12 July 2022

2022 World Hot Air Balloon Championship


2022 World Hot Air Balloon Championship

Date of Issue : 11 July 2022

The 2022 World Hot Air Balloon Championship will take place from 16 to 23 September 2022 at Murska Sobota Airport.At the initiative of the Philatelic Association of Slovenia, the event was also marked by Pošta Slovenije, which issued a commemorative stamp with the motif of hot air balloons in honor of the World Cup. The issue was issued on July 11, 2022.

10 July 2022

New Special Cancellations


Bahuda Yatra of Lord Jagannath

On the occasion of holy Bahuda Yatra of Lord Jagannath a special philatelic cancellation was released by Chief PMG Odisha Circle - Shri Suvendu Swain on 09.07.2022 at  Puri Head Post Office .

World Zoonoses Day

World Zoonoses Day has been observed on July 6 since 1885 to honour the success of French biologist Louis Pasteur, who administered the first vaccination against zoonotic disease on this day. To commemorate the day, Maharashtra Postal Circle issued this Special Cancellation today from all Philatelic Bureaus in Maharashtra and Goa.

Ashadhi Ekadashi- A spiritual Journey

09 July 2022

Book Review : The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India


The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India  

-Compiled by Sushil Mehra & K. Chaitanya Dev

The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India - Compiled by Sushil Mehra & K. Chaitanya Dev : Pages 340 : Type - Paperback : Edition - 2022 : Published by Sushil Mehra : Price : Rs 650 : Available with the author : email – gaureshmehra@gmail.com Also available at : Amazon

A permanent pictorial cancellation is issued to use throughout the year without any time limit. There are many permanent  pictorial cancellations issued in different states on various subjects which are of utmost importance related to that place.

The new book ‘Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India’ compiled by Sushil Mehra and K.Chaitanya Dev gives detailed information about  Pictorial Cancellations/Postmarks from all over India. The permanent pictorial cancellations have been given state wise with the details of the picture on the cancellation as well as the initial date of the issue and PIN code of the Post Office. It also gives QR Code on every page using which through smart phone one can get the location of the town on Google Maps. A brief description of the town is also given on every page at which the Post Office is located.

The Book is very useful for the collectors of permanent pictorial cancellations. It is a reference book for all stamp collectors. Every philatelist would like to have this book as pictorial cancellations have an important place in Thematic Philately, Postal History, Postal Stationery Collection as well as Traditional Philately. The Authors have taken extra care to illustrate the latest PPCs from the respective e post offices. The layout a of the book is very good with clear color pictures of the postal stationery on which the cancellations have been given.

I recommend this book to every philatelist. The book will help them to arrange their collection of permanent Pictorial cancellations systematically  as well as it is an  excellent reference book for those who are in traditional philately, Postal history, Postal stationery or Thematic Philately.

Some Pages from the Book

The Authors


Sushil Mehra is a noted philatelist and numismatist from Bangalore and writes regularly on stamps. His FB philatelic posts on Pan India Pictorial Place Cancellation Group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/panindiapostal/) are very popular among philatelists with interesting stories of everyday life and its association with stamps. He is a member of Karnataka Numismatic Society and Karnataka Philatelic Society. Mr Mehra is a keen philatelist and numismatist with special interest in various subjects related to stamps coins and bank notes. He may be contacted at email : gaureshmehra@gmail.com

K. Chaitanya Dev is philatelist from Bangalore, a mechanical Engineer by profession, with great interest in French India stamps and Postal History. He has also written a book ‘Stamps of French India’ He is President of Karnataka Philatelic Society, Member of The Royal Philatelic Society, London, India Study Circle and Lifer Member of Philatelic Congress of India. He has won awards at several National and International philatelic Exhibitions. He may be contacted at: chaitanyadev@hotmail.com

- Jeevan Jyoti

05 July 2022

Book Review


Book Review

By Naresh Agrawal

Philately Its glorious Past and Uncertain Future 

By Anil Dhir

Philately Its glorious Past and Uncertain Future By Anil Dhir : ISBN No.978-93-81794-70-8 : Pages : 210 : Type Paperback Price : Rs 400 : Published By Amadeus Press : Available at Flipkart and Amazon or contact Anil Dhir email : anildhir2k5@hotmail.com  Whatsappp No. 9861020747

The book titled ‘ : “Philately: It’s Glorious Past and Uncertain Future” is a Festschrift Volume in the honour of renowned philatelist of Orissa and Founder President of Eastern India Philatelists’ Association, Shri Bijayshree Routray.

The book is framed in two parts. The first part of the book has comprehensive 12 chapters comprising articles of philatelic interest namely Evolution of stamp Clubs and societies, Famous stamp thefts, cancelled to order, Profiles of eminent philatelists, Forgeries and forgers, Nagaland illegal issues, Free Tibet stamps and unusual stamps, Pre-issues, Future of philately. These articles have been selected very carefully and written in very concise and simple language. All these articles reveal everything in detail about several aspects of philately. The chapter on Forgeries is interesting and explains how the forgeries were created. Pre-Issue stamps are one of the most serious and controversial issues in Indian philately A special chapter has been given on Pre - Issue Stamps.

There are two more interesting chapters on Nagaland Illegal issues and Free Tibet stamps Every stamp collector would like to know about these stamps. The chapter on Eminent Indian Philatelists is a genuine tribute to about 27 Indian philatelists who served Indian philately in different ways and are inspiration for the generations to come. A must-read chapter.

The second part is memorials and testimonials from philatelists over the country who have written wonderful and emotive pieces. Mr. Routray besides being a very prolific philatelist was also an academician and politician. He had been awarded the Gold Medal in Geography and for some years even taught the Iconic Ravenshaw College at Cuttack. A very learned man, he was known for his scholarly aptitude and during the course of his long political career, he was the Minister for Forests & Environments, Health, Revenue etc. The Festschrift book is a fitting tribute to this great personality. Rarely we find such books on philately which is dedicated for the remembrance of philatelists.

The book has many interesting articles on the past and present of Philately in a world perspective, with special reference to the Indian context. It is treasure of knowledge and memorabilia of a great philatelist. Every philatelist and stamp lover would love to read and treasure it. It is a very good book reference book for every philatelist and philatelic library as one can get so much information from the articles on various topics of philately.

There is no strong reason to criticize this book in any way intended for the service of philatelic fraternity. Nice layout and design, simple and easily understandable text, printed on good paper, has wide coverage of interesting philatelic topics to cater to every philatelist whether new or old.

All in all, a great book highly recommended for genuine stamp lovers and philatelists who love philately and philatelists.

About the Author

-Anil Dhir is a renowned philatelist, a prolific writer, historian and a social worker. He has written several books on stamps stamps and postal history. His short film and book ‘The Last Post’ was highly appreciated. He is a life member of Eastern India Philatelists’ association. He has been conferred as a Fellow if the Philatelic Congress of India in 2021.He has an excellent collection of Mourning Covers, Indian Classics and Indian States. He is also a Life member of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage and has undertaken many projects for them. He directed and produced award winning short film The Last Post. He has participated in many philatelic exhibitions and won awards for his books and exhibits.

-Naresh Agrawal : email : nareshkumar1992@yahoo.co.in 

03 July 2022

Club News


Rainbow Stamp News July 2022

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release July 2022 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. It is available at the following link :


New Book Release

The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India

The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India published by was launched at a Joint meeting of Karnataka Philatelic Society and Royal Philatelic Society London. The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India is now available on Amazon for Rs.650

The Handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations of India is written by Sushil Mehra and K.Chaitanya Dev. This is handbook of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations/Postmarks from all over India with detailed information about their usage. The Authors use their expertise from their previous books on philately to present this handbook for the benefit of philatelists (stamp collectors). It also has a Statewise Index of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations.

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