29 October 2008

News from Bhubaneshwar

Hi Readers ! I am back with the latest philatelic news. I am visiting different places. After Lucknow, now I am in my hometown, Kanpur and posting this small post for you. Hope all of you are enjoying Deepawali festival. Here is an exhibition news from Bhubaneshwar. This is all for today !.......Till next post Have a Great Time !

EIPEX-2008, Bhubaneswar

The 1st Eastern India Philatelic Exhibition (EIPEX-08) was organized by the Eastern India Philatelists’ Association with active support of the Department of Posts, Orissa Circle at Jayadev Bhawan on 25th and 26th October, 2008. Two special covers were released during the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was Unity in Diversity. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Sri Muralidhar Chandrakant Bhandare, the Governor of Orissa as Chief Guest and released the special cover on peace depicting Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Swamy Vivekanand with cachet cancellation of Pigeon. Shri K.V. Sundar Rajan, The CPMG, Orissa Circle was the Guest of Honour. The meeting was presided over by Shri Bijayshree Routray, the Chaiman, EIPEX-08 and President EIPA. Shri Anup Kumar Raut, Organising Secretary, EIPEX-08 introduced the Guests. Shri Ajit Kumar Dash, Secretary, EIPA presented the Report of EIPA. Vote of thanks was given by Shri Shanti Swarup Rath, Convener, EIPEX-08. The Honorable Governor has appreciated the organizing committee for conducting a beautiful exhibition and also highly impressed upon the design of special cover in his speech. 31 participants from Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Keonjhar, Boudh, Bolangir, Sambalpur , Dhenkanal, Rengali, Berhampur, etc. from Orissa and one exhibit from Ghazizbad (U.P.) have taken part in the exhibition in 100 frames. The exhibition was non-competitive one. All the participants were given a commemorative memento.

Philatelic Quiz and painting competitions between the School students were also organized by the organizers which was conducted by Shri Anil Kumar Dhir. 200 students from 20 Schools took part in the said competitions and received prizes from the chief Guest on the concluding day.

For the first time EIPA has introduced a ‘EIPA-Life Time Achievement Award for Promotion of Philately’ and the award for this year was given to Shri Jadunath Kanungo out of three nominations. Shri Kanungo received his award with citation from His Excellency Sri Muralidhar Chandrakant Bhandare, the Governor of Orissa. The EIPA-Life Time Achievement Award for Promotion of Philately will be given to the philatelists having outstanding contribution for the promotion of Philately in every four years.

A Philatelic counter was also opened by the Department of Posts at the venue. There were four dealers booths were also opened which were provided by EIPA free of cost to facilitate availability of philatelic materials at reasonable price to the philatelists and stamp lovers. Dealers from Kolkata and Orissa attended the exhibition. .

The exhibition was concluded on 26th October, 2008. Shri Santosh Kumar Kamila, Postmaster General, Berhampur Region was the chief Guest and inaugurated a beautiful souvenir of EIPEX-08 featuring several useful articles of Senior Philatelists. He also released a special cover on Unity in diversity depicting the religious places of different religion with the background of National flag. The cachet design is also depicting the theme having the portrait of Gandhiji.

For further details the Secretary, EIPA may be contacted in the e-mail eipaorissa@gmail.com or eipaorissa@yahoo.co.in .

The members of Orissa Philatelic Association, Kalinga Philatelic Society, Utkal Philatelic & Numismatic Assiciation, Keonjhar Philatelic Association, Bolangir Philatelic Club and South Orissa Philatelic Association actively took part in the exhibition and made the exhibition a grand success.

27 October 2008

Festival of Light

Wishing you all a Very Happy & Prosperous Deepawali

26 October 2008

Happy Diwali !

Diwali Greeting Cards issued by India Post with stamp of same design imprinted on envelope

25 October 2008

Tourist sites of Norway

Hi Readers ! I am back here with a short Post for today. It is festive time again as one of the biggest festivals of our country Deepawali is ahead. All of you must be busy these days. Some of you must be visiting your home towns. Its also time to take a short break for myself too as I am far away from my home state, Uttar Pradesh. Its time to meet friends and relatives. So I will be in Kanpur & Lucknow from 26 October to 3rd November. I will try to post on Blog from these places and write my experiences if I come across any new philatelic activity there. I have just uploaded November issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. You may view it. The early issue is a small surprise for Diwali. The next issue will be annual issue as it will complete 12 issues inn December. So please write something for this special 1st Birthday Issue of Rainbow Stamp News. I will be very happy to receive your comments, write ups and suggestions for previous and forthcoming issues.This will help me to provide you better reading stuff on philately. In today's post I have here a beautiful Greeting Card issued by India Post on the occasion of Diwali sent by our member Mr. H.K.Jain from Mandla (M.P.) and few lovely stamps on Tourism issued by Norway and in our regular series some beautiful se-tenant FDCs from the collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. I am very thankful to all of you for writing and contributing scans for both Rainbows. This is all for Today ! ......Till next Post.....Have a great time. Wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous Deepawali !.....

Diwali Greeting Card issued by India Post with the same design of stamp imprinted on envelope

Tourist stamps from Norway - Date of Issue - 12 April 2008
The mountains surrounding the Hjørundfjord in the county of Møre og Romsdal are called the Sunnmøre Alps. This is a favourite haunt of hikers and climbers. The peaks, as high as 1700 m above sea level, line both sides of the fjord.

Above the valley of Molladalen stands the Blade, the subject of one of the stamps. This 15 m high pinnacle is visited frequently in the summer season. Climbers love to be photographed, triumphantly seated astride its narrow top!

Directly east of Stavanger, the Lysefjord cuts through smooth-faced mountains and some of the wildest and finest scenery on its way to Lysebotn 42 km away. The majestic Kjerag plateau waits at the end of the fjord, where the vertical rocky walls rise almost 1000 metres to the highest and most spectacular cliff top in the area. Kjeragbolten is a five-minute walk from the plateau. This huge boulder is literally suspended in the air 900 metres above the fjord. Two men, clearly with no fear of heights, are rewarded for their bravery with a picture on a stamp!

In the days of sailing ships, Lyngør was one of the most important harbours on the Skagerrak coast. It is now a popular place for holidays. Narrow, cemented paths, flanked by white picket fences, wind their way over these vehicle-free islands. Boats are the only means of transport in this South Norwegian Venice.

When Lyngør Lighthouse was finished in 1879, householders in Lyngør celebrated the event by putting lights in their windows. It had been touch and go whether the lighthouse would be built. The authorities had not recommended it, but men from the region with money and good contacts in the Storting took action and produced results. Today we call that lobbying!

Stamps have been printed for tourists to Oslo, featuring the Vaterland Park and the Oslo City Hall. The Vaterland Park (opened in 1994) is located in the city centre by the Aker River. The original intention was to build a mosque there but, when these plans were shelved, a park was laid out instead. On the stamp, Ola Enstad’s Divers can be seen hanging over the river.

The Oslo City Hall is the political and administrative heart of the city. It has an important place in the history of Norwegian art and architecture and is visited by more than 100,000 guests and tourists every year. Its two towers, best seen from the sea, stand 66 and 63 metres high. The bells on the top of the east tower provide pleasure for many people, as they play tunes every hour on the hour from 7 am to 12 pm each day.

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of se-tenant stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

50th Death Anni. of Mahatma Gandhi – Normal FDCancellation - 30 January 1998

50th Death Anni. of Mahatma Gandhi – 2nd Sp.Cancellation with same date from Kochrab Ashram Ahmedabad -30 January 1998

4 different positions of Se-tenany Blocks

22 October 2008

An Artist's Story

Hi ! Today's Post is also related with art and artists. But it is very special and interesting for those who collect " Indian theme on foreign stamps". The information about these beautiful stamps has been sent by our very distinguished member Ms. Leeza Padhi from Silver City -Cuttack (Orissa). The stamps are really exquisite and reveal the life of Gina Lollobrigida, dedicated to field of art. Gina Lollobrigida is a woman of great substance as she is a noted film actress, artist, sculptor, photo journalist and a writer. These stamps were issued by San Marino on 23 January 2007. Two of the stamps are related with India. One stamp depicts the photo of a potato seller of Banaras ( Famous ancient city of India also known as Varanasi) and the other one shows Mother Teresa & Gina Lollbrigida together. Thanks Liza ! for details about these beautiful stamps! The information about Indian theme on foreign stamps and postal stationery is most welcome by our members. It will be nice to publish here. Its great to receive lot of news from philatelists of Orissa where I myself spent a long time. I am really pleased to interact with those whom I unfortunately could not meet during my five year stay in Bhubaneshwar. In our regular series FDCs of se-tenant stamps from the collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. This is all for today !.....Till next Post....Have a Great Time....!

“I am sincerely moved because, with this philatelic issue, the Republic of San Marino recognises the value of the work made during my life dedicated to art”. This is how Gina Lollobrigida, film actress, photo reporter and sculptor, starts telling about her life, which has become the subject of a philatelic product consisting of four values issued by the Republic of San Marino. On the 0.65 euro stamp (shown above) , the artist presents herself with a sanguine self-portrait that she made in 1987 when she was attending the Academy of Art in Rome.

The 0.85 euro stamp shows the photographic work that Lollobrigida considers her best shot. “”Potato Seller” – Benares – 1973. “I would like to thank Indira Gandhi for putting some soldiers at my disposal to move around also during the night whilst I was at the New Delhi Film Festival I only slept two hours a day and then went around to take pictures. India is one of the countries I love most in the world and this picture is a piece of history of my life. This is why I was compared to Henri Cartier Bresson”.

The 1 euro stamp shows Esmeralda, a new bronze sculpture made in 2002, 5.5 meters high, where the elegance of dance and Lollobrigida’s beauty take shape in the class and expressive power of the protagonist of the film NOTRE-Dame de Paris (1956) by J. Delannoy with Anthony Quinn.“ I am really proud of this work for which I took 2 years”. The presence and commitment of Gina Lollobrigida in several charities, such as UNICEF, UNESCO and Doctors without Borders, led to her appointment as the first ambassador of FAO, the UN organisation dealing with the world hunger problem.

On the 3.2 euro stamp, the artist says: “I remember the meeting with Mother Teresa in Calcutta in March 1990 when preparing the book The Wonder of Innocence. She wanted to help me with the sleeve and the foreword of the book. Mother Teresa is always in my heart”.

A Journey through Indian Stamps- FDCs of Se-tenant Stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

Rural Indian Women - 15 October 1997

Scindia School, Gwalior - 20 October 1997

Indian Medicinal Plants - 28 October 1997

INDEPEX - 97 - Post Office Theme - 15 December 1997

21 October 2008

Paintings from Czech Republic

'Allegory of Water' by Jan Jakub Hartmann

Hi ! Today's Post is related with Fine Arts. The paintings depicted on these beautiful stamps have been made by famous artists of Czech Republic and are from National Art Gallery, Prague.The above miniature sheet shows painting 'Allegory of Water' by Jan Jakub Hartmann. He belongs to the painters who in the course of the second half of the 17th century specialised in landscape painting. Based on the Dutch landscape models mainly from the late 16th century, his concept of landscape painting was at his time rather archaistic. He worked together with his sons František Antonín and Václav Jan. Their paintings are not signed and were created by cooperation of all the painters. The postage stamp features a cutting of the painting Allegory of Water which is the counterpart painting of the Allegory of Earth. The paintings come from the series The Four Elements. They are painted on copper plates and belong to the best of Hartmanns' production. The scheme of the landscape on the painting Allegory of Water, based on a contrast between the darker rich forest and the lighted view of the river scene with an ample crowd broken into smaller groups, numerous ships, fish and sea fruit is at the same time an inconspicuous picture of the Biblical scene of Christ's miraculous fishing. The miniature sheet which includes this postage stamp features almost the whole painting Allegory of Water. The counterpart painting Allegory of Earth shows, in a very similar landscape, Christ meeting with Mary and Martha. Another one shown below is a painting by famous Czech painter Otakar Nejedlý who also visited India for study and besides making painting he also wrote a travel book "Painter's Wandering through Europe, Ceylon and India". Both these stamps and M/s will be issued on 5th November 2008. In our regualr series some FDCs of se-tenant stamps from the collection of our distinguished member Mr. Shrikant Parikh. Here I have created 3rd round of Poll. In last poll Festivals of India got highest number of votes. Here is another group. Vote for your favourite stamp. This is all for today.... Have a Nice Time...!

The Autumn Road by Otakar Nejedlý

Otakar Nejedlý - The landscape painter , professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studied at F. Engelmüller's private school as well as with A. Slavíček. During his study visit to India and Ceylon he created not only paintings but also a singular travel book "Painter's Wandering through Europe, Ceylon and India". His early creation was influenced by P. Cézanne and A. Derain; during World War I he painted expressionistic scenes of French battlefields which typed the pathetic hyperbole of his later works. His creation stabilised with dark and spectacular colours and dramatic concept of Czech landscape.

A Journey through Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant Stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

Parijat Tree - 8 March 1997

Philatelic Society of India - 27 March 1997

Buddhist Cultural Sites - 6 June 1997

20 October 2008

Indian Classical Dance

Hi Readers ! It's really nice to receive contributions and news from you. The purpose of this e-club is to bring philatelists from all over the world on a common platform and help them to interact with each other. It's a great pleasure that I am receiving response from all parts of the world. Here is a beautiful aerogramme from Singapore (issued in 1987) depicting Indian Classical Dances sent by our distinguished member Ms. Leeza Padhi from Silver City of India, Cuttack. Thank you Leeza for sharing this exquisite aerogramme with other members. Its great to see Indian Culture and performing Arts on foreign stamps & Postal stationery. In the next part, new issues from Poland and in the last part some more FDCs of se-tenant stamps from collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. I just want to inform you here that November issue of Rainbow Stamp News will be published earlier on 25th October. It will be a special Diwali issue. If you want to send any news or write up, please send soon before 24th october . This is all for today... Have a great time.....!

New Stamps from Poland

Presidents of the Republic of Poland in Exile
The Polish Government in ExileIn September 1939, when Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland, the Polish government, led by president Ignacy Mościcki, went into exile. The initial plan to reach France failed, as allied countries did not respect agreements established years before during world peace. The new government was chosen from amongst those politicians who were lucky enough to have entered France. In order to maintain the constitutional continuity of the highest authority in Poland, a new president and the National Council were appointed in place of the dissolved parliament. One of the most pressing matters for the government in exile was the creation of the Polish Armed Forces in the West and establishment the Polish Underground State.When France capitulated in 1940, the Polish government accepted the hospitality of London. The building at Eaton Place 43, dubbed "The Castle", served as their office until 1990. After the war had ended, the Polish government in exile was no longer acknowledged by the authorities of most countries, but it was not until the eighties when the sessions of the Round Table, the fall of communism (1989) and the free elections finally concluded the efforts of the Government in Exile of the II Republic of Poland. A symbolic act, which concluded the termination of the government in exile was the transfer of the presidential insignia by president Ryszard Kaczorowski to president Lech Wałęsa, who was elected in the general elections of December 22, 1990.

The Polish Post hass issued a series of six stamps on 24 September 2008 with images of the presidents of the Republic of Poland in Exile .

- 1939-1947: Władysław Raczkiewicz (1885-1947), lawyer, creator of the Polish armed forces in Russia, minister of the interior, senator and voivode.

- 1947-1972: August Zaleski (1883-1947), historian, outstanding diplomat, foreign minister and senator of the II Republic of Poland. After seven years in office he refused to step down - this decision was one of the reasons of the division among the emigrants. The Council of Three, active between 1954 and 1972, was in opposition to the president.

- 1972-1979: Stanisław Ostrowski (1892-1982), doctor, serviceman, MP since 1930, president of Lwów shortly before the outbreak of the war, prisoner in labour camps, later a soldier of the Polish Armed Forces under the command of General Anders. After the war he resumed his medical practice in Great Britain.

-1979-1986: Edward Raczyński (1891-1993), diplomat (in outposts in Copenhagen and London; ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Great Britain between 1934 and 1945 ), Polish deputy of the League of Nations. Member of the Council of Three (1954-1972).

- 1986-1989: Kazimierz Sabbat (1913-1989), lawyer, soldier of the Polish Armed Forces in the West during the war, actively engaged in scouting.

-1989-1990: Ryszard Kaczorowski (born in 1919), economist, scout, soldier of the Grey Ranks (Szare Szeregi), a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union (1940-1942), after the declaration of amnesty, a soldier in the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division under General Anders.

FDC design
On one of the FDCs shown above is a record of the oath taken by the first president of the Republic of Poland in Exile, written in Paris on September 30, 1939; the wording of the presidential oath along with the names of the cities which housed the offices of the government of the Republic of Poland in Exile.
Courtesy - Polish Post

A Journey through Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant Stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

100 Years of Cinema - 11 January 1995

India - South Africa Co-operation Mahatma Gandhi -2 October 1995

Dr. Salim Ali Centenary - 12 November 1996

19 October 2008

Club News

Hi ! In club news, meet our new member from Sri Lanka, an interview with our member Mr. Sundar Lal Bansal taken by N.Kalyani It was published in 'The Hindu' on 11 October 2008. Its really nice to see a good coverage on Philately and Philatelists in leading Dailies. It will create an interest about stamp collecting among large number of people. One more contribution by Mr. H.K. Jain. In our regular series some beautiful FDCs of Se-tenant stamps from the collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. Today's Post is exclusive Post related with our distinguished members. Our thanks to Ms N.Kalyani of New Delhi for her valuable contribution. Here is also a beautiful stamp (shown above) depicting Letter Box issued by Italy on Europa theme - 'Letter Writing' on 9 May 2008. This is all for Today.....Have a Nice Time !.......

EIPEX - 2008, Bhubaneshwar
A Philatelic Exhibition EIPEX-2008 is going to be organized by Eastern India Philatelists Association at the Jayadev Bhawan, Unit-II, Bhubaneswar on 25th and 26th October, 2008 to commemorate the 10 year of foundation of EIPA with active support of the Department of Posts. The exhibition will be a non-competitive one and is limited to the members of EIPA only. Two special covers will be released on the occasion depicting 'Peace' & 'Unity in Diverity' theme with beautiful cancellations.

Design a Stamp - Painting Competition in Chandigarh
To celebrate Philately Day on 13-10-2008 a painting competition for school children was organised by Chandigarh Posal Division in the GPO.The subject was 'India of my Dreams'. About 70 children participated.The competition was judged by Mr.U.D. Gauttem S.P. HQ Chandigarh Division Mr. Rakesh Walia Philatelist & Mr.G.S.Rana, Post Master .

The following children won the prizes.
1. Ms. Ritika 1st
2. Mr Amandeep Singh 2nd
3. Ms. Akshita Sharma 3rd.

-Rakesh Walia, Chandigarh

New Members

Akalanka Kotelawala, Sri Lanka

Address - 61/46N, Abawaththe Rd, Abeyrathne Mawatha, Boralasgamuwa, Sri Lanka.
Collecting Interests - All stamps all over the world. I like to share stamps also. I have many Sri Lankan stamps.
E-Mail :

Going wild!

Sundar Lal Bansal talks to N.Kalyani about wildlife stamps

His philatelic collection speaks of his eye for detail, research and a scientific bent of mind. Well, he has brought to his hobby the traits from his profession. Sundar Lal Bansal, a distinguished scientist, was Chief Controller in missile research a nd development with the Defence Research and Development Organisation . His rendezvous with philately began after his retirement in 1989.
“I took to philately, focusing on wildlife, because it was linked to my interest in nature and wildlife photography,” says Bansal, a nature-lover, who has used his travel to indulge in his passion for photography.
His foray into wildlife, as his philatelic theme, made him undertake a study of biology in detail. “I enjoyed it. It entailed learning about the classification of species: amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects, fishes, etc.,” adds Bansal.
His first thematic stamp collection was on butterflies, followed by a collection on the endangered, panda. It covers, in the main, the giant panda, though the lesser or red panda is also featured.
These collections from around the world are extensive, if not exhaustive.
With a view to collecting stamps on threatened wildlife species, Bansal points out that he zeroed in on WWF stamps. Issued by many countries, they are easily identified by the WWF logo, the giant panda. India too issued a set of WWF stamps depicting the Asiatic lion in 1999.
And Bansal then went in for maximaphily, the collecting of maximum cards, that is not a very common category in India.
What are maximum cards?
“Called maxi or maxim cards, for short, they are picture postcards that meet certain criteria. They are called so because they exhibit maximum concurrence of the picture, the stamp and the cancellation, without being a replica of the other,” explains the philatelist who has participated in exhibitions both in India and abroad and won awards.
He goes on to elucidate that an ideal maxim card is one where the photo is not a reproduction of the stamp, the cancellation is pictorial, and the card is cancelled by the post office at the place specific to the theme of the card and on the date of issue of the stamp.
The first official maxim cards brought out by India were as late as 2006, featuring the Himalayan lakes.
His collection of more than a couple of thousand wildlife maxim cards, both those issued by the WWF and officially, that is by post offices, by countries around the world are a delight to see: wildlife species in their habitat shown captivatingly.
Bansal classifies annually the maxim cards as per the categorisation by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, based on the degree of threat the species is exposed to. And the species’ current status is mentioned: endangered, critically endangered, threatened, of least concern, etc.
“The classification is done each year because conservation efforts alter the status of a species under threat,” he explains.

Published in The Hindu 11 October 2008
Date:11/10/2008URL: http://www.thehindu.com/thehindu/mp/2008/10/11/stories/2008101152031600.htm
© Copyright 2000 - 2008 The Hindu

Aldabra Giant Tortoise : Still fascinating. - Er.H.K.Jain, Mandla (M.P.)

Due to unusual shape & beautiful design of Aldabra Giant Toroise stamps it produced so many combinations for cancellations on First Day Covers. Look here some of them.

A Journey through Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

Satyajit Ray / Film Director & Writer - 11January 1994

125th Birth Anni. of Mahatma Gandhi - 2 October 2008

Water Birds (Withdrawn Issue) -23 November 1994

Baroda Museum Centenary - 20 December 1994

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