09 April 2009

New stamps on Astronomy

Hi ! In today's Post here are some recently issued stamps on Astronomy. The year 2009 is being celebrated as the International Year of Astronomy with the celebration of 400 years of the invention of the astronomical telescope by Galileo Galilei – the first person to turn a research telescope toward the sky, opening new horizons for scientists and expanding the boundaries of the known universe. Well, the stamps by all the countries have been designed so beautifully. Some of them have amazing light effect. I have wriiten about them in my last posts on Astronomy.One more stamp to be issued by Gurensey on 28 May 2009 with a very beautiful light effect shown on the stamp. Though there are two stamps in the set but 51 denom. has amazing light effect. Here are some recent stamps on Astronomy some issued by European countries as a part of common EUROPA theme - Astronomy. This is all for today....Till Next post....Have a Nice Time !

Latvia - 2 April 2009

Guernsey - 28 May 2009

These two commemorative stamps celebrate the International Year of Astronomy with amazing images of the Horsehead and Eagle Nebulas alongside Canadian observatories.

Ukraine - 17 April 2009

On 17.04.2009 postage stamps, printed in a form of a se-tenant of 2 stamps "Meridian Circle", and "Galileo Galilei"and block in booklet will be issued by Ukraine

Belarus - 15 April 2009

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