18 April 2009

Permanent Pictorial Cancellations..

Chamar Dharini- Jain Bronze Statue

The cancellation shown above is of exquisite Jain bronze statue of Chaurie Bearer (Chamar Dharini) which was found in Akota area of Baroda and belong to 8th Century A.D. It is now exhibited in the Baroda Museum.In Baroda there is another permanent pictorial cancellation of Maharaja Sayaji Rao. It is being given from Fatehgunj Post office of Baroda.

Chamar Dharini - Vadodara HPO

Kalaghoda - Statue of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad - Fatehgunj P.O.

Gandhi Ashram , Ahmedabad

Courtesy - Shrikant Parikh


Monal - Shimla G.P.O.
(Monal was earlier State Bird of Himachal Pradesh but recently Western Tragopan has been declared as State Bird)

Western Tragopan

Western Tragopan

Western Tragopan
With less than 5000 individuals in the world , the Western tragopan is considered one of the rarest pheasants in the world . It is found in the western portions of himayayas ( Jammu & Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and wesrern portion of Uttrakhand in India and northern porion of Pakistan . Recently this species has been announced the State bird of Himachal Pradesh . Male Western Tragopan is large bright coloured with golden breast . Body heavily spotted , black crown , bright red hind neck and cheeks with green throat . Female is greyish brown , spotted white .

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