25 April 2024

25 April - World Malaria Day


25 April 2024: World Malaria Day: Bengaluru

Issued by Karnataka Postal Circle 

- Praveen Shastry, Bangalore

My Recent Cover

16 April 2024 : Ram Navami : Pryagraj

Many Thanks to Mr. Rahul Ganguli, Prayag Philatelic Society!

22 April 2024

New stamps from India Post


Bhagwan Mahaveer 2550 Nirvan Kalyanak

Date of Issue :  21 April 2024

Stamp released on Mahatma Hansraj 

Mahatma Hansraj

Date of Issue : 20 April 2024

Source : EIPA

20 April 2024

Club News


News from Ludhiana Philatelic Club


A national award-winning exhibit on “Renewable Sources of Energy” was inaugurated by Dr Manjeet Singh, Dean, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, in the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). The exhibit is gifted by the family of the late Mr. S. C. Jain, a renowned philatelist of Ludhiana Philatelic Club. The exhibit shows different aspects of renewable energy sources, using postage stamps issued by different countries from all over the world.

In his remarks, Dr Singh said that stamps can serve as educational tools to raise awareness about renewable energy sources and their importance in mitigating climate change. Dr Rajan Aggarwal, Head of the department, said that stamps serve as a unique medium for promoting awareness and appreciation of clean energy initiatives and their importance in addressing environmental challenges. Dr. SK Sondhi, former Dean of the College and founder President of the Ludhiana Philatelic Club, said that by incorporating philately into renewable energy education, educators can inspire students' curiosity, deepen their understanding of renewable energy concepts, and foster a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship. 

Further, Dr SD Khepar, former Dean and National Professor of the COAE added that by integrating the passion of stamp collecting with the vital realm of renewable energy education, educators possess a unique opportunity to ignite students' inquisitiveness and enrich their comprehension of renewable energy principles. This fusion not only cultivates a profound understanding of sustainable energy sources but also nurtures a profound sense of global interconnectedness and responsibility towards our planet, he observed. Dr Rakesh Sharda, Project Coordinator, CIPHET and Mr. Mukesh Malhotra, Mr. Yash Pal Chhabra, Mr. Vivek Nayyar, and Mr. Gursagar Singh from Ludhiana Philatelic Club were also present.

- Dr SK Sondhi, Ludhiana

New Cancellations and Special Covers

18 April 2024: World Heritage Day : Bengaluru

Permanent Pictorial Cancellation : Ashoka Pillar, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

-Praveen Shastry, Bangalore

New Special Covers

10 April 2024 : Silver Jubilee - DAV Public School :Basundhara : Sundargrh, Odisha

Source : EIPA

Pradip Jain- Patna

19 April 2024

EFIRO 2024 Indian Winners


EFIRO 2024 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition

16-19 April 2024,  Bucharest, Romania

National Commissioner - Mrs Savita Jhingan

Apprentice Commissioner- Kapil Gogri

Indian Winners

Heartiest Congratulations!

1. Ramchandran Mahalingam 2. Mohanachandran Nair 3. Sandeep Mujrani 4. OP Kedia 5. Madhukar Jhingan 6. Piyush Khaitan 7. Savita Jhingan 8.Lallan Singh 9.Sushil Mehra 10.Madhukar Deogawanka 11.Anil Suri 12, N. Sri Devi  13. Vijay Seth 14. Narendra Saboo 15. Dinesh Chandra Sharma

Award List of Indian Winners

One frame Class Result

Piyush Khaitan 87 marks

Saboo Narendar kumar 82 marks

Dinesh Sharma 69 marks

Subramaniam Satish kumar 66 marks

Special Covers 

16 April 2024 : Mahatma Gandhi : EFIRO 2024, Romania

17 April 2024 : Rabindranath Tagore : EFIRO 2024 Romania

18 April 2024 : TajMahal : EFIRO 2024 Romania

Source / Courtesy : PPS, EIPA , SIPA : Madhukar Jhingan

17 April 2024

New Special Covers on Ram Navmi

Ram Navmi : 16 April 2024 : Prayagraj

Source : PPS, SIPA

Happy Ram Navmi : 17 April 2024 : BALIPHILEX 2024 :  Denpasar, Bali

Source : EIPA


07 April 2024

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News April 2024

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release April 2024 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available at the following link :

03 April 2024

Nes Pictorial Cancellations


2 April - World  Autism Awareness  Day

25 March 2024  - Holi- Festival of Natural Colors

20 March :  World Sparrow Day 

Water for peace

- Praveen Shastry Bangalore

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