12 April 2009

Greetings on Easter

Happy Easter !

Hi ! Easter is one of the biggest festivals of Christians celebrated all over the world.Since Easter is an important Christian holiday - indeed, many Christians believe it to be the most important holy day of the year. A number of different countries have issued postage stamps observing Easter. I have written about them in my previous posts.Here are some more stamps on Easter issued during last few years.Many of the stamps issued, like the 2002 Hungarian stamp depicted below, are overtly religious in nature, and feature imagery associated with the Crucifixion of Christ. One more stamp shown below from Serbia and Montenegro, also featuring a scene from the Crucifixion. Other countries have issued Easter stamps that are more secular in nature. Here are 2009 and 2004 stamps issued by Slovakia depicting the familiar Easter Egg. The Easter Bunny also occasionally makes an appearance, as he does on this Romanian postage stamp from 2003. Some more stamps on Easter are given here. This is all for today....Have a Fabulous Easter and a wonderful Time !.....

Stamps on Easter

Hungary 2002

Serbia and Montenegro - 2001

Romania - 2003

Slovakia - 27 February 2009 FDC

Easter and Eggs
Painted and decorated eggs are intrinsically associated with Easter. They symbolize spring and new life, for Christians they are associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The symbolism of the egg dates to pagan times when it was associated with fertility and the cycle of life. This may be the reason why the tradition of putting eggs into a grave alongside the deceased existed in many ancient cultures.

Slovakia - 2004

Hen, duck and goose eggs are most often used for decoration. Various egg-decorating techniques are used in different countries. The most traditional and popular technique include waxing, tie-dying, etching, scraping, sticking with grass or straw, and the wiring of eggs.In addition to variously decorated eggs – which serves both as decoration and a present, the Easter celebration is also associated with the custom of cooking and eating eggs. Eggs as the symbol of life were thought to serve, especially in the past, as a source of life power and regeneration after an arduous winter.

Pre-Christian associations with the holiday also make their appearance on postage stamps. The witch on a broom, holding a black cat, may put us in mind of Halloween, but the stamp was actually issued on March 6, 2002, and depicts the Easter Witch.

Finland - 2002

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