12 December 2012

12 December 2012 : 12.12.12


12.12.12 : A date once in a life time !!


Picture 094

Hi ! Today is 12 December 2012 a date to be memorable for ever  with number 12 repeating thrice and making it 12.12.12. Philatelists all over the world making this day special in their own way !! Here is my way …I am posting postcards to my friends from Shimla with special  pictorial cancellation of Shimla Philatelic Bureau featuring Monal, a beautiful bird of Himachal Pradesh !!

This is all for today…Have a great time !!

New Special Cover from Himachal Pradesh

37 Years of establishment of Indian Society of Periodontology

Picture 094

Picture 094

Date of Issue : 12 October 2012


My Recent Cover from Poland

Picture 094

Picture 094

Many thanks to Andrzej Bek of Poland  for this beautiful Christmas cover !!

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