13 October 2023

Club News

11 October - Philately Day

Philatelic Workshop conducted by Timir Shah on Philately Day on 11.10.23 at Gujarat Public School, - CBSE , Atladra, Vadodara in association with Vadodara Philatelic Bureau.

Letter letter-writing competition was also organized: Subject - “ Write a letter to the Prime Minister of India on Mann Ki Baat”. Best 5 entries to be awarded prizes from the Baroda Philatelic Society

-Timir Shah, Vadodara

Philately Day Celebration in Kottayam

The members of The Kottayam Philatelic and Numismatic society, Kottayam, arranged a Harkara- called Anchelotokara in Malayalam - In earlier days this Harkara used to travel nearly 25 km to deliver letters from one place to another. He used to have a spear (to defend himself from any wild animals), a bell (to inform villagers that he has come) a lantern ( to use after sunset- at that time torch was not invented), and a bag for keeping letters. With his traditional uniform- the old scene was recreated by Kottyam Philatelic and Numismatic society. A journey was planned from Kottayam YMCA to Sr. Superintendent of Post offices, Kottayam (2 km walking journey ). The club members gave an official invitation to the superintendent., which she accepted gladly and assured us of all possible support for our forthcoming December exhibition.

-Atish Kumar Jain, Secretary
The Kottayam Philatelic and Numismatic Society

9 October -  World Post Day Celebration

 9th October is celebrated as World Post Day across the world. Delhi Postcrossing Club also organized a meet-up to commemorate the date and spread happiness worldwide through a small piece of paper called Picture Postcards. Ashish Jain was the main host and Five different design cards were released,  they were designed by a Delhi-based Postcrosser and Philatelist  Piyali Bose. All cards were sent out to all the collectors in each corner of the world with the signatures of all participants. All the signed cards were posted out from the Rashtrapati Bhavan Post Office in Delhi, with the very special permanent pictorial cancellation of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

A special guest and postcrosser Maria Daniel Pomohaci from Romania added an exquisite flavour to the meet up with her presence. A very special support came from a renowned postcrosser Foysal Shahriar Ratul from Bangladesh to communicate with the international platform of Postcrossing to register our meeting and Mr. Amit Choudhary from Bikaner to promote on social media. 

Piyali Bose, Deepak Kajal, Maneesh Jain, Sindhuri Aparna, Anshu Kumar, Manish Jain, Lakshya Gupta all gathered  together from different parts of Delhi NCR to support and promote Philately and PostCrossing.

-Piyali Bose, Delhi

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