27 October 2019

Happy Diwali !

Diwali - Festival of  Lights

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Deepawali

23 October 2019

New Special Covers - KARNAPEX 2019 - Day 3

Karnapex -2019 - 4 Special covers of Day 3 - Culture  Day 

7. KTK/117/2019 Karnapex 2019 Commemorating Tulu Cinema.

Tulu Film Industry came into existence with the release of the first Tulu Language movie "Enna Thangadi" 48 years ago, on 19th February 1971. It was screened first in Jyothi Theatre, Mangaluru. The movie was produced and directed by S. R. Rajan through Dolly Films. "Bangar Patler" is the first cinemascope movie which won the National award. 
8. KTK/118/2019 Karnapex 2019 Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum

Dr. Vaman Raghunath Mirajkar (1884-1971) was born in Mangaluru. After finishing his MBBS from Grant Medical College, Bombay, he went to UK for higher studies and became FRCS. On his return to India in 1934, he worked at the Lahore Medical College. He also served in France and Iraq during the First World War. For his dedicated service during the Quella (Baluchistan) earthquake in 1935, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire. A much sought after Surgeon, he was the President of the Association of Surgeons in India in 1945. He donated his bungalow built in 1939 at Bejai, to be made the first public museum in 1960 in memory of his mother, Shreemanthi Bai. 

9. KTK/119/2019 Karnapex 2019 Siddis of Karnataka.

Siddis are an ethnic group inhabiting India, particularly in Gujarat & Karnataka. Members have descended from Bantu peoples from Southeast Africa. In Karnataka they are concentrated around Yellapur, Haliyal, Ankola, Joida, Mundagod and Sirsi Taluks of Uttara Kannada District.

10. KTK/120/2019 National Flag - Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Sangh

National flag of India in its present form was adopted on 22nd July 1947 by the Constituent Assembly. By law Khadi is the only material to be used for the Flag. The hand woven khadi for the National flag was initially manufactured at Garag, a small village in Dharwad district. Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Sangha based in Bengeri, Hubballi is the licensed flag production and supply unit in India. The khadi cloth for the flag is also manufactured at the Garag Kshetriya Seva Sangha.

The Special cover has a Small Khadi cloth flag attached to it on the outer flap and inner part shows various stages of Flag manufacturing.

- Suresh R. Bangalore - email :suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

New Special Covers - KARNAPEX 2019 - Day 2

Karnapex -2019 - 3 Special covers of Day 2 - Environment Day 

4. KTK/114/2019 Karnapex 2019 Shankarapura Mallige (Jasmine)

Shankarapura Mallige (Jasminum sambac) also known as Udupi Mallige, is grown in a tiny village named Shankarapura of Udupi District. It is exported to other countries and has gained a wide market in West Asian Region as well as in Mumbai and Pune. Due to its attributes and reputation, Shankarapura Mallige has earned a Geographical Indication (GI) tag. Shankarapura Mallige is used for the Jasmine Braid (Mallige Jade) for brides in Mangaluru and bridal hairstyle pattern is typical and specific to Mangaluru. 

5. KTK/115/2019 Karnapex 2019 Mattu Gulla (Green Brinjal), Katapady, Udupi

Udupi Mattu Gulla or Udupi Matti Gulla, is a variety of green brinjal grown in and around the village of Matti (also called Mattu) near Katapady in Udupi District. It was given the Geographical Indication tag in 2011. The savouriness of Mattu Gulla has made it one of the favourite vegetables of Udupi cuisine.

6. KTK/116/2019 Karnapex 2019 Euphlyctis aloysii (Frog)

Euphlyctis aloysii is a new species offrog discovered by Dr. S. Hareesh Joshy et.al (2009) from Adyar, Mangaluru, named in honour of st. Aloysius Gonzaga. It is a tiny water frog with a wide head and a snout slightly pointed. The dorsal side is slightly greenish-brown coloured with mid-dorsal stripes and green patches. The species is distributed in stagnant water, ponds, tanks etc. endemic to Western Ghats.

- Suresh R. Bangalore : email :suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

New Special Covers - KARNAPEX 2019 - Day 1

Karnapex -2019 - 3 Special covers of Day 1 - Our Heroes Day 

1. KTK/111/2019 Karnapex 2019 - Anant Pai - Founder Amar Chitra Katha.

Anant Pai (1929-2011) popularly known as Uncle Pai was born at Karkala in Dakshina Kannada District. He was the founder of Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle which are very popular comic book series. He created many memorable comic characters. He was an Indian educationist and a pioneer in Indian comics.

2. KTK/112/2019 Karnapex 2019 George Fernandes 

George Fernandes (1930-2019) was born in Mangaluru. He was a Socialist thinker and a prominent trade union leader from early days. He took an active part in the All India Railway Strike, 1974 and was imprisoned during National Emergency. He became a Member of Parliament in 1967. He was a key member of Janata Dal and also the founder of Samata Party. He played a key role in setting up of the Konkan Railway as Union Minister of Railways. He held various 
portfolios in Union Government and last served as Union Minister for Defence. 

3. KTK/113/2019 Karnapex 2019 Girish Karnad

Girish Karnad (1938-2019) is a Jnanapith Award Winner for Kannada Literature in 1998. His Kannada plays starting from Yayati are based on historical and mythological themes with contemporary interpretations. He is an internationally well known film and theatre personality. He was a Director of FTI of India, Pune and Chairman of Sangeetha Nataka Academy also. Pictorial Cancellation depicts his play Hayavadana. 

(Portrait by Anil Thakkar, Courtesy: Heritage Museum, Dharwad).

- Suresh R. Bangalore : email : suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

21 October 2019

New stamps from India

Historical Gates of Indian Forts and Monuments

Date of Issue : 19 October 2019

Indian Perfumes

Date of Issue : 15 October 2019

India Post issued a set of 4 scented Commemorative postage stamps on Indian Perfumes on 15.10.2019. Two of these stamps depict Agarwood and the other two stamps depict Orange Blossom.Each stamps are of denomination Rs25/-. 

The Samaja

Date of Issue : 9 October 2019

A commemorative postage stamp on THE SAMAJA was released on 06.10.2019

Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh

Date of Issue : 9 October 2019

A commemorative postage stamp on Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh DFC was released on 09.10.2019

08 October 2019

Happy Dussehra

Greetings on Vijaya Dashami

Vijayadashami  also known as Dussehra  is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navaratri every year. Vijayadashami is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of South Asia. In the southern, eastern, northeastern, and some northern states of India ,Vijayadashami marks the end of Durga Puja, remembering goddess Durga's victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura to restore and protect dharma.

In the northern-central and western states, the festival is  called Dussehra . In these regions, it marks the end of "Ramlila" and remembers God Rama's victory over the Ravan

07 October 2019

Club News

This special cover issued on 4th Oct 2019 at Jabalpur (M. P.) on the second day of District Level Philatelic Exhibition MARBLEPEX-2019. In the concluding function Dr. Bisen, VC, Javaharlal Nehru Agriculture University was the chief guest and Mr. Atul Tiwari, SSP presided. Mr. Sudhir Jain presented Jury report. 10 Gold, 15 Silver and 12 Bronze models were distributed in different Groups. A souvenir has also been released. Painting competition, lecture competition, Philatelic seminar and attractive quiz were other attraction.

Unique Pink Gallery introduced in MARBLEPEX-2019
Women Philatelic Club also formed

For the first time in the Philatelic history of India, a unique PINK GALLERY was introduced at Jabalpur (M. P.) during District Level Philatelic Exhibition MARBLEPEX-2019 on 3rd & 4th October 2019. India Post had organized this 100 frame exhibition. A lady philatelist of Jabalpur Mrs. Mokshada Khodiyar had submitted a proposal that a separate gallery should be established for the female exhibitors. President Organizing Committee & Senior Superintendent of Post Offices Mr. Atul Tiwari accepted the proposal. In tune with the latest trained of Pink Booth managed  by the ladies staff in the general elections, this gallery was given name as PINK GALLERY.

Pink Gallery was decorated with pink colour curtains and attractive display boards. Exhibits of ten female collectors exhibited in this gallery. Female participants awarded following medals -

Gold -
Megha Puri (Universe & Space)

Silver -
Puja Singh (Cloth Manufacturing & Fashion)
Indu Ueke (Save The Tiger)
Arunika Agarwal (Children's Day)
Neelu Sharma (Agriculture Scenario)

Bronze -
Padmini Sharma (Medical Llife)
Mokshada Khodiyar (Mahatma Gandhi)
Vijay Laxmi (Women Empowerment)
Rekha Agarwal (Stamps With Slogan)
Jyotsana Chauhan (Indian Saints)

Women Philatelic Club

All the female stamp collectors gathered in the prize distribution ceremony on 4th Oct 2019 formed Women Philatelic Club. it was announced from the stage and all the members of this new Club called upon the stage. A beautiful memento had been given to Senior Philatelist & Jury member Mr. Sudhir Jain (Satna) during concluding function which he had presented to this newly formed Women Philatelic Group.

- Sudhir Jain : email - mrsudhirjain@yahoo.com

04 October 2019

New stamps and special covers on Mahatma Gandhi

World Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birth Anniversary


Special Covers

Second day Cover from Ahimsapex 2019, Lucknow
 3 October 2019 

Image courtesy- Sandeep Chaurasia

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