12 December 2012

Day 12.12.12 celebrated by philatelists..


12-12-12 Rajinikanth

12-12-12 Rajinikanth

Everyone knows that today is a special date, 12-12-12. The date also coincides with Super Star Rajinikanth's Birthday.So, as a Rajinikanth fan, a fitting philatelic tribute for him - the special date postmark obtained on the Meghdoot Postcard issued by India Post in 2005, with advertisement provided by sponsors for promotion of the movie – Chandramukhi. This is his 63rd Birthday, and the reverse of it, i.e. 36 - years of his career in the film industry.

: Kasinath R. Blog :  http://shipthemegallery.blogspot.com/

12.12.12 on Postal receipts


Vadodara :  ( Last two 12.12 denote time )

From Prashant Pandya - Vadodara

J Jyoti_12.12.12

Ludhiana : 12.12.12 

From Suraj Jaitly - Ludhiana


Picture 064

From Shamshi Kullu : 12.12.12

12.12.12. on Bus and Train Tickets



: Timir R Shah - Vadodara

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