30 December 2011

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rainbow 2012 # 1

Hi ! I have just published January 2012 issue on Blog. This is the first issue of year 2012. Wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year !!

The issue can be viewed at :


New Special Cover

100 years of Girl Guide Movement in India

Spl Cov 1 

Spl Cov 1


Girlguide cov_Back cover_Final15112011

Salem: 29 November 2011

Screenshot_3 : Mahesh Parekh ( SIPA), Chennai -  email : maheshparekhb@gmail.com

Children’s Day



Kota : 14 November 2011

Screenshot_3 : Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur



ITS Postal Auction No.55 – Last Date: 14.01.2012

emails:  indianthematicsociety@gmail.com   surajjaitly@hotmail.com

Check detailed list of new 145 Lots offered from India and overseas in ITS Postal
Auction No.55 at
http://indianthematicstamps.webs.com/apps/documents/   OR


29 December 2011

2012 stamp programme of USA



US Postal Service will issue postage stamps on a variety of subjects in the year 2012.Here is the 2nd part of the proposed list of stamps to be issued in 2012. The date of issue is not yet finalized by US Postal Service. There are about 45 beautiful issues in the list. I am publishing them in parts !!




With the issuance of these stamps, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates bicycling, one of the most popular outdoor activities in the country. Each of the four colorful se-tenant stamps features a different kind of bike and rider: a young child just learning to ride with training wheels, a commuter pedaling to work, a road racer intent on the finish line, and an airborne BMX rider.



In 2012 the U.S. Postal Service continues its Celebrating Lunar New Year series with a Year of the Dragon stamp, the fifth in the series. The stamp art shows the head of a colorful dragon against a brilliant blue sky. The Year of the Dragon begins on January 23, 2012, and ends on February 9, 2013.



These cheerful stamps portray Santa Claus flying through the air in his sleigh. With a cargo of toys and gifts produced in his workshop by elves, he lands on the rooftop of house after house and slides down the chimney to leave presents for girls and boys of all ages. Santa’s annual journey is joyfully captured in this block of four holiday stamps, with two rows of two stamps each presenting a “classic” image of Santa and his reindeer circling around snow-covered rooftops.


Celebrate Scouting, the “sister” stamp to the 2010 Scouting stamp, pays tribute to scouting organizations for the opportunities and pleasures they have provided millions of youths worldwide.

The stamp features a large silhouette of a girl with binoculars looking into the distance — perhaps sighting a soaring bald eagle or a faraway destination. The scene within the silhouette features a girl in mid-stride with a walking stick, shorts, and backpack on a serious summer trek. The environment is composed of large redwoods, a lake, a distant forested mountainside, and small ferns in the foreground. The sky has a dramatic blue gradation as it appears in early morning or late evening.



With the Heart Health stamp, the U.S. Postal Service hopes to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.

The stamp art focuses on the feelings of wellness and vitality that come from physical exercise, a key element in controlling and preventing coronary heart disease, or CHD. The design shows a bright yellow sun disc, a leafy green tree icon, and a blue swirl of a sky. The striding figure at the center of the stamp has in his chest a full red heart. At the figure’s feet, a large red apple represents a well-balanced diet, another essential factor in maintaining a healthy heart.



In 2012, the U.S. Postal Service pays tribute to four influential choreographers who changed the art of dance: Isadora Duncan, José Limón, Katherine Dunham, and Bob Fosse. Designed to look like posters advertising a performance, the stamp art captures the luminosity and mystery of a live dance performance.

The stamp design for Isadora Duncan reflects her interest in classical Greek dance forms and shows the seemingly effortless style that she developed. Radical for its time, her linking of movement and expressiveness garnered her worldwide critical acclaim.

To be contd..

Source : Beyond The Perf

New stamps on London 2012 Olympics



Date of Issue :  1 January 2012

Isle of Man Post will issue  on 1st January, a set of seven  stamps and a beautiful  Miniature Sheet on different sports events of London OLYMPIC 2012. The striking feature of this issue is sheetlet of each stamp which depicts the background picture of the respective event. This makes the sheets awesome !! It is a wonderful set for collectors of Sports and Olympic theme.




LONDN 2012 Olympic Games






Club News



Newsletter on Maximaphily



The Maximum Card Study Unit of America
Founded in 1978, the Maximum Card Study Unit (MACSU) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the creation, collection, exchange, enjoyment, display, and study of Maximum Cards, by spreading the knowledge of Maximaphily among its members
Membership includes a subscription to Maximaphily USA, a quarterly journal featuring news of
the maximum card world and articles by members and experts in the field.

image   image

Articles featuring topical collecting typically are richly illustrated with maximum cards and share the author's insightful knowledge of the subject and his own personal and helpful experience.
The pages providing information regarding activities of individual members allows members to place free advertising for trading, buying, selling and exchanging information. Here the
opportunity to make contacts with members in other countries is provided.
There are articles evaluating maximum cards according to accepted standards, pointing out good qualities and making suggestions for improvement.

Mail bid auctions are held on occasion, featuring inexpensive cards donated by members.
Every issue provides a page or two of illustrations of the most recent maximum card creations by our members. Every member gets a chance to show his cards and write an article about them.

- Terry Watson, President, Maximum Card Study Unit 

For membership contact email : TERRYW7633@comcast.net  or


28 December 2011

Indian theme on foreign stamps…



Indian Art and Paintings

These sheetlets on Indian art and paintings were issued by Mozambique Post in 2011.

  Exotic Odd shapes_Gandhi_Indian Theme -05.12.11_Pag10a

Exotic Odd shapes_Gandhi_Indian Theme -05.12.11_Pag10a

Exotic Odd shapes_Gandhi_Indian Theme -05.12.11_Pag10aScreenshot_3 : Pradeep Jain, Patna


 My recent Cover / Card

Christmas Greetings from Latvia

Picture 016 

Picture 017

Special  Christmas card, issued by Latvia Post

Thanks to EN Limanski, Riga – Latvia

The Human Life Cycle and the Rise and Fall of  Philately 

- Jin Hur


Korean StampKorean Stamp

Korean Stamp (1) Korean Stamp (1)

This article  by Jin Hur was published  recently in  Korean Stamp review magazine.

: Pradeep Jain, Patna

27 December 2011

New Stamp from India : Madan Mohan Malviya




Date of Issue : 27  December 2011

India Post issued a  postage stamp today to commemorate 150th Birth Anniversary (  25 December 2011) of Pt . Madan Mohan Malaviya.

Madan Mohan Malaviya  (1861–1946) was an Indian educationist, and freedom fighter notable for his role in the Indian independence movement  Later in life, he was also addressed as 'Mahamana'.

He was the President of the Indian National Congress on four occasions .He was founder editor of two nationalist weeklies called Hindustan (in Hindi) and The Indian Union (in English). He was the president of the Indian National Congress in 1909 and in 1918. He later founded Banaras Hindu University, commonly known as BHU, a prominent institution of learning in India today.

On his 150th birth anniversary (i.e. 25th Dec, 2011), Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh announced that a Centre for Malaviya Studies will be set up at the Banaras Hindu University apart from establishment of scholarships and education related awards in his memory.

Malviya Nagar in Allahabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Bhopal and Jaipur are named after him. A  Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) at Jaipur is named after him. Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College in Gorakhpur, UP is also named after him.

Club News

Special Covers and Picture Postcards

7 Special covers were issued during GUJPEX 2011, held in Vadodara from 23 – 25 December 2011.


Capt Vijay Hazare


GSFC, Vadodara : 375 years old Banyan Tree


National Institute of Design : Golden Jubilee


Pride of the Nation : The Asiatic Lion


Convent of Jesus and Mary Gils’ High School, Vadodara 


Archaeological Survey of India’s 150th anniversary


Birth Centenary of Thought Transformation

Picture Postcards

A unique set of 22 picture postcards with cancellations of 21 places where Mahatma Gandhi had Night Halts during Dandi March. Each postcard is numbered and have same number on all of them and also on the Khadi cover in which they are placed. Only 500 sets are issued during GUJPEX 2011, held at Vadodara from 23rd to 25th December,2011.


View cards : http://setenantsofindia.blogspot.com/2011/12/dandi-march-picture-postcards-gujpex.html

courtesy : Shrikant Parikh, Ahmedabad

Glimpses of Indian Autographs..

BOOK TITLE_thumb[9]

Glimpses of Indian Autographs by Praful Thakkar

On the inaugural day of GUJPEX 2011, on  23rd December , a  book written by our member and noted philatelist of Ahmedabad Mr Praful Thakkar,  "Glimpses of Indian Autographs" was released by H E the Governor of Gujarat Dr Kamla Beniwal. It is a wonderful book for the lovers of Autograph collectors. The book also gives a special section on ‘Association of Philately with the Autographs’.  A special chapter is added in the book which depicts the Autographs in the design of Indian Postal Stamps. Another chapter depicts original autographs, on the First Day Covers, of personalities, related or associated with celebrities whose stamps are issued.

 image_thumb[2] Praful Thakkar is Limca Book Record Holder in 2009 for Autographs & Canteen Tokens and  is a collector of autographs, stamps, First Day Covers (FDCs), coins, medals, tokens, badges , badge plates etc. and many more collectibles of India since last more than 45 years. He has written several books on these subjects of Hobbies.

For numismatic collectors, he has authored Collector's Guide to Indian Canteen Tokens, Collector's Guide to Membership Badges of Turf & Race Clubs of India, Collector's Guide to Chronologies of Sultans, Rulers & Colonial Heads of India and Chapras: Collector's Guide to Belt Buckles, Badges and Badge Plates of India.

For philatelic collectors, he has written Collector's Guide to Covers & Folders of India 1947-1964 - Official & Private. Through this book, he has tried to give a dimension to Philatelic facet of early classic period by cataloging Official FDCs, Private FDCs and Folders of this time.

His three websites a) Indian Autograph Gallery b) World Autograph Gallery and c)Indian Numismatics have made landmarks in their respective hobby fields of Numismatics and Autograph collection as they present rich Indian heritage.

He developed the hobby of collecting Art, Autographs and Numismatic objects in his own way. He believes that hobbies are ‘Pleasure for you & Treasure for Family’ and a way to 'Share the Knowledge & Spread the Knowledge'. In true spirit of practicing his life's motto, he has created the websites and written books that will be helpful for aspiring hobbyists.

Mr Praful Thakkar may be contacted at email :  pkthakkar@yahoo.com 

Book release by H E the Governor of Gujarat

"Glimpses of Indian Autographs" released by H E the Governor of Gujarat Dr Kamla Beniwal on the inaugrual day of GUJPEX 2011

Glimpses of Indian Autographs

1. This is a book that gives glimpses of the autographs of eminent Indian personalities of various fields. The book contains around 600 autographs in 8 major groups which are further divided in 42 different categories. In each category about 13 autographs, along with the photographs of the celebrities, are presented. The effort in the book is made to project glimpses of different themes under which autograph collection can be made..


2. Here one can find the autographs and photographs of Indian personalities classified thematically. This means that the autographs of Presidents & Prime Ministers of India, Indian National Leaders & Freedom Fighters, Recipients of Bharat Ratna, Magsaysay & Dada Saheb Phalke awards, Governors & Chief Ministers of different Indian States, Saints & Spiritual Masters, Indian Film Stars & Personalities, Indian Cricket Captains & Cricketers, Indian Music Maestros, Indian Painter-Artists, Indian Nobel Laureates, Indian Miss Universe / World, Indian Businessmen / Industrialists, Rulers of Indian Princely States etc. are presented here subject wise.

4. A special feature in this book is an effort to associate Philately with the autographs. A special chapter is added which depicts the Autographs in the design of Indian Postal Stamps. Another chapter depicts original autographs, on the First Day Covers, of personalities, related or associated with celebrities whose stamps are issued.

5. A very interesting feature of the book is to present some autographs of Indian Princely Rulers. In India more than 580 Princely States were there. They were ruled by the Kings. The States had their own Coat-of-Arms as their Royal Symbols. Here in this book an effort is made to put some Rulers’ autographs along with their Royal Coat-of-Arms. This will reflect one facet of our Indian history.

6. Another interesting feature is of ‘Art in Autographs’. In this category one can find autographs of personalities who give their autographs with some artistic touch. Similarly, in the category of autographs of ‘Painters & Artists’ one can see the small painting done by famous Painters while giving their autographs.

7. In a special and separate category of ‘Autograph variety of same celebrity’, different autographs of the celebrity, in different styles and in the same language or different languages, are given.

9. This book is meant to project the autographs of Indian celebrities. However, as an exception, one chapter is added for the foreign personalities who are very much known to the people of India.

10 In this era of Internet, chapter of Useful Links and books will be useful to all collectors and readers. Here URLs of some interesting websites created by individuals/organizations and names and addresses of some useful books are given. The collectors may make appropriate use of this information.

11. At the end, an alphabetically arranged Index with basic details and information about the celebrity is given. This will help the reader not only to find the location of a particular autograph but also provide some useful information about the celebrity. Thus this chapter of Index is highly educative and informative. The information shown here mainly presents the achievements, awards and honors received by respective celebrities.

Book coverage by Time of IndiaBook coverage by Time of IndiaBook coverage by Time of India 

More information about  "Glimpses of Indian Autographs" can be viewed on the Home Page of www.indianautographs.com

Video clipping of the book release can be viewed on You tube on following URL.


Club News

From our Readers…


In an innovative gesture the Department of Posts had brought out India Post year 2010 calendar on the set of its highly popular 'Dasavatar' stamps based  on Jayadev's 12th century epic 'Geetagovinda'. The Calendar was widely appreciated and carried favorable media coverage. Enthused with the response, Department of Posts next year followed with the Calendar on the theme of ‘Buddha’.Taking this initiative forward Department of Posts has now released India Post 2012 Calendar based on the theme of sculptural heritage of India.

: Deepak Modi

UPHILEX – 2011

Mr Ashwani Dubey of Gorakhpur shares here a copy of letter to CPMG, UP regarding unsatisfactory results of UPHILEX 2011. A certificate received by him on which whitener is used to correct the name. The participant should have been given a new certificate with correct name .



uphilex 2011

The certificate received by Ashwani Dubey at UPHILEX 2011. The name has been corrected with whitener.

uphilex 2011

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