27 December 2009


25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Ajay Kumar Mittal - National Commissioner for Bangkok-20101 E Mail - ajay@kshitiz.com

INDIVIDUAL REGULATIONS FOR BANGKOK 2010 (IREX)(BANGKOK 2010 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition)

BANGKOK 2010 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as BANGKOK 2010") shall be held for the following objectives:
) to promote friendly relations and maintain close co-operation among the philatelists and stamp collectors in FIAP member countries; and
) to promote every aspect of philately in the FIAP region.

2.1 BANGKOK 2010 is organized by Thailand Post Company Limited in joint collaboration with the Philatelists Association of Thailand.
2.2 BANGKOK 2010 will be held at Plenary Hall, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.
2.3 BANGKOK 2010 will open on August 4, 2010 and close on August 12, 2010.

3.1 BANGKOK 2010 will be organized under the patronage of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP).
3.2 Mr. Michael Ho is the FIAP Coordinator of BANGKOK 2010.

4.1 BANGKOK 2010 will be governed by the following Regulations:
) The General Regulations of the FIP for Exhibitions (GREX)
) The General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV)
) The Special Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (SREVs)
) The Individual Regulations for BANGKOK 2010 (IREX)

5.1 The Regulations governing the conditions of participation of exhibitions are stated in the articles 9-18 of the GREX.
5.2 Participation in the Competitive Classes is opened to all collectors who are members of the societies affiliated to member federations of FIAP.
5.3 Participation in the Non-Competitive Class will be by invitation, solely at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
5.4 All exhibits except Literature must have been the property of the exhibitors for at least two years before the Exhibition.
5.5 The exhibitors may exhibit using a pseudonym provided that his true name and identity are known to the Organizing Committee and to the Jury.

6.1 The Regulations governing the conditions of the application and acceptance are stated in the articles 10, 11 and 12 of the GREX.
6.2 Exhibitors must obtain their Exhibit Application Forms from their Commissioners. A separate Exhibit Application Form should be used for each exhibit.
6.3 When submitting the Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor shall attach a copy of the introductory page, describing the exhibit (in English).
6.4 Duly filled Exhibit Application Forms should be sent through their Commissioners to reach the Organizing Committee by 16 December 2009
6.5 Notification of acceptance from the Organizing Committee, together with the number of frames allocated to exhibitors, will be sent to their Commissioners by 30 March 2010
6.6 Exhibitors cannot withdraw their applications without valid reasons once their participation has been accepted by the Organizing Committee.
6.7 The Commissioners will collect all the frame fees from their exhibitors, and remit the full amount to the Organizing Committee of BANGKOK 2010, Thailand Post Company Limited by 14 May 2010 at the latest. The remittance should be made payable to !Thailand Post Company Limited" by sending to the Organizing Committee of BANGKOK 2010, P.O. Box 2010, Thailand Post Company Limited, Bangkok 10002, Thailand.
6.8 There is only ONE ENTRY FORM. There are no preliminary and final entry forms.


The Classification of the Exhibition Classes is as follows:
7.1 Group I Non-Competitive Class:
Court of Honour
7.2 Group II Competitive Classes
Class 1 FIAP Championship Class for collections that have been awarded three FIP/FIAP large gold medals at the exhibitions patronized by FIP/FIAP over the past 10 years (2001-2010)
Class 2 Traditional Philately
1) National Class (Customs Post /Thai Postal Service)
2) Asia and Australasia
3) The Rest of the World
Class 3 Postal History
1) National Class (Customs Post /Thai Postal Service)
2) Asia and Australasia
3) The Rest of the World
Class 4 Postal Stationery
Class 5 Aerophilately
Class 6 Astrophilately
Class 7 Thematic Philately
Exhibits will be classified under:
A) Nature
B) Culture
C) Technology
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the subclass (A, B or C) the exhibit is entering.
Class 8 Maximaphily
Class 9 Revenue
Class 10 Youth Philately
1) Collectors aged 13 - 15 years
2) Collectors aged 16 - 18 years
3) Collectors aged 19 - 21 years
(As of January 2010)
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (1, 2 or 3) the exhibit is entering.

Class 11 Literature
1) Philatelic books, pamphlets and studies (issued after January 01, 2005)
2) Philatelic journals, and periodicals (all volumes issued after January 01, 2008)
3) Stamp Catalogues (published after January 01, 2008)
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (1, 2 or 3) the exhibit is entering.
Class 12 Experimental Class

One-Frame Exhibit (1-3 Frames)
Exhibits in this Class should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One Frame. Exhibits are also welcome from novice exhibitors who are developing a subject which is capable of expanding to more than One Frame in the near future. An extract from a past International award winning multiple frame exhibit (5 to 8 frames) to One Frame is not allowed.
Awards are represented by CERTIFICATES.
Certificate of Participation will be given to exhibits attaining less than 50 points.
Exhibits will be classified under:
A) Traditional
B) Postal History
C) Postal Stationery
D) Aerophilately
E) Astrophilately
F) Thematic
G) Maximaphily
H) Revenue
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub-class (A-H) the exhibit is entering.
7.3 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason for such rejection.


8.1 The display frame at BANGKOK 2010 shall have a capacity for 16 (4×4) standard size sheets of 23 cm. x 29 cm.
8.2 Sheets larger than 23 cm. x 29 cm. as well as black or dark coloured sheets will not be accepted.
8.3 Exhibits in the competitive classes will be allocated the following number of frames:
Class 1 8 frames
Class 2-9, which was previously awarded:
a) FIP/FIAP Large Vermeil and above 8 frames
b) FIP/FIAP Vermeil and below 5 frames
Class 10.1 2-4 frames
10.2 3-5 frames
10.3 4-5 frames
Class 11 Literature Exhibits must be sent to the Organizing Committee in duplicate.
Class 12 One Frame Exhibit 1 frame
8.4 Exhibitors cannot change the number of frames allocated by the Organizing Committee.


9.1 There is no fee for Non-Competitive Class entries
9.2 The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Class 10, 11, & 12) will be US$ 30 per frame. An exhibitor in the Competitive Classes, who has Thai nationality and residence within Thailand, will be charged 1,000 Baht per frame.
9.3 The fee for participation in Youth Philately (Class 10) is US$ 30 per exhibit. An exhibitor of Class 10, who has Thai nationality and residence within Thailand, will be charged 500 Baht per exhibit.
9.4 The fee for participation in Literature (Class 11) is US$ 30 per exhibit. An exhibitor of Class 11, who has Thai nationality and residence within Thailand, will be charged 1,000 Baht per exhibit.
9.5 The fee for participation in One-Frame Exhibit (Class 12) is US$ 60 per exhibit. An exhibitor of Class 12 (One-Frame Exhibit), who has Thai nationality and residence within Thailand, will be charged 1,000 Baht per exhibit.
10.1 The Organizing Committee will take responsible precautions to ensure that adequate security is provided to protect the exhibits during the Exhibition period.
10.2 Exhibitors will be encouraged to adequately insure their exhibits.

11.1 Exhibits delivered by Commissioners must reach the Organizing Committee by 3 August 2010.
11.2 Exhibits (other than Literature) arriving by mail must reach the Organizing Committee by 19 July 2010.
11.3 Exhibits of Literature (in duplicate) must reach the Organizing Committee by 1 June 2010. The address of the Organizing Committee is stated under article 15.1. The exhibits will not be returned. One set each of the exhibits will be donated to
the Organizing Committee and FIAP respectively, at the end of the Exhibition.
11.4 Exhibits arriving later than the date stipulated above will not be judged. Participation fee will not be refunded in case of late or non-arrival of exhibits.
11.5 Each exhibit sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover. The sheets shall be numbered on each page at the lower left-hand corner. All sheets shall be kept in envelopes supplied by the Organizing Committee.
11.6 The exhibits received will be duly acknowledged with proper receipt. Exhibits will be returned in exchange for their receipt after the exhibition if delivered personally by the Commissioners. Otherwise, exhibits will be returned by the same manner of transportation as they were submitted.

12.1 The Jury for BANGKOK 2010 will be appointed by the Organizing Committee in consultation with the FIAP Coordinator. Members of the Jury will be FIP/FIAP accredited Jury members.
12.2 A number of Apprentice Jury Members may also be appointed with the consultation of the FIAP Coordinator and with the recommendation of the FIAP Member Federations from where the Apprentice is invited.
12.3 Exhibits in Non-Competitive Class will receive suitable commemorative awards.
12.4 For Competitive Classes, the awards are as follows:
1) Large Gold medals
2) Gold medals
3) Large Vermeil medals
4) Vermeil medals
5) Large Silver medals
6) Silver medals
7) Silver Bronze medals
8) Bronze medals

All medals will be awarded with appropriate certificates.

12.5 The only award in Championship Class is the Grand Prix d’Honneur, a valuable object d’art. Exhibits in the Championship Class not receiving the Grand Prix d’Honneur will receive a Large Gold medal or an object d’art of equivalent value.
12.6 There are two Grand Prizes for the Exhibition on BANGKOK 2010: the Grand Prix International and the Grand Prix National.
12.7 The Jury’s decision will be final, hence, objections will not be considered.
12.8 Special Prizes provided by the Organizing Committee and donated by the organizations and people of participating countries and regions, will be placed at the disposal of the Jury. Any particular wish expressed by a donor should be observed in making awards, if possible.
12.9 The Jury may express felicitations for those exhibits demonstrating outstanding philatelic research or originality.
12.10 An Expert Group will be appointed by the BANGKOK 2010 Organizing Committee in consultation with the FIAP Coordinator to examine the exhibits for fakes and forgeries etc. The philatelic materials chosen by the Expert Group will be examined through the relevant equipment including a high power microscope and colour scanner or any other equipment considered necessary by the Expert Group.

13.1 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the IREX, in consultation with the FIAP Coordinator.
13.2 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide on any questions not covered by the FIAP and FIP Regulations or by the IREX, and its decisions shall be final.
13.3 The Organizing Committee shall reserve right to duplicate and copy the exhibits for the Public Relations purposes.

14.1 By signing the Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor is deemed to have accepted all provisions stated in the IREX for BANGKOK 2010.


15.1 The address of BANGKOK 2010 is:

The Organizing Committee of BANGKOK 2010
P.O. BOX 2010, Thailand Post Company Limited,
Bangkok 10002, Thailand
TEL & FAX: (662) 831-3850
Email: stamp@thailandpost.com
15.2 The address of the Commissioner General of BANGKOK 2010 is:

P.O. BOX 2010, Thailand Post Company Limited,
Bangkok 10002, Thailand
Email: stamp@thailandpost.com; eddy104th@gmail.com
15.3 The address of the FIAP Co-ordinator is:

P.O. Box 5-74 Kaohsiung
Chinese Taipei
Email: m350822@yahoo.com.tw

Stolen Moments of Stampmania 2009.....

Award Day - 20 Dec 2009

Hi ! I am writing this post from Lucknow. Some more pictures from my camera....I could not take more pictures on award day as at that time my camera card memory was full...and battery also finished....so some pictures were left. However some more pics of my visit to Vadodara, Silvassa & Daman to share with all of you...Till Next Post ....Have a Nice Time !..

At award ceremony - 20 December 2009

Dinesh Chandra Sharma at his exhibit

At Silvassa and Daman

Post office, Sivassa

Old Castle, Daman


Moments of happiness

Award Day - Stampmania 2009 - 20 Dec 2009

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas !!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas !!

Hi ! I am still travelling and now in Kanpur . Wishing you all a very happy Christmas !! The great memories of Stampmania 2009 are still with me . Now I am busy with my family members and friends...in my hometown, Kanpur. I will write more very soon. Till Next Post.....Have a Fantastic Holiday !...

23 December 2009

Unforgettable memories of Vadodara....

Hi ! After Vadodara, I am in Silvassa now. It's small beautiful capital city of Dadra Nagar Havelli. Yesterday I had seen its marvellous Portuuguese Church and was thrilled to see its wonderful decoration for Christmas...But memories of Vadodara are always around me...What a great time I had there...Besides the great show I met a large number of philatelists from different parts of the country..I knew most of them by name and many of them are subscribers of my newsletter but it was a great moment to meet them all in person...I especially remember my all friends & great philatelists of Ahmedabad......Mr Shrikant Parikh, Mr Dhanjay Desai, Mr Praful Thakkar,Mr Ilias Patel,Mayank Kathiara,Mr Prakash Jambudi....How nice to meet them all in person with whom I communicate through email every day...But I missed one person to meet Mr Varad Dhaky ! .......Well some new person I met Ms Mayuri a very enthusiast philatelist of Ahmedabad....There was the biggest group from Orissa which also got the maximum highest awards at the exhibition...I was thrilled to meet them all as I had spent a long time in Bhubaneshwar..It was great to Mr Mr Anil Dhir and got a chance to see his wonderful collection of Mourning Covers " Edged in Black".....It was nice to meet Mr Venkat Rao,Mr Pradip Mohanty (Cuttack) ,Mr Anup Rout, Mr SS Rath ( Bhubaneshwar),Mr Shakil Ahmed (cuttack),Bibhudatta Mishra and many more .....Well some great philatelists from West Bengal..Shri Dipok Dey,Sekhar Chakraborty, Souvik Roy & Mr Moloy Sarkar, Mr Madhukar Deogaonkar...I have a great association with philatelists of West Bengal. So it was great to meet them in person..I was so happy to meet Mr Dipok Dey......the only person I know since my school days....After West Bengal It was a great pleasure to meet philatelists from Chennai of South India Philatelists Association of which I am a life member....It was really nice to meet Mr C G Bhaskar, Mr Bal Krishna Das, Mr Nelson and some more.... A young philatelist Mr Roshan Prasad from Sikkim...I remember him very well.....From Rajasthan..It was nice meeting with Mr Rajesh Paharia...From Bihar...Mr Pradip Jain, Mr Pradeep Kumar Mullick & Mr Pradeep Kumar Agarwal...From MP I met Mr Hemant Kumar Jain....Well from Chattisharh...Mr Naresh Agarwal, Mr Atul Jain and Mr CR Andhare.... From Chhattisigarh, Col Suresh Bagga & Mr Rakesh Walia...Many more names are to be mentioned whom I remember Mr Arvind Mullick from Jabalpur (MP), Mrs Damyanti Pittie, Mr Ajay Kumar Mittal.....Well last but not the least philatelists from my hometown, Kanpur, Mr Arun Agarwal & Mr Shafiq Khan....It was like meeting family members as I know both of these persons since the time I was in school in 80's....Last but not the least I must mention the name of Mr Deepak Modi, the creator of Mobile Philately in India...whom I met when I was leaving the venue...so nice to meet him...Now some more names coming to my mind Mr Umesh Kekkadi, Mr Satish Mishra,Mr & Mrs Madhukar Jhingan, Rajesh Verma, Mr Abhai Mishra, Mr Vinod Sabhawal, Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma, Saumitra from Dehradun and many more .....these are unforgettable memories for me....Well at last....how can I forget Mr Prashant Pandya & Mr Timir Shah and all their family members.....It was a short meeting with them as these persons were most busy, being organizers.....but I know Mr Pandya & Mr Timir Shah who put their more thant 100% to make this show successful....It is a great achievement of Baroda Philatelic Society....Above all Stampmania was a great platform for all philatelists to meet and exchange their views....It was a memorable event for me which I would never forget....This is all from this beautiful city Silvassa...I shall be leaving today for Kanpur & Lucknow ......I will write more from there...Till then Have a Nice Time !!

21 December 2009

Great Moments at Stampmania 2009..

Ajay Srivastav, Dipok Dey, Jeevan Jyoti & Moloy Sarkar

Sekhar Chakraborty & Jeevan Jyoti

Ajay Srivastav & Ilias Patel ( Ahmedabad)

Jeevan Jyoti, Mr Shrikant Parikh & Ms Mayuri (Ahmedabad)

Cafeteria at the exhibition..some moments of relaxation...

Moloy Sarkar from Kolkatta with his exhibit " Wah Taj "

A collector from Sikkim whom I met at the last moment...sorry I forgot his name but I remember his enthusiasm...

Persons behind the great show...


Third day at Stampmania...

A collector from Sikkim

Philatelists at award ceremony

Hi ! Here are some pics taken on last day of the exhibition. I have just returned from Vadodara and now writing this post from Silvassa, Dadra Nagar Havelli. More pics in next Post....I had a great time at the exhibition and met a number of philatelists from different parts of the country.......I will post smoe pics very soon...Till Next Post....Have a Nice Time !

Some Great Philatelists at their frames

Mrs Damyanti Pittie, Mumbai

Mr Anil Dhir, Bhubaneshwar

Mr Shrikant Parikh, Ahmedabad

Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma, LUCKNOW

19 December 2009

Second day at Stampmania 2009.....

Release of special cover

Pradeep Mohanty, Cuttack
Ajay Srivastav, Kullu
Pradeep Kumar Mallick, Patna

Hi ! I am back here for updates of Stampmania 2009. Well I did not spend much time today at the exhibition as I visited famous spots of Vadodara and did some shopping. Its a hot weather here...at least for me as coming here from hills..But it is nice to be here and meeting lot of philatelists in person. A very nice experience ....A big crowd at the exhibition and philatelists seem to be very enthusiastic, meeting and discussing the exhibits...Well what I observed the overall standard of the exhibits, displayed in the exhibition is very good. The competiton will be quite tough. I met a lot of philatelists from different states. I found that a large number of philatelists came from Orissa which shows their great love & enthusiasm for this wonderful hobby. Here are some pics of some philatelists with their exhibits.This is all for Today...Till Next Post ...Have a Nice Time !

18 December 2009

Stampmania 2009 begins.......

Mr Sundar L. Bansal, New Delhi

Hi ! The great show Stampmania 2009 begins at Vadodara. I am giving the updates from Vadodara. It is a big show with lot of stalls and visitors from all parts of the country. Here are some pics that I caught in my camera. What I noted here that all the exhibits are of high standard in every class. The participants have shown great enthusiasm. The exhibits on wildlife and environment were eye catching. Two special covers were released on the occasion. I arrived here on 18th morning and found there was a large gathering at the venue. It is not only a philatelic exhibition but a big platform for the philatelists from all parts of the country to meet each other and exchange their views. So I really enjoyed the day and got a chance to meet some great philatelists ! This is all for Today !......More news tomorrow with more pics......Till then...... Have a Nice Time !

Mr Naresh Agarwal,Bilaspur (CG) & Mr Satish Mishra, Bareilly
My son, Shikhar
Mr Praful Thakkar, Ahmedabad

16 December 2009

Cover from Czech Republic...

Hi ! I am just leaving for Vadodara to attend the great stamp show...but before leaving I want to share this nice cover which I received today from my friend Jan Strnad of Brno, Czech Republic. Thanks Jan, for this nice cover ...I will send you a nice cover from India after my return...It will be a bit delayed....As philatelists from different parts of the country will be meeting at STAMPMANIA 2009. I will try to send updates of the exhibition ... Best wishes to all participants !....This is all for today....Till Next Post .....Have a Nice Time !.....

14 December 2009

My first Christmas Cover…

Hi ! Christmas celebrations have started. Many beautiful stamps are being issued by several postal administrations to mark this festival. I have just received a lovely Christmas cover from Latvia sent by my friend E N Limansky . Thanks a lot Limansky for this beautiful cover. It’s cancellation with a decorated Christmas tree is wonderful ! The other stamps of this series are also shown here. See some more stamps on Christmas recently issued by Portugal, Aland & Romania ! This is all for Today….Till Next Post …Have a Nice Time !!

Picture 020.jpg chris

Picture 021

Thanks to E N Limansky, Riga – Latvia



Date of Issue – 27 November 2009

These Lativian Christmas stamp designs are based around the traditional Christmas tree.

Christmas Stamps from Portugal



These stamps highlight 2009 Christmas by offering the possibility to add a more personal touch to the Season's Greetings which families and organizations usually exchange around Christmas.

2009 Christmas stamps from Romania


These stamps feature the icon of the Nativity Church of the Annunciation - St. Anthony the Great - "Old Court" - Bucharest.

Christmas Stamps from Aland


Date of Issue – 9 October 2009

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