20 February 2023

New Pictorial Cancellation


Maha Shivaratri 

18 February 2023 : Bengaluru

 - Praveen Shastry, Bangalore

16 February 2023

Amritpex 2023 concluded...

 Amritpex 2023 : Day 5 : Award Ceremony

Special Covers 

Release of Picture Postcards

Book released by Members  Eastern India Philatelists' Association

Champion of Champions Award to Mr. Piyush Khaitan

Members of Jury

Ms. Jaagruthi N Adka won Vermeil with 78 points and also got a special prize from DOP for best youth exhibit-Group B for her exhibit "Olympics- Bird's eye view"

Mr. Narendra Saboo with his exhibit 'India-1866 six Annas foreign bill overprinted Postage' won 90 points with special award

15 February 2023

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