13 April 2009

New Stamps from Bhutan...

Ox Year 2009 - 25 February 2009

Hi ! In today's Post Here are some recent issues from Bhutan.The first one shown above is a special issue of Lunar Year 2009. The Lunar Year theme is a popular theme amongst collectors. Here are CD stamps also issued by Bhutan.I wrote about the CD stamp in one of my last posts.One more latest issue by Bhutan is a beautiful Miniature sheet issued on Punakha Dzong Cantilever Bridge on 20th March 2009. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Pradip Jain of Patna for today's Post. I am also giving below the first CD Stamps of the world issued by Bhutan in year 2008. This is all for today !.....Till Next Post.....Have a Nice Time !

Earth Female Ox Year 2009

Voting for Happiness - 21 February 2009

Punakha Dzong Cantilever Bridge

Date of Issue - 20 March 2009

World's First CD Rom Postage stamps

Date of Issue - 21 February 2008

For more details about these stamps Contact Mr. Pradip Jain E-Mail - philapradip@gmail.com

1 comment:

yiphinwai said...

Sound interesting for having stamps as CDs. How about its sound? What's the contents inside the CDs?

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