15 December 2012

IPHLA 2012 – Mainz , Germany



 Picture 069  medal

Hi !

Today I just received my certificate and commemorative medal from IPHLA 2012 Organizing Committee. IPHLA 2012 held in Mainz Germany from 2-4 November 2012, was the world’s largest and one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of literature class in the history of Philately. Here is the story …how I received my award from IPHLA 2012…


But it is a pity that organizers did not send the documents with Certificate and medal by Registered Post but they had posted the packet containing these items  by ordinary post. I received the packet in a very poor condition. It was wet, open, completely torn and the medal was missing from the packet. When I enquired from the Post Office they said that they found a round metallic object in the dispatch mail bag which is with the Postman. Finally the postman handed over the medal after checking the documents of the envelope. In fact the postman could not understand from which packet the medal dropped in the dispatch bag when he emptied the mail bag the medal fell on the ground and the postman was confused.

Picture 071

Such items should have been sent by Registered Mail only by the organizing committee  . In India the authorities who check foreign mail for security purpose, must re-seal the envelope in order to save and protect  the document sent with the envelope and the receiver could  receive it in good condition.

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