31 January 2019

Philatelic Exhibition at Indore

AHILYAPEX 2018-19, Indore

AHILYAPEX 2018-19 District level Philatelic exhibition, Indore

Ahilyapex-2018-19, a district level Philatelic exhibition was held at Indore from 12 to 13th January 2019 . Total 100 frames were displayed  first time in district level exhibition at Indore. This included 40 frames on Mahatma Gandhi. Shri O.P. Kedia was  jury member. Three covers were issued. One on Devi Ahilyabai Airport , Indore. Second cover on 72nd Indian  Dental Congress. On 13th January a special cover was issued  to commemorate Gandhiji's visit to Indore 100 years ago. Philatelic seminar, Drawing and quiz competition were also conducted.

A stamp exhibition on Gandhiji has been organized at Devi Ahilyabai Airport Indore   by Malwa Philatelic Society. It is a 10 frame exhibition on stamps of Gandhiji from India and abroad.  Mr. Keshav Sharma Regional Director, Airport Authority of India inaugurated the exhibition. It received overwhelming response. It was a three day exhibition on occasion of Martyrs' Day.

Special Cover on 7th International Yoga Festival 2019, Indore

A special Cover on International Yoga festival 2019 by Parmanad Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research, Indore was issued on 5th January 2019.

- OP Kedia, Indore

Special Cover : Wildlife Preservation Society, Dehradun

Diamond Jubilee : The Wildlife Preservation Society, Dehradun ( 1958-2018)

A Special Cover was released on 18 December 2018 by Uttrakhand Circle at Dehradun to commemorate  Diamond Jubilee of The Wildlife Preservation Society of India.

Recent Special Covers

CUBE (Centre for Urban Biodiversity Conservation & Education

CUBE (Centre for Urban Biodiversity Conservation & Education)

Singanallur Lake (10°59' 46" N, 77° 0 I' II" E) is one of the largest lakes of Coimbatore on the banks of River Noyyal. Though the lake is situated in an urban area, it harbours over 720 species of flora & fauna and has a significant percentage of natural vegetation along its bunds, which serve as a nesting site for freshwater turtles and 58 species of birds. The lake is also known to support a large congregation of migratory birds of which 10 species are globally threatened birds. In tum the identities of these life forms indicate the quality of an ecosystem that is unique and gives an opportunity for urban people to heal their collective disconnection from Mother Nature. 

The lake was declared as "Urban Biodiversity Conservation Zone" on 30 July 2017 by the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation in the exercise of the powers conferred by The Constitution of India, 1950 and The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act, 1981. 

First Flight Cover : 
 Coimbatore - Delhi

Direct Inaugural Flight Coimbatore -Delhi

The National carrier Air India is introducing a direct flight between Coimbatore and Delhi from 1st December 2018. The new service connecting Coimbatore to Delhi is non-stop flight.The flight will leave Coimbatore International Airport at 01 :00 hours and reach Delhi at 04:00 hours. To Commemorate the event the inaugural first flight cover is released by the Department of Posts. 

- Suresh.R, Bengaluru

30 January 2019

Tributes to Father of Nation

Martyrs' Day 2019: Remembering Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and the hero of India's independence, died on this day, that is January 30, back in 1948. On January 30 today, India  marks the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as Martyrs' Day, credited significantly for uniting several streams in India's freedom movement with non-violence.Mahatma Gandhi, the man who led India to freedom from the oppressive British colonial rule, was assassinated on January 30, 1948 at the age of 78.

A special Cover was released today by Karnataka Postal Circle at Bidar on Leprosy Awareness Campaign.

Courtesy - Jagannath Mani, Bangalore : Philately Promoters WA Group

A Special Holographic Cover on 71st Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is  issued as part of 150th Birth Anniversary Year celebrations . It is released today in Kolkata in Limited numbers of 150 pieces only.

This is first of its kind in India on an  Round Shaped Envelope with digital printing on both side with Special Holographic Effect on the Face with India's first round shaped stamp of Gandhiji.Only 150 covers has been made with Rs.5 Round Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Courtesy - Atish Jain : Philatelic Exhibitions WA Group

29 January 2019

Special Covers on Gass Forest Museum and Insect Museum, Coimbatore

Gass Forest Museum

Two special Covers were released on 4th and 5th December at Coimbatore  featuring India's First Insect Museum and Gass Forest Museum, Coimbatore.

Gass Forest Museum

The Gass Forest Museum was established by Horace Archibald Gass, a British Forest Officer in 1902. This is the oldest forest museum in our Country located in forest campus of Institute of Forest Genetics & Tree Breeding (lFGTB) Coimbatore. The museum houses a rich collection of specimens on wildlife and all important timber species found in India. The museum also has collections of seeds, barks, roots, wide range of useful and harmful insects, rock samples and minerals of forests.

India's first Insect Museum

India's first Insect Museum

India's first Insect museum was established in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. The museum was commissioned in the year 2013 and was completed by 2017. Insects collected since 1900s are housed here. The museum showcases a rich diversity of insects from all over the country as never seen before. 

The museum aims to create interest and scientific curiosity about the world of insects among students, the torch bearers of science. It serves as a reference point on insect identification for researchers. It is an all-know-about insect knowledge hub for the general public. Farmers also will be benefited with the knowledge on crop pests, their damage symptoms and the beneficial nature of insects.

-Suresh.R, Bengaluru

28 January 2019

Special Cover on Universal Health Coverage Day

 Universal Health Coverage Day

On 12 December 2012, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) unanimously endorsed a resolution urging countries to accelerate progress toward universal health coverage (UHC) - the idea that everyone, everywhere should have access to quality, affordable health care - as an essential priority for international development. International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day) on 12th December aims to mobilize diverse stake holders to call for stronger, more equitable health systems to achieve universal health coverage, leaving no one behind.

-Suresh.R, Bangalore

26 January 2019

Greetings on Republic Day !

Happy Republic Day !

Greetings to all Indians living in every corner of the world on 70th Republic Day of India !

23 January 2019

The Last Post

Book Review

"The Last Post" is the latest book by noted writer and philatelist of Orissa, Anil Dhir.  I am pleased to publish its review by Shri AB Tripathy, State Convener , INTACH.

This book is priced just at Rs 150/- . For the readers of Rainbow Stamp News, it is at Rs 100/- post free by Regd. Book Post. It will be available with Kashinath Sahoo   email:   kasisahoo123@gmail.com  Phone : 797856967 

"The Last Post" is a book of a different order. I have written twenty stories  on letter boxes,  post offices, mail runners and other postal ephemera tinged with nostalgia. All the stories are first hand experiences. In fact there were so many, that I have a tough time in choosing which to select. It is heavily illustrated with colour plates.Maybe the success of the book will make me write a sequel. Anil Dhir

The Last Post:  A Swansong for the Post Office and the Letter Box

Book Review  by A.B.Tripathy  IPS (Retd.) State Convener, INTACH

Much of social and cultural history of the world, especially in the last five centuries, can be linked with the development of the postal services. The Post Office has been a trusted friend, it connected governments and royalty, nations and empires,customers and companies, and of course, friends and families. As the world evolved, the postal systems too evolved.

In the late years of the last century, the Indian postal system was seen as one that had been unable to modernize; mounting volume in outdated facilities had resulted in chaos, inefficiency and dysfunction.It seemed that the postal system, which was once at the cutting edge of a communications revolution, was doomed to become a quaint relic of the past. The internet revolution, emails, couriers, cell phones etc. had got about a sea change in the manner in which people connected and communicated.

Postage Stamps, letter boxes, old Post Offices, in fact anything connected to the mail, tell a story.  They speak of multiple stories, ranging from tales of politics, history, technology, biography, genealogy, economics, geography, disaster, and triumph. This book is the work of a postal enthusiast. It is an ode to the romance, valour, adventure and enchantment of the postal system.  The fascinating real life stories, centered on the Postal services are tinged with nostalgia. There are sweeping and entertaining accounts and interesting anecdotes.The human stories of the thousands of people who lived and worked within it, have not have been told.

The Last Post, was released recently at the National Archives of India, Bhubaneswar. Written by Anil Dhir, the book is a collection of 20 stories spread over the last three centuries, related to the post offices, letter boxes and postmen.Dhir, an avid heritage aficionado is a multifaceted personality. He delves into uncharted paths and courses and comes out with scintillating facts which are out of the common. This remarkably adventurous spirit is reflected in the themes of his writings. This book is of that genre that will keep the attention of the readers glued to the contents.

I will end with the note that there is no substitute for the Post Office. Every nation’s Postal System is the heart of the country, circulating its pulses across the borders and within. We should never let it die. 

22 January 2019

Special Covers from Karnataka

150 years of Bangalore Club 

15 December 2018, Bangalore

The Bangalore United Service (BUS) Club, an 'officers only', British military club was established in 1868. It became the Bangalore Club in 1946, with an Indian civilian membership that was introduced in 1939. The heritage building that has been depicted here is the Main Clubhouse. It is now considered to be one of the finest and last surviving examples of colonial architecture in the city.  

Makkala Habba-2018 (Children Festival-2018 

10 November 2018, Bangalore

Department of Women & Child Development, Karnataka, strives for the holistic development of children, focusing on Child Nutrition, early childhood education and immunization for safe and healthy childhood. The Department also focuses on maternal and adolescent nutrition and ensures that women are economically and socially empowered. This special cover is released to commemorate Makkala Habba 2018. 

 Karnatak Law Society

15 September 2018

More than three quarters of a century ago, seven eminent lawyers from Belagavi decided to make legal education accessible to citizens of North Karnataka and formed Karnatak Law Society in 1939 and made an application for opening a new Law College, which was named after Shrimant Raja Lakhamgouda Sirdesai of Vantmuri in recognition of his munificence.

This special cover was released to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Karnatak Law Society and Raja Lakhamgouda Law College, Belagavi.

-Suresh.R, Bengaluru

Hearts Blossom - New Love stamp from USPS

Date of Issue : 10 January 2019

Twelve colorful hearts visually expressing love’s joyful, bountiful nature illustrate the first Forever stamp issued in 2019 by USPS

Hearts Blossom is the latest stamp in the Love series from the U.S. Postal Service. The stamp art features the word "Love" in cursive script below 12 colorful hearts. The color palette — red, purple, orange, and pink — is intended to create a happy and positive feeling. Art director Antonio Alcalá designed the stamp.

There are several theories how the familiar heart-shaped symbol came to be associated with the human heart. However, the symbol’s connection to love is very clear, as the heart is where people believe feelings reside. Today, wherever it appears — as an artistic motif, in religious symbolism, or as an expression of affection or support — a heart is instantly recognizable as a representation of love, whether it be romantic attachment or affection for people, places, causes or ideas.

The Postal Service has successfully captured the essence of love ever since issuing the first stamp in the series in 1973. Although the stamps are released early in the year, they are not just for Valentine’s Day but can be used to deliver love during any season.

Hearts Blossoms Framed stamps

Special framed stamps issued by USPS ( 7 x 9 inch  frame) . It features a whimsical illustration of heart shaped balloons that are tied with strings to the word “love” and includes a mounted Heart Blossoms Forever stamp

Source : USPS

21 January 2019

Europa 2019 Theme - National Birds

National Birds

Isle of Man - Stonechat

Date of Issue : 12 February 2019

Europa stamps, bearing the official logo, are issued every year by the members of PostEurop, the trade association which represents the interests of European public postal operators. Aiming to build awareness of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals, EUROPA stamps are eagerly sought after by collectors around the world. Each year a theme is set for members to interpret and illustrate on a set of stamp.

The theme of this year's Europa stamps is " National Birds".Here are images of new stamps to be issued by Postal Administrations of Isle of Man, Liechtenstein and Jersey.

Liechtenstein : Golden Eagle

Date of Issue : 4 March 2019

 As Liechtenstein does not have a national bird of its own, Philately has decided to depict the impressive golden eagle and is presenting it with the two motifs “Golden Eagle Approaching” and “Golden Eagle on the Lookout” (face value: CHF 1.50 each) as a combined print on a small sheet of 10 stamps.
Owing to Liechtenstein’s small size and the home range of around 50 square kilometres that a golden eagle maintains, the country only has a few pairs of these birds of prey. The king of the air as the bird is also often called has dark brown feathers with a lighter golden brown head and neck. It has a wingspan of more than two metres and its prey includes mammals, birds and carrion. Golden eagles usually live in the open space of mountains above the tree line but in the winter it will also forage for prey in lower regions. A pair of golden eagles has different eyries that they alternate in using for their broods. In contrast to other birds, the voice of the golden eagle is rarely heard.

Jersey : Swan and Kingfisher

Date of Issue : 5 March 2019

As birds by their very nature are migratory and representative of countries all around the world, six species which can be sighted in Jersey feature on the stamps, together with the traditional symbolic meaning with which they are associated. Two stamps featuring Swan and Kingfisher have EUROPA logo.

50p - Kestrel - Vision and patience

65p - Swallow - Hope and renewal
76P - Swan - Purity and love
82p - Peacock - Glory and dignity
94p - Kingfisher - Peace and calm

£1.12 - Stork - New beginnings and commitment

**Special Feature**
Scan the swan and kingfisher stamps with your mobile phone, using the free CEE-App, and you will be able to hear the bird sounds.

Stamp Images : Courtesy : Europa Stamps, Jersey Post

19 January 2019

Bhimbetka Paintings on stamps

Indian theme on foreign stamps

Paintings from Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh ) 

Here are Miniature sheets  from Niger and Guinea Bissau, featuring cave paintings. Each of them contains one stamp depicting cave painting from Bhimbetka,Madhya Pradesh India.

Bhimbeta is an archaeological residential archaeological site located in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is famous for art and man-made rock paintings and shelters. These images are considered from the period of Palaeolithic to the time of mid-para period. These images are the oldest signs of human life in the Indian subcontinent. 

This place is located 45 km southeast of Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal . They were discovered in the year 1957- 1958 by the doctor Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar .

Bhimbetka region was declared the site of the National Importance in August 1990 by Bhopal Division , the Archaeological Survey of India . After this , UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in July 2003 .

Other antiquities have also been found here, including the wall of ancient fort, short stature, stone-built buildings, Shung- Gupta carpet records, conch records and remains of Parmar carpet temple.

It is believed that this place is related to the character of Mahabharata Bhima and hence its name is Bhimbatabaka (Bhimbetka later). These caves are at the lower end of the hills of Vindhyachal on the southern edge of the plateau of central India . In the south, the hills of Satpura begin.There are 600 shelves in which 275 are decorated with rock paintings.

Courtesy : Stamp images - Eli Moallem, Israel

18 January 2019

New Stamps from New Zealand - Native Alpine Flora

Native Alpine Flora

Date of Issue : 13 February 2019

New Zealand Post will issue a beautiful set of six stamps and a Miniature sheet on 13th February featuring Native Alpine Flowers.

Although scientists haven’t yet told all their stories, New Zealand’s alpine plants appear to be much younger than the land mass, representing rapid and spectacular evolution and diversification.

Botanists have evidence that immigrant ancestors of alpine plants dispersed to New Zealand quite recently from Australia, New Guinea and South America. Some might have come from or via Antarctica, which was home to rich flora only a few million years ago. Equally adventurously, other species appear to have evolved from native lowland plants that adapted to alpine environments as the landscape shifted.

Native Alpine Flora explores just six of the 600 flowering species found on New Zealand’s mountains between the tree line and permanent snow. 

Source : New Zealand Post

17 January 2019

Special Cover on Kumbh Mela

Kumbha Mela, Prayagraj 2019
Makar Sankranti : 15 January 2019

Special Cancellation on eminent personalities of Prayagraj : 12 January 2019

Madan Mohan Malviya

Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Lal Bahadur Shastri

- Sandip Chaurasia & Ambrish Kr Allahabadi  from Aliahabad

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