16 November 2021

Happy Birthday Nadia


Date of Issue : 12 November 2021

Happy Birthday Nadia !

A Star is Born! (Newsweek, August 2nd, 1976)

On the occasion of her birthday, as a sign of respect, admiration and gratitude to Nadia Comaneci, the world champion of women’s gymnastics, Romfilatelia dedicates to her the postage stamps issue “Happy Birthday, Nadia!”.

The issue consists of a stamp, with the face value of Lei 9, an imperforated souvenir sheet, with the face value of Lei 31.50 and a First Day Cover.

On the stamp of the souvenir sheet is depicted a sequence from a beam exercise performed by Nadia Comaneci and on the First Day Cover are illustrated stamps and souvenir sheets dedicated, over time, to the famous sportswoman.

This philatelic project is an opportunity to relive the excitement of the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, when a girl originating from the lands of Moldova became an international star.

For Romania and Romanians everywhere, Nadia belongs to the national heritage, her name being associated with Romania more than any other. The appreciation and admiration for the special merits she had throughout her sports career went around the world, remaining in the souls of all Romanians everywhere.

Romfilatelia thanks Mrs. Nadia Comaneci and the Nadia Comaneci Foundation in Romania for the documentary and photographic support granted in the development of this postage stamps issue.

Nadia Elena Comăneci Conner (born November 12, 1961), known professionally as Nadia Comăneci is a Romanian, retired gymnast and a five-time Olympic gold medalist, all in individual events. In 1976 at the age of 14, Comăneci was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0 at the Olympic Games. At the same Games (1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal), she received six more perfect 10s for events en route to winning three gold medals. At the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Comăneci won two more gold medals and attained two more perfect 10s. During her career, Comăneci won nine Olympic medals and four World Artistic Gymnastics Championship medals.

Comăneci is one of the world's best-known gymnasts and is credited with popularizing the sport around the globe. In 2000, she was named as one of the Athletes of the 20th Century by the Laureus World Sports Academy. She has lived in the United States since 1989, when she defected from then-Communist Romania before its revolution in December that year. She later worked with and married American Olympic, gold-medal gymnast Bart Conner, who set up his own school. In 2001 she became a naturalized United States citizen, and has dual citizenship, also maintaining her Romanian citizenship.

15 November 2021

Christmas 2021


New Christmas 2021 stamps

Date of Issue : 12 November 2021

Christmas Mail to Baby Jesus is a unique project organised by the Slovak Post in collaboration with its partners and a major part of the most wonderful festivities of the year.


Date of issue : 12 November 2021

The rocking horse - the nostalgic toy as a motif for a commemorative Christmas stamp

This vintage stamp shows a drawing of a rocking horse, a Christmas ball and a gift. In red letters it wishes „Merry Christmas“.

The rocking horse stands as a symbol of toys that have lasted for generations. Already in ancient times, small horses on wheels were used for trailing or mounting. The current runners have been known since about the 17th century. It is believed that they were invented in the USA and came to Europe in the 19th century. Even then, the rocking horse was on many a wish list, but not all children could get one - that's why the rocking horse is also symbolic of unfulfilled dreams.

Traditionally, they are made of wood, but they are also available with plush fur - or not as a horse at all, but as a completely different animal. Even today, they are the ideal toy for children. Not only does a rocking horse stimulate the imagination, it also promotes motor development and trains the sense of balance. And even if it is not a present under the tree this year, the rocking horse will certainly find its way into Christmas rooms as a decorative tree ornament or as a gingerbread motif.


Date of Issue : 15 November 2021

The following winter scenes are depicted on the December stamps 2021 in the form of papercuts: A mole with candy cane and rucksack, 2 love-struck blue tits under a mistletoe, a fox with a fluttering scarf and envelope, a mouse in a red postal car, a badger decorating the Christmas tree with his scarf, 2 mice decorating a peacock, a squirrel pushing a sleigh with gifts and treats, a squirrel, hare, dog and owl by the skating pond, a hare with a bunch of Christmas roses, and a fallow deer decorated as a Christmas tree.

All the animals are depicted in a friendly winter landscape, a cosy animal forest with brightly coloured picture elements. Sometimes a larger scene can be seen, other times all the attention goes to one animal. There are three types of sky: light blue, bright blue and dark blue for the morning, afternoon and night respectively. Each December stamp tells its own story. Together, the ten December stamps form a whole because the animals are all, in one way or another, engaged in the theme of Christmas, winter or December.


Date of Issue : 15 November 2021

The traditional and popular Christmas stamps are presented in oriental style this year, which is reflected in the choice of colours and detailing in gold.

On the stamp "The Guiding Star" (face value: CHF 0.85), the star that pointed the way to Bethlehem for the Three Wise Men takes centre stage. "The Shepherd" (face value: CHF 1.00), symbolically represented by a sheep, refers to the shepherds who, after an angel proclaimed the birth of Jesus, also set out to see the Son of God lying in a manger.

The "Holy Spirit" (face value: CHF 1.50), who had come upon Mary as the Spirit of God and made her conceive her son nine months earlier, appears in the form of a dove like in the Bible. A candle flanked by a plant represents "The Gifts" (face value: CHF 2.00), which the Wise Men from the East offered to the Saviour.

New Zealand

Christmas 2021
Date of Issue : 3 November 2021


 The visit of St. Nicholas on Christmas Eve 

Date of Issue : 10 October 2021

11 November 2021

New Special Covers on wildlife


67th Wildlife Week 2021 

Special Cover KTK-48-2021 - 67th Wildlife Week 2021 - Hump-Backed Masheer.

Hump-backed Mahseer (Tor remadevii] also called as "Orange- finned Mahseer' is a charismatic freshwater fish. endemic to river cauvery and its tributaries. which is on the brink of extinction. It is recognized as one of the world's top 20 freshwater mega fauna and is popularly known as the "Tiger of the Cauvery River". It is characterized by a distinctive "hump-shaped back and orange tinged fins". Mahseer plays a very vital role in balancing the riverine ecosystem by feeding on everything from fish. frogs, crabs, aquatic insects. worms, fruit, seeds, leaves and algae. This Special Cover is released to create awareness among the public towards this "Critically endangered" species which is on the list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) Red List, as it is threatened by poaching, destructive fishing methods. introduction of invasive and competing fish species. pollutants and habitat degradation.

Special Cover - KTK-49-2021 - 67th Wildlife Week 2021 - Smooth-coated Otter.

Smooth- coated Otter (Lutrogale perpicillata) is an Otter species occurring in most of the Indian subcontinent and SouthEast Asia. It is one of the three Otter species found in India. Smooth-coated Otters, though being the top predators of our riverine habitats, are threatened by poaching for pelt and other body parts. This special cover is released to create an awareness among the public to protect this species which is listed as "Vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List and also listed in the Part II of Schedule II of Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Tungabhadra Otter Conservation Reserve, near Hampi, Karnataka is the first Protected Area in India declared for the conservation of Otters.

-Suresh R, - Bangalore : email : suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

09 November 2021

Club News


Forthcoming stamp exhibitions

Steelcitypex 2021



Tamil Nadu Postal Circle is organizing its 13th State level philatelic exhibition from 7 th January to 9th January 2022. It is a Virtual Philatelic Exhibition and will be held under the patronage and guidance of the Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Postal Circle. This exhibition is being organized by the Tamilnadu Postal Circle with the active cooperation and support of South India Philatelists’ Association (SIPA), Chennai to promote the hobby of stamps collecting and give an opportunity for the philatelists to showcase their collections. The Organizing Committee of the exhibition is headed by the Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Postal Circle, Chennai 600002. The Deputy Chairperson is the Postmaster General, Chennai City Region, Chennai 600 002. 


Since this is a Virtual Exhibition, there will not be any physical venue. However, the Organizing Committee and Secretariat will function from the Office of the Postmaster General, Chennai City Region, Chennai 600002. 


Participation in the exhibition is open to all stamp collectors who are residents of Tamilnadu and Puducherry UT. The exhibitor must be the owner of the collection displayed and will be listed under the exhibitors’ name in all the Exhibition records. Exhibits may only be entered under the name of the exhibitor and use of pseudonym is not permitted. The following exhibitors are automatically eligible for allotment of frames: 

• Exhibitors who have won up to Silver medal or I / II / III prize at District/Regional level exhibitions. 

• Exhibitors who have participated in earlier held State level exhibitions and won up to Large Silver Award. The following Exhibitors are eligible to apply for frames with a condition that they submit photo copy of the collection and/or recommendation letter from any Philatelic Society in Tamilnadu that the Exhibitor has improved the earlier collection for acceptance by the Allotment Committee: 

• Those who have not participated in any exhibition earlier. 

• Those who have participated in earlier District level exhibition and not won any award. 

The following Exhibitors are not eligible to apply for frames under Competition Class:

 • Exhibitors who have won Vermeil or above in the previous State level TANAPEX and Large Silver in the National and/or International Level exhibitions. Exhibitors shall apply through the Entry form available in the official website of TN DIGIPEX 2022 www.tndigipex2022.com. The Exhibitors should fill up the online entry form completely and incomplete forms are liable to be rejected. 


 LUDHIANA PHILATELIC CLUB is going to organize "CHILDREN BAL MELA"  AND STAMP SHOW on 14th November 2021 at 10:30 A.M 

Venue. Head Post office, LUDHIANA. 

All are requested to join & participate. 

Contacts person:

Mukesh Malhotra : M.9023084608 

General Secretary 

Yash pal Bangia:  9814376478

Suresh jain.: 9417226292

08 November 2021

New Special Covers


Dussehri Mango : 13 October 2021 : Lucknow

GI TAG Special Cover - UP-107-2021 Dusseheri Mango

The Dusseheri mango was first seen in the orchard of the "Nawab of Lucknow", The oldest orchard of Dusseheri mango called 'Bara Bagh' is situated at Malihabad. Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of Dusseheri mangoes. Dusseheri mango of Malihabad is exported to many countries across the world. Dusseheri Mango of Malihabad has a GI TAG.

Pa Togan N Sangma : 13 October 2021 : Shillong

Special Cover - NE-22-2021-22 - Pa.Togan N. Sangma.

Pa. Togan N. Sangma born in the village of Samanda, Williamnagar, East Garo Hills led the Garo fight against the British during their invasion in the Garo Hills with Milam (long swords) and Seppi (Shields).Pa. Togan N. Sangma died fighting in a battle field at Chisobibra succumbing to bullet injuries on the 12th December 1872.

National Nutrition Month : 24 September 2021 : Bangalore

Special Cover – KTK-46-2021 – National Nutrition Month-2021

Identification of severely acute malnourished children, providing and strengthening the existing testing. Treatment and follow-up services are the aim of the nutrition mission. The Poshan month is observed to create awareness regarding activities that can prevent anaemia among children, teenagers, pregnant and nursing mothers. The aim of the Poshan Abhiyan is to prioritize the reduction of low birth weight. anaemia, stunting. malnourishment and promote proper nutrition among the target population. This special cover is released to commemorate "National Nutrition Month-2021".

Suresh.R , Bengaluru

03 November 2021

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News November 2021

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous deepawali !

Dear Reader, 
I am pleased to release November 2021 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available on the following link :

02 November 2021


Noted philatelist Col Jayant Dutta is no more....


With profound grief I am very sorry to inform the readers that noted philatelist from Pune, Col Jayant Dutta, passed away on 1st November 2021. He was seriously ill  and fighting with cancer for the last two years. He won many awards at National and International philatelic exhibitions. He was  awarded the prestigious Roake Trophy along with his wife Dr Anjali Dutta by India Study Circle in 2015. He was President of Deccan Philatelic Society and editor of The journal of Army Philatelic Society and Deccan Philatelist. Recently he was selected Fellow by the PCI. He contributed many articles to Rainbow Stamp News.  His great contribution to Indian Philately will always be remembered. 

May his soul rest in peace. Our heartfelt condolences ! !

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