26 December 2023

Christmas Time !


Merry Christmas

Date of Issue : 22 November 2023

Date of Issue : 22 November 2023

Date of Issue : 8 November 2023

Date of Issue :10 November 2023

Date of Issue : 21 November 2023

15 December 2023

New Stamps from Israel


Seasonal Greetings from The Holy Land

Early Wine Industry in Israel

Ginio Winery, Jerusalem

Sarona Winery, Tel Aviv

 Early Wine Industry - Sarona Winer

These stamps show two different values with two different designs one of Ginio Wine and the other Sarona Wine. It may be a small country (roughly the size of New Jersey), but Israel is a dynamic winemaking region distinguished by complex terroir and dramatic microclimates that range from cool high-altitude mountains to warm coastal plains and deserts. Over the last two decades, a new wave of quality-driven Israeli wines has emerged at the hands of winemakers who push boundaries, experiment with indigenous grape varieties, and employ the latest technologies to create wines that compete on the world stage—and win.

10 December 2023


13th Karnataka State Level Philately Exhibition

5-8 January 2024. Bengaluru

- Sushil Mehra, Bangalore

05 December 2023

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News December 2023

Dear Reader, 

I am pleased to release December 2023 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available at the following link :


30 November 2023

Thailand 2023 World Stamp Championship - Indian Winners


Thailand 2023 World Stamp Championship

Indian Winners

Heartiest Congratulations !!

 1. Rajesh Paharia 2. Pragya Jain 3. Mrs Damyanti Pittie 4.Kishore Chandak 5. Madhukar Deogawanka 6. Sushil Mehra 7. Madhukar Jhingan 8. Piyush Khaitan 9.Raunak Dutta 10.Ilyas Patel 11. Narendra Saboo 12. Savita Jhingan 13.Rajesh Jhunjhunwala 14. M. Lokeswara Rao 15. Kapil Gogri


28 November 2023

New Special Cover from Karnataka


Kokkare Bellur Community Reserve

Mysuru - 7 October 2023

Kokkare Bellur, situated In Mandya, is the only Community Reserve of Karnataka, declared in the year 2007 under The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. This village was awarded as "Star Village" by Earth Day Network. The place is uniquely described as "two-tiered habitat" with colonial water birds nesting on upper tier (branches) and village life on lower tier (ground). The village is visited by Painted Storks, Spot-billed Pelican, and 139 other bird species, the name 'Kokkare' meaning storks is aptly prefixed.

R. Suresh - Bangalore

26 November 2023

New Picture Postcards and Special Covers from Karnataka Postal Circle


Picture Postcards released during KRISHNAPEX 2023 

 18-19 November 2023 , Udupi

Special Covers released during Krishnapex 2023

- Nithin Kumar S. Adka, Bangalore

Special Cancellation on National Constitution Day

By Karnataka Postal Circle

Source : - Pan India Postal Pictorial Place Cancellation

07 November 2023

Club News


Karnataka Philatelic Society


Newly elected KPS committee for 2023 - 2025

As per the byelaws of the Karnataka Philatelic Society Bengaluru, the term of the new office bearers for the term 2023 - 2025.

President - Chaytinya Dev

Vice President - Sushil Mehra

Treasurer - G K Shenoy 

General Secretary - Akhil Reddy C M

Governing Council Members - 

1.Manish A Jain

2.Reshma P V

3.Praveen Shastry P M

 Basavangudi Post Office on Philately Day

Basavangudi Children from Achieve School of Education, Basavangudi, Bengaluru visited the Post Office at Basavangudi on 11 October 2023.  The officials of the Post Office and the philatelist Shri. Praveen Shastry welcomed the children and taught them how a post office works and how letters are sent.  Small gifts like pencils and chocolates were given to children by the Post Office people.

- Praveen Shastry- Bangalore

06 November 2023

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News November 2023 

Dear Reader, 

I am pleased to release November 2023 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available at the following link :

04 November 2023

Club News


ALPEX - 2023 , Aligarh 

Distt. Level Philatelic Exhibition

3-5 November 2023

Special Cancellation

Special Cover

Gandhi Ji's last arrival at Aligarh : 4 November 2023 : Aligarh

- Atul Agrawal, Aligarh

24 October 2023

Festivals of India - Dussehra


Happy Dussehra

Special Cancellation on Dussehra issued by Karnataka Postal Circle

Festivals of India

22 October 2023

EFIRO 2024 : Specialized World Stamp Exhibition


EFIRO 2024 , Bucharest

Specialized World Stamp Exhibition "EFIRO 2024" is organized by Romanian Philatelic Federation (RPF) in accordance with the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP). The Exhibition will be held at the National Library of Romania (Unirii Blvd. no. 22 Sector 3, 030833 Bucharest, ROMANIA). The Exhibition will be held from 16 to 19 April 2024 showcasing about 2000 frames.

Classes available for participation are Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Thematic, Maximaphily, Revenues, Open Philately, Picture Postcards, One Frame, and Philatelic Literature. Plus, a new Experimental, Class 12 -II, for 2 or 3 Frames exhibits.

Detailed rules of exhibition (IREX) and Exhibit Application Forms are available for download at https://www.efiro.ro/rules.php 

The duly filled Form along with a copy of the first page of the exhibit should be submitted by Nov 1, 2023, to the :

National Commissioner, Savita Jhingan, Email sj@stampsofindia.com WhatsApp +919811160884 

OR to the : 

Apprentice National Commissioner, Kapil Gogri, Email kapil25@hotmail.com WhatsApp +91982111114

21 October 2023

Book Review


Google Doodles are the New Commemoratives

By Sushil Mehra

Google Doodles are the New Commemoratives By Sushil Mehra Pages 40: Paperback Size A4 : Publisher: Sushil Mehra: Email: gaureshmehra@gmail.com

Google Doodle

The Google Search Engine shows the Google logo prominently. But on certain occasions like an important day event, the birth or death anniversary of a famous personality, there is a temporary alteration of the logo on Google's homepages intended to commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and notable historical figures. This changed logo is known as a Google Doodle. Google Doodles celebrates artists and scientists on their birthdays. In addition to celebrating many well-known events and holidays. It could be changed across all global search engine websites of Google or it could be only specific to certain country’s search engines.

The book is a compilation of the Author’s 5 Frame Philatelic Exhibit “Google Doodles are the New Commemoratives” The exhibit tells us all about Google Doodles through the eyes of philately, especially private covers. This exhibit makes a month-wise journey and chronicles Google Doodles that came along the way thus giving us an insight into important days and personalities at large. Today Google Doodles are the new commemoratives and they try to occupy the same place that commemorative coins/stamps had in the non-digital era.  Philately offers an excellent medium to narrate the story of these new commemoratives of the digital era and this is what this exhibit intends to do. 

The author has tried to give a philatelic explanation of the exhibit prepared through Google Doodle commemorative covers. He has linked the design element of the cover to the stamp/cancellation through dates /person/event.

The author has introduced a new trend in Thematic and Modern Philately which could be adopted with the change of time in the digital era.

The book is very interesting and will be liked by all collectors as well as people in general as it has been presented in a very interesting way. It gives a new idea to the collectors how to make a different exhibit in this digital world.

 About the author

Sushil Mehra is a BA (Hons) in Political Science from Delhi University. He is the Managing Director of Pan Office Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. He is a keen philatelist and numismatist with a special interest in various varied subjects related to stamp, coin, and note collection. He is a member of the Karnataka Numismatic Society as well as a member of the Karnataka Philatelic Society. He has a complete collection of post-independence India Stamps. ET (Economic Times) as well Deccan Herald have published articles on his collection. Karnataka Postal Circle has released Post Cards on his collection as well as two books on Special Covers of Karnataka to which he has contributed.

He has recently published the following 5 books :

1. Glimpses of Vintage Bengaluru’,

2. Guide to Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India’,

3.‘My Dashavatar Collection’,

4..‘Exemplified Philatelic Terms’, ‘Jai Hind – The True spirit of India’,

5, ‘The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India’.

He has won several  Philatelic Awards at National and International Philatelic Exhibitions which includes Large Silver in Lit. Class at Baliphilex 2020, Large Silver in literature Class for Jai Hind - The True Spirit of India’ in Cape Town 2022, 1st Place in AKAM Class in Amritpex 2023 for ‘The Story of India’s Fight Against Covid’ and Silver Medal in Literature Class in Amritpex 2023 for ‘Jai Hind – The True spirit of India’.

- Jeevan Jyoti

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