31 December 2012

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Rainbow Stamp News January 2013


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !!

Hi !

I have just posted January 2013 issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog . It can  be viewed at following link :

http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.in/   ( For Indian Readers)

http://rainbowstampnews.blogspot.com  ( For Overseas Readers )


31st December 2012…


Happy New Year !! 



Hrvatska posta has issued a stamp dedicated to the New Year 2013 celebration. The stamp features drawing by the winner of the New Year stamp design contest among Croatian children. This year's winner is the depiction by Sara Saravanja, a 7th form pupil from Slavonski Brod.


Hi !

This is the last day of the month..Let’s say Good Bye to 2012 and welcome 2013..In today’s post I am publishing all pending contributions from my readers…which I could not publish so far due to shortage of space and time…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !!

12.12.12 from Gujarat

 Gujarat post marks 12.12.12

Gujarat post marks 12.12.12

Udai Kuamr Saxena, Gurgaon

MY Stamp issued during SINE

scan0001 scan0004


scan0002 scan0003

Rakesh Walia – Chandigarh

My stamp sheetlets of "Mahatma Gandhi"

Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-1

Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-1-horz-vert

Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-2 Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-4

These first ever customized my stamp sheet-lets of India issued on "Mahatma Gandhi" Theme.

4 nos.of above  my stamp sheetlets issued by "Jammu & Kashmir circle"


Details of images used in My Sheet-lets are as below:-

(1) Signature of Mahatma Gandhi in English. taken from Khadi Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi.

(2) Khadi Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi  taken from earlier Miniature sheet issued during Indipex-2011. Released on 12th February 2011

(3) "Gandhi as India" -- Gandhi as Father of the Nation

    Stamp based on the famous cartoon by Ranga, issued in year 2000

(4) Design based on Re.1 stamp  issued on occasion of "Gandhi Centenary" in year 1969

Note:-All above My Stamp Sheet lets are made with "Libra"  Zodiac sign :Libra is a Birth sign of Mahatma Gandhi.

: Er.H.K.Jain (A.E.)
Water Resources Division,
Civil Lines,Mandla (M.P.)

Email : jainhk60@gmail.com


30 December 2012

World Philatelic Exhibition - BRASILIANA 2013




Dear Friend

On the eve of the New Year, I have the pleasure and honour to inform you that Brazil will be hosting the World Philatelic Exhibition in 2013.

The Exhibition will be held at PIER MAUÁ in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from November 19 to 25, 2013  organized by the Brazilian Federation of Philately (FEBRAF) and Brazilian philatelists under the Patronage of Brazilian Enterprise of Posts and Telegraphs (ECT), in accordance with the F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions.

I earnestly request you to please forward the mail and information to eligible fellow philatelists, who can communicate with me at my  address and email id given below.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!!!

With warm regards,

Rajesh Kumar Bagri

Address for communication

Rajesh Kumar Bagri                                       

National Commissioner – India

C/o Computer Management Centre, 33A, Chowringhee Road, 5th Flr,

Room-13 . Calcutta - 700071.                            


PHONE : +91 33 22265722.

Email : rkbagri.brasiliana2013@gmail.com


BRASILIANA-2013 Individual Regulations


Organization, Venue and Date
2.1 BRASILIANA 2013 is organized by the Brazilian Federation of Philately (FEBRAF) and
Brazilian philatelists under the Patronage of Brazilian Enterprise of Posts and Telegraphs (ECT),in accordance with the F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions. BRASILIANA 2013 is
managed and run by an Organizing Committee.

2.2 The Exhibition will be held at PIER MAUÁ in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Approximately 3,000 frames of the world’s finest philatelic collections will be on display.

2.3 The Exhibition will open on 19 November 2013 and close on 25 November 2013.

Article 4 – Conditions of Participation
4.1 Competitive Exhibits Classes:
Exhibitors from FIP Member Federations and FIAF (Federación Inter-Americana de Filatelia)
member federations who are not FIP members thereof shall be eligible for participating at
BRASILIANA 2013. An exhibitor who satisfies the following condition may submit exhibits (for
classes 1 to 9 & class 12 under Article 5.2 below): entries winning at least a 75 points or
equivalent award at the National Exhibitions (National Vermeil).
4.2 Non-Competitive Classes:
Entries in non-competitive classes (including Court of Honor) shall be by special invitation at the
discretion of the Organizing Committee.
Article 5 – Exhibition Classes
5.1 Non-Competitive Exhibits (By Invitation)
A Court of Honor
B Other Non-Competitive Entries
5.2 Competitive Exhibits Classes
Class 1 FIP Championship

Class 2
For exhibits that have been awarded three Large Gold medals, in three different
years, at World Exhibitions held under FIP patronage over the last ten years (2003-
2012). (A Grand Prix counts as a Large Gold medal)
Class 2 Traditional Philately:
A) Brazil.
B) Americas (except Brazil).
C) Europe.
D) Asia, Oceania and Africa.
Class 3 Postal History:
A) Brazil.
B) Americas (except Brazil).
C) Europe.
D) Asia, Oceania and Africa.
Class 4 Postal Stationery
Class 5 Aerophilately
Class 6 Astrophilately

Class 7 Thematic Philately (*)
Exhibits will be classified under:
A) Nature.
B) Culture.
C) Technology.
(*) Please, indicate clearly in the “Exhibit Application Form” as to the subclass
(A, B or C) the exhibit is entering.
Class 8 Maximaphily
Class 9 Revenue
Class 10 Youth Philately:
Age for Group A: 10-15 years old (As of January 1st, 2013).
Age for Group B: 16-18 years old (As of January 1st, 2013).
Age for Group C: 19-21 years old (As of January 1st, 2013).
Class 11 Philatelic Literature (*)
A) Philatelic books and research papers (published on or after January 1st,
B) Philatelic magazines and periodicals (the whole annual volume issued after
January 1st, 2011).
C) Catalogues (published after January 1st, 2011).
(*) Exhibitors are requested to fill in the particulars stated in the “Philatelic
Literature Exhibit Information Form”, in addition to the “Exhibit Application
Class 12 One-Frame Exhibit

Exhibits in this class should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One
Frame. An extract from a past International award winning multiple frame exhibit
(5 to 8 frames) to One Frame is not allowed.
Awards are presented by Points (60 points to 100 points) and awarded by
certificates only. No medals will be awarded.
Certificate of Participation will be given to exhibits attaining less than 60 points
Exhibits will be classified under:

A) Traditional
B) Postal History
C) Postal Stationery
D) Aerophilately
E) Astrophilately
F) Thematic (*)
G) Maximaphily
H) Revenue

Article 8 – Application and Acceptance
8.1 Exhibitors shall submit one Exhibit Application Form for each exhibit applied for through the
Commissioners of their respective countries, as provided for in Articles 11 and 21 of GREX.
8.2 The Organizing Committee, with the advice of the FIP Consultant, shall have the authority to
accept or reject entries without specifying the reason therefore.

Last Date
8.3 Exhibit Application Forms duly filled shall be submitted through the respective Commissioners to the Commissioner General not later than 28 February 2013. When submitting the Exhibit
Application Form, the exhibitor shall attach a copy of the introductory page, in one of the FIP’s official languages.

Participation Fee
9.1 There is no fee for Non-Competitive Class entries.
9.2 The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Class 10, 11 & 12) is US$ 50.00 per frame.
9.3 The participation fee for Philatelic Literature (Class 11) is US$ 50.00 per exhibit,
9.4 The participation fee for One-Frame Exhibit (Class 12) is US$ 70.00 per exhibit.
9.5 There is no fee for Youth Philately (Class 10) entries.




Visit : http://brasiliana-2013.blogspot.com.br/

29 December 2012

Online Directory of Philatelists



Indian Philatelists’ Forum has come out with an innovative idea of creating online directory of Philatelists. This directory is intended to facilitate networking among philatelists and members of forum. 

The Directory of philatelists will be divided in to two categories. (i) Philatelists residing in India (ii) Philatelists residing abroad and collecting on any aspect of Indian Philately.

An online directory of Indian Philatelists and Overseas philatelists interested in Indian Philately with their complete profile will be available on forum’s website. Indian Philatelists’ Forum respects privacy of its members and that’s why all data will be available only to the registered members. 

Philatelists interested in India and across the world will welcome this new innovative idea of making online directory. A web based data form is now available on forum’s official website www.indianphilately.net and registration is now open.

My Recent Covers..

Received these nice covers with 12.12.12 cancellation from my friends. Thank you very much Dr Eli  Moallem and Mr K Veeraraghvan !!

12.12.12 : Israel

Picture 088

Dr Eli Moallem - Jerusalem

Copy of thanks


12.12.12 : Pudkkottai

Picture 088

K.Veeraraghvan - Pudkkottai

New issues from Armenia


Christmas and Happy New Year


Date of Issue : 28 December 2012

Hi !

Here are some wonderful last issues from Armenia Post ! The stamps are fabulous in design covering a variety of themes !! The Europa stamp is the last issue of this year’s Europa 2012 series. I don't know why Armenia Post issued this stamp very late !! But the stamp is so beautiful !!

This is all for this morning….More in Next Post… Have a Nice Time !!


EUROPA 2012 : Visit


This is the last beautiful issue of EUROPA 2012 series.

Date of Issue : 27 December 2012

Flora and fauna of Armenia

image        image

Date of Issue : 28 December 2012

Children's philately

image image

Date of Issue : 28 December 2012

National Gallery of Armenia

image       image

1. Mark Chagall ''Dacha'' 2. Rudolf Khachatryan ''Self-portrait''

Date of Issue : 27 December 2012

28 December 2012

Lunar New Year Year of the Snake



Date of Issue : 8 January 2013

Canada Post will issue stamps and souvenir sheets on 8 January 2013 to commemorate Lunar Year of Snake.The Year of the Snake begins on February 10, 2013, and ends on January 30, 2014.

In Western culture, calling someone a snake is considered fighting words. But in the Asian countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Snake is viewed as the wisest and most enigmatic of all the zodiac creatures. In fact, it's such a strong sign of intelligence and luck that an ancient Chinese saying notes that finding a snake in one's home is great fortune and ensures that the inhabitants will never go hungry.

image image

The Year of the Snake, in this case a water snake, slithers in on February 10, 2013, and bids farewell on January 30, 2014. The sixth of 12 creatures in the zodiac, the Snake represents intelligence, materialism and gracefulness. Those born in the Year of the Snake are analytical and tend to look closely before they leap. They love luxury and know how to get what they want. Even if it means scheming and plotting, clever and cunning snakes know that the end justifies whatever means necessary. Still, the Snake requires peace; noise and stress are not well tolerated. The hard-working and ambitious Snake is successful in professional life, but tends to hop jobs, becoming easily bored if not sufficiently challenged or rewarded.


The duo stamp issue (Permanent™ domestic and International) for the Year of the Snake, the fifth in this series, is created in lavish textures befitting the luxury-loving Snake. On the domestic stamp, a red snake slithers on curving waves, symbolizing the water influence on this particular Year of the Snake. On the international stamp, a yellow and green jade snake, artfully embossed on multiple levels to provide three-dimensionality and simulate scales, coils into a stylized 8, the luckiest and most valued number by the Chinese people. Both images visually draw on the most significant character attributes of the Year of the Snake.

Booklet of 6 stamps




On 28 January 2013, UNPA will issue a Chinese lunar calendar personalized stamp sheet celebrating the "Year of the Snake". This is the fourth year in which UNPA has issued a Chinese lunar calendar sheet. The sheet is composed of ten US$ 1.10 denominated stamps with the UN logo. 

Snake Sheet 2013-716519

27 December 2012

My recent covers…


Picture 087

EN Limanski – Riga (Latvia)

Hi !

I  recently received these nice covers on Christmas. 12.12.12 and with special pictorial cancellations from my friends . Many thanks to all of you for these covers. 


Picture 086

Picture 086

Wolfgang Beyer - Germany

Picture 087

I. Augustine – Trichirapalli (TN)



Picture 087

I. Augustine - Trichirappalli

 Picture 085

KC Naidu – Vishakhapatnam

Picture 085

P. Agarwal – Kurseong (WB)

Picture 085

Jyothi Priya – Mandya

Copy of thanks


Hobbies of the Children on stamps…



Date of Issue : 19 November 2012

Hi !

Here is a wonderful set of stamps issued by Malaysia Post. The stamps feature common hobbies of the children. The stamps are so beautiful to be liked by all especially the kids !! These  lovely  stamps take you  down memory lane making you nostalgic to your own fantastic childhood days when you tried one of these hobbies….

This is all for Today..Till Next Post ….Have a Great Time !!


Pos Malaysia has launched a series of stamps called Children's Hobbies. This stamp series features the Malaysian cartoon superhero, "BoBoiBoy".




image image image

The stamps come in three sheets, with two different stamp designs on each sheet. Each design features different hobbies: playing soccer, fishing, playing music, photography, collecting stamps, baking cookies.


The miniature sheet shows BoBoiBoy and his friends all together.


Club News

2013 International letter-writing competition for young people




"Write someone a letter explaining why water is a precious resource"

The 2013 theme ties in with the International Decade for Action "Water for Life" 2005–2015.

Water serves a multitude of different purposes, and it is vital that we preserve this precious natural resource. Access to water is essential to ensuring the health and well-being of humans and the protection of nature.

The United Nations recently announced that the world had achieved the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water. Eighty-nine percent of the world population, or 6.1 billion people, now has access to an improved drinking water source. But 11% still does not.

  • Young people up to the age of 15 years may take part in the competition.

  • The UPU International Bureau (IB) cannot accept entries sent directly by schools or private individuals.

  • The organizers designated by member countries must respect the competition's organizational principles, which specify that they are solely responsible for organizing the national stage of the competition and therefore must provide all the parties concerned with their own contact details and not those of the IB.

  • The organizers should select their country's best composition (one composition per country or territory only) and send it to the IB no later than 30 April.

Submission of applications

All entries must be submitted by post, by e-mail or by fax to: +41 31 350 37 11.

All entries must include:
  • the composition (typed) in either Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. If the original is handwritten, the organizer should type up the text on a computer and submit the original with a translation into English, French or Spanish (as preferred) of the original composition if it has been written in a language other than those mentioned above.

  • a cover letter from the organizing body.

  • a duly completed entry form, including the contact details of the candidate and the national competition coordinator; this form is available opposite to download.

  • a good quality digital photograph of the candidate, preferably in JPEG format (at least 300 dpi).

Presentation and content of entries
  • The compositions submitted must be recent, unpublished letters.

  • Compositions must be presented in the form of a letter ("Dear ……..", include the address of both the addressee and the sender, and end with a signature).

  • Entries must strictly respect the set theme.

  • Entries must strictly adhere to the number of words permitted in the original language (between 500 and 800).

Organizational principles

Each member country organizes a letter-writing competition for young people in its territory as suits it best, but preferably with the help of the national education authorities, and selects the best entry. The best entry is chosen in accordance with the general rules of the competition.

Participating member countries must send their best entry to the IB, together with all the required documents, to the IB by no later than 30 April.

Jury's decision and announcement of results

The IB will designate a jury responsible for assessing the letters selected. This jury will choose the best three entries, the authors of which will each receive a medal, and may also select up to five other entries, whose authors will receive a special mention.
The IB will inform the countries concerned of the results by letter.


The first three international winners will receive medals (gold for the first, silver for the second and bronze for the third) struck by the IB, as well as a certificate and other prizes offered by the UPU.
Member countries may also award additional prizes to their international prize-winners, at their discretion.
It is recommended that the prize-giving ceremonies be held on 9 October, the anniversary of the foundation of the UPU, to form part of the activities connected with World Post Day.


The IB will communicate the names of the prize-winners by letter as soon as it receives the results from the jury, in principle no later than early September of the competition year.

Visit : Universal Postal Union

Note : For more details Please contact Postmaster of  the  Head Post Office of your city.

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