06 April 2009

Post Cards with Rajasthani Paintings

Hi ! I have just visited an Art and Craft Exhibition in Kullu and found these nice old Post Cards with Rajasthani painting made on them in a stall of Rajasthani art. Though the painting has nothing to do with philately but these are nice pieces of art on genuine Post Cards on British India and Post Independence . Some of these are quite old which is visible from the cancellations. I am giving here images of some of them. This is a piece of my recent collection which I just bought in an exhibition of Art and Craft which I am sharing with you !


Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal said...

Indian art on Post Cards are very intresing but close observation tells that paintings are made on used Post Cards . I also saw few State Court Stamp papers in an exhibit with Indian paintings on them , probably in INPEX 2008 .

Jeevan Jyoti said...

yes, these paintings are made on old used Postcards ! Such paintings are available on Court stamp Papers too !

Sudhir singh said...

where can i get postcards like the these ( New Ones) I have friends all over the world ..They keep on complaining i dont send them any postcards from India .. I searched all the markets and post offices ,all they have is blank Postcards.I want with some paintings on them .Please Help.

vijay said...

Dear sudhir ji I have Many Post card and stamps with traditional painting if u want you can email me

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