24 October 2023

Festivals of India - Dussehra


Happy Dussehra

Special Cancellation on Dussehra issued by Karnataka Postal Circle

Festivals of India

22 October 2023

EFIRO 2024 : Specialized World Stamp Exhibition


EFIRO 2024 , Bucharest

Specialized World Stamp Exhibition "EFIRO 2024" is organized by Romanian Philatelic Federation (RPF) in accordance with the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP). The Exhibition will be held at the National Library of Romania (Unirii Blvd. no. 22 Sector 3, 030833 Bucharest, ROMANIA). The Exhibition will be held from 16 to 19 April 2024 showcasing about 2000 frames.

Classes available for participation are Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Thematic, Maximaphily, Revenues, Open Philately, Picture Postcards, One Frame, and Philatelic Literature. Plus, a new Experimental, Class 12 -II, for 2 or 3 Frames exhibits.

Detailed rules of exhibition (IREX) and Exhibit Application Forms are available for download at https://www.efiro.ro/rules.php 

The duly filled Form along with a copy of the first page of the exhibit should be submitted by Nov 1, 2023, to the :

National Commissioner, Savita Jhingan, Email sj@stampsofindia.com WhatsApp +919811160884 

OR to the : 

Apprentice National Commissioner, Kapil Gogri, Email kapil25@hotmail.com WhatsApp +91982111114

21 October 2023

Book Review


Google Doodles are the New Commemoratives

By Sushil Mehra

Google Doodles are the New Commemoratives By Sushil Mehra Pages 40: Paperback Size A4 : Publisher: Sushil Mehra: Email: gaureshmehra@gmail.com

Google Doodle

The Google Search Engine shows the Google logo prominently. But on certain occasions like an important day event, the birth or death anniversary of a famous personality, there is a temporary alteration of the logo on Google's homepages intended to commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and notable historical figures. This changed logo is known as a Google Doodle. Google Doodles celebrates artists and scientists on their birthdays. In addition to celebrating many well-known events and holidays. It could be changed across all global search engine websites of Google or it could be only specific to certain country’s search engines.

The book is a compilation of the Author’s 5 Frame Philatelic Exhibit “Google Doodles are the New Commemoratives” The exhibit tells us all about Google Doodles through the eyes of philately, especially private covers. This exhibit makes a month-wise journey and chronicles Google Doodles that came along the way thus giving us an insight into important days and personalities at large. Today Google Doodles are the new commemoratives and they try to occupy the same place that commemorative coins/stamps had in the non-digital era.  Philately offers an excellent medium to narrate the story of these new commemoratives of the digital era and this is what this exhibit intends to do. 

The author has tried to give a philatelic explanation of the exhibit prepared through Google Doodle commemorative covers. He has linked the design element of the cover to the stamp/cancellation through dates /person/event.

The author has introduced a new trend in Thematic and Modern Philately which could be adopted with the change of time in the digital era.

The book is very interesting and will be liked by all collectors as well as people in general as it has been presented in a very interesting way. It gives a new idea to the collectors how to make a different exhibit in this digital world.

 About the author

Sushil Mehra is a BA (Hons) in Political Science from Delhi University. He is the Managing Director of Pan Office Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. He is a keen philatelist and numismatist with a special interest in various varied subjects related to stamp, coin, and note collection. He is a member of the Karnataka Numismatic Society as well as a member of the Karnataka Philatelic Society. He has a complete collection of post-independence India Stamps. ET (Economic Times) as well Deccan Herald have published articles on his collection. Karnataka Postal Circle has released Post Cards on his collection as well as two books on Special Covers of Karnataka to which he has contributed.

He has recently published the following 5 books :

1. Glimpses of Vintage Bengaluru’,

2. Guide to Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India’,

3.‘My Dashavatar Collection’,

4..‘Exemplified Philatelic Terms’, ‘Jai Hind – The True spirit of India’,

5, ‘The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India’.

He has won several  Philatelic Awards at National and International Philatelic Exhibitions which includes Large Silver in Lit. Class at Baliphilex 2020, Large Silver in literature Class for Jai Hind - The True Spirit of India’ in Cape Town 2022, 1st Place in AKAM Class in Amritpex 2023 for ‘The Story of India’s Fight Against Covid’ and Silver Medal in Literature Class in Amritpex 2023 for ‘Jai Hind – The True spirit of India’.

- Jeevan Jyoti

20 October 2023

Club News


"Anjal Attakasam"

"Anjal Attakasam" - India Post - theme Golu for Navratri at Tiruchirappalli H.O.

Golu exhibiting DoP products & services exhibited with cultural heritage & creativity by various Divisions of Central Region, Tamil Nadu Circle was inaugurated by Smt T.Nirmala Devi, PMG CR, Trichy on Oct 16, 2023 in the presence of Divisional Heads. - Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter) handle of Trichy Postal Region. The display is available for public view till Oct 24, 2023, at the H.O. premises.

Golu is the festive display of dolls and figurines in South India during the autumn festive season, particularly around the multi-day Navaratri festival of Hinduism. These displays are typically thematic, narrating a legend from a Hindu text to court life, weddings, everyday scenes, and miniature kitchen utensils. India Post Central Region has taken this opportunity to display postal schemes and services in Golu format.

-Kasinath R.

Thanjavur, Tamilnadu

World Postcard Day Celebrated  at Dehradun

In Dehradun  World Postcard Day was celebrated at Dehradun GPO on 1st Oct 2023.It was attended by Sh Ansuya Prasad Chamola, DPS Dehra Dun, Sr. Post Master, postal officials, eminent philatelists, and deltiologists of Dehra Dun. Tripti Gupta designed a postcard (privately printed) which was subsequently canceled by Dehradun Philatelic Bureau PPC. 

Mr Abhai Mishra, a noted philatelist of Dehradun addressed the audience, sharing anecdotes from the 200 years of Mussoorie's journey as a hill station. He even showcased his impressive album featuring rare postcards of Mussoorie.

This meeting was also a Postcrossing Meetup wherein several postcrossers exchanged and sent postcards to friends, family, and fellow post-crossers across the world.

- Tripti Gupta, Dehradun

18 October 2023

Book Review


CITES: Endangered  Species on Stamps

By M.Lokeswara Rao IFS (Retd.)

CITES : Endangered Species on Stamps By M. Lokeswara Rao Pages : 130: paperback Size A5 : Publisher : The Write Order Publications : ISBN : 978-93-5776-681-4 Price :Rs. 1399 : Author can be contacted at email: madirajul@gmail.com Whatsapp :9436215175

"CITES : Endangered Species on Stamps"

Plants and animals are the essential parts of life on the Earth; it is important to conserve them and save them from getting extinct, maintaining their optimal population that helps in enriching the biodiversity or the richness of flora and fauna worldwide. Deforestation or cutting down trees is considered one of the major problems associated with the conservation of plants and animals. 

CITES, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as the Washington Convention a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals from the threats of international trade. It was drafted as a result of a resolution adopted in 1963 at a meeting of members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The convention was opened for signature in 1973 and CITES entered into force on 1 July 1975.

Its aim is to ensure that international trade (import/export) in specimens of animals and plants included under CITES, does not threaten the survival of the species in the wild. This is achieved via a system of permits and certificates. CITES affords varying degrees of protection to more than 38,000 species.

Over 38,700 species, including roughly 5,950 species of animals and 32,800 species of plants, are protected by CITES against over-exploitation through international trade. They are listed in the three CITES appendices. The species are grouped in the appendices according to how threatened they are by international trade. They include some whole groups, such as primates, cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), sea turtles, parrots, corals, cacti, and orchids.

Since 1993, the CITES Secretariat has worked with the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) to produce an annual series of 12 stamps animals and plants included in Cites Appendices. This series is published in Geneva, New York and Vienna with special Postmarks for First Day Covers.

UNPA has been issuing stamps to celebrate many varied forms of wild fauna and flora, to raise awareness about the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people.


The book "CITES Endangered Species on Stamps" gives details about the CITES convention. There are 360 images of the stamps released by the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) from 1993 to 2023, and stamps with the CITES logo released by Poland, Chile, and Japan for endangered species day and first day covers were shown in the book. A total of 421 philatelic materials were used in the book.

The book gives the following chapters in detail :

1.    Cites Endangered species Stamps

2.    CITES Endangered Species Stamps from 1993-2023

3.    Endangered Species Day

4.    New Biodiversity Framework

The book is very comprehensive with technical details. It will be an asset for Foresters, Naturalists, Wildlife lovers, environmentalists, Students and Thematic stamp collectors especially those making specialised collection on endangered species of flora and fauna. I recommend this book for libraires of Colleges, Environment, Wildlife and Forest Institutes as well as for stamp lovers as the author has explained endangered species through number of postage stamps issued on CITES endangered species.


About the Author

M Lokeswara Rao worked as a Civil Servant, belongs to the 1983 batch of Indian Forest service and retired as Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Head of Forest Force, in Nagaland, India. He has held different positions in the Government of India, Worked as Advisor Green Highways, National Highways Authority India, Ministry of Surface Transport, and Govt. of India and as Director (Protect Our Species), and Earth Day Network., Environment Education from Jordan college, Glasgow UK and from the International Centre for Conservation Education Guiting Power, Cheltenham, UK and Policy studies from Syracuse University USA.

Worked on various projects for Forest Development agencies, Green India Mission, Wildlife Habitat projects, species recovery programme of Amur Falcon, He has organised many environmental awareness programmes. UNESCO Consultant for identification of Biosphere Reserves in Nagaland. Consultant with Community Forestry International USA. Involved in various documentaries making namely Amur Falcon, Elephants etc. He received the biodiversity award, Tiger land film Festival for his work on Amur Falcon.

His hobbies are Painting and Philately.  He exhibited his painting The Buddha Great in New Delhi, Bangalore and Various parts of the country.  He received a number of awards in National and International Philatelic Exhibitions for his exhibits Orchids, Buddhism, Buddhist Mudras, Post office postal cancellation on Penny Red, Lady slipper Orchids, Buddhist Dances and for his literature exhibit book  “Buddhism on Stamps” and for his different articles appeared in different magazines in India and abroad.

He authored different research papers and authored books “Plant Biodiversity of World ``Buddhism on Stamps”, “Himalayan Birds on Stamps” and “CITES Endangered Species on Stamps “based on Philately and “Conservation through Forest Conservation Act”. His articles appeared in different magazines and Newspapers in India and abroad. His articles on philately appeared in National and International Magazines and Newspapers.


 - Jeevan Jyoti

17 October 2023

Club News

Logo for KARNAPEX 2024


Jaagruthi a young philatelist from Bangalore,  participated in the 'Design a Logo and Coining a Tagline' contest organized by Karnataka Postal Circle for the forthcoming State level Philatelic Exhibition and was selected as the official logo of the state-level exhibition KARNAPEX 2024 in January 2024

16 October 2023

My Recent Covers


Ever Onward Congratulations Medal Winners !

19th Asian Games, Hangzhou

Thanks - Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

Commemorative Covers

1.Rabindranath Tagore 2.Sengol Symbol of Transfer of Power

Thanks - Prayag Philatelic Society

International Day of Non-Violence

Thanks - Pradip Jain, Patna

13 October 2023

Club News

11 October - Philately Day

Philatelic Workshop conducted by Timir Shah on Philately Day on 11.10.23 at Gujarat Public School, - CBSE , Atladra, Vadodara in association with Vadodara Philatelic Bureau.

Letter letter-writing competition was also organized: Subject - “ Write a letter to the Prime Minister of India on Mann Ki Baat”. Best 5 entries to be awarded prizes from the Baroda Philatelic Society

-Timir Shah, Vadodara

Philately Day Celebration in Kottayam

The members of The Kottayam Philatelic and Numismatic society, Kottayam, arranged a Harkara- called Anchelotokara in Malayalam - In earlier days this Harkara used to travel nearly 25 km to deliver letters from one place to another. He used to have a spear (to defend himself from any wild animals), a bell (to inform villagers that he has come) a lantern ( to use after sunset- at that time torch was not invented), and a bag for keeping letters. With his traditional uniform- the old scene was recreated by Kottyam Philatelic and Numismatic society. A journey was planned from Kottayam YMCA to Sr. Superintendent of Post offices, Kottayam (2 km walking journey ). The club members gave an official invitation to the superintendent., which she accepted gladly and assured us of all possible support for our forthcoming December exhibition.

-Atish Kumar Jain, Secretary
The Kottayam Philatelic and Numismatic Society

9 October -  World Post Day Celebration

 9th October is celebrated as World Post Day across the world. Delhi Postcrossing Club also organized a meet-up to commemorate the date and spread happiness worldwide through a small piece of paper called Picture Postcards. Ashish Jain was the main host and Five different design cards were released,  they were designed by a Delhi-based Postcrosser and Philatelist  Piyali Bose. All cards were sent out to all the collectors in each corner of the world with the signatures of all participants. All the signed cards were posted out from the Rashtrapati Bhavan Post Office in Delhi, with the very special permanent pictorial cancellation of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

A special guest and postcrosser Maria Daniel Pomohaci from Romania added an exquisite flavour to the meet up with her presence. A very special support came from a renowned postcrosser Foysal Shahriar Ratul from Bangladesh to communicate with the international platform of Postcrossing to register our meeting and Mr. Amit Choudhary from Bikaner to promote on social media. 

Piyali Bose, Deepak Kajal, Maneesh Jain, Sindhuri Aparna, Anshu Kumar, Manish Jain, Lakshya Gupta all gathered  together from different parts of Delhi NCR to support and promote Philately and PostCrossing.

-Piyali Bose, Delhi

07 October 2023

Club News

Rainbow Stamp News October 2023

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release October 2023 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available on the following link :

02 October 2023

Bangladesh 2023 : Indian Winners


Heartiest congratulations to all award winners!

1.  Piyush Khaitan 2. Rajesh Paharia3. M.Lokeswara Rao 4. Daniel Monterio. 5. Sridhar K.6.Vijay Seth

Workshops on "Thematic Philately - FIP Guidelines on Appropriate Material" by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bagri, Accredited FIAP Jury, and eminent Thematic Philatelist was held on 1st October 2023 at BANGLADESH 2023 Exhibition. 

Special Covers released during Bangladesh 2023


01 October 2023

World Postcard Day


1st October - World Postcard Day

World Postcard Day is held on 1 October every year to celebrate this creation.  Pick up a pen and send your loved ones a surprise with a heartfelt message. They will be so happy to receive your postcards!

The postcard success story began more than 150 years ago. On 1 October 1869, the first postcard was sent in Austria-Hungary and quickly went on to become a global success. Ever since then, postcards have connected people from all over the world. 

For some people, an affectionate postcard message marks the beginning of true love, and for others, a postcard offers comfort during difficult times. As a holiday greeting or congratulatory message, they are a delightful thing for family, friends, and relatives to receive.

Philatelic Celebrations of World Postcard Day In India.

Raipur (C.G.)

Mr. Ankit Agrawal Philatelist (Raipur), Mrs. Veena R  Srinivas (CPMG), Mr. Sudhir Jain President Central India Philatelic Society (Satna), Capt. Vijay Wadhwa Philatelist (Raipur)

Shimla (H.P)

Coimbatore (T.N.)

Special Cancellation by Karnataka Postal Circle

Vadodara,  Gujarat



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