31 October 2012

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Rainbow November 2012

Rainbow Stamp News November 2012


Hi !

I have just posted November issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. It can be viewed at :

http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.in/  ( For Indian Readers)

http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.com/  ( For overseas Readers )

30 October 2012

Traditional Festive Food – Indian Cuisine


Indian Themes on foreign stamps

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 12.48.57 PM

Hi ! This is festive time specially in Kullu, the place where I live. A week long International Dussehra festival is going to conclude today…..In celebration of this festival, here is a special Post on Indian Cuisine.. by Kenneth Sequiera . Have a wonderful Time !!

Indian cuisine is very popular in Southeast Asia, due to the strong Hindu and Buddhist cultural influence in the region. Indian cuisine has had considerable influence on Malaysian cooking styles. Indian influence on Malay cuisine dates to the 19th century. Other cuisines which borrow inspiration from Indian cooking styles include Bhutanese,Singaporean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Burmese. The spread of vegetarianism in other parts of Asia is often credited to Hindu and Buddhist practices.

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 1.35.23 PM   Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 1.35.09 PM

Malaysian Indian cuisine of the ethnic Indians in Malaysia is similar to its roots in India, especially South India although there are many notable foods with influences from North India too.  This cuisine consists of curries which uses a lot of spices, coconut milk, and curry leaves. Some of the most popular curries include chicken curry, fish curry, and squid curry.

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 1.04.21 PM

Mamak dishes have developed a distinctly Malaysian style. Mamak stalls or restaurants are particularly popular among the locals as they offer a wide range of food and some outlets are open 24 hours a day. A type of Indian Muslim meal served buffet-style at specialist Mamak eateries is called nasi kandar (analogous to the Indonesian nasi padang, where you pay for what you have actually eaten), white rice or briyani rice served with other dishes of curry either with chicken, fish, beef, or mutton, and usually accompanied with pickled vegetable and papadums.

Examples of some Malaysian Indian Cuisine are Banana leaf rice, Roti Canai (paratha), Tandori Chicken, Pasembur (Salads), Nasi Lemak (veg), Chapati, Nasi Biryani, Idli, Paneer, Rasam, Sambar, Maggi goreng, Putu mayam(Idiyappam), Thosai, etc.

Deserts like Payasam, Cendol & Ais kacang and drinks like Teh tarik (tea), Lassi, Chennai filter coffee. Snacks like Murukku, Appalam, Pakora, Bonda, Gulan Jamun, Halva and Jalebi.

Malaysia released 5 stamps in 2010 as part of Traditional festive foods having Indian influence.

- Kenneth Sequeira, Dubai (UAE)

email : kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

29 October 2012

Oskar Minkowski - Founder of experimental diabetology



Date of Issue : 20 October 2012

On October 20, Lithuania Post  released a new stamp dedicated to the founder of experimental diabetology Oskar Minkowski. The experiments conducted by this world famous physician gave basis for discovery and synthesis of insulin.

Since 1992, patients suffering from diabetes have been given insulin therapy that has saved millions of lives. In 2012, the insulin therapy will celebrate its 90th anniversary.

Myths and Legends on Irish stamps


Date of Issue : 13 September 2012


Some of Ireland's favourite tales of myth and legend get new life as An Post launches a heroic four stamp set. The  stamps  feature The Children of Lir, Deirdre of the Sorrows, Fionn and the Salmon of Knowledge and the Naming of Cuchulainn.

All four tales, while belonging to Ireland's rich story telling tradition, are widely known internationally. Sales of the new stamps will be brisk given the popularity of the subject matter. An Post has also produced a beautiful first day cover which includes a special 'Myths and Legends' graphic.


image The Children of Lir tells the story of the four children of King Lir, who were turned into white swans when Aoife, Lirs second wife put a spell on them. When the spell was broken after 900 years, the swans turned back into four very old and frail human beings, who died shortly afterwards.

image In Deirdre of the Sorrows, the King, Conor Mac Nessa vowed to marry Deirdre. However, Deirdre was in love with Naoise. Fearing the King, Naoise and Deirdre fled to Scotland. They were tricked into returning to Ireland, where the King had Naoise killed.


image  Fionn Mac Cumhaill, was a renowned leader and warrior. While still a boy, he gained his wisdom by eating the Salmon of Knowledge. With this knowledge and wisdom he went on to become leader of the mighty Fianna.

image Setanta, gained his better-known name Cú Chulainn as a child after he killed Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defence. He offered to take its place until a replacement could be reared. He thus became known as Cú Chulainn.

28 October 2012

World Energy Forum 2012


World Energy Forum 22 –24 October 2012, Dubai


World Energy Forum is an International Not  – For - Profit Membership Organization which promotes cleaner and safer energy and sustainable development worldwide. The Organization was founded in 2008 by Professor Harold Hyun -Suk Oh, who heads the Organization as President and Chairman. Its Executive Director is Dr. Dinesh Kumar.

Dr. Harold Hyunsuk Oh,introduced his concept of a new smart energy movement citing the need for a new energy paradigm. The three-day event was held in Dubai from 22 to 24 October 2012  to boost the international cooperation and exchange of expertise to ensure safe and clean sustainable energy, which would achieve economic and social welfare for the people.

UAE 4   

Its Goal & Objective:

  • Promotes universal access to reliable and adequate supply of all forms of energy
  • Facilitates sustainable energy policies that spur economic growth and global environmental protection
  • Supports global collaboration on energy technologies to secure future energy supplies and improved energy efficiency, development and deployment of low carbon technologies
  • Finds solutions to global energy challenges through technological engagement and dialogue


Dubai was selected to host this event after fierce competition from other international venues and cities. The World Energy Forum 2012 will take place for the first time outside of the United Nations Headquarters. The World Energy Forum chose Dubai as a venue to host this event because of Dubai's geographic and strategic location; its status as a global hub of finance, business, trade, energy, and tourism; and because of the political stability of the United Arab Emirates.


Emirates Post has issued a set of 4 commemorative stamps to mark the 50th WEF 2012 in addition to a distinctive Souvenir Sheet.

Mr Kenneth Sequeira may be contacted for Mint stamps, SS & FDC's at email :  kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

- Kenneth Sequeira, Dubai (UAE)


Adventure sports..


Date of Issue : 25 September 2012

Hi ! Here are two beautiful stamps issued by Luxemborug Post featuring two adventure sports. The tamps portraying  paragliding and diving are multicolored and very attractive. The sheetlets of these stamps are awesome !! These are good collectible items for those collecting on Tourism, Adventure sports and landscapes !!

6089   image




Other new issues from Luxembourg

Children's paintings on potable water


image image

Date of Issue : 25 September 2012

Molconcours 2012 - Potable Water

From 21 September 2011 to 31 January 2012, Luxembourg students were asked to create designs on the subject of potable water. Water is the most important substance for mankind. The human body is composed of 60 – 70% of water. Without it, humans would only survive for a few days. Since potable water affects all humanity, it was chosen as the theme for this “Grand Prix P&T 2012”. In total, more than 1,400 designs were submitted in two age categories (primary school and secondary education). A jury composed of 7 members selected the designs of Lisa Drouet (11 years old) and Belinda Torres (15 years old) as the most supportive of the theme.

The "Office des Timbres" contest was organised in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior and the Grande Région, the Water Management Administration, and the Luxembourg Association of Water Services (ALUSEAU).

From our Readers…

Private Maximum cards on  Endemic Species of Indian Biodiversity created by Boben J E - Blog :  http://philalover.blogspot.in/





27 October 2012

New stamps from Poland




Date of Issue : 31 October 2012 







Date of Issue : 31 October 2012


26 October 2012

Permanent Pictorial cancellation


Permanent Pictorial Cancellation - Cuttack, Odisha



Permanent pictorial cancellation being provided at Cuttack.Cuttack is a thousand year old city and the cultural capital of Odisha.The cancellation is adopted from Odishi dance.


The picture in this card is adopted from 650p stamp-cities of India.

courtesy : Dr Padhi & Leeza Padhi, Cuttack

New Christmas stamps..


image image

Date of Issue : 22 October 2012

Hi !

Here are some new beautiful Christmas stamps !! Post Greenland issued two beautiful stamps for this year’s Christmas ! These stamps have been  drawn by young artist Maria Paninguak’ Kjærulff. The design of stamps, FDC and the Maximum card is just beautiful !!




Christmas stamps from Italy

 image   image

The Italian Post has traditionally issued two Christmas stamps dedicated to the secular and religious celebration of Christmas in Italy.

The secular Christmas stamp depicts a Christmas tree made up of shining stars and several bright spots in the background.

The religious Christmas stamp reproduces a painting of the second half of the XV century by Antonio del Massaro, entitled "The Nativity with Saints John the Baptist and Bartholomew," preserved in the Museum of Viterbo.

25 October 2012

Festivals of India – Kullu Dussehra





Hi !

This is festive time in Kullu . We have a week long Dussehra festival here.. Dhalpur ground is glittering and dancing with local deities in the melody of Kullu…. The ground is surrounded by  lots of stalls of Kullu shawls, handicrafts and local Kullu cuisine Siddu, Jalebis and pakore and Momos…  !! People could be seen everywhere in festive mood ….We have a great time here so I am a bit late in writing my blog about Kullu Dussehra !!

kullu 3

The week-long Kullu Dussehra festival got off to a spectacular start with the traditional Rath Yatra of Lord Raghunathji at sprawling Dhalpur Maidan at Kullu. The Kullu Dussehra celebrations are different from celebrations in other parts of the country as no effigy of Ravana or Kumbhkarna is burnt and Ramlila is staged.The Kullu Dussehra dates back to 1637 AD when Raja Jagat Singh was the ruler of the valley.


kullu A 

The celebrations commence on 'Vijaya Dashmi' day and over 250 local deities of the valley assemble and camp at Dhalpur maidan for a week to pay obeisance to Lord Raghunathji, the presiding deity.

 Kullu B

Kullu Dussehra is a mixture of history, culture and customs and the entire valley remains in festive mood with religious fervour for one week and the Raja of Kullu remains the star attraction during the festival.

Kullu 2

Kullu C kullu D


24 October 2012

The world's first pop-up stamps from Netherlands




On 8 October 2012, PostNL issued the world's first pop-up stamps. The stamp sheet with the three-dimensional stamps on the occasion of the Children's Book Week is a world first. The special paper architecture changes the 2D character of these two stamps into 3D after pulling out the cardboard slider.


The stamps themselves as well as the front and back of the sheetlet show illustrations of plants, animals and elements that feature in the Children's Book Week Picture Book Hallo! These illustrations were made by Fleur van der Weel. On the part of the stamp that folds out, a bird and a butterfly are pictured taking flight, as it were. The trunk of an elephant and the neck of a giraffe are displayed in the horizontal area underneath.

This stamp is even more special because it can be placed upright. It is a pop-up stamp with a front and a back plus a secret inside. Thus, it was important that the design be simple for this fold-out 3D stamp. Designers Hans and Sabine Bockting laid the basis for a well thought-out concept. Fleur van der Weel was delighted to be able to receive the first copy of the stamps from the hands of Arno Bijnen of PostNL during the Children's Book Ball on 2 October.

The stamps are available  at € 5.00 per sheet at the Bruna shops, the Collect Club in Groningen and online via
www.postnl.nl/collectclub. The period of validity is indefinite. The designation on these stamps is Nederland 5, which means that they are for letterbox packets weighing up to 500 grams destined for addresses within the Netherlands. In addition to the stamp sheet featuring two different stamps, a stamp booklet and a first day cover* will also be issued.

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