31 August 2008

Club News

Hi Readers ! I am back with club News. I am introducing some new members here from Bangalore & New Delhi. A special Advt. card showing Autographs of Stalwarts of Indian Philately sent by Mr. Timir R. Shah, Editor - Vadophil. Hope the new collectors would like to see these autographs. I have also received a beautiful cover from my Blogger friend George Wu of Gulfman stamp Collection from Taiwan. Thank you so much George ! Our sincere thanks to Mr. Shah for his contribution. In our regular series some beautiful se-tenants from the album of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. Enjoy Today's Post !....&....Till Next Post Have a Great Time !......


Jaannath Mani, Bangalore
Collecting Interests - Sports, Olympic Games
E- Mail : jagannath_mani7@yahoo.co.in

K K Miglani, New Delhi
Profession; Working as Dy. Chief Engineer in N. Rly.
Intrests; Contiuing philately for many years. Don't get time , but some how continuing my hobby. Proof coin collection.
Themes; Endangered Species of India, Saints of India, Discover India
Address; 250/5B, Railway Flats, Panchkuian Road, New Delhi-110001 Ph. 09717630233.
E- Mail : miglanikk@gmail.com

Autographs of Stalwarts of Indian Philately

On Left : R.F. Shroff, Dhirubhai Mehta, S.P. Chatterjee,Roy Chaudhary, Shrinivas Rao, O.P. Bhatnagar & M.A. Rao

On Right : Jal Cooper


Jagannath Mani writes from Bangalore……
Your news letter and your coverage of Olympic Festival 2008 in India by Mr. Vijay Seth, is very fine as I am an Olympic philatelist I too want to be part of your club,The Olymphilex is a "world-class Olympic and sports exhibition" organized by the IOC and the Federation of International Olympic Philatelists (FIPO). The first such exhibition was held in 1985 at Lausanne (Switzerland), the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). "The first Olymphilex to be held during the Olympic Games was in Seoul in 1988. Since then it has been an integral part of the Games." This time in Olympic we started with gold in shooting and bronze medal won by Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar and bronze medal won by Indian Boxer Vijender Kumar and end with Three Medals to the total at Beijing. Congratulations! Abhinav Bindra, Sushil Kumar & Vijender Kumar made every Indian proud.In philately we achieved 100% result, This year's the eighth edition of such exhibition was held in Beijing China from August 8 to 18 during the Games 23 countries had taken part in the exhibition and 10 exhibits from India were sent for particpation in Olympex 2008 and all the ten won the awards and made sports fans/philatelist to be proud. The following participants from Bangalore won five awards.1. Mr T.N. Prahlad Rao an elderly Bangalore Resident Philatelist at age of 83, won 2 bronze, 2. Jagannath.M won the bronze and in the youth group 3.Master Varuan Balakrishna won bronze in age group 18-20, 4, Goutham Achar won the Silver in the age group 16-18 and other five awards went to philatelists from Lucknow. I am Philatelist from Bangalore and participated for the first time and won bronze medal and in future Olympex I hope to do better.

Club Offers Free Starter-Kits to Help Parents and Kids With Stamp Collecting
SOUTHEAST, US. – Aug 7, 2008 --- Recently the Rossi Family noticed there weren’t many resources out there to help parents introduce stamp collecting to their children. Academic studies have shown stamp collecting is very effective in communicating important historical, topical, cultural and geographical information to school-age children whom as a result receive higher test scores. Armed with these statistics and a passion for stamps, the Rossi Family created a club, “Kids Need Stamps” and formed starter-kits of 20 US and International stamps to assist parents with first steps into the fascinating worldwide hobby. The Guiness Book of World Records lists Stamp Collecting as the World’s Largest Hobby with over 20 million devotees consistently collecting for more than 120 years.

Their blogsite “Kids Need Stamps” http://kidsneedstamps.blogspot.com/ informs parents step by step on collecting, supplies, topics and the closer relationships forged between parents and children learning together. It also donates and encourages parents to donate used stamps from envelopes to the “Stamps For the Wounded” program set up through the Lion’s Club to help wounded military veterans through tough times of physical and psychological recovery at VA hospitals around the country. Kids Need Stamps encourages parents to visit the site and request a free starter-kit to begin the journey of stamp collecting. It’s a grand hobby that brings education and parenting into one blessed quality time session. Parenting is never more fun!

Vadophil Auction No. 6 by Baroda Philatelic Society Last date for Bidding : 10 September 2008 More than 100 lots containing items on Post Independence, Thematics, Fiscal & Revenue, Postal history & Literature. E-Mail: vadophilately@indianphilately.net & trs_shah@rediffmail.com

From Se-tenant Album of Shrikant Parikh

Theme - Bridges

Bridge & Structural Engineering

Date of Issue : 1 March 1992

Landmark Bridges

17 August 2008

30 August 2008


Hi Readers ! I am back with some beautiful stamps on Aviation issued by Australia on 5 August 2008. Those collecting stamps on Aircrafts/Aviation would really like them. The stamps are very colourful and its FDC is equally good. In our regular series some more colourful se-tenants on Greetings Theme from the album of Mr. Shrkant Parikh. This is all for today !...Have a Great Time !....

Date of Issue : 5 August 2008

This set of four stamps highlights the role that aircrafts have played in carrying mail & passengers in Australia since 1921. The stamps depict 1. Bristol Tourer 2.Empire Flying Boat 3.Lockheed Super Constellation 4.Airbus A 380

From Se-tenant Album of Shrikant Par

Theme - Greetings

Date of Issue : 30 September 1991

Date of Issue : 30 October 2003

Date of Issue : 25 October 2004

Bigger Size

Date of Issue : 15 December 2007

28 August 2008

Philatelic Tribute to Great Singer - Mukesh

Hi ! Listening to a sweet music is one of the best mental relaxations for everyone. Someone has truly said about music " Good Music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and quits the memory with difficulty". 27 August was the Day of Mukesh as it was the Death Anniversary of this legendary singer of Indian Cinema. Our Philatelic Tributes to this Great singer. This Post is dedicated to Music in the memory of this versatile artiste . In this special Post I am giving se-tenants on the theme of film & music from the album of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. This is all for today !..... Have a Nice, Melodious & Wonderful Day ! There is Music in the Air....

Mukesh's real name was Mukesh Chand Mathur. He was one of the greatest singers of Hindi Cinema.He got his break as a playback singer in 1945 with the film Pehli Nazar (First Look). The first song he sang for a Hindi film was Dil Jalta Hai to Jalne De (If the heart burns, let it burn). He is best known for the songs he sang as a playback singer for Raj Kapoor, a legendary actor/director of Bollywood in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1974, Mukesh received National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for the song Kai baar yoon bhi dekhaa hai from Rajnigandha (1974), and Filmfare Awards for the songs Sab Kuch Seekha in the movie Anari (1959), Ganga Ram Ki Samajh in Pehchaan (1970), Jai Bolo in Be Imaan (1972) and the title song of Kabhie Kabhie (1976).Mukesh died of a heart attack on 27 August 1976 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, where he had gone for a concert. After his death many of his songs were released from different films. It has been a long time but he is still favourite of music lovers of every age group.

From Se-tenant album of Shrikant Parikh

Theme - Film & Music

Golden Voices of Yesteryears

Date of Issue : 15 May 2003

100 Years of Indian Cinema

Date of Issue : 11 January 1995

Satyajit Ray - Pather Panchali

Date of Issue : 11 January 1994

Sangeet Natak Academy

Date of Issue : 22 December 2003

27 August 2008

For Dog Lovers !

If you love someone show it !

Hi Readers ! The Olympic Fever is over now. I have some beautiful and very cute pictures of man's best pet & friend - Dog, depicted on stamps of Finland. These stamps will be issued by Finland on 5 September. A Postcard will also be issued, cancelled with a Dog stamp.In our regular series of se-tenants some more Joint Issues from the album of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. Today I am giving a small Post. More in Next ! Just Enjoy and Have a Great Time !

To be issued on : 5 September 2008

From the Se-tenant Album of Shrikant Parikh

Theme - Joint Issue

India - Cyprus Joint Issue

Date of Issue : 12 April 2006

India - Mongolia Joint Issue

Date of Issue : 11 September 2006

India - China Joint Issue

Date of Issue : 11 July 2008

25 August 2008

St. Mary of the Snow

Hi ! The Olympics 2008 have concluded with the spectacular and most magnificent closing ceremony at Beijing. Hope you enjoyed all the Posts on Olympics. Now back to some beautiful new issues on various themes by the Postal Administrations of the world. Today's Post is on Mary of the Snow issued by Poland on 21 June 2008. The picture on FDC will give you a shivering look with the beautiful view of snow covered church. The same view, we experience here in winters with lot of snowfall making surrounding white all over. But this time in August- September months it is very hot and humid in most parts of India despite heavy rains. Just have a cool philatelic experience with this beautiful issue. In the regular series of Se-tenant stamps some more Joint Issues from the album of Mr. Shrikant Parikh.This is all for today !...... Till Next Post...... Have a Nice Time !......

Date of Issue : 21 June 2008

Sanctuaries of St. Mary - St. Mary of the Snow
In the 25th anniversary of coronation of the figure from St. Mary's of the Snow sanctuary, Poland issued a stamp, featuring the figure kept usually at the top of the Igliczna Mt. church altar. The FDC envelope presents a winter view of that church, while the motif of crowns adorning the figure was used in the postmark.

The Igliczna Mountain Sanctuary
The Igliczna (Needle) Mountain is located in the Sudety Mts., in vicinity of the major peak Śnieżnik (Snowy Mt.). Nearby its top there is the small late baroque church, being a sanctuary of St. Mary Mother of God, the Cause of Our Joy "Mary of the Snow". The pilgrims come here to attend the wooden figure of St. Mary with Holy Child - a folk copy of St. Mary's figure from the Mariazell sanctuary in Austria. The figure had been brought in here in 1750 by Christopher Veit from Wilkanów village, as the changing national borders made the direct pilgrimage Mariazell sanctuary almost impossible for the local people. Originally, the figure was placed under an old beech tree and only fifteen years later, when the tree fell down due to the fierce wind storm, the rescued carving had been enshrined in a specially built wooden chapel. In 1777 the first case of miraculous healing had been documented, followed then by many others. The chapel soon proved to be too small for the ever-growing hosts of pilgrims and the new church had to be erected, consecrated in 1782.

Mary of the Snow
The name of this sanctuary is connected with the legend from early Christianity, according to which in midsummer, on August 5, the snow had fallen in Rome right in place where the first church for Holy Virgin should be built. The sign was earlier heralded by the dream, shared by the pope Liberius and Roman patrician Giovanni (John) who later became a constructor of that church, known as Santa Maria Maggiore as well as Santa Maria della Neve (of the Snow).The church in the Sudety Mts. was named so also because of its mountainous location. Its builders had to work in haste with the first snowfall on their minds.The St. Mary's of the Snow day is celebrated on August 5.

Coronation of the miraculous figure
On June 21, 1983 the sanctuary had been honoured in particular way by pope John Paul II who crowned the figure of St. Mary of the Snow and conferred on her the title "The Cause of Our Joy". The crowning ceremony took place in Wrocław. Although the pope did not visit then the sanctuary on the Igliczna Mt. in person, he used to be there a few times previously in the 50s and 60s as the priest Karol Wojtyła, a great advocate of St. Mary's cult.

From Se-tenant Album of Shrikant Parikh

Theme - Joint Issue

India - France Joint issue

Date of Issue : 29 November 2003

India - Korea Joint Issue
Date of Issue : 10 December 2003

India - Iran Joint Issue

Date of Issue : 16 August 2004

24 August 2008

Goodbye Beijing 2008 !

Michael Phelps - Star of Beijing 2oo8

Hi Readers ! Beijing 2008 is coming to an end. We have seen so many heart throbbing records.Today's Post is dedicated to these great Record Breakers. Michael Phelps is the super star winning 8 Golds and of course the fastest runner Usain Bolt is a super hero.What a speed shown by Usain ! Marvellous ! The performance of Michael Phelps is a real incredible feat. Some more photos of stars given below. The Philatelic Administrations must bring out stamps on these Olympic Stars to recognize their performance and high spirit. One name specially to be mentioned here of Natalie du Toit of South Africa who is inspiration for everyone. She participated in Beijing 2008 in 10 Km Swimming Marathon event and was just 1 minute behind the winner. She is the real champion of champions. She is above all the record breakers. It is difficult to express admiration for her in words. She is the super star of Beijing 2008.Hope all of you have enjoyed these magnificent games . This is a Special Post with some more stamps on Beijing 2008 & of course few snaps of the super heroes of this prestigious event. Hope you will enjoy this Post !....Just watch out for the glittering closing ceremony of this mega event ! Have a Wonderful Day !......

Michael Phelps King of Water Cube

Usain Bolt -The Fastest Runner

Hats Off !!! Super Swimmer

Natalie du Toit -- When taking part is more important than winning

Natalie du Toit who participated in the Olympic 10k Swimming Marathon

The road to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was bumpy for many athletes but surely no tougher than that of South African swimmer, Natalie du Toit.The 24-year-old, who lost her left leg in a road accident in 2001 , has become the first leg amputee to compete in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"I never thought of myself as being disadvantaged," said Natalie. "My message isn't just for disabled people, it is for everyone. It's to use the negatives in a good light."
Indeed her website boasts the inspiring motto: "Be everything you want to be."
A few years back a coach gave her an unattributed poem:

The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals,
The tragedy of life lies in not having goals to reach for.
It is not a disgrace not to reach for the stars,
But it is a disgrace not to have stars to reach for.
If you are looking for true Olympian spirit you will find it in Natalie du Toit.

"To be here, is a dream come true. A dream is something that you set for yourself, not what other people set for you. When I qualified in Seville [at the 2008 World championships in which she finished fourth] I burst into tears. I couldn't believe that I was going to the Olympic Games." Natalie's career got off to a remarkable start. The Cape Town swimmer set multiple national age group records as an able-bodied swimmer in both medley events and she competed in the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games in 1998 at the young age of 14.But a road accident in February 2001, sustained when Natalie was steering her scooter through rush hour traffic when traveling from school to training, changed her life. Doctors couldn't save her left leg, so it was amputated and a titanium rod installed. Incredibly, the road to recovery began the next day when Natalie got out of bed.

"I just wanted to get back to life again - swimming four hours a day - and I wanted to be able to walk again so that I would be able to do things by myself," she recalled. A year later she won her first major international medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester when she raced as both an able bodied and disabled competitor. She finished eighth place in the able bodied 800m Freestyle, and won gold in the 50 and 100m Elite Athletes with a Disability (EAD) races.
She was also presented with the first David Dixon Award for Outstanding Athlete of the Games, ahead of legendary Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe, who had won six gold medals and set a world record in the 400 meter freestyle.
Natalie repeated the same Commonwealth feat four years later in Melbourne. With the Olympics out of the way, she will now switch back to the pool to defend the five Paralympic swimming medals she won in Athens 2004: the 100m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley, 400m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle (all gold), and aim to go one place better in the 100m Backstroke, in which she won a silver medal. Her double-selection also means she's had to shape a training schedule to meet the demands of both events. She focused on endurance for the Olympic 10k Swimming Marathon and will now switch to speed work for the Paralympics.

Yelena Isibayeva Queen of Pole Vault

Indian Stars

Abhinav Bindra Shootimg (Gold in Shooting)

Sushil Kumar (Bronze in Wrestling)

Vijender Kumar (Bronze in Boxing)

Goodbye ! Beijing 2008!!!......

See you in London Olympics !!.....

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