25 April 2009

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Hong Kong 2009
The 23rd FIAP Asian International Stamp Exhibition is under the patronage of Federation of Inter Asia Philately (FIAP) and organized by the Hong Kong Philatelic Society. Hongkong Post is the main sponsor for this event. The Exhibition will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai. Approximately 600 frames will be on display. The Exhibition will open on Thursday, May 14, 2009 and close on Sunday, May 17, 2009. Mr. Dhananjay Desai of Ahmedabad is the National Commissioner from India and Mr. Sunder Bahirwani is the member of Jury from India. The list of exhibits from India and abroad can be viewed at http://www.hkpsoc.com/hk2009/exhibits.html

This is a specialized FIAP exhibition in six exhibition classes only - total 800 exhibition frames tentatively classified as below:

§ 666 frames for competitive class in the Traditional Class, Postal History Class, Thematic Philately Class, Youth Philately Class, One Frame Class and Philatelic Literature Class

§ 48 frames for the Court of Honour

§ 100 frames for 10th Inter-school stamp exhibits competition

Total of 814 frames of top class exhibits

Venue: Hall 5G, Level 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai.
Daily Theme:
· 14 May 2009 (Thurs): Youth Day
· 15 May 2009 (Fri): Friendship Day
· 16 May 2009 (Sat): Collector Day
· 17 May 2009 (Sun): Family Day
Date stamps: Four different pictorial postmarks, one for each day Hong Kong 2009 Temporary Post Office date stamps

Sales of stamps and stamp products by Hong Kong Post: $50 Sheetlet and First day Cover on opening day 14 May 2009

Souvenir covers on Hong Kong 2009
A set of four souvenir covers titled "Board Games", one for each day will be released by the organizer Hong Kong Philatelic Society for the exhibition. Tangram (Chinese: Qi Qiao Ban) is a dissection puzzle made by cutting a square into seven pieces. The challenge is to put these pieces together to form different shapes, and the number and variety of shapes that can be formed is only limited by imagination. Chinese Chess (Chinese: Xiang Qi) is widely played in Chinese communities. The board is a symbolic representation of a battlefield with a river in the middle separating the two armies at the beginning of the game. The objective is to capture the general of the opponent. Chinese Checker (Chinese: Dan Zi Tiao Qi) is a game for two to six players. The board is in the shape of a hexagram with holes for marbles to rest on. Each marble is moved by placing it in an adjacent hole or by jumping over another marble. The first player to move all his marbles across the board to fill up the star point directly opposite is the winner. Flying Chess (Chinese: Fei Xing Qi) is a simple board game for two to four players. Each player has four plane pieces in his chosen colour. The objective is to fly all four planes to the depot at the centre of the board. The players take turn in rolling the dice to determine the number of steps their planes move. The first player to land all his planes on the depot wins.

New stamps from Sri Lanka
Courtesy - Pradip Jain
, Patna

Errors and Varieties on Indian Stamps

Black Color omitted

Yellow Color omitted

Courtesy - Pradeep Kumar Agarwal , Patna


ITS POSTAL AUCTION #44Indian Thematic Society indianthematicsociety@gmail.com is holding Auction Sale #44 closing on April 30, 2009. There are 130 lots in this sale. The scans of some lots are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/its_offers

ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP - meeting at PIPEX 2009 stamp show at Portland, ORThe ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP is meeting at PIPEX 2009 stamp show at Portland, Orgeon (USA). Meeting date is Sunday May 24, 2009. If you plan to attend that meeting, please get in touch with Dickson Preston who is organizing the meeting. Dickson can be reached by email dicksonp@u.washington.edu Further details online at http://www.ezep.de/meet/pip.html

- new board for zeppelin mail and airship memorabiliaA new board for zeppelin mail and airship memorabilia was launched some days ago. At http://www.ezeptalk.de/you will find a board where you can post and discuss everything about zeppelin mail and airship memorabilia. If you have a question or if you simply want to share a nice cover, please do so at eZEPtalk.de. You can also respond to questions or participate in discussions started by other board members.

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