31 March 2012

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Rainbow Stamp News  April 2012

April 2012

Hi ! I have just posted April 2012 Issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. It can be viewed at : http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.in/

New Stamps from Pakistan

Pakistan 2012 page1 (1)    Pakistan 2012 page1 (1)

Pakistan 2012 page1 (1) Pakistan 2012 page1 (1)

Pakistan 2012 page1 (1)


Screenshot_3 : Pradip Jain, Patna : email : philapradip@gmail.com

30 March 2012

New stamps on Music and Fine arts…



serbia 1

Date of Issue : 30 March 2012

serbia 1

On March 30, 2012 Serbia Post released a new set of 3  stamps today  dedicated to Music and Fine arts  and 150 Years of Gymnasium in Pozarevac. . The first stamp is dedicated to 75 Years of the Academy of Music in Belgrade; the second stamp commemorates 75 Years of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and the third one - 150 Years of the Gymnasium in Pozarevac.

Belgrade Music Academy, the nowadays Faculty of Music Art was founded 75 years ago, by the decree of the Ministry of Education of the prewar Yugoslavia. The guiding thought of the first professors and Faculty's founders was to form artists and pedagogues who will, through their concert and teaching activities, create a specific artistic consciousness and by it transform and ennoble the wider social community. This artistic process of development is being continued even today with great enthusiasm by new generations of students and professors.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade was founded in 1937, and in 1973 was renamed the Faculty of Fine Arts. In seventy five years of its existence, 2.887 students graduated from the Faculty and 1.146 completed post-graduate studies. Since its founding until today, 138 prominent artists from Serbia and wider Balkan region have been teaching at the Faculty.

Pozarevac Grammar School was founded by a decree of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic on September 24th 1862 as Pozarevac Middle School. In the following years it has changed names several times. Since May 22nd 2001 it has been known as Pozarevac Grammar School.


Club News

Seminar on Promotion of Philately & Stamp Bazar at Ludhiana

The Philatelic Congress of Punjab and Ludhiana Philatelic Club with the collaboration of Dept of Posts are jointly organizing a Seminar on Promotion of Philately on April 21-22
at Lions Bhawan, Udham Singh Nagar, Ludhiana. On this occasion Ludhiana Philatelic Club is also holding a Stamp Bazaar.

Stamp Bazaar will enable the philatelists and the general public to buy stamps and other philatelic material. The tariff for dealer booth will be Rs. 2000/- and will include refreshment for both days.  The dealers will be provided with one table and two chairs.

In addition, a spot stamps auction will be held on April 22, 2012. No Buyer's Premium. 10% of realization shall be charged on the hammer price from the seller.

Those desirous of setting up their stalls are requested to contact Mr. Mukesh Malhotra PRO (M): 9023084608

International Philatelic Essay Contest for youth…



British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) Youth Philatelic Essay Contest Announced



The British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) is having an philatelic essay contest for young people ages 6 – 18.

According to an
press release the group sent out, "Stamp as well as cash prizes will be awarded.  Teachers, scout and stamp club leaders, as well as any adult who works with youth and the stamp collecting hobby are invited to share the contest information."

It goes on to say, "Youth are asked to find one or more stamps that are a meaningful symbol of their country.  Examples include flags, monuments, and other objects of historical significance.  The stamp(s) will be affixed to the page along with an essay of less than 250 words.  The written article should explain why the (flag, monument, historical item) is an important symbol for their country.  The essays may be handwritten or typed, double space is preferred.  The essay must be the original thoughts of the entrant."

"Prizes will be awarded by age group: 6 – 8, 9 – 11, 12 – 14, 15 – 18.  Monetary awards of $25, $10, and $5 will be awarded respectively to first, second, and third place winners in each age group.  Winners will also receive a philatelic prize.   The first 100 entries will receive a free packet of stamps.

"Only one entry per child.  Each entry should include the name of the child, complete mailing address, age as of

January 1, 2012, and a brief description of their collecting interest. 

Entries may be submitted electronically to nrdyer@comcast.net  or by mail to Bob Dyer, 1708 Granada Court, Petaluma, CA 94954.  (A photocopy may be sent – color preferred.)

The entries become the property of the British North America Society and will not be returned.  BNAPS reserves the right to publish entries on its website.

The contest is open to youth of any country.  Deadline for contest entries to be received is May 15, 2012.  Direct any questions to Bob Dyer"

To visit the  British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) website, click here.

source : http://stampcollectingroundup.blogspot.in/

Wild Mushrooms on stamps…


taiwan 1

Date of Issue : 23 March 2012

Chunghwa Post released a set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet on wild Mushrooms. Four species of mushroom which are  found at mid-altitudes are featured on these stamps. The following species are featured on the stamps…


1. Amanita rubrovolvata (NT$5): The mushroom has an orange to red cap (pileus). The mushroom's central stem (stipe) is cream to pale orange-yellow in color. The stem has a ring (annulus) on its upper half and a large basal bulb. It can often be found in mixed forests at mid-altitudes. This mushroom is poisonous.


2.Entoloma murraii (NT$5): The mushroom has a pale to bright yellow conical cap and a bright yellow cylindrical stem. The stem is central and supports the cap in the middle. This small, soft mushroom can often be found in forests in low to mid-altitude areas during summer and fall.


3.Geastrum sessile (NT$12): The mushroom has a ball-shaped fruiting body. At maturity, the outer layer of the fruiting body splits open to create a star-like effect. This mushroom can often be seen in broadleaf forests at mid-altitudes.


4.Clavulinopsis miyabeana (NT$12): At first, the fruiting body of this mushroom resembles a red or pink smooth cylinder. By maturity, the fruiting body has become a sharp spindle with a paler tip. It can often be found in clumps among fallen leaves in coniferous or broadleaf forests at mid-altitudes during summer and fall. At first glance, the mushroom resembles a flame on the forest ground.

29 March 2012

Rainbow Stamp…



Hi !

While surfing on Net I came across a beautiful stamp featuring ‘Rainbow’ issued by Nepal Post on ‘Balanced Environment’. This stamp has appeared on Indian Stamp Ghar. I shall be highly thankful if anyone could help me in getting this beautiful stamp as this is from my favouite theme “ Rainbow ”. I shall be pleased to send mint stamps in exchange. In this post please read an article on stamp collecting by Mr Mainak Kathiara of Ahmedabad and news on pictorial cancellations from Germany. This is all for Today..… More in Next Post….Till Then Have a Great Time !……...RainbowUmbrella

Club News

New Pictorial Cancellations on fauna from Germany


Ger 1

Date of Issue : 1 April 2012


Ger 2

Date of Issue : 26 May 2012

During  a philatelic exhibition  in Kaltennordheim on May 26th  2012 ,Germany, will be available a new  pictorial cancellation featuring the JACKDAW (Corvus  monedula), BIRD OF THE YEAR   2012 in Germany.

Interested philatelists in the above cancellations may contact Mr Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Collector Group ArGe ZOOLOGIE. Mail: Wolfgang.Beyer1@polizei.sachsen.de Postage rates are 0,75 Euro AIRMAIL or 2,80 Euro REGISTERED AIRMAIL


I am pleased to share here an article by renowned philatelist of Ahmedabad Mr Mainak Kathiara. This article was published in Phila Post in 2008. some images have been changed in this article . Mr Mainak Kathiara may be contacted at email : mainak61@yahoo.com

Learning Philately

Stamp collecting or ‘Philately’ is one of those timeless hobbies that might have been enjoyed by your grandfather and could be a past time for your grandchildren. Stamp collecting is far more compelling than just the removal of the paper from the back of the stamp.

The postage stamp permitted the letter to be delivered free of charge to the recipient, thus rendering it as untaxed. The introduction of the postage stamp and its popularity gave rise to an interest in philately and birth of the Philatelist. The history of philately is as old as the history of the postage stamp itself.

Mainak - Photo- Mainak Kathiara, Ahmedabad


A world of opportunity opens up when you start to learn about a stamp. Philately is one of the more interesting and educational hobbies as it teaches us about history, geography, politics, art & culture, all inside the borders of a postage stamp.It trains our power of observation, improves our perception, broadens our views and adds to our knowledge of many fields of learning.


Stamp collecting or ‘Philately’ is one of those timeless hobbies that might have been enjoyed by your grandfather and could be a past time for your grandchildren. Stamp collecting is far more compelling than just the removal of the paper from the back of the
stamp. Philately is a way of engaging in the past through pictorial imagery and preserving it for the future.


Definition of Philately:

The oxford dictionary defines the word ‘Philately’ as the ‘collection and study of stamps’. The term ‘Philately’ was coined in 1865 by a Frenchman, Mr. George Herpin, who combined the Greek words ‘PHILOS + TELEIN’, where Philos means ‘love’ and Telein means ‘exemption from the payment of tax’. The postage stamp permitted the letter to be delivered free of charge to the recipient, thus rendering it as untaxed. The introduction of the postage stamp and its popularity gave rise to an interest in philately and birth of the Philatelist. The history of philately is as old as the history of the postage stamp itself.

Stamp collecting today is the world’s oldest and most widely followed hobby. It is also one of the very few hobbies which has acquired authentic status and enjoys extensive government support.

SS 1

A Few Generalised Tips for the Collectors:

Be a regular visitor at the post office philatelic bureau. The advantages are many:

a) By opening a philatelic deposit account, you are secured about your supply of Mint Stamps, First Day Covers, Brochures and postal stationery etc.

b) You get the material delivered to your address without extra cost.

SS 7


c) You get the stamps from the post office at face value, which is a parallel currency and hence you are never a loser.



d) You can get 25p Meghdoot Post Cards. Lot of slogans, information on social issues are to be seen on them and they will be a good source for Thematic collection.

e) The brochure of any stamp is worth reading. It will help to learn the details of the particular
stamp. It is also a collectable item.

f) You get a chance to meet fellow philatelists of your area and it gives you chance to
exchange views.

The department is carrying out all these activities to promote philately. You can take advantage of them. So what are you waiting for? Go and open a philatelic account.

• Be in touch with senior philatelists - they have learnt philately the hard way and their experience will help you a lot.

• Refer to the many Internet auction sites on philately.• Try to get a few good catalogues, reference books, auction lists, magazine, articles written by senior philatelists, and postal information from time to time from post offices.

• Go for quality material even if it is a bit more costly. It will be more worthy in the long run.

• Buy good stationery items to preserve your philatelic material in good condition.

• Visit National and International exhibitions, which will broaden your vision for collecting.

• Become a member of a local philatelic society where you can interact with philatelists of your area.

• Never speculate on stamps unless you are guided by the specialist of that subject.



Hexagonal stamps of the ‘Aldabra Giant Tortoise’ issue

Be Innovative:

Innovation will take you a step ahead of your fellow collectors. Shown below are hexagonal stamps of the ‘Aldabra Giant Tortoise’ issue. Different attractive combinations can be made which gives a beautiful look.

Try to be creative - it does not cost much and it is a pleasure to look at. The department is carrying out all these activities to promote philately. You can take advantage of them. So
what are you waiting for? Go and open a philatelic account.

• Be in touch with senior philatelists - they have learnt philately the hard way and their experience will help you a lot.

Also shown below are two covers which were made by a philatelist to commemorate the ‘World Aids Day’. These types of innovative/creative ideas will give birth to exclusive items for the future and will enhance your collection.



To commemorate World Aids Day on 1st December, Cover was cancelled with Date
Stamp, as no special cancellation was available.



A private First Day Cover commemorating the release of Aids Stamp on 1st December 2006. The cover shows ‘Tata Steels’ initiative for prevention of HIV Aids.

Educate Yourself :

You have to ask a few questions of yourself if you want to be an expert of philately.

a) Do you want to lead your fellow philatelists, rather than being ignored by them? Then educate yourself and share what you know with others.

b) Do you want to get goodies that busy and lazy dealers over look for cheap prices? Then......READ.

c) Do you want to make fruitful investment in stamps? Then the answer is, READ as much as you can.

You have seen them. They are usually quiet. They sit at a dealers table and sift through everything within their speciality. What are they looking for? Dozens of things: cancellations, the rare shade, different perforations, die variety, rare rate, rare destinations and many more things. Don’t ask these experts; they are professionals
at what they do and they won’t tell you the secrets. They took the time to READ the books. They are experts and if you know what they know, you would get in line or ahead of them, wouldn’t you? So keep reading !

These days, stamps are considered as an alternative investment. Stamps possess considerable aesthetic qualities and there is also psychological appeal of something tangible, rather than the figures in the bank pass book or demat accounts. The beauty of investing in stamps is that there is such an enormous range and diversity of material available to suit every pocketbook. With the present surge of interest in philately as an alternative investment, the future looks very bright.

The next time when you pass by a post office in any city pay attention to how they are using their philately to promote the country, cater to the tourist, or commemorate moments of significance. My appeal to young professionals, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants is to have a peep at the philatelic bureau wherever they go. I am sure they will find something or the other that is interesting to take home as a collectible or to gift someone  as a memento.

- Phila Post 2008

28 March 2012

Stamps on Green Energy..



Date of Issue : 22 March 2012

Green energy stamps by Iceland

Iceland has a unique position when it comes to energy. Icelanders use more energy per capita than any other country. The proportion of renewable energy sources is also unusually high.

In 2008 approximately 80% of the total national energy consumption came from domestic and renewable energy sources. Geothermal heat has been used for heating by 90% of households in the country. Rivers are a great source of energy and Iceland has around 37 hydroelectric power plants and approximately 200 smaller power plants. Landsvirkjun was established for the purpose of constructing power plants providing electricity to heavy industries. Aluminium and related exports account for over 40% of the country's total exports.

Powerful geothermal areas in the South are used both for heating and for vegetable cultivation. These areas account for half of harnessed hydro-energy in the country and about 70% of harnessed geothermal power. With the use of electricity in horticulture farmers have been able to meet domestic demand for tomatoes and cucumbers. Major advances have taken place in horticulture in recent years which means that in ten years tomato-production has increased by 200% and the production of cucumbers doubled.

This stamp issue was designed by Hlynur Olafsson.

image : Iceland Post


Request to  Readers and Contributors

Contributors of this blog and Rainbow Stamp News are requested to send compressed   images  for publication. Due to heavy Road Repair   Project on Shamshi - Kullu Highway all telephone lines are out of order for the last one month hence the internet  BSNL broadband  connectivity is badly affected. I am not able to download heavy files through another Net connection which I am using right now to access internet . Kindly send small files with your mail . Heavy files will not be entertained.

27 March 2012

New stamps from Vietnam..


For a Vietnam Free of Tuberculosis

Ảnh minh họa

Date of Issue : 24 March 2012

Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by an infection Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which mostly has affected the lungs but sometimes the other parts of the body. Today, TB is mostly common, having bad effect over one third of the world’s population, with 9 million new cases each year, causing 2 million deaths, mostly in developing countries.

On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, when Dr. Robert Koch detected the cause of tuberculosis and made propaganda against TB in Vietnam, on the 24th of March 2012, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) special issues stamp set: “ For a Vietnam free of Tuberculosis! ”.


Date of Issue : 8 March 2012

The Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam has issued a set of stamps dedicated to the evolution of the national dress of Vietnamese women - Ao Dai.


Ao Dai is Vietnam's traditional dress, which was first designed over hundred years ago. This dress was renewed many times under different names and finally became Vietnam ladies' current formal dress. It is usually worn in formal events, festivals and is now a popular uniform for girl students.


Club News

k 1 (640x512)

KANPEX – 2012

  mrityunjay MishraReport by Mrityunjay Mishra, Kanpur

A district level stamp exhibition KANPEX 2012 was held at head Post office , kanpur from 24-25 March 2012. The exhibits on various categories were displayed in 132 frames. My stamp was the centre of attraction at the  exhibition. Two special covers were released during the show. On the spot drawing competition, Quiz and a philatelic workshop was organized at the exhibition. Noted philatelist from Lucknow  Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma was member of jury.













- MRITYUNJAY MISHRA : email :  jay_mishra2003@yahoo​.com    Ph. 9984169915


Which work of art would you like to see portrayed on a stamp in 2013?

In 2013, Åland Post issues a stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Åland Art Museum. You can now join in to select the artwork to be depicted on this stamp !
Aland Post  raffles off a €100 gift voucher to Mariehamns bokhandel and 5 Year books “Ålands Frimärken berättar 2010-2011” (value: €59.40) among all voters.

imageimage image

The artworks are listed on the website.   To the vote….   Read More…

26 March 2012

100th anniversary of Titanic disaster …


Souvenir Sheet Stamp

Canada Post commemorates Canadian Titanic ties with stamps

Canadian recovery efforts saluted in marking 100th anniversary of the ship’s disaster

Canada Post will issue five stamps  on April 5 to mark the centennial of the sinking of RMS Titanic. The collection, created by Haligonian design team of Dennis Page and Oliver Hill, showcases the best-known ship in the world with depth and realism and adds some poignant Canadian attributes.

Titanic Stamps

Creating a detailed image of a ship that has been under water for a century presented a wonderful challenge for Halifax-based designer Dennis Page. “This was the biggest man-made moving object on earth that after setting off on her maiden voyage hit an iceberg and ended in disaster. That really stuck with me and how I was going to show that feeling.” Page basically put himself in the moment. “I imagined myself standing below her bow looking up which really gives that vantage point and perspective at how vast something like this could be.” 

Through this stamp collection Canada Post takes pride in respectfully marking an event in which so many lost their lives, and honouring the countless Canadians who helped in the recovery mission. “This is really our way of paying tribute to the Canadians involved,” says Mary Traversy, Canada Post’s Senior Vice-President of Mail. “With these stamps, we hope to preserve the legacy of the Canadians whose lives were deeply touched when Titanic sank off our coast.” 

The collection will be available on April 5 in all Canada Post outlets, online and via mail order. Pre-orders are also possible on canada post.ca/shop.

The Titanic stamp collection

The Titanic stamp collection is composed of five stamps, a stamp pane, a souvenir sheet, an uncut press sheet, prepaid postcards, framed prints, a collectible album and a stamp and coin collector envelope.

The four PERMANENT™ domestic-rate stamps come as two pairs of se-tenant stamps. Two show the Titanic’s impressive bow and the other two feature the stern. The stern stamps are available only on the pane of 16 stamps, which includes eight stern stamps and eight bow stamps. The bow stamps are also available in a booklet of 10 and on the pane of 16 stamps. The international rate stamp shows a full-colour side illustration of the Titanic, sailing on a calm ocean with a layered map showing relevant locations.

It is available in a booklet of six stamps, a souvenir sheet and a limited edition uncut press sheet. There will be two Official First Day Covers. The first will feature a photo from Father Brown’s collection of the captain of the Titanic walking on the deck with the bow and the stern stamps. The second cover makes use of the international denomination stamp and features a photo of a paper boy in New York City announcing the disaster.

Additional information about Canadian stamps can be found in the news section of Canada Post’s website, and photos of these new stamps are also available.

Stamps and other products will be available at participating post offices, or can be ordered online by following the links at canadapost.ca/collecting, or by mail order from the National Philatelic Centre. From Canada and the USA, call toll-free 1-800-565-4362, and from other countries, call 902 863-6550.

For more information about the Titanic collection:

Media Relations, Canada Post 613 734-8888  medias@canadapost.ca

-Vin Heney : vincent.heney@canadapost.ca

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