29 September 2020

New Pictorial Postmarks


New Pictorial Postmarks from Royal mail

Four different pictorial postmarks 'BRILLIANT BUGS' from Royal Mail to be issued on 1st October 2020.

- Wolfgang Beyer, Germany

Pictorial Cancellations from Portugal

World Postcard Day

 500 Years of Mail in Portugal

"Legends of Portuguese Olympism - António Augusto da Silva Mendes"

 "90 Years of Aviation in the Azores - AÇOR"

Image Courtesy- The Philatelist

28 September 2020

New Special covers

Corona Warriors 

28 September 2020, Cuttack

Image Credit: Orissa Philatelic Association

Vision - 2020 

26 September 2020 Bangalore

Image credit: Praveen Shatry, Bangalore

26 September 2020

DEBUTPEX-2020 - India’s First Online Postcard Exhibition


 India’s First Online Postcard Exhibition


DEBUTPEX-2020 is the India’s first virtual exhibition on postcards, organized by the Postcrossing Society of India, in association with PostcardVille. The idea behind this initiative is to celebrate postcards and to commemorate the 151stbirthday of the postcard, falling on 1stOct 2020, in a safe and sustainable manner with worldwide participation.

In today’s world of emails, texts, and WhatsApp, writing on postcards is a thing of past. This is a change and will teach the younger generation to take an interest in writing postcards. Some people would not know that writing a postcard cost only 25p (Meghdoot) or 50p (Ordinary) or Rs.6, if you want to send someone with a picture. Even international address picture postcards are tariffed as low as Rs.12/Rs.15. No doubt, postcard is literally the cheapest way of written communication.

Inspired by our Hon'ble Prime Minister's 'Maan Ki Baat' on traditional toys of India, and making India the hub of Toy Industry, a set of 12 postcards on Traditional Toys of India will be released by India Post, through the CMPG / PMGs of Postal Circles from Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Tamil Nadu, simultaneously to celebrate the mega event. The series of events, as a part of World Postcard Day Celebrations will also have special covers release with a special cancellation from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states.

Various online events and webinars including topics like Postcard writing, Art of Giving and collection of Antique / Heritage postcard are planned by Postcrossing Society of India. Details on these events can be found on the website at www.debutpex.com.

DebutPex 2020 has seen participation of more than 150 postcard enthusiasts from 15 countries, hailing from all walks of life, across four categories –

1) Narrate a Thematic Story

2) Write a Photo Essay

3) Present Research and story of any topic/theme / object.

4) Present a travelogue


Our generous thanks to India Post  for providing their invaluable support. We also give a big shout-out to our partners, the Philatelic Society of Rajasthan, Gandhi Research Foundation, Prayag Philatelic Society, the Hyderabad Philatelic & Society Hobbies Society, Collector Bazar, V. B. Anand Postcards and Postcards Market.

Exhibition goes live on 1st Oct 2020, and a winner from each category will be awarded. All the participants will get a Certificate of Participation for their exhibits. We are happy to invite you to be a part of this novel initiative. Please visit www.debutpex.com for more information and details.

  Aditya Singh - email : masteradityasingh1@gmail.com

   (Volunteer, DEBUTPEX)

News from Desi Philatelic Club

Recent Club Highlights


Stanley Gibbons Blues& Teal Award 2020:

Aditya Singh(Winner- 1st Position in Teal)

 PHILEX2020 Winner List:

Aditya Singh - 1 Frame, thematic (Youth C) - “Tale of World’s Largest Conglomerate” – Large Vermeil

Aditya Singh - 3 Frame, thematic (Youth C) - “YOGA- The Art of Living” – Silver Bronze

Joy Jyoti Ghosh- 1 Frame, thematic (Youth C)- “Legend of Rabindranath Tagore” – Silver

Dheeraj Reddy Musku- 1 Frame, thematic (Youth A)- “YOGA- The Art of Living” – Silver Bronze

Hamza Reshad - 1 Frame, thematic - “Indian Film Industry” – Certificate of Participation

Ayush Gupta- 1 Frame, thematic (Youth C) - “World Philatelic Exhibition” – Silver


Virtual Stamp Show 2020 (American Philatelic Society)Winners List:

Single Frame Most Educational: YOGA- The Art of Living - Aditya Singh

Multi FrameFavorite: Tale of World’s Largest Conglomerate - Aditya Singh


DEBUTPEX 2020 Participant List:

Aditya Singh(1 frame, thematic)

Pallavi Mishra(1 frame,thematic)

Mukund Mittal(1 frame,thematic)

Dheeraj Reddy Musku(2 frames,thematic)

TapanSheth(1 frame,thematic)

Divyang Joshi(1 frame,thematic)


PHILAVIRTU 2020 Participant List:

Aditya Singh; Thematic - 3 Frames; Youth ‘C’

Dheeraj Reddy Musku; Thematic - 2 Frames; Youth ‘A’

 Are you looking for friends? Are you young? Are you interested in expanding your ‘philatelic ’boundaries?

Join the Desi Philatelic Club today.

Visit: www.SpecialCoverSa.ga or message us at +91 9044435490.


19 September 2020

Club News

New Special Cover

A Special cover was relased in Bangalore on18th September 2020 on the occasion of the Legendary Kannada actor Dr. Vishnuvardhana's 70th Birthday.

- Praveen Shastry, Bangalore

 Philatelic Exhibition on  Postcards

Debutpex 2020

India’s First Virtual Philatelic Exhibition on Postcards

DebutPex 2020 is India’s First Online Postcard Exhibition with international participation. The exhibit will be showcased online on www.debutpex.com The exhibition is being organised by the Postcrossing Society of India (PSOI), a Non-profit society promoting writing postcard with support of India Post and hosted by PostcardsVille, a postcard design venture. The novel initiative is to celebrate Postcards, and to commemorate the 151st World Postcard Day that falls on 1st Oct 2020. The exhibition is open to all deltiologists across the Globe.

List of Participants for the event : 


- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

16 September 2020

New Special Covers from Karnataka

 World Ozone Day 2020 

16 September 2020, Bengaluru

International Literacy Day 
8 September 2020,Bengaluru

Image credit: Praveen Shastry, Bangalore

PHILAVIRTU 2020 Update


First National Virtual Philatelic Exhibition with International Participation

10 – 18 October 2020

PHILAVIRTU – 2020 Allotment List is available on following link :

Payment Instructions -

Payment of the Total Amount against the allotment fee must be made by using payment gateway available on www.philavirtu.com 

Last Date of Payment: 19th September, 2020

Save the Dates
Last date for frame fees

19 September 2020

Last date for uploading exhibits

1 October 2020

Announcement of results / palmares

17 October 2020

Jury critique session

18 October 2020

Closing Day

18 October 2020

12 September 2020

Water Tower Art


Date of Issue: 7 September 2020

Here is a beautiful set from Australia Post. There are around 74 painted water towers throughout rural Australia. The Water Tower Art stamp issue, released on 7 September 2020, showcases recent large-scale artwork on a prominent feature of rural Australia: the water tower, or water tank. As well as encouraging much-needed tourism, these striking water tower murals are often a great source of community pride, especially as they tend to showcase local people, history, culture and wildlife.

Featured in this issue is water tower art from the towns of Gulargambone, New South Wales (artist, Jenny McCracken); Winton, Victoria (artist, Guido Van Helten); Narrandera, New South Wales (artists from Apparition Media); and Snowtown, South Australia (artist, Vans the Omega). The minisheet shows the water tank that overlooks the township of Cloncurry, Queensland. Painted by The Zookeeper in 2018, the imagery includes the Cloncurry Parrot, the eagle hawk sacred to the Mitakoodi people, and local children Barrack and Brianna. A paper plane refers the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which began in Cloncurry in 1928

$1.10 Jenny McCracken, Gulargambone, New South Wales

Gulargambone is a small town located on the central west plains of New South Wales, on the banks of the Castlereagh River, a seven-hour drive from Sydney. The town is situated in the lands of the Wiradjuri Nation, and its name is said to derive from a local word for “watering place of many birds” or “place of galahs”.

In April 2018, the community held a street art festival, which saw 11 artists from across Australia paint murals all over the town and hold workshops for the locals. The artworks included a mural on the town’s water tower, located next to the football ground. Painted by Jenny McCracken, of Zest Events International, the mural, entitled Lucky Dip, has transformed the water tower into a huge glass of water. A kingfisher is pictured diving to the bottom in search of fish. The subject is a reference to the name of the town and highlights the importance of water to the drought-stricken community. Jenny McCracken has an international reputation as a pavement and mural artist and has been a finalist in the Moran National Portrait Prize.

$1.10 Guido van Helten, Winton, Victoria

The mural on the concrete water tank at Winton was commissioned in 2016 for the annual Wall to Wall Festival in the nearby town of Benalla, a large town of 14,000 people located in north-eastern Victoria. The water tank is in the Winton Wetlands, an 8,750-hectare, environmentally and culturally important region just outside Benalla, on the traditional lands of the Yorta Yorta Nation. The tank is owned by the Country Fire Authority (CFA), and the artist, Guido van Helten, painted it with portraits of three local CFA volunteer members: Colin Hooke, from the Chesney Fire Brigade (represented on the stamp); Robert Green, of Taminick Brigade; and Danielle Spokes, of Winton Brigade.

Like many of Guido van Helten’s murals, the Winton work is executed in grisaille, or shades of grey. Brisbane-born van Helten is one of the world’s great muralists. He has painted works on a range of large-scale surfaces around the globe, including in Ukraine, Spain, Iceland, Mexico and USA. His work on Victoria’s Brim wheat silo was featured in the 2018 Silo Art stamp issue.

$1.10 Apparition Media, Narrandera, New South Wales

Narrandera is a town of around 3,800 people, located on the Murumbidgee River in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales. It stands on the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri Nation. The water tower is located on a hill overlooking the town and was painted over 11 days in 2019 by a team of four artists from Apparition Media, an advertising and studio that creates murals in a range of styles for commercial and community clients. The work was executed by upscaling an image onto paper, which is then rolled out on the tower before the design is chalked in and painted.

The project was funded under the federal government’s Drought Communities Program, and the design was the result of consultation with local young people and artists, including Wiradjuri artist Owen Lyons. The Eastern Bearded Dragon, which features on the stamp, refers to the Wiradjuri word for “place of lizards or goannas”, from which the town derives its name. Other local imagery on the tank includes the Koala, which has been successfully reestablished after numbers dwindled to critical levels in the 1950s, a Tiger Moth airplane and a Murumbidgee River paddle-steamer.

$1.10 Vans the Omega, Snowtown, South Australia

Snowtown, with a population of around 470, is located in the mid-north region of South Australia, 145 kilometres north of Adelaide on the traditional lands of the Kaurna Nation. The town was first established in the 1870s as the terminus of the Kadina railway line, and the now-disused water tank in the centre of town was originally constructed to provide water for steam engines.

In 2018, the Wakefield Regional Council provided a grant to transform the old water tank. The town commissioned well-known mural artist Vans the Omega to complete the painting, with the assistance of Sam Brooks. The subjects selected were local heroes: long-time CFA volunteer John Hansen, depicted on the stamp; ambulance volunteer Jenny Cox; footballer Simon McCormack; netballer Bernie Altmann; and cricketer Lauren Ebsary.

One of our premier street artists, Adelaide-based Vans the Omega (Joel van Moore) has been commissioned to paint large-scale works all over the world. His distinctive portrait style is characterised by blocks of bright colour. Van the Omega’s portrait of a woman on the side of a house in the Adelaide suburb of Goodwood was included in the 2017 Street Art stamp issue.

03 September 2020

Club News

 Rainbow Stamp News September 2020

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release September 2020 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available on following link :

01 September 2020

Philavirtu 2020 : Application date extended


The last date of application for PHILAVIRTU 2020 has been extended to 4th September 2020

Those who missed  have another  chance to participate 

Apply Now : 

Last date of Submitting application extended to : 4th September 2020

Revised entry fee charges

 All competition classes - Rs 800 per frame

 Single Frame Exhibit Class - Rs 1200

Championship Class - Rs 2000 per frame

No entry fee in Invitees and Youth Class



Pratisaad Neurgaonkar

Ph. +91 9766310553   -  email : info@philavirtu.com


(In Alphabetical Order)

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