21 December 2012

Christmas tree decorations…




Swedish Post has issued special Christmas stamps for this year’s Christmas. The motifs always have a link to the holidays and cover a wide spectrum that includes everything from folklore to new and traditional objects. The theme for this year's Christmas stamps on these Swedish stamps  is Christmas tree decorations.


The tradition of having a Christmas tree in the home emerged on the Continent. Candles were first used as decoration on the tree during the 1600s and 1700s and in the middle of the 1800s glass Christmas tree balls were made by hand in the homes around the German glass works and foundries.

The Christmas heart depicted on one of the stamps is an excellent place to store candy. The Christmas heart tradition comes from Denmark, where paper-cutting was popular during the 1800s.


Maximum Card

Stars in different sizes and materials have been found with different functions during the entire Christmas season. The origin is the Star of Bethlehem, whose appearance in the sky announced the birth of Jesus. The star on the stamp is made from straw as a reminder of the bedding on which baby Jesus lay in the manger.

The news of Jesus' birth, according to the Bible, was announced to several shepherds by an angel and the role of angels in the celebration of Christmas symbolizes the joyful news. Angel decorations for the Christmas tree have been made out of a number of materials, from paper to shiny metal.

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