consists of  Mr. A.P. Shrivastava (CPMG, Bhopal) Chairman, Dr. S. P. Gupta (Meerut) Member, Mr. Dhanajay Desai (Ahmedabad) Member and Mr. Umesh Kakkeri (Mumbai)  Apprentice.


6 Large Vermeil, 5 Vermeil, 11 Large Silver, 9 Silver, 12 Silver Bronze and 8 Bronze Medals were awarded. Winners of Large Vermeil are –

Mr. Sudhir Jain (Thematic), Mr. O. P. Kedia (Gwalior State Stationary), Mr. Dhirendra Singh Chauhan (Mahatma Gandhi), Mr. Arun Bindal (FDC of Post Independence Definitive) Mr. Akash Kedia (Gwalior State Cancellations) and Mr. Madan Midda ( Literature -Year Book of Philately) were awarded Large Vermeil Medals.


Glimpses of MAPPEX  - 2013


Question and Answer session conducted  by Mr. Umesh Kekkari-Apprentice jury


Mr OP Kedia receiving CM trophy from chief guest for his exhibit Postal stationeries of Gwalior state


Courtesy : Sudhir Jain, Om Prakash Kedia

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