31 December 2012

31st December 2012…


Happy New Year !! 



Hrvatska posta has issued a stamp dedicated to the New Year 2013 celebration. The stamp features drawing by the winner of the New Year stamp design contest among Croatian children. This year's winner is the depiction by Sara Saravanja, a 7th form pupil from Slavonski Brod.


Hi !

This is the last day of the month..Let’s say Good Bye to 2012 and welcome 2013..In today’s post I am publishing all pending contributions from my readers…which I could not publish so far due to shortage of space and time…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !!

12.12.12 from Gujarat

 Gujarat post marks 12.12.12

Gujarat post marks 12.12.12

Udai Kuamr Saxena, Gurgaon

MY Stamp issued during SINE

scan0001 scan0004


scan0002 scan0003

Rakesh Walia – Chandigarh

My stamp sheetlets of "Mahatma Gandhi"

Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-1

Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-1-horz-vert

Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-2 Gandhi My stamp sheetlet-4

These first ever customized my stamp sheet-lets of India issued on "Mahatma Gandhi" Theme.

4 nos.of above  my stamp sheetlets issued by "Jammu & Kashmir circle"


Details of images used in My Sheet-lets are as below:-

(1) Signature of Mahatma Gandhi in English. taken from Khadi Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi.

(2) Khadi Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi  taken from earlier Miniature sheet issued during Indipex-2011. Released on 12th February 2011

(3) "Gandhi as India" -- Gandhi as Father of the Nation

    Stamp based on the famous cartoon by Ranga, issued in year 2000

(4) Design based on Re.1 stamp  issued on occasion of "Gandhi Centenary" in year 1969

Note:-All above My Stamp Sheet lets are made with "Libra"  Zodiac sign :Libra is a Birth sign of Mahatma Gandhi.

: Er.H.K.Jain (A.E.)
Water Resources Division,
Civil Lines,Mandla (M.P.)

Email : jainhk60@gmail.com


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