28 February 2014

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Rainbow Stamp News March 2014

RSN March cover

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I have just published March 2014 issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. It can be viewed at following link :



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27 February 2014

Greetings on Mahashivaratri



Today is Maha Shivratri (the 'Great Night of Shiva'). It  is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in reverence of Lord Shiva all over the country. Greetings to all the readers on this festive occasion.


Mahashivaratri also marks the night when Lord Shiv performed the 'Tandava', the cosmic dance.According to another legend of Samudra manthan, Shiv saved the world from the disastrous effects of a poison that emerged as a by product of churning of sea (Samudra manthan), by consuming whole of it. Shiv could arrest the poison in his throat by his Yogic powers and it could not go down his body. His neck turned blue due to effect of poison on his throat and thenceforth he is also called as Neela Kantha or The blue Throated.

Unusual Flora – Plants of the Botanical Garden of Meise stamps from Belgium


Bpost issued a sheet of 5 stamps from the series “Unusual flora” featuring some plants of the Botanical Garden of Meise.

The Botanical Garden of Meise is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world with an extensive collection of living plants in addition to a herbarium of over 3 million specimens. The current garden was established in 1958 after it moved from the center of Brussels. Researchers at the garden conduct research particularly on Belgian and African plants.

The Botanic Garden contains about 18,000 plant species – about 6% of all known plant species of the world. Half are in greenhouses, the other half, including cultivated and indigenous plants, are outdoors. The gardens are grouped around the castle and lake of the Bouchout domain.

The mission statement of the Botanic garden of Meise specifies the increasing and spreading “the knowledge of plants” and contributions to “the conservation of biodiversity.”

The plants featured on stamps are: Titan arum (Amorphophallus), Pebble plant (Lithops), Monkey cups (Nepenthes), Ant-house plant (Myrmecodia) and Jade wine (Strongylodon).

26 February 2014

MALAYSIA 2014 - 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition



MALAYSIA 2014 - 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014 

MALAYSIA 2014, the 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014  will be held from 1 to 6 December 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo is the  Commissioner from India for this exhibition.

Official Website : http://malaysia2014.com.my/

Details of the exhibitions are available at following link :


For participation please contact :

Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo

'Saswat', D-3, B. J. B. Nagar,Bhubaneswar 751014

Phone +91674 2432251 Mobile +91 9337103542

email : sahadevas@yahoo.com

Last Date : Please Send forms along with copy of Title page by March 20th to the Commissioner.

My Recent Covers…

Cover from Finland


Hi !

Received this cover with beautiful stamps  from a Reader of Finland. It bears the cancellation of 14th Feb 2014. But the sender has not given his name and address . Many thanks to the person who sent this cover to me. Please email me your name and address. 

Cover from Israel


I received this cover with special cancellation and lovely stamps from Dr Eli Moallem of Israel with greetings. Thanks to Dr Eli for the cover with beautiful stamps.

Attention : Readers are requested not to send me covers at my Kullu address as it is to going be changed soon. I will mention  here my new postal address very soon.

Indian theme on foreign stamps



Date of Issue:  24 February , 2014

Portugal Post issued a stamp and souvenir sheet on 24th February to commemorate  400th Anniversary of First Edition of 'Peregrinacao' (Pilgrimage) by Fernao Mendes Pinto. The stamp features  Hindu God of war and victory, six-headed Lord Murugan (Lord Shiva's son and Lord Ganesha's brother) on his mount, Peacock, with serpent.


Fernao Mendes Pinto (1509 - 1583) - a Portuguese explorer and writer. His exploits are known through the posthumous publication (published after his death) of his memoir Pilgrimage (Portuguese: Peregrinação) in 1614, an autobiographical work whose truthfulness is nearly impossible to assess.

In the course of his travels in the Middle and Far East, Pinto visited Ethiopia, the Arabian Sea, China (where he claimed to have been a forced laborer on the Great Wall), India and Japan.

: Kasinath R. – Tanjore

email : kasinath80@gmail.com


Souvenir sheet

“ 400 Years of the 1st Edition of Peregrinação, by fernão mendes pinto

Four hundred years have passed since the first edition of Peregrinação (Pilgrimage), a majestic account of an extended journey to the Orient that earned Fernão Mendes Pinto, “a hero made of human flesh”, his immortality(1510-1583).

The course of history would eventually distinguish this extraordinary autobiographical book as a masterpiece of universal literature, written by a great Portuguese traveller of the 16th century who was an adventurer, a merchant, an ambassador, a mercenary, a beggar, a sailor and a pirate. And was also “held captive thirteen times and sold seventeen times(...)”.

Throughout 266 emotion-filled and adventure-packed chapters, the author describes in a fresh, spontaneous and colloquial tone the impressions of a European in contact with Asian civilisation, its peoples, traditions, cults and landscapes. At the same time, he reveals the impact of the Portuguese in the Orient, often providing the reader with critiques and satirical notes.

Earliest title of the “travel literature” genre, Peregrinação stands out for its picaresque spirit that runs through the entire work, evidenced as a clear inversion of the heroic style. Some call it an anti-epic. Showing “what miseries make up a man”, the characters lay bare all their weaknesses and fears.

25 February 2014

New stamp from India..




The Vice President of India, Shri M. Hamid Ansari released a commemorative postage stamp in honour of Maulana Hasrat Mohani, a freedom fighter, at a function held at Vice President House, New Delhi on 25th February 2014.


Maulana Hasrat Mohani (b. 1875 Unnao, d. May 13, 1951 Lucknow) was a Romantic Poet of Urdu language who also penned the very popular ghazal Chupke Chupke Raat Din sung by Ghulam Ali. He was also a journalist, politician, parliamentarian of British India, besides a being a part of the Indian Independence Movement. The real name of Maulana was Syed Fazl-ul-Hasan. Hasrat was his pen name which he used in the Urdu poetry and the word Mohani refers to the native place of Mohan where he was born.


Pakistan Post had also issued stamp in denomination of Rs. 3 to commemorate the Pioneers of Freedom on Maulana Hasrat Mohani on 23rd January, 1989.

Courtesy : Indian Philately Digest

New Website on Philately



Praful Thakkar’s Exotic Gallery of Indian Philately


Mr. Praful Thakkar, President of Gujarat Philatelists’ Association has launched today a dedicated Website, http://www.indianphilatelics.com/ to Philatelic resources of India. It provides wide range of Information on various topics of Indian Philately like Stamps, Covers, FDCs, Se tenants, Cards, Folders, Cancellations etc… The Website is launched with a view to promote the hobby of Philately and serve the interests of Philatelists without any Commercial angle. The object of launching this website is to provide collectors the right information & various Checklists for his or her Themes. It will enable them to prepare and present their Exhibits in proper perspective. This is a wonderful website useful for all collectors of Indian philately. It is very useful for thematic collectors in searching items for their collection. Many many congratulations to Mr Praful Thakkar on launching this beautiful website.

About the website


This Website is presenting some facets of Indian Philately viewed by him from his window. As a collector of various collectibles, he has faced many difficulties in collecting, understanding and arranging the collection. At the same time he realized that the same may be happening to new collectors and they might be facing similar hurdles too. To overcome such situations and to encourage philatelists and hobbyists, he has made the attempt of designing this Website www.indianphilatelics.com  

Nowadays, in philatelic fraternity, focus on modern Indian philately has gathered grounds. It has carved out an important niche in the hearts of new philatelists and collectors. This has happened because in last few years India Post has issued varieties of stamps, se-tenants, Miniature sheets, Sheetlets, Presentation Packs, FDCs and many more philatelic items which have attracted the collectors not only in India but all over the world.

This site gives view of all such philatelic items from his window i.e. from his angle. It is experienced that philately is a very wide, colorful and creative hobby which touches various aspects of life, society, nature and universe. Different countries of the world have produced various stamps of their countries which represent tradition and culture of them. Here one can find stamps and related items of INDIA only. Mainly he has focused on Modern Philately. Here one can find philatelic items with a special focus on modern stamps, se-tenants, sheetlets, folders, first day covers, cards, cancellations, etc. In Miscellaneous category, some of the most interesting subjects, which could not be boxed in the specified categories, are presented.

Here, he has tried to present Official and Private FDCs and Folders from 1947 to 1964 i.e. from Anna Value to Naya Paisa Value. This is an early classic period during which creative philatelists and dealers have produced many colorful and meaningful Private Covers. Similarly, he has tried to narrow down the subject of FDCs and Folders without missing or losing its charm focusing more on FDCs and folders of Set of Stamps, Se-tenant Stamps and Miniature Sheets which form the total of about 450 till 2012. This subject of modern philately is a fascinating section which is capable to delight the collector’s eyes with various sizes, color shades, cancellation marks, legends and creative designs which have a religious, cultural, historical, political and commercial overtone. It has colors, creativity and charisma.

In the bottom toolbar, apart from other subjects like Hobby of Philately, Abbreviations, Bibliography, Philatelic Glossary and Useful Links, Phila Info and Checklists are two very interesting and useful subjects for the collectors. Phila Info provides some good philatelic articles and Checklists give list of various philatelic items which philatelists collect and would be interested to organize.

On the right side column, some subjects which are useful, popular or interesting are presented. Information about various facets of philately, books written by him etc. are shown.

Here in 'Exhibits', one can see Virtual Exhibits. Modern technology has created this great philatelic possibility. Some of the good philatelic Exhibits are presented for the benefit of philatelists to facilitate online study and to have thorough idea about the Exhibits on Indian aspects.

These Exhibits may help to those who are collecting on similar subjects as a reference material. This on-line viewing of exhibits to everyone, irrespective of distance, is done to promote Indian philately.

One very interesting facet of 'Creative Philately' is shown where one can see various types of creative combinations of stamps, Se-tenants etc. They are made by collectors to show their creativity, vision and understanding, to make some historical masterpieces which are value added items. This shows that there are possibilities and potentialities of varieties & variations, combinations & creations which educate and entertain the collectors. The effort is made in this section to put such creative masterpieces.

Another interesting facet is 'Philatelist's Delight'. Just as Creative Philately gives pleasure to collectors in creating a historic masterpiece which is the creation of his imagination, Philatelist's Delight gives him a treasure which is the creation of the Postal Department. As such these items are postal products but are made unusual and uncommon because of the dimension given to them. They are the source of delight as they have the 'Midas Touch' of creative philatelist. It is so because they are found out by sharp eyes and formed by deep imagination mixed with untiring efforts of the passionate collector. They may be rare and may be... 'Others Envy & Collector's Pride ..'

One very special facet of the site is that he has made an attempt to make it more user friendly. Apart from many checklists which can be a of great help to collectors and hobbyists to organize their collection, one can easily search his desired philatelic item either by year or by alphabet.

Lastly, for him Philately is his passionate hobby along with other hobbies. It is true that for him 'Living with Hobby is Living in Happiness'. To preserve classic Indian Heritage and to present it in its right perspective, apart from writing books on various hobbies, he has also made attempts to present the fineness of these hobbies through his Websites www.indianautographs.com ( Limca Record Holder 2009) and www.indiannumismatics.com.

This Website is also a step in that direction so far as the hobby of Indian Philately is concerned.

image Praful K.Thakkar, is an ardent collector of autographs, stamps, FDCs, coins, medals, tokens, badges, badge plates, etc. since last more than 50 years. 'Share the Knowledge & Spread the Knowledge' is the motto of his life. As I.A.S. officer he has served the Government of Gujarat for more than 31 years. Even after retirement he has still continued this hobby of philately and he firmly believes 'Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness'.

Mr. Praful Thakkar writes…

For me , Today is an important day..... Today is..... 25th Feb 2014, I am entering into 75th year of my life. Today I am launching a Website on Indian Philately...

From my childhood I have lived in my own world of hobbies. I had, and even now have, fascination of collecting autographs, numismatic items and Philatelic objects. They are favorite themes as they are educating, energizing and enriching hobbies. They all have given me new energy and enthusiasm. All the three hobbies have very attracting, fascinating and interesting themes of objects for the collector. People have hobbies for happiness and harvesting profit in future. For me it is for keeping good health too. Therefore, my life's motto is ‘Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness’.  It is a part of my life. I have enjoyed and am enjoying these hobbies as a collector.

During my pursuit of these hobbies I have experienced collector’s pranks. I have realized that collector needs right information, Checklists for his themes, proper way of presentation through Exhibits etc. In short, he requires a touchstone to measure his efforts and to further improve his collection. For this he needs some appropriate books or catalogues. This again depends upon his knowledge about such catalogues and then procuring these catalogues. Hence I thought, in this modern era of Internet technology, Website is a medium which can come to the rescue of collectors all over the world. And this thought has become my driving force in creating this Website www.indianphilatelics.com

I always worship Hobby as Goddess as it keeps me pure, fit, healthy & happy. On this 25th Feb 2014, I am entering into 75th year of my life. Hence on this day as mark of my worship, I am to dedicate a flower of website www.indianphilatelics.com at the feet of Goddess Philately. I thought, in this modern era of Internet technology, Website is a medium which can come to the rescue of collectors all over the world. And this thought has become my driving force in creating this Website http://www.indianphilatelics.com/

I do accept that I am not an authority on this or any other subjects. My effort here is to share my happiness, which I got from this hobby, with philatelic fraternity. Hence my slogan on this website is 'Living with Hobby is Living in Happiness'.

Here the selected subjects are from modern philately...and that also viewed from my window. All subjects of modern philately may not be there.

Philatelists would be able to appreciate in the Bottom Toolbar Phila Info, Checklists etc and in right side Pillar Exhibits, Creative Philately and Philatelist's Delight.

However I would be putting more and more information of various subjects in categories of Covers, Folders, Stamps, Cards, Cancellations etc. In these major categories there  will be many more sub-categories which will further present more and more useful pictures of different philatelic items.

New stamps on cute pets



Date of Issue : 21 February 2014

After dogs and cats on postage stamps of the series Children’s World – Pets by Hrvatska posta, there are now other four legs pets of somewhat smaller size but nonetheless lovable – rodents. Four new, fanciful postage stamps depicting hamster, guinea pig, European rabbit and chinchilla enter in circulation in Croatia from February, 21.


Hamster is among the most widespread pets in the world because it is easy to maintain, it does not need much space and enjoys the company of people. Hamsters are night animals, meaning that they are active during night and sleep at daytime. They are very playful, enjoy climbing and hiding in secret places. Therefore you have to watch attentively each of their steps.

Guinea pigs are among favorite pets because of their quite temperament. If you can it is advisable you take them in pair, because they do not like to be alone. In difference to hamsters, guinea pigs are not night animals, and they will keep you company all day long; they like to be caressed, because so they feel safe. Guinea pigs are lovable and playful animals that will for sure bring a lot of joy in your life.

Rabbits are very attached pets and enjoy the company of people. They also like to be caressed, so once you get a rabbit it will be impossible for you not to love this cheerful and hopping being. Safe and playful rabbit will constantly demonstrate its affection if you dedicate him enough time.

Chinchillas are gentle rodents, somewhat bigger than the squirrel, full of energy and very playful. They are night animals and enjoy sleeping which they do almost the whole day. This is ideal for a family and schoolchildren who arrive home late in the afternoon. You can be sure that this pet will always joyfully greet you and be ready to make you company.

Club News

AJPEX 2014


Ajpex 2014, 5th district level philatelic exhibition inaugurated on 24th February 2014 at Ajmer. A Special cover on Akbar Fort was released by Shri Jitendra Gupta, Postmaster General, Ajmer Region. Mr Rajesh Paharia, noted Philatelist of Jaipur was the special guest. On 25th February a Special cover will be issued on Dargah Shareef, Ajmer. A quiz competition was also organised during the exhibition.



: Kamran Ahmad - Ajmer

24 February 2014

Stamp on Talat Mahmood awaited by his fans…



Tributes to the Ghazal King -Talat Mahmood

Today is Birth Anniversary of Ghazal King Talat Mahmood a man with a velvet voice that touched the heart of millions of music lovers all over the world and became a legend in his lifetime..He is remembered as one of the greatest singing stars of all times who gave a new meaning to the ghazal singing in India and his voice became a golden voice forever. India Post must issue a postage stamp in his honour. He was missing among the  stamps issued recently on iconic personalities of Indian Cinema. Today we celebrate his 90th birth anniversary and  we miss his  commemorative stamp among many stamps issued on film personalities.


Even though Talat sang hundreds of hits, some of his most memorable songs from Indian cinema are:



 'KING OF GHAZALS' TALAT MAHMOOD  has been honoured with the prestigious PADMABHUSHAN AWARD by Government of India. Receiving Padambhushan from President of India Shri Venkataraman

Great Ghazal Kings


Talat with Mehdi Hassan, Ghazal King of Pakistan


Talat Mahmood  (February 24, 1924 – May 9, 1998) was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh . Talat showed his musical leanings from a very young age and would enjoy sitting through all-night music soirees listening patiently to some of the biggest names in classical Indian music then.

Talat apprenticed classical music under Pandit S.C.R. Bhat at Marris College of Music, Lucknow (presently Bhatkhande Music University) some time in the 30s. He started his career purely as a ghazal singer in 1939. Talat Mahmood began his singing career at the age of 16 in 1939 when he began singing the Ghazals of Daag, Mir, Jigar etc. on All India Radio, Lucknow. His voice had a quality distinct from all the other singers. HMV was quick to notice this and offered Talat his first disc in 1941 Sab din ek samaan nahin tha, Bun jaoon ga kya se kya main, Iska to kuch dhyan nahin tha.


Talat with Dilip Kumar for whom he sang many songs

In 1944 came the hit Tasveer teri dil mera behela nah sake gi. Its popularity was so phenomenal and unrivalled that even today it remains one of the top selling non-film discs. This disc brought Talat the fame throughout India and soon he was beckoned by the Calcutta film industry. Talat made cameo appearances and starred in about 16 movies, for both the Calcutta (film hub of the 1940s) and Mumbai Film Industry. The three movies in which he starred were regional hits in Calcutta. Initially, in Calcutta, he recorded a lot of Bangla songs under the assumed name "Tapankumar". Several of his Bangla numbers were super hits in Bengal and still aired on All India Radio old song reminisces.



In 1949 Talat moved to Mumbai, to sing for the Mumbai film industry. His name and fame had already preceded him and soon he was flooded with offers. His big break came with the song Ae dil mujhe aisi jagha le chal jahan koi na ho composed by music director Anil Biswas for the soundtrack of the movie Arzoo. The song proved to be extremely popular.

In Talat Mahmood, the music directors  found the perfect voice for ghazals. His diction and intonation were word perfect. His expressive style and emotional nuances were unparalleled. The mellowness, sweetness and pathos in his voice set him apart from all the other singers. Here was a voice that was fresh !  The style absolutely new !!  He was unanimously hailed as "The King Of Ghazals", a title  he consolidated over the period of years to become the greatest name in ghazals !!!  His film solo's and romantic duets numbered in hundreds as hit after hit followed. Talat soon grew into a living legend.

However, the handsome young  'King of Ghazals' did not go unnoticed by the film producers, who besieged him with offers to act in their films. Such was Talat's aura, that for his film 'Dil-e-Nadaan', producer-director A.R. Kardar, launched an 'All India Beauty Contest' to hunt for a beautiful girl who would play the heroine opposite the young and immensely talented superstar Talat Mahmood !!!  Talat was to finally accept 13 films with top heroines like Nutan, Mala Sinha, Suraiya, Shyama, Nadira and others before he decided that acting was not his forte.  And hence, Talat gave up acting to concentrate on singing.

Memorable Moments


Shahenshah-e-Ghazal  Talat Mahmood with Jagjit & Chitra Singh, Bhupinder, Talat Aziz  Pop singers Gary Lawyer, Alisha Chinai, Ila Arun, Mitali, Nandu Bhende

Towards the late 60's the filmi ghazals and good romantic songs gave way to the electronic rhythms of the disco generation. Disliking the new trend towards loud meaningless music, Talat decided to cut down his film singing assignments but continued his non-film ghazal recordings. As a singer, Talat has already secured a place in history. Over the years, the King of Ghazals has created a catalogue of songs for generations to come. His fan following straddles the globe. He strides like a colossus in the field of ghazals - a KING whose name is surpassed by none !!!

Pics Courtesy :    http://www.talatmahmood.net/

Talat Geet Kosh

A catalogue of all songs of Talat Mahmood

by Dr Rakesh Pratap Singh

Dr Rakesh Pratap Singh of Kanpur published  a catalogue ‘ Talat Geet Kosh ’  of his complete songs in August 1991. This is a complete book on songs of Talat Maghmood. It includes all film and non film songs of Talat in Hindi and other regional languages. This  book is available with the author. Those who wish to get this book may contact Mr Rakesh Pratap Singh email : rakeshpsingh@yahoo.com  Ph . +91 9450141410



 Read More….

23 February 2014

New Special Covers…



GAYA STAMP FESTIVAL 2014, was organised by  Bihar Circle of India Post from 22nd to 23rd Feb 2014 in Gaya, Bihar. A special cover on  22 February 2014 was released on the occasion by the Commissioner Magadh Division . The theme of the cover is "80 foot Buddha statue" The great Buddha Statue was placed in  presence of his Holiness the Dalai Lama. This statue is in meditation pose or' Dhyan  Mudra' seated on a lotus in open air. The statue is made of red granite and sand stone blocks and is possibly the largest built Buddha statue in India. Mr. Anil K Saxena distinguished philatelist of Gaya exhibited his collection in the festival and  has been  honored by the postal authority and the local administration.




A special cover was released on the first day (19th Feb.2014) of 'MEGHAPEX' 2014, a state level philatelic exhibition and the Cachet designed for the special cover  was withdrawn on the last day (21st FEB)of Exhibition due to  error in Cachet design. There was a spelling mistake(Februray instead of February).

- Vishal Sanganeria, Guwahati

email : vishalsanganeria@gmail.com

Note : This cover seems to be inappropriate as the cancellation does not bear the date and name of the place, when and  where it was released.  It only shows the name and duration of the exhibition.


22 February 2014

New special cover from Dehradun





A special cover was released on "Kedarpatri" by the Governor H.E. Dr. Aziz Qureshi at Raj Bhawan, Dehradun on 22nd  February 2014 during "Colours of Spring" Flower Show.




: Abhai Misra – Dehradun – email :  abhai_mishra@rediffmail.com

: Vinay Gupta – Dehradun - email :  vinay5981@gmail.com

New stamps from Royal Mail..


Classic Locomotives


Date of Issue : 20 February 2014

Royal mail issued a miniature sheet featuring classic locomotives.

The delightful, bilingual Miniature Sheet features all four Classic Locomotives of Wales stamps, together with a dramatic photograph of the BR Class 5101 2-6-2T No. 4126 as it crosses the Crumlin Viaduct with a passenger train in 1963 in its border.

LMS No. 7720 First Class

Built in 1895 at the Crewe Works for the London and North Western Railway, the LMS “coal tank” is pictured leaving Britannia Bridge, pulling a Bangor-to-Holyhead local train in around 1930.

Hunslet No. 589 Blanche 78p

This stamp shows Blanche at the Pen Cob Halt on the Ffestiniog Railway in 1964. The locomotive was originally made for the Penrhyn Slate Quarry by the Leeds based Hunslet Engine Company. The narrow gauge Ffestiniog railway took slate to the harbour at Porthmadog.

W&LLR No. 822 88p

The Earl Photographed waiting for a car to be moved from the line on Welshpool’s Union Street in 1953, The Earl was constructed for the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway in 1902.

BR 5600 No. 5652 £1.28

The BR 5600 freight engine was designed by the Great Western Railway company to transport goods across its massive rail network. The stamp shows the loco pulling coal at Cwmbargoed in 1959.

British Flora


Date of Issue : 19 February 2014

Another set of stamps issued by Royal Mail on 19th February 2014 feature some varieties of British Flora. This is under the series Pictorial Post & Go Stamps by Royal Mail. The six Spring Blooms Post & Go Stamps are printed in a vertical strip and overprinted with First Class values. They are brought on a carrier complete with fascinating facts about each of these beautiful but in some cases declining species.


Walk into a clearing in the woods and you could well be pleasantly surprised by a colony of primroses, for a sheltered spot between the trees is one of their favored habitats, as well as parks and churchyards. According to folklore, these lemon-yellow flowers with their heart-shaped petals – which flower from February to May – will grow red if watered with bullock’s blood or planted upside down on Good Friday.


Haunting woods, meadows, parks and churchyards, these delicate lantern-shaped blooms encapsulate, for many, the beginning of spring. From the Amaryllidaceae family, they are in flower in February and March. A symbol of hope and purity, the snowdrop is traditionally dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Lesser Celandine

Catch these bright yellow star-like flowers on a sunny spring day and you will be in for a treat, for they open wide in the sunshine. Spot them in woods and hedgerows and on road verges and the banks of streams from March to May. “Local” names for the celandine include “goldy knob”, “filding cup” and “golden guinea”.

Common Dog Violet

From April to June, these rich purple flowers bloom across Britain’s woods, downlands and grass heaths. From the Violaceae family, dog violets are widespread throughout the British Isles.

Wild Daffodil

The iconic bright yellow flower that famously inspired William Wordsworth blooms from February to April, and is seen in coppice and open woodland. Its Latin name, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, is said to have come from the Greek mythological figure Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. The daffodil’s trumpet shaped center is seen as the head of Narcissus bending down while he admires his face in the water. Daffodils are traditionally meant to first flower on St David’s Day – 1 March.


Forming hedgerows and scrub, the white flowers of this very spiny shrub are in bloom from March to May. Come the autumn, the blackthorn produces sloes – those plump, purple berries that are used, of course, to make sloe gin.

21 February 2014

New Greeting stamps from Ireland



Date of Issue : 30 January 2014

Every year, An Post issues vibrant and cheerful Greetings stamps which are designed to reflect the rich tradition of Irish hospitality and friendliness.


The Greetings First Day Cover features the aliens and robots collecting post and parcels from a spaceship with a colourful and friendly backdrop.

Greeting stamps are also intended to convey the warm good wishes of the sender when used with a card or envelope on practically every kind of celebratory occasion. In particular, they add a sense of fun and an extra touch of merriment to envelopes containing greeting cards.


This year’s Greetings stamps are based on illustrations by Phil Elliott, a multi-award winning Irish designer and illustrator and a member of the Irish Guild of Illustrators (Illustrators Ireland).

Phil’s designs for these stamps are centered around a more youthful celebration of occasions that warrant greetings by featuring vibrant, colorful, joyful images of robots and an alien.

Club News 


A district level stamp exhibition will be held at Dev Sadan,  Kullu from 25th to 26th Feb 2014 . The exhibition is being organized by Mandi Postal Division.

20 February 2014

XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014, Sochi




Russian Post issued a souvenir sheet to commemorate XXII Winter Olympic Games featuring Olympic medals.The opening ceremony of the XXII Winter Olympic Games took place on February 7, 2014 at the Fisht stadium, located in the Olympic Park, Sochi. More than 5,500 athletes and team members from over 80 countries attended the event, which is to be held on February 7 to 23, 2014.

15 winter sports disciplines combined into seven Olympic sports are included in the programme of the Olympic Winter Games of 2014: three skating sports, six ski sports, two types of bobsleigh, as well as four separate sports: biathlon, curling, ice hockey and luge. In total, 98 sets of medals are to be given away.

The margins of the new souvenir sheet issued by Russian post to celebrate the Winter Olympics carry a QR code with an encrypted link to the www.sochi2014.com website, against the background of Krasnaya Polyana mountain peaks; there are gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals depicted on the postage stamps.



Polish Post issued  a set of 4 stamps with a beautiful FDC  to commemorate this big event.


Club News


Stamp - Booklet on Sachin Tendulkar



"SILIPEX-2014", Philatelic Exhibition was organised by North Bengal & Sikkim Postal Region at Ramkinkar Hall, Dinabandhu Mancha (Tathya Kendra), Siliguri on 10th and 11th February 2014 with the help of Siliguri Philatelists' Society. A Booklet on Sachin Tendulkar was released on the occasion. 52 frames were exhibited in the Exhibition. During the exhibition drawing competition and philatelic workshop were also organised.


Courtesy : Indian Philately Digest

New Special Cover


India Post, Kerala Postal Circle has issued a Special cover (KL-5/2014) on  10-02-214 on the occasion of 50 Years of Excellence of St. John's College, Anchal.St. John's College, Anchal, Kollam District, Kerala is one of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Colleges managed by the Major Archdiocese of Thiruvanthapuram, affiliated to the University of Kerala was established in 1964   The college is celebrating its Golden Jubilee during 2013-2014.

: Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum

email : sreejesh.nt@gmail.com


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