06 April 2009

New Stamps from Australia - Indigenous Culture

Date of Issue - 1 April 2009

Hi ! Here are the new stamps issued by Australia Post on 1 April 2009 on 'Indigenous Culture' . These have been selected from the rich collections of Indigenous art. These five brightly coloured stamps feature paintings of famous Australian artists.The five paintings featured on the stamps are all five living Indigenous artists – Judy Napangardi Watson, Tjuruparu Watson, Jan Billycan, Elaine Russell and Nura Rupert. These artists hail from locations across Australia, from central desert regions to urban Sydney— together their works exemplify the vitality of Indigenous art across Australia. All fiva stamps are wonderful with dazzling colours as well as other philatelic items like Max Cards, FDC and Gutter sheets are just beautiful to collect. Here are the most beautiful and awesome items for collectors on art theme. No doubut, the Australian stamps and its all related philatelic items are magnificent and sure to become a collector's delight. This is a colorful Post for today !....Till Next Post .....Have a Great Time ! ......

Four of the paintings are by women artists, under-represented in stamps to date, and increasingly active and visible in contemporary art. The youngest artist of the five is 68 years old in 2009.

55c - Judy Napangardi Watson, Mina Mina, 2004, synthetic polymer paint on canvas 152.0 x 107.0 cm, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

$ 2.05 - Tjuruparu Watson, Natjula, 2003, synthetic polymer paint on canvas 183.0 x 155.0 cm, National Gallery of Victoria

55c - Jan Billycan, All the Jila, 2006, synthetic polymer binder with Langridge dry pigment and marble dust on ply-board, overall 180.0 x 240.0 cm National Gallery of Australia

$1.40 - Elaine Russell, Untitled (from the Mission series), 2006, synthetic polymer paint on canvas unframed 80.0 x 100.0 x 8.0 cm National Gallery of Australia

55 c - Nura Rupert, Mamu (Spooky spirits), 2006, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 92.0 x 112.0 cm, Art Gallery of South Australia

Max Cards for each issue

Gutter Strips

Courtesy - Australia Post

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